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Summer tea, Hannah and virina (don’t get angry)

1 Nov , 2019  

Literally won’t go away; we are no the birdie wait. What what is this group? Where am I in it, and this is how Verena responded slowly, realizing influencers aren’t friends, lul kind of hurt, thank you to the ones who I’ve kept it with me, though. I honestly don’t don’t know why that was sad, but um. I really like. Don’t don’t send any hate to them just be mindful, because at the end of the day they are still people they are influencers and getting hate is hard to deal with anyways, no matter what you did um and I’m not I’m not mad, I’m not like upset.
I was earlier but like at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter like people say things it’s you know, and here’s summers half-ass apology. It was bullsh, so this one was honestly so stupid. I feel like an idiot for this. This is right after Coachella and Hannah. We were used to seeing ourselves grouped with the same youtubers were always grouped with, and during Coachella we only got to talk to Verena once or twice so when we saw that that was my reaction. Do I justify this reaction? No, I don’t know why that came out of my mouth, because I’ve literally nothing against marina, she’s, so sweet. It was just a weird mood we were in and for some reason I was filming it. No clue why I posted it. The whole thing was dumb. I texted Romina about it and we were cool, so that was the fucking ride. Um the zone. So why is it just a problem when it’s marina, like that excuse, doesn’t even make sense and buzz? Why would you even have that reaction? Oh powder, it’s not present, while I’m explaining things I might as well continue because I hate feeling misunderstood the reason I called my sister’s make. A black woman powder was because she didn’t get bronzer from the story. She went to the setting powder section and got a darker color. I made a joke out of it in a very unpalatable correct way, because we think it’s funny. She doesn’t know like anything about makeup and got the pressed powder instead of the bronzer. It’s really stupid, but that’s the explanation.. Okay, I’m first of all, why are you even referring to darker make it as a black woman makeup? I’m sorry I didn’t know: makeup shades were limited to one race, only, there’s people all kinds of different shades and races, and you could have made a joke without bringing a brace like. I don’t know why y’all have to bring race into everything.
I mean a joke. Wasn’t funny I’m not triggered or mad or anything I’m just speaking about it, because other people are mad but, like you could have said so many different things, I’m going to state you wanted to make a joke about black women makeup make it make sense. You probably so I literally don’t get how that’s funny. Can someone please show me where the humor was because it wasn’t there? I would love to see Hannah and summer try and make edits like that. I have been editing for six years out of nothing but pure love and support, and the fact that people actually treat their supporters like this, the people that made them you would not be where you are now it was for these people, you’re untalented, you don’t do Anything really good in life, you’re, not impactful or inspirational at all. not special so like. Why are you hating and degrading the very same people that made you what you are today like? Actually, I want to know what you do. That’s just so great and amazing that you’re so much better than the rest of these people, showing you constant love and support. Like actually come on, quick, tell me five talents right now. No tell me one talent right now. If you can tell me why you’re famous while you deserve to be famous over people who are actually talented, I would love to hear what am i I don’t know. I’m trying to figure that out Beach pulled out the way Beach you’re trying to get in a car wreck or nothing because I bullshit I’m sorry this me and my friend don’t answer the phone. Then what something bro answer the ball beach there’s my alter-ego! What what her name Beto? What in her name, there’s one of me, my sister be talking about how that’s just the voice. We always do with each other and to us it’s just funny. It’s not, but I can understand how it would look weird. I have nothing but love for every race, gender identity and I would never do anything to put down or make fun of someone else’s race or anything like that. I was just in a mood and feel myself going off for no reason you weren’t going off, but okay definitely did not do any visit in a spiteful hateful way. When white girls, like yourself, mimic black scents and Sarah thought the way black people talk for humor. I’m not saying she’s racist, but like mocking accents is never funny. Okay, whether it’s a black scent or a Mexican accent or an Asian accent It’s just not funny like at all like.
I just don’t get why you would even want to talk like that, and then you call it your alter ego Okay, some and I know not all black people talk like that, but it’s a negative stereotype and I don’t like it at all Okay, delete chance Wait I was not good many of the things you posted were four months ago and though that doesn’t justify what I did I want to let you and whoever else may see this know that I’ve definitely changed since then I went through a weird phase after I broke up with Dylan and I really didn’t know who I was I still don’t and I’m still changing and trying to learn everyday, as I’m sure you are too It doesn’t have any nicotine in him I saw everyone was commenting about the fact that I didn’t inhale it low and that’s because clearly I don’t Jule, I don’t know how to properly do it It was a pod pretending to act Cool, I don’t own a jewel you This just shows that they really just think they’re better than others like why Verena she’s a nicest person ever i met marina a couple of times and she was the nicest person I think I’ve ever met This low-key upsets me also Editors, takes so much time on edits for people You should appreciate the time they put in to edit you so disappointing Now I don’t really like, though, or Zoe or, however, you pronounce it, but she has been spitting facts recently So she’s a little bit tolerable but yeah, like these people, take so much time out of their day to show love to you, hoping that she would reciprocate the same, love and affection, but you don’t Instead, you make fun of them, which I find pathetic That is pathetic and disgusting I mean that’s probably why I’m a Chamberlain stop being friends with them No, I don’t know the story cuz I don’t watch any of these girls at all I could not care less about these girls, but if I had friends like that that just talked about people for no reason, especially their supporters, I would distance myself from int You know if they do things like that Imagine the other things they do now: I’m not siding with em or anything, but that kind of makes sense These cunts you anyways if y’all want to stay an actual talent stand my unproblematic, queen normanni, her debut album motivation coming out on all platforms August 16th Okay, let’s have to say bye,

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