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Sunday shopping / Aldi Beauty + Haul

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to shopping Sunday or Sunday shopping. I still haven’t decided basically my shopping vlog, which will go up every single Sunday now also I’ve bitten, my cheek, I haven’t also back here, so I feel like them. I’ve developed a slight Lisp ignore that I’ve come to Albie. I have been meaning to make a special trip to Aldi, just specifically to look for like the special buyers, the beauty stuff and the other day. Someone told me that they just released a bunch of new things.
So here we are, I don’t know how strange it will be filming in RB, so we will see, but in theory you’re gonna do a coffee shop with me around LD and I never shop here either. So I think I’m gonna look at some other stuff as well, some of the like actual supermarket stuff, but we’re mostly here for the beauty you I just picked up peelings for three pound fifty and remembering and remembering that someone told me that I needed to Try, the coffee pots some I’ll be I’m guessing. It’s B’s. This is actually amazing. We go perfectly with my living room $39.99. Unfortunately, I thought this would be amazing for my getting off my life, hello in money. We really should have called mice and then different. It’s an indoor, I don’t know sooner question. I thought it was making for the dog bed now not for $39.99, but seriously if it thought it so much that put my cables rocks and stuff. My god die cutting machine, it’s sweet. I know it’s not. 399. What is it it’s? 14, I know still that’s amazing. Look at this stuff. This is stuff. I definitely didn’t think I was gonna see here. It’s wonder stuff apart, look. What can you office like that? Yes, I’ve. Never even seen this before a confetti cannon for a gender reveal loads of like foil balloons, big party decorations, I’m not sure what it is, but I like it. Okay, I found some of the stuff. I don’t know if this is like everything gets all dotted around, but we have glittery eyeshadows. These are obviously Smashbox primer juice, some NARS concealer dupes. I’m definitely picking one of these up, because I can find one in my shade and then all of the naked call it juice. These are the you know, I’m presently in boom-boom cream, don’t bump me might have even call it those jokes.
These are pixie Tommy, stuff own. These are supposed to be like benefit blushes, not cloth, cleanser, bitumen, Saints, also face and body glitter. Look at this Harry Potter, stuff so sure did not expect to see. I mean this is awesome. $3.99. Are such you’ll get by something if they give too loud or a job? You can definitely add these into the things. I do not expect to see in all the category Nikki room scarf, I mean in case we’ve got an inflatable hot tub and I use a ring there, just kind of like sit and sunbathe. This is a very appealing it’s Bryant X, which is the same brand. That makes lazy spa 1299 funny. I should say that cos and they’ve got the Pug and the cat one. As I said it looked at the cat, the Pug face is really cute actually, but do you remember swingball as a kid, so you don’t even have to put this into the ground. This is like all within a box if you’re into camping or just you know, garden activities and the simulation 99 tents, which is obviously supposed to be. Did you feel like the Nivea stuff, so it just was a driven, more expensive. I’ve even thought about buying kind of Capri Sun lotion, but some lotion is pricey. Sweets and chocolate have for sure been something. That’s been recommended me to come to all this specifically to look for in the past, I’m not massively into chocolate, but I will be picking. I’m not feeling the kids so I’ll let you know what they say, can’t clay and I was hoping to find the mask. I just found a couple of extra things over here. No such luck seems like it’s been massively picked over, but this is one of the things that I’ve always put me off on it and I have to come. I’ve never found what I looked for. I’ve never really thought to come back. This velvet footstool is $29.99. There are candles got around. I really wanted the smaller size like this of the pomegranate, don’t spend 8 pounds on a big candle in case. I don’t like it and well they don’t have it. Unfortunately, I seem to have found a new section, but I am obsessed with all random little bits of homework is be easy to tap. Yes, it was so bizarre to me. We saw such wonderful things interesting range of like cocktail stuff as well. Coming to the food section, you can get a big pack barbecue ribs that do not. You know whole thing of I love our Matic dog. Okay, I’m already thinking of dinner tonight, totally how Dixon Illinois him when I thought I’m probably gonna Morrison’s Bob.
Why would I do that now? Is there a lot P, six, ninety nine, but actually what might these bottles a month? Only two night season really cool. I thought we could get ten pounds or something and what else and whose genius idea was this really weighs like the slowest slash worst, you turn the well, he really it’s not great at eating. I know this is probably much younger children than him, but I like that, if we put like a little treat in the finished thing, they’ve got to eat a certain amount of food once a little bit on each thing. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Okay, so here we are, we’ve got all of the skin cast off, so this is really supposed to be like a prairie, and then this is all like movie about day or night creams. I really can’t so I think I’m gonna get this, which is the multi intensive serum and we shall see, but I would love to know from those of you that have tried this before word night. You really think it does anything special. Oh, it’s at least comparable to what it’s supposed to be cheap in section is so portable. I think I’m kind of comparing this with little experience with little was not positive. This is like a totally different experience than I thought it would be this if anybody gets like these ones. I went in specifically looking for the beauty stuff, a lot of which I found, but some of which I really was looking for and didn’t find the conditioner, but no shampoo, which is disappointing, but I spent a small fortune. There was so much stuff in there that I wanted. I will show you when I get home, but I bought loads of different stuff. Okay, I’m home and the ice cream mom says: go ahead, go and I got a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Don’t know how well these are gonna. Do I’ve heard good things about Aldi flowers, but I was not expected to see peonies and they’re all pretty much close. Am i hoping to get you days out of them? At least these are three pounds 50. These are like 810 pounds in other places. Okay, I’m going to remember this stuff, it’s not to taste and more ended the beauty stuff. So I got quite a few packets of these coffee things because again that people have told me that I need to try them the milkshake biscuits for my local coffee thing.
I’ve got him both of the Lego box, because it’s a great place to go. You know if you’ve got a lot of kids parties coming up. I don’t really know where the camera is on this okay, so the best. That’s why I’m like um, if you’ve got a lot of kids parties coming up, it’s a great place to go and kind of stock up on that kind of thing, all those like knit your own and so your own and whatever create well whatever, really really good. Um, I got a variety of different food stuff. Some popcorn I’ve got the crispy pancakes thing. It’s like is what me and May gonna have tonight for dinner. I got bees because I’m always interested in these kind of sources, but I don’t spend a lot of money on them. I don’t know whether I’m really gonna like them. I think they were 50, can’t seem so worth it with a girl with the 50 paints. You can my way because cuz I saw them. I thought. Oh, my god, I haven’t had those in about 20 years. I know these are not I’ll be specific, but I got a cucumber and I’m you divide some water, some spring onions to go with our tea. I’ve never seen I love books fairs. I have never seen can’t the books fit, so they are going in the fridge and I’m gonna be enjoying one of these later on with my dinner, because box food is a Christmas drink really, but I can’t get enough of it. So Lee at the moment is not a bit of a health kick, and so I got him convinced really gonna appreciate the crispy duck in me. I got him some of these. She likes the rice, cakes anyway and when I saw these rice cake bars, so I don’t eat these, but I’m thinking that this feels like more of a treat then they’re just regular rice, cakes, um, three onions, like I told you, oh, I got some lemon sherbet, But they’re sugar-free again, because I thought I would get some stuff Italy. What you’ve been like super strict go through these phases. We all do don’t we so these I picked up I’m having a friend over Sunday. I think want to sit in the inflatable hot tub, and I thought how summery did that. I mean this looks gorgeous. Do you think that this is basically just box fits like a sauna books fears if it is I’ll be going back for more? I think this was 2 pounds 50 or something, but how gorgeous is this bottle? If you have my guests over, I don’t do this, but if you had a garden party, you had guests um.
How pretty would that look on the table? Just really cute? I mean this is kind of party and this is like sophisticated summer. Oh, I got these because the both the boys really like the Cadbury strife. Also, I got their version of the trifle um. Oh, and this last thing this little tiny little treat psychical. You really did want something, and maybe that would do it. Okay, I think I just want to check on my receipt super longest crazy. How much things were so nothing was more than $6.99. I think $6.99 was the big body cream. Concealer was 399. The serum was $2.99, the hot cloth cleanser was 399. Everything was very affordable. When I wanted to check the Lego box as long they were $1.99 in them. So I think they said less than that there were definitely less than they were marked. Okay, so we’re into the makeup stuff, so I got a bag full of stuff. I mean I went into facilities as if I came out and thought. Oh, my god. I’ve spent all this money all these different things, but I really did go hard on the beauty section, so I got the mighty conditioner. I guess I really want to try the shampoo, but they didn’t have it the vitamin C hot cloth. Cleanser. I’m thinking I’ve got enough stuff here, skincare wise to do maybe like a couple of weeks trial, so watch this space. For that big. I also want to see what they look like. Oh so number one it does have a muslin cloth inside this feels very substantial. It’s not a soft look, can you say it’s like cardboard, I tell you I’ll tell you what I’ve tried it and then someone told me this smells very strongly of it’s been saying she doesn’t smell of vitamin C, it smells of oranges and we think that’s what This means he smells like we’ve been indoctrinated, so I will try that this was the most expensive thing, so this was 699. I mean it is a cute thing. The packaging is very cute and I have the proper one. I have the one that this is a dupe, for it smells very, very similar.
The problem I have with the original I like the cream look at the inside. I like the cream, but the stick. It smells more like the stick and it’s got kind of almost a foodie. Then it’s where I kind of feel like I should have. There were two different scents for me like I should have got the other one, but I wanted to get the one that was supposed to be most like the one that I have to compare, but that one. I can’t tell you for sure that it does anything special and it’s super expensive. It’s just a nice body lotion, so I’m holding out hope that to be a decent jus. Oh, I’m now realizing so I got this naturals and I got natural too and I wanted to get the original and I didn’t check it. Oh, that is a miracle I didn’t check it before. I left the store because I was thinking this is probably gonna – be all smashed up inside or tested, and it’s not very sweet. I’ve had many of these in the past, like w7 ones and various jeeps, so I can obviously that a Naked palette jus this I picked up in the end cuz. It said it was a pink clay, exfoliating face scrub, but on the back it says it’s also a mask, so I’m hoping so there’s something called a pink thumbs. I think it’s called, or maybe it’s it’s a pink clay mask and I feel like it’s called pink sands, the brand. So I had a mini of that and it was amazing one of the best face masks. I’ve ever used, but again very expensive, so um. I do have a point of reference to see whether or not they is anything like suppose to be poor, refining and I’m excited to try that um. I got the multi intensive theorem and I’ve got the healthy glow rose oil, so I’m pretty sure I’m putting together a skincare routine in front of your very eyes. All we need is the glycolic toner, so this is supposed to be obviously like the pixie glow tonic. I use the pixie clonic like it is going out of fashion every single day, so I will, for the next two weeks, be using the skincare that I’ve just shown you, including this and I’ll let you know, because recently my skin has been breaking out. So the thing is usually, I would be nervous to kind of change things up, because I’d be worried that I maybe would break out. I already have been breaking out. So what’s the worst that can happen. Um makeup wise I only got two things: cuz they’re, only two things really that appealed to me the concealer that is supposed to be like the NARS creamy concealer.
Oh, this is not easy to get into I’ll but I got it in the lighter shade There were only three shades It’s not gonna be for everyone, and then I also saw this too legit mascara So obviously like they’re real from benefit I got Beauty blended you It’s probably supposed to be more like the oh No it is it’s a full, rounded one I didn’t want one with the angles and I haven’t tried a real beauty under for ages Cuz I lost mine and last thing I got this because we use the original source one all the time I thought it’d be interesting to see how this one compare I mean it is only shower gel, but you know: okay, dogs, barking, which means that my lonely at home – and I need to go and put all of this stuff away cause I’m in the living room But thank you for watching and I’m definitely going back to Aldi I had it in my mind I mean this is a quite it’s a relatively new store It’s not close to me it’s kind of out of the way, so I never go, and I kind of had it in my mind that out in little were very, very similar and some people tell me little is great The little bits close to me is not a particularly nice store and whenever I’ve been in there number one, I have been able to find anything that I want and number two It’s just been not a very nice experience, so I’ve kind of just always lumped Aldi in with that and thought ah yeah I know people say it’s great I really don’t want to go there I could have done a full weekly shopping all day I wouldn’t the same four little, so I’m definitely gonna be going back there um Let me know, because of that, if there’s anything specific that I should be looking out for anything specifically, you think I would really enjoy from that of anything like any of the categories and you give specific food anything cuz I’m excited to take me back and we’ll do a proper shop and maybe I’ll take you along with me, but yeah thanks for watching and do these every single week I will see you guys next time

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