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Super Full Coverage Foundation

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so in today’s film I’m going to be talking to you about my foundation routine. Now I have many different types of fiendish or tooth. Of course it depends on the kind of event or day that you will be having where you’ll be wearing a foundation. To what kind of makeup is suitable and the foundation routine for which that I’m going to share with you today is a full coverage foundation routine. It is quite transformative of the skin, it definitely perfects the skin.
It blanks out any imperfections and overall it is a very full coverage, so I can definitely confirm it is not very natural-looking, it is slightly masked like, but it definitely perfects the skin. It photographs fantastically, and it looks great. What I love about makeup is that you can do so many things with it. You can try something that is very full-on or something that is very minimal. I, like the diversity of options when it comes to makeup, but this technique of using this foundation method was something that I really developed a very long time ago. When I was a lot younger and for those of you who are unaware, it is very difficult to find pale formulations, pale foundations, pale, concealers, pale powder foundation, spiders that are effective on the very palest of skin. You will sometimes get a foundation that has a fantastic formulation, but the color is completely incorrect or you will have a foundation with a fantastic color, but the formulation can be a little bit inept. So when it comes to a foundation, I definitely have different preferences. So I will have one foundation which i think is fantastic for passing a low coverage minimal makeup. Look then I will have others that are more suitable for a medium coverage toufool. I am somebody that tends to either do full makeup or minimal makeup. I don’t really do in-between it’s very middle class, so I like to do my under eye color correction. Before I apply this foundation, I don’t really use concealer with this foundation because of course it is so full coverage. So, first of all, I take the Crayola derma color cream concealer in the shade D 1w, which is a fantastic shade and I’m applying it with the Charles Fox, eight one, four, six: four: zero five brush. So I applied two areas, slightly more blue and I wouldn’t say I’m being neat with it at all and just a plant areas that are slightly darker or have a blue or gray. Now, even though I shaved my eyebrows, they always leave a slight cast across the skin, unless, of course, I wax them.
So I always go through over the brow just to consider the grain s Forge that they create once Shivan – and I do apply quite a thick bit of this to the under eye. But I’m going to go ahead and blend it in just a moment, and I always pull upwards and outwards in this area, as I do tend to find that there’s a slight properly bit that descends there. So I like to almost cut it off before it gets the chance to cause any form of offence, and I always apply a little bit of it to my chin and the areas where I have the highest concentration of beard. Hair because, even though there is visibly no here, I’m almost very superstitious that I might have a little bit of five o’clock shadow that would be rather awful and, of course, when you’re somebody that chooses to stab themselves in a fashion that is considered to be more Traditionally, feminine, when you’ve applied a full face of makeup, and then you have a shadow or a cast yeah, it almost screams man as largely as a phallus entity magnetic is about one or two brush, and I just stipulate it into place. It doesn’t really matter it’s that neat at this point, because we’re going to be going over it with foundation regardless and do the same to the brow area. Now I have received a substantial amount of feedback regarding the Kryolan Demick electrum concealers. A lot of you have said that they are quite hard and you find them very difficult to work with and that they are quite drying. My recommendation for this, because I have the same issues. Well, if they are quite dry creams, they are fantastic. They come in fantastic, shade range, quite unusual shades, but the formula is very concentrated. It is more on the dry side because the cream is designed to ensure longevity. So it isn’t a very greasy emollient, cream or formula you’re not going to have any mouths and talents with it. But what I would recommend to get it to be more easy to work with is to actually disturb it in its palette, so really scrape around and mush it around and just lift the product up, and I do something like this, which is a makeup spatula. This one is by super cover and I have found that to be very effective, just to lift the then I’m taking a synthetic zovut, two to seven brush and I’m just buffing the edges of the concealer photos that we’ve applied.
Then I packed through it. I don’t really want to disturb the areas for where I want the most concentration of the color corrector, so I just Pat through it lightly just to ensure that the texture is correct and I just buff that out, I use the similar technique. So that is my color corrector now applied. I have strategically placed it in the areas for which that I wanted to brighten and eradicate any other blueness purple or gray from the skin, and just before I continue on to foundation. I must mention that I had gone in and primed my skin. First of all, with some of embryo leaks like cream concentrate, I don’t necessarily use a primer under my foundation. I don’t really like primers under foundation. I prefer setting sprays to primers to ensure longevity, however, because my own skin is quite dry. I like to use a moisturizer that is quite emollient and, of course, the foundation for which that I’m going to apply and then all the powder that comes on top of it is quite heavy. It can be quite drying to the skin. So I like to nourish the skin before I go in with product, I also applied some of the medicated chapstick to the lips just to remonster eyes the lips before I go in and apply makeup, but also acts like a lubricant. So when you apply your foundation and if any of it goes on the lips, it is easier to remove because you have applied a balm to the lips, so the foundation force that I’m going to be using today is actually a mix of two foundations. One is a pure white: this is the skin base in the shade zero one, which is a pure white foundation, and it is by Illamasqua it’s absolutely fantastic for just lightening and lifting foundations and the second foundation for that I’m going to use mixing the two together Is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in the shade one c1? Shell, you can really create a custom shade by mixing foundations together. It is a little bit tedious and it is slightly inconvenient to have to mix foundations and I’m certain if you are something of the very fairest of skin tones, you will also struggle to find foundations suiting for you, so you will know this procedure quite well. It is tedious, but it is necessary when aiming to create the correct shade, a pickable for your own skin tool. Of course, getting base comes in many shades. Shade 0-2 is actually relatively close to my own natural skin tone.
However, I don’t really like the foundation on its own on my own skin, because I do tend to find that it slides around on me. That’s not the case for everybody, but when mixed with the double wear, which is actually one of my most very favorite foundations and very much like this product, I just wish their shield range was substantially lighter. So I mix roughly around 50/50 when mixed together it creates a marvelous foundation. Of course, both conditions when mixed together compromise one another’s formulation, but I do tend to find that this has been the best foundation mix when trying to achieve a flawless pale. Full coverage foundation mix, so I give both of them a good shake festival. Now you may use the back of your hand. You may use a spatula. I have my little brass plate here with me and I first of all take the Tupperware. I just shake it until it comes out and I just apply almost a pea-sized to Mac, not too much, and I couldn’t have put a little bit of it on my skin and, as you can see, that is substantially too dark and then beside it. I just applied the white now, of course, this is more than you were probably ever need, and I do tend to apply it more white, usually than the regular foundation color. This is enough foundation to color correct one half the moon, and then I just mix the two together like so and to do so, I’m using a Tina and sha number six brush. Now I can kind of tell when it’s becoming either too light or too dark, and I think this might be just right a little bit on the dark side. It’s also important to remember that Double Wear oxidizes over time so gets darker. So it’s important to cool with it being slightly lighter, of course, that will oxidize and once you apply powder to it, it’ll look substantially darker than it looks right now now it may appear as if, though, I am putting on a shades. That is substantially too light for my skin, but, as you can see, when I take it down the neck, it really starts to blend into my neck and into my decolletage area. Of course, as I said, this foundation will oxidize. It will look darker over time and once I go in and apply powder to it, it will of course look darker. It is quite mask-like, but it does make the skin look flawless map light everywhere, so I really coat my whole face with it and I always apply quite a thick layer of it to my jaw.
I don’t really have a beard, but I’m always slightly superstitious that one might appear, and I do take that substantially during the neck, just to create a really seamless blend. It doesn’t really matter at this point hair it looks. It is quite sloppy. The application, as I do, tend to just slap it on and hope for the best, then I’m going back in weather is over one or two brush and taking some of the foundation on the brush and I’m just stippling the product. First of all. So when you step on the product, it works almost like a Beauty. Blender does a similar thing, however, sponges and beauty blenders, they do tend to remove excess product. You just stop to really step all the foundation into place. You might see that it might be a little bit too light or too dark. I think I might have gone a tiny bit lighter than I needed to today, but once we set it all through, it will change colour. No one technique that I like to use went disguising the appearance of pores on the nose is to actually take the brush and buff the product in this. Just really hides the pore and once you’ve buffed it, and you will find that there’s slight streaks or smears. So what you can actually then go in and do is just stipple on top of it that will disguise the appearance of pores. It’s always a good idea to still look around the face just to see if you’ve missed any areas. As you can see, I’ve just missed the tip of my nose, which is quite easy to do. Given the size of the thing so really is just a mask. It is quite a mask like foundation. It really just conceals everything, so it creates a perfect flawless blank base. Now, when I apply this combination, it is almost like a layer of cement. I do tend to find out what’s best when you apply it and then set it and go in with powder products. On top of it, I wouldn’t necessarily go in and apply cream concealers to contour with this mix. I don’t particularly think that cream concealing looks that fantastic on the very fairest of skin tones, because most cream products do tend to be too warm. It can be done, but my own personal is to contr with powders on myself within my work, it is completely different, but personally, when I apply my own makeup, I do like to contour with powders. Instead of creams, now I’m going to go in and set everything that we have applied, and I prefer to use powders that are it’s slightly more fatty.
I don’t really like the fine ones. I do tend to find when applying a lot of foundation and then going in with the finer powders I do seem to over apply the powder I can find it actually, although dries the foundation. So when setting the foundation, I like to use a powder that has is slightly more what I consider a fatter texture, so it isn’t totally fine. It has slight body to it. I do tend to find particular products are more suiting for particular things. So the finer Paris, for example, mac, cosmetics, prep and prime or Laura Mathias Universal setting powder are very fine in the formula very very fine formulas. However, when setting this kind of foundation and the amount of it, I do prefer to use powders that are more thick in their texture, something that’s more fatty. I used to use the Ella masca loose powder, which was translucent, was fantastic for setting this finished mix. I also like in glutes loose powders, but today I’m going to be using kryolan’s loose translucent powder in the shade TL 3. So I actually set the under eyes. First of all, and I’m just going to go back in with a synthetic 2 to 7 brush. No additional product, but I’m just dabbing it under the eyes where the foundation and the concealer has started to crease. I want to resurface the area, so it’s totally smooth and there’s no creases in the foundation before we go in and set it. It is important to do this so that you have no lines, so you just go back in and blend just to ensure that there are no lines and the foundation hasn’t settled into the fine lines and then you go in and set it through. Then I’m just setting the under eyes with a Wayne Goss number 2 brush. This is actually one of my favorite brushes and particularly for this purpose. Once you’ve applied the powder, if you apply it too much, you will feel it being a little bit dry. I have applied quite a bit of patch, it isn’t too dry, but it certainly feels dry. Then I’m taking a real techniques blush a brush. This brush is actually fantastic for setting this kind of condition because it almost works like a pore as well as a powder puff. So you can press on setting powder and I really like it for that practice and it can also go into all the nooks and crannies of the face.
So what I do is I just pack on powder, as you can see, it’s quite a lot of it and I set everything that we have applied very thoroughly. The foundation starts to darken once you apply powder to it. If I compare the other side, you will see, it appear slightly lighter because it is of course, of reflecting the light. It is still shiny, but once you apply the powder it mats it down. Of course, reducing the shine and you just have to go in and set everything through thoroughly it’s going and feel the areas that might feel a little bit as if so, we require a little bit more setting a little bit more powder to areas that feel a Little wet and you can just go in and just Pat and feel everything just to ensure that it’s all set through once. I’ve done that. One thing I like to do is just Pat around just to dust off any excess powder, and I also set through the eyebrow area. I don’t take product over the eyelid. I just ensure that where the foundation starts to blend into the eyelid, where I have no foundation or product, I blend it and then set it so that it is seamless, I’m of course now going to go in and apply eyebrows. I makeup and lip makeup. So I have gone in and applied eyebrows eyes, shadow mascara lip liner and a little bit of lipstick. Now I’m going to go in and apply contour blush and highlighter and, as you can see once you start to build up the rest of the makeup. Well, the eyebrows, I makeup lipstick and, of course, once we go in and apply our contour blush under highlighter, the rest of the foundation for which that we applied it doesn’t seem so heavy. Of course it is full coverage and it just blows looking, but once you add in all the other pieces of makeup, it doesn’t look so stark for contour, I’m going to apply in graz powder eyeshadow in the shade for nine, it’s really softly, sculpting upwards, almost cloaking. The cheekbone and I’m using a stool as a blush brush, so I’m just building that contour up quite slowly. I wanted to look really seamless once you’ve applied most of the product. You can take off the remainder on the back of her hand, and this almost buff over everything just so that we ensure seamlessness, never blusher and could use the same brush as there’s barely any of the contour shade left on it You use most of it up and for blush, I’m going to be taking mac cosmetics powder blush in the shade of blush baby, which is actually an absolute favorite and go-to of mine.
I personally love to wear this color, but I’m just applying a very, very faint amount of it and have really seamless, looking skin kind of have to apply the blusher everywhere, but just very thin layers You build up so you have a concentration on the cheeks, but it’s all seamless because you have applied it gradually everywhere So today I’m going to be taking this baked galata swirl by Lauren gala in the shade diamond dust and I’m just a planet on a Crone brush highlighter brush Now this product is very beautiful and it has quite a sheer formula, so it doesn’t add too much texture to the skin It just adds the most beautiful purple, pearlescent Sheen a little bit of it under the brow, a little bit of it during the bridge of the nose and a slight dusting of it through the forehead So Matt moreless completes the look This is my full coverage foundation Routine, this method, of course, involves a lot of product, but it is incredibly flawless It is also incredibly effective, long wearing and flattering for many a format Also my master class and meet-and-greet Shall we go on ahead less than a week from now on the 31st of March, the last day of this month here in London at arch 406 Long Street motel studios, all information about location tickets times shall be within their pick up link within the description of This film, so there is only from now until the event to be able to get your ticket due to requests from many of you, particularly my more younger audience, who, I understand, may have limited means We are happy to offer some new seats at a reduced price and introduced a new ticket category The meeting read option shall remain exclusive to those who have bought VIP tickets, but everyone will have the opportunity to take a self-portrait with me This, of course, is my very fast masterclass on meet and greet so I am, of course, very excited, and I look forward to seeing you all there I thoroughly enjoyed creating this film for you here today, and I hope that you have found this film to be other interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial once again Thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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