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30 Sep , 2019  

I get a boom, you can go and get it please. I got cheese day. I don’t know hey guys, how do we say hi to everybody? What do we say you go boom? I get a boom Bennett. Alright, so yeah, I’m going! Stop bullying me! Oh, my goodness, so I didn’t get the memo, apparently because it’s a long weekend here in Canada, there’s no martial arts, so I took the boys they’re all dressed up and martial arts isn’t happening so now I got to figure out what to do so. I’m taking them to Starbucks, can you leave your iPad in the car babe just leave it in the car.
We’Re just gonna go for a few minutes who makes the decisions in the family? Basically, the boys are pushing me around, I say no iPad. They tell me what do you know? It’s like. I have teenagers are not the wrong foot. The other foot, please the other foot tissue, oh my god. Oh so many things on me. Oh my god. Okay burgers burgers yeah, but you can boil behind re good morning. Benny, where are your shoes? No, the boogers didn’t go in the car. Why are you not wearing your shoes yet? But you didn’t finish. I already wanna go to sleep, trying to get them out of the house. When I go get my coffee back good morning, you guys it is not Monday, it is Tuesday we had a long weekend, and I didn’t film on the weekend, because we were just enjoying some family time hung out with her friends. It was a really nice restful weekend and now we are back on the grind, I’m just trying to get the kids to school and make it to my appointment. I stupidly made a facial appointment that I’ve been keep. I kept cancelling for like three months and let me tell you, I have so much work to do today. Anyways, I have to make it and it’s like an hour away, so I have to drop them off. Go to this facial be like. Can you do the fastest a show you can possibly do and then head back to the office and work okay, everyone’s there up then put their his shoes. Just took 35 minutes love. You stay together. 1. 2. 3 thinking my soul. It’s been flexing real parts.
The corrugator, so what we want to do is you would take all the stress out of our, so it doesn’t kind of crush it like hurts, but in a very yep I’m going a little card away buying ways. It is I’m going a little quick because we’re covering a lot of ground tissue massage absolutely did you bring me the last place to wax me what’s wrong with my ears. What is this? You asked me to come in here and you’re doing weird stuff to me and you didn’t even ask me hold on a second, I don’t I didn’t say I wanted to wax my ears. This is nonsense. What are you talking about? Do you guys watch babies? What are you sure max? What do you think no one’s waxing my ears or my nose? What what is this? Okay? Why are you you just we’re just walking by, and you dragged me in here and now, you’re doing this to me. This is wrong on many levels. Do you guys watch heads? Can you ask my head, you can’t or you won’t you know, I have to shave this thing every day. Do you know what’s involved in me, shaving my head every day is very time-consuming. Would you make an exception with the six year old because we have a six year old? I think he needs some waxing. We should why family enjoy enjoy it. He’Ll come here with me and will wax each other. I don’t know why you want me to get wax, because I don’t think it’s gonna be good for our marriage yeah, but the problem is, if you make me any more attractive than I am, then all this extra attention I’m gonna get from women you’re Gon na start getting jealous, and I feel like it might be a serious problem in our marriage, my favorite time of day, okay party time, I know they’ll notice, my dress, guys you wanna say something to me what nothing about my dear I’m not alone. I, like it Oh thing: okay, let’s go nobody, somebody, somebody somebody! Yes, of course you wanna run deep down into my belly yeah I did. Why would I lie? I I never lied to you. You are right. Well, it’s not every new song yeah, that’s good! Dancing dancing with a stranger yeah, it’s very who, Sam Smith, hi, Dana boy I’ll show you, okay.
How do you know because I heard it before when when we went to reline cake? No well, we went back. Oh you have me, then why your memory, guys? Okay, ready guys see replay dancing with a stranger by Sam Smith, now playing dancing with a stranger by Sam Smith and no money. Thank you play dancing with a stranger remix by Sam Smith. Okay, yes, dancing with a stranger cheat codes, remix single by Sam Smith and normally we’re going to the park. Oh you know what we should have your pants forgot, your pants. I don’t want you to cry without your pants, so I have your pants now and we can go jakie. My love where’s, your scooter, where you put it in the garage. Yes, why? What’s going on it, took me in my love? You just got a little bit of a bloody nose. My love where’s, your scooter and your helmet, you sure, okay, so you have to go, find your helmet bed and you have to bring it home. Okay, yep! I think you left your helmet in the park. I just came mine is coming home. You sure yeah, okay, go tell me where it is. Oh, my god did. I tell you how I you know how my qee is a British guy. No, I didn’t know that you’re serious, a British guy, okay, so my Siri is there. Are you putting milk it? Okay, okay, so my Siri is a British guy and every time we ask him to do anything with it. Thank you Richard, and that was just kidding. Benny everything we request songs and he does it they’re like thank you Richard, so we’re thanking Richard the whole time Richard like. Why would another man? Well? No, but yours is a girl. Mine is a man I mean you guys, gotta get dressed and go to school. Okay, boys, I gotta go. I have a call at 8:30 I’ve to well. I have a call at 8:30. It’s actually a Skype call with some people actually in the Philippines. It’s as company in the Philippines that wants to talk Oh, my god, you should ask nori, have to say hello in Philippine nori.
Oh, come on! Stop that’s anticlimactic the same in Spanish I have a phone call with a Filipino company Oh, how are you my friend? Don’t start that vegan camasta guy, a vegan vegan hamas, vodka? No, it’s okay! What borrow this remember, one Mississippi two Mississippi when he can one Mississippi two Mississippi: eight Mississippi now drink and spit That’s the bottom and then ten Mississippi on the top now ready for the top one misses one Mississippi two Mississippi I know but if you like it to subscribe to worry about it, drinkin spin now this times when you want to be a superhero parent and you wanna do like all these fun things like what i came up with this morning Let’s just get lost and if we go on an adventure, tour jacobs into it and doing it and he’s excited, but this one everything is a know everything he doesn’t want to do He cried already had like six tantrum sort of literally three minutes away from the house That’s why lazy Parenthood is the best kind of parenthood low expectations, one minute 37 seconds later, I feel like you eat, like 10 cheese sticks a day you have hiccups Do you know the song Benny? Can you like new bag? Do you know what the song is about penny? No, it’s about when you come true, you get was like you like what no mama Thomas well! Thank you It’s about a boy who sings about a girl that he loves and he says that girls like her are so so special Can you please eat your rice You have to come out a logistics piece You can go and get it Please, like you, yeah yes and makes chewing speed These teeth Show me your treasure He here’s my treasure Lander, who is this Albert Einstein yeah? Who is this Jegs mama Wow? Okay? Now I have happier stuck in my head forever thanks for that Jack, and then you guys want to watch me taking them back to school shopping click here, bring popcorn

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