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1 Nov , 2019  

I’Ll learn: my chickens are welcome back to my channel. I’m gonna be doing a really fun colorful makeup. Look I get really bored doing just like neutral tones, so recently I’ve really been exploring all of the colors. so I just went for a really deep dive into my makeup collection and I’ve. Just pulled out all of my really colorful eyeshadow palettes. This is just a few of them. I have so many in front of me so really so. so we have a bunch of customizable cases right here that glow in the dark and a few different colors in there.
So this one is like aqua, blue and lime green and, as you can see all the sand moves in here, but this one says Queen. Actually, I’m designed that one myself thinking and then we have SG and Shani comes with so many different options that you can choose from and if you guys do want to save 15% off, you can use a code 15 SHINee at check out a legal information Down below, but if you’ve been seeing all my selfies, you would know that I’ve been using kc5 for a really long time. I know a lot of friend cases as well, only kind of there for the look, but this one actually does protect your phone. So obviously, that’s really nice! No because you can’t drop the phone all the time yeah. I’m thinking we’re gonna do something inspired by like this lime, green and blue. Otherwise we have these colors hailey, okay. So, let’s start with the eye: shutter I’m going in with this meal and a hair Beauty eyeshadow palette, I’m gonna take this nice lime green right here. So I’m just gonna put this on my inner corner. I’m gonna bring it up nice and high. Well, that is very new, and I love that then going in with this Luna beauty. It lasts a drag pellet. This is many anyway right, that’s sort, sir! I’m gonna take these two shades right here. I’m just gonna take a shader brush and pack this on the middle. All the way up, hey I’m very impressed with the pigment on this palette. I mean I wouldn’t really expect anything else for money, there’s. Obviously people going to be extra picky influence awesome. Oh, my god, speaking of this means so much drama with like influences lately, I’m so glad I’m just chillin under the radar, because I could not be bothered dealing with drama.
Well, it’s just a lot and then I’m just gonna blend the edges very softly. Oh, my god, these colors are seriously incredible, I’m dying, and then lastly, I’m gonna take this color right here, this one’s in the shade fishy – and this is gonna – go on the outer portion of my eye. Oh, my god, this coal, which really reminds me of like that fish book that everyone used to read when they were in candy fun. I mean this yeah. I know it’s gonna look really bad right now, but I’m gonna clean it up. So it’s like a shop line okay, so the next step is to go in with some eyeliner, so I’m gonna go ahead and do this and I’ll be right back because, oh my god, I can’t do it on camera Allah. Alright, the wing is on everything, looks like it’s really pulled back now. So now, I’m just gonna pop on these lashes. These ones are from dull house beauty, they’re very fluffy, and I feel like I need really big lashes, because I had a lot of space here and also I want it to like look very full glam on me, sir. These are huge. I just have some whoo debris deep black eyelash glue on there, since I have my black eyeliner. That glue is seriously the best. It looks like this, sir I’ve just let that dry on here for about 20 seconds now we’re gonna go. Oh my god. I really forgot my mascara pause. Alright, we’re back to business Tommy singing downstairs! Well now it’s time for the face, so I’m gonna pride with my Fenty Beauty primer. I have been using this so much recently, mainly because I took at traveling with me and obviously was there anything when I could use, but my makeups been looking really nice, so I’m gonna keep that in my Aurora chain. Also, if you guys didn’t see on Instagram, if you aren’t following me on there except Charlie Goodman, I talked about how I cleared my skin up, but with really nothing worked for me. The only thing that I didn’t try was a rack ro, a keychain, so I don’t know. I was really scared to do that, but I ended up going and the pill because obviously birth control – and it was the only thing that I know of that worked.
I tried to do like Chinese medicine. I did acupuncture, I was obviously trying to eat really healthy during off the water. I went to naturopath try to get my gut like all under control, but nothing worked and I did it for about a year and then I was like okay. I can’t do this anymore, so I went back on Diane, which is a pill that I was on previously that cleared up my skin. So if you’re wondering yes, that is why my skin is looking back to how it used to. Obviously, when I do go off the pill again, eventually, I’m gonna have to sort out what’s going on in my gut, because that’s what would be going on but yeah that’s for another time. I guess I was just getting so impatient at that point. I’ve had really bad skin for like three years and even like done artist doing makeup for years. I just didn’t want to have bad skin because I’m always bare face, and I just didn’t feel comfortable. I was so insecure about my skin anyways, the foundation. I’m going to use is this little baby right here. This is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. This has been a holy grail of mine for so long. I actually had to stop using it on my skin was really bad, because I didn’t like the way it looked. So we have the shade sand and warm nude, I’m just going to see which one looks better, that one’s too dark, sir I’m just gonna. Take a little bit on my Beauty, Blender and we’re just gonna pop this all over the face, wow that is so nice and cool. So of course, my to blend that on my ears I said: wait, it’s red, but just always be talking about me. I’m just gonna I mean probably I mean I feel literally put five pumps to my nerves, but still somehow come off. Ah, this is probably the least favorite part of doing my makeup. To be honest with, you requires too much stillness and I had a coffee and it’s just are not working for me. I feel, like I complained so much about having coffee like you’d, think I’ll just not drink it here we are then we’re going in with my Bobby Brown Foundation Journal foundation.
Stick in the shade 6.5. This is in crebbil to warm up the face. So what to come in, it was going with a butt of the Beautyblender. I’m just blending that all around for a nice glow. Now I’m just gonna go in with my Effendi beauty, a pre-filter concealer and a shade at 210, and I’m just going to cover all of that discoloration under there and, of course, I’m gonna set underneath my eyes, I’m using in my Holy Grail. This is de la Prairie cellular treatment, loose powder. This isn’t the travel size, it looks like a normal size, but trust me, the bigger one is like as big as my face. It’s like a problem. I really need to do this right now, because I’ve just been hanging. It is the Sigma tin, endtime, brow gel. This is the clear one. So I’m just gonna push my eyebrows upwards to make them look more full. What I’m going to do for the eyes? Isn’t gonna take the shade keke, the one that’s in the middle and I’m just gonna pop this from outer corner to inner corner and they’re gonna go over with a different shade to make it more fine. I’m going into my true faced shadow insurance. Glitter glue and then I’m going in with my dose of colors loose pigment. This is a really nice mint shade. It’s called meant to be love that I’m just gonna get some glitter glue under my eyes and Pat this on now time for the bronzer. I’m just going to do my thing just around the perimeter of my face, so all around the forehead under the jewel burn and then under the cheek right as well. Just to add a nice klar, because obviously there’s a lot of cool turns on the eyes. Or you can look a bit like creamy. If the face is all I’m gonna color, I’m actually just about to go and get a base shot in my arm and like b12 and stuff, and I’m about to walk in like this hi, then for the blush. I’m going with a very Universal type, shade one that would just work with every look. So this is the top blush in the shade. A risk risk risk cool Alright, I’m just gonna pop this when the apples wow, that is, with a very pigmented on a fresh and then I’m gonna blend it he’ll I’m actually so excited for this one.
This is a new highlighter from Mac It is called the dazzle highlighter in the shade, dazzle, gold, fine and fresh, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be true gold For me, though mm-hmm – oh that’s so pretty I feel like it goes with the green look like the green in a corner, because it kind of looks green in some wedding Well, I would not use this for like an everyday look This is definitely like a festival Only type highlighter I’m just trying to dab it, so it doesn’t like fall anyway because it is quite thick I have been in love for this lip pencil lately It is the chichi lip pencil on the shade at centerfold I only just found it in the bottom of my life makeup cover not long ago, so I’m glad to have this back in my life Lastly, we’re gonna finish with some gloss, so this is just gonna go mainly in the center Actually, not let’s what every were Oh, no, I look like an actual Blowfish, because I have big juicy lips and green eyes all right Let’s try it out a wink I’m scared my hairs It’s such an awkward length right now, because it’s getting longer – and I don’t know if I should cut it again when you guys reckon let me know in the comments cuz, I actually don’t know what to do It’s definitely a lot more Yeller than the week, so we’re probably not gonna do that You know the trick is literally just sit up, so you can’t see the hairline cuz I don’t know how to apply it Okay, so here we have the finished Look I don’t know if you guys think the wig looks fake Is it just like? Do I just feel like it looks fake because I’m not used to it, or does it actually look fake? Like I’m not sure? Let me know, I don’t know I feel like because it’s so honey to like peanut back here, hmm anyways If you did, please give it a big thumbs up I will leave all the links down below If you guys are interested in checking out these burn cases, I absolutely love it anyways I love you guys So much and I’ll see you very soon Bye,

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