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Teenagers are going to the high school dance with me!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to the channel or welcome if you’re new, what are we doing today, Gabrielle yeah Gabrielle has her eighth grade Halloween dance and mom’s, not here so guess, who’s in charge of hair and makeup this guy, this guy who’s holding the camera with two Hands and talking to you right now, so the girls already had pizza. I just had to do pizza after school because I already have a lot on my plate. If you will so Gabrielle, I hear there is a lot of drama and I hear a dog.
What do you like, but I hear, there’s a lot of drama in eighth grade? Yes, a lot of like I like him and he doesn’t like me and she doesn’t like him and I don’t really like him and he’s a good friend and he always says hi. So now I kind of like him is that kind of, what’s going on yeah, it’s very gossipy that a good summer, I feel really good. I feel really good about that summary. But what were you saying if any of you guys are like? Let me know in the comments below and like tell me how you feel and like what’s going on so Gabriel sisters are inside right now we have to get them all organized and settled and then we’re gonna start getting Gabrielle ready, first ready for her dance Pay for school just picked her up, so we’ll catch up with Gabrielle in a minute. You want to go and get your. You need to get your. Are they called tights or leggings, or what are they called a leggings your flats and then her costume? So why don’t you go get that and I’ll check on your sisters or something and we’ll meet in 15 minutes all right. I mean that’s like no, that’s like not long for you guys, but for us it’ll be 15 minutes. I’m super stoked to do her makeup. I have only done it one other time right, Gabrielle, remember that I will stay away from the yellows and blues this time and no eyeliner, let’s see what’s going on, you ever been a room tour yet so you’re not really getting a real room tour but Gabrielle’s, Not up here yet she’s coming out, we’ve gotta get this party started. Hey, so are you gonna get your costume now? Okay? So, as you know, this is my first time getting ready with you. I mean, like we’ve, gone a lot of places together, but I gotta get all ready. You can kind of get yourself ready, good.
That makes it easier on me, but I will have to help you with some things like like out or something I’m sure come on. Tell me the comments below oh yeah. I got I could do it nail polish removal, that’s right, so we do that. First, okay, this is. Is that why you keep saying that just to get ready, so people want to see how Gabrielle gets in our Final Four okay business. So you have to aggressively, scrap it. Okay, the nails work great success. Can we see your nails? Okay, super clean good to go, and then the next step, of course, is to do my makeup. Do or do we do makeup and then we’re gonna do hair, hey, who your new hair and finally or costume in they kind of costume, okay, so makeups? First, yes, all right, let’s get out of things, our little ones or whatever we are. Oh make them a whole bag of makeup. So you, yes, it’s a great idea. Okay, light shimmer, like just kind of like very modest. You know like look at me, but then like look away like that’s like looking for the who it’s me, but just chill we’re. I’m good, I also have some BB cream BB cream, so it’s like a less strong foundation, okay, good and that’s the foundation for really everything you’ll be doing yes good. Then this is the eye shadow that I use for my first kind of shimmer. It’s also my highlighter, so it’s a two and one. Oh I like that sounds like it saves money, oh nice, my powder, okay, good, oh and speaking of her FC bag. If you want to see her open her new one with mom as much as I would love to open it with her less than when it comes below. So, actually, when you do a shipping or we can do a neutral or we can do both – oh, let’s do a neutral. All right. Let’s do shimmer should feel something shimmer and neutral. You both know. I’m shimmer, I think I think a white shimmer. Okay, I had what else we got here in the magic bag of tricks. You have concealer okay and that’s so you go invisible all right, real light on that. What I want one of these – oh no nevermind, yeah I’ve got some blush. Okay, I think you’ll already be blessed enough. Okay, I have two different Beauty blenders. This one is for concealer because it has a fine tip and then this one is more for, like BB cream, okay, great! So let’s go get this show on the road, because it’s like an unboxing of your and then we’ve got translucent powder.
Okay, I’ll be your play-by-play today, so Gabrielle grabs the moisturizer, oh, my goodness, you’re da ting up those is a pimple cream. It’s Abbi! No moisturizer! That’s not pimple cream, I’m not tricking you guys. Okay, I always end up with extra dad. Do you want some moisturizer, oh yeah, sure, on my wrist yeah, perfect back of my hands be really ho.. I like that. It’s kind of funny because I feel like she has really good skin and complexion, and I don’t really understand the whole makeup thing. I also as never a fourteen-year of a girl or any age girl next step, concealer, okay – and this is how you go stealth mode. So like, if you’re embarrassed or like you do a dance move wrong, you like you just like like I’m not here. Oh just go in yeah good, see perfect all right! Oh triangle, you’re gonna be a clown. It’s the reveal yeah. Actually I have to put on me I’m triangle, okay, I don’t know, but please don’t don’t quote her on this. I cannot verify any of her claims. Always you are a girl watching this and you’re allowed. You just can see like put on the triangle. Alright, I don’t know mom’s not here got a believer. I seem to have some unruly eyebrows. I may need to get those cleaned up. Okay, good. So this is not supposed to be a makeup tutorial, so I’m going to kind of cut through it a little bit. But if you want to see you makeup tutorial by Gabrielle, which I literally never know what she’s gonna say. Let me know the comments below cuz, maybe mom, and her can do a makeup tutorial where Gabrielle takes the reins. You want to do that. Get Rijo. I feel like this is actually a pretty tough task for me, since I have never done anyone’s makeup her hair ever the good news is she’s, pretty much doing it herself, so I took them to a father-daughter dance. and I feel like I’m more of an assistant which is fine yeah. Well, oh, thank you. I like you as well. Let’s see what you got What are we working with here? Use this? How about you do finish your makeup, using that how’s that good, like willing to face it you’re up for a challenge? Okay, there we go good.
Oh, my gosh you’re gonna rip them all out you’re pulling away too hard I don’t know the rules to that, but that looks like you just like hold your whole face off you’re, it’s so gentle! Oh, let me see what you do here Can you that over here, yeah we’ll get that get the angle? Oh so now we’re doing something that I don’t even know what it is It’s she’s flat ironing her hair with a thing that looks like a brush that she just plugged into the wall So this is apparently a flat iron and it’s plugged into the wall, and she has it going through the silk, and I pointed to get like out the window Look at that a brush ironed, a bra, okay, okay, and you know how to work that machine you’re like Holmes, I get about it right now You can see it okay, how many times have you used it like ten? You should I take the covering plastic off The screen, Gabriel is being put out to heat up and I’m kind of afraid So that’s it you kind of just brush it Wow It’s like a wizard wand for a girl That’s amazing, looks great right, Gabrielle’s all done and ready, and you look absolutely beautiful Thank you You’Re welcome Let’s look at that costume on so now it’s time, for the final reveal Gabriel, is ready for her dance Let’s see how she looks What do you know about that? Can you look awesome? Look at that old bed Look how cute she looks tell her in the comments how cute she looks Cuz it’s nice and she just got ready with you Get ready with me, got ready with you or whatever This is, but thank you guys so much for watching how about a cat emoji Yes, if you guys got this far to put a little cat emoji in the comments below and then Gabrielle will know and we’ll all know that you got this far So we have this get ready with me So Gabrielle’s gonna be talking more about the dance and tonight when she gets back that’ll be part of the daily vlog, and I know that was a lot of words, but I didn’t know how else to say that So thank you guys so much for watching I think you have real to the dance now we love you guys and we will see you guys later

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