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Tell my dad I’m pregnant… |Virtual logging

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey Mel, a good egg: okay, that was a little bit dramatic morning guys. So today, I’m blogging peanut say hello. Come on come on baby! I know you’re loved everyone. Oh wow you’ll be snap out well baby with the label um. Tonight we are going to an event, eventually a fashion show kind of thing, because I’m going to take you guys along to done because the company events in brief, since I slept may be you know – and I did eight ten last night – Sofer to go wash – that Off so I’m not number on, you know when you put a fake town on it, takes like a whole day to like get darker cuddling, so Michaels moved in on.
But you look across the street from you soon, so we’ll link it address down below, and I bet you such still coughing literally even copied my bed, let’s get up again breakfast. If you want to do that, my makeup a little bit and I’m just wearing this jumper dress from, I think oh gosh, I think Glasson not going to lie. I smell my dress up like here Jack. Let my team comment I can think about. You know what smells sore about dress to wear. I feel like it’s cute, so I can care, but she’s also go. We are breakfast now. Yes, we just make my favorite breakfast place. Now we can go anywhere. Am I do want to go? Follow? I really want to go to see the kids today. Can I go this? I haven’t seen Milan brother and sister in like three weeks and primary levels, which is like really missing me. Sometimes like Haley’s not doing well without you know. So it’s on a bagel place. That’s going to you for now! So my avocado, your avocados honey, locust Mattila amazing, have a Potter and toecutter in line. Would you get breaking bagel, so breaking bagel looks puzzled. I was actually gonna get that one, but like I’m not that memory so nosy, I’m can try some right now. Cuz. My hot chocolate by the way I now said yesterday so started my mother’s dog class. Actually, the first time a little stars welcome bad. I went back and I’m like um, you literally meet exist, so ugly, nothing analysis or that’s odd. I guess. What’s the window, someone to wind them up in it in this very, like that’s actually disgusting, please, please get it off. Don’t stay! There’s a lot that square! You want the air for dry! Oh my god! That’s disgusting! No, not going all vocally on it’s like you! Haha an hour driving, it’s done sorry when planted us just in a second and I really serene eyes: hey misty o-hall, all right, I doing better cheek hello, hello, try going when you come in! To give me a cuddle.
I haven’t seen you in like three weeks. Ah, okay, cool, whatever hey Lisa, I want to tell you something: yes, what yes and um. I have look at serious. Okay, thanks good has been a nice lot of I’m pregnant, not up son Jackson. There. It is no, I didn’t think you’d know about it area. Anything flat time paper, I could tell you: what do you mean? Why he’s got? No, it’s not yes, hey um! Haley, didn’t believe me that I was pregnant. You wouldn’t put on snapchat, okay yeah, so you can plug it all right. Thank you. Little mama who she was working for me, yeah, you got angry at me. This is the law that couldn’t kill. You are you go that I lost? You can put the thing down, so you have a serious complication. Oh sorry me and tightly going on chemicals right now is public service work, look at first little flag, highly creepy before and decide sizes. So many different like stars, you excited you better because especially Nellis okay, highly! Let’s do this. Oh fuck is gonna, be glitchy. Happy known that for like 10 minutes and I’m ready to guard, why are you doing it? You’Re fat, another wolf, yeah, they’re, quite small? Yes, you do this kid stuff, but like whatever lovely nothing too smart, I swim in John a back telehealth. Now I just going to clean up, because we have like you, people kind of go tonight for fries before the event it has been sort of fucking dirty or because it had summer people ever it’s just been getting messy so easily having dope things. Don’t stay clean at all, so I guess this is where all the cleaning stuff unique quotient legs. The house is officially clean, getting ready. Now this is Lily hi guys. I look so good, so we’re going to a coaching’s event just doing our makeup. Krinkle! Graham, are you can’t go? I mean it’s not even a question. I just go with our everyday to get me one time. I call my couple Glenn Beck all.
Actually, though, I’m going to do that because I don’t really know one word for all your. How many like options do I have like this is actually an option? Bishop I mean that is where I get up and put it on just tie it up. Watch your favorite products show up. I mean okay well sandy, like IBM favorite, founder yeah. What is this um VL gloss, finish stick, but you hate it cause. It makes me really wet your first experiment right now, as we did some powder online Australian I did, but I might do it. Oh Matt, I put on show, I think, cuz I like that and then I know a contract, no matter yeah hi. My name is um, see you until everyone value yeah yeah, you guys yeah. Do it? Oh okay! So I’m on senator Shani way: 20 yeah. When do you can print your 20, your baby, just runny? Well, um, I’m not trying I’m 19. I am. I met Shani when sex like a she, oh no youthful. I wasn’t well she’ll be 1/2 it what Katie of last year, um n part a and Part A and very like we just so came off. I mean I am really lacked my my lovin. I guess you we’re gonna be much like. I walk into this party. I was gonna. Ask you don’t even start I was, but I was sorry fucking like because, okay, when you get to know, if you ever meet shining husband, you’ll be sorry like, like she’s the most lovely genuine person. But then you literally like a look at her and because their eyes are so like black, I’m not joking. I literally looked at her. I was teased in the idols, like oh shit, she’s in my soul, to Pelotonia my fucking soul. I don’t know I did not want part of those like my glance, so fucking scared right. So really – and I got you you know not obviously job showing I mean I see well I mean, and then you were like with other people. So I what all don’t like women – and that was the thought that was like just after we found out all going to Melbourne to gala yeah and we didn’t even know each other. Well, yeah, yeah. You remember your comic book who talked to you, sir cuz. I walked in the door, give us anime, hello, yeah and you’re, like with you like beating army. Oh that was more like a yeah, I’m going to fucking kiss You begin our little period time: benediction, ding, dong, ding, just one righthere, Penny Lane, okay, which one just like really yellow area, rustic, um and ER.
She can II get with it, maybe they’re! No, it’s not daddy to me to pull it out Don’t one day I’ll be popping day and first guest has arrived hello, I’m blogging today a bindi He looks so beautiful Okay, my makeup done my hair done and my outfit Qantas my shades on all right Let’s have a green We had this like last weekend It made us so happy like drink white wine out of red wine glasses, because this way, oh my god, a Holloway, I’m looking gonna have a glass of wine yellow green fairy – oh my god, you’re trying to kill her could usually just oh yeah, because, okay, When he drinks, as you guys know, he literally like stop cooking, so someone said: try to kill her instead of vodka and P out guys see if you cool he probably weren’t with us Okay, oh yeah, Kevin, okay, whoever the coasties bed right now we went off with lining up to drink thanks literally the runway has dotted Oh what fine card boyfriend card they look like garbage with water on them We ready, oh, maybe, a hole, my god, I was just editing, my blog, because I didn’t see a sequence, of course, how it so drum and which we plants of love, haha drum, can’t read on one and we do have the best time ever Peanut come here Comes baby 15, sorry, just playing on the cap chillin doing some cleaning out literally like three days later, but that was like the best event I’ve been through It was a launch Venue play wheel and coaches would be consuming Yes, sir, if you guys, like my bulk, especially ones like this, let me know down below, because it’s definitely less different to what I’ve done before I don’t usually look when I go out made my friends a very totally different to what you expect relax under ways Claire you have no boys like playing each other out That’s just like a friendship we were chosen anyway I’m going to leave this look a message, sums up and subscribe to my channel and thanks for watching me and my friends be complete idiot and I love you guys and I’ll see you soon

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