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Ten bets you’ll win! Prank Your friends and family! Magic and interesting DIY skills

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s wengie and surprise today, who’s the best bangle. Always me, are you guys afraid, your friends do this or whatever you like, don’t forget to click the bell and comment hashtag, which vocation squad and make sure you’ll hear in the first hour up to each upload, and I could be replying your comment. Alright, let’s just show you to the bed: yeah, hey Wendy. I bet you can’t tie a knot in this xiulet. Anyone can tie a knot on a shoelace, it’s pretty easy, but the rule is once you touch an end with your fingers.
You can never let go of that end. Oh, where I’m getting technical. Look, it’s cat’s cradle, very good windy, but that’s not what I asked for fine. I give up okay, so the trick is you gotta fold your arms first and then you pick up one end it with this hand and the other end with the other hand, and then stir okay, you got me there, hey Wendy. I bet that if you put a paperclip into this cup of water, that you can’t make it flip two paper clips, even flip, hmm, please don’t flirt when gee. What you try to make me do if I put it in slowly, yeah I’ll show you how fast you need a paper clip and bend it like this into a right angle, and then you take another paper, clip and sit it on top like this, but wait. I need your help to make it wet. Take three seconds find the like button and click it down below ready guys, wait. What have you done? It awesome, let’s get on with this trick. Just gotta lower it clearly onto the surface. The reason why this works is simple: by lowering your paper clip onto the water horizontally, you increase the surface area in contact with the water which allows the surface tension of the water to keep it afloat. You’Ll never be able to float a paper clip vertically, because the surface area is too small for the surface tension of the water tohold up. Hey Wendy check out these claims, as you can see every so this four across and five going down. I challenge you to move one of these coins so that there’s five going across and still five going down: okay, five on the top star on the bottom um, four in the top five on the bottom; well, no, three and five.
What that’s nothing at all! Hmm! I give up yeah, let me show you, I’m gonna take one coin like this and put it there see you got five coins both ways. I didn’t think of that. Why didn’t I think of that? Fine, you win, gotta. Think outside the box. Hey win! Gee, I bet you can’t drop this toilet roll on the table and have it land on its end. What that looks easy? Why, even if I do a solo, it doesn’t do it. I give up yeah I’ll show you how so all you need to do is actually drop it on its side, see magic, that’s magic! Okay, when gee it’s time for race. Let’s see we can empty that bottles. First, okay, it’s on okay, ready! 3. 2. 1. Go! I was done ages ago Wow. The reason why Wendy once so easily is because she swirled the bottle as she poured the water out. This allows air to enter the bottle. At the same time, water flows out, if you pour the water out normally like wengie water, has to occasionally stop for air bubbles to enter, which slows down the process. If we did this bet with bigger bottles, the difference would be even more obvious. Hey when G for this bet, you only have one chance, but if you do it right a clean room for the rest of the yeah. Oh my got it. Oh my god. I can’t wait. What is it? What is it tell me? Okay, so I’m gonna put the cup like this, and all you need to do is balance this Apple on top of the cup. What this is so easy, do you really want to clean my room for the rest of the year? It’s balanced! What it does is actually balance the Apple on the bottom of the cup. Fine. How about that? But you’ve already used up your chance today, hey Wendy, I’ve got $10 here and I’m just gonna put them in between these two bottles like this and we’re not touching the bottles. If you can take this $10 new it up without making the bottles tip over it’s your $10, it’s mine, okay and just gonna. Do it three two one I’ll show you how it’s meant to be done. So what you need to do is a little karate chop see. Can I do it again? No, hey Wendy! This is the ultimate test of balance Okay, so what you need to do is attach the two forks to the matchstick and then balance the matchstick on the rim of the glass, but the forks can’t touch the gloves seriously when gee you always make me, do the strangest things: okay, I’m gonna! Try it mmm, okay and then balance the matchstick on the cup.
Fine, I give up when gee This is too weird all right Let me show you okay, so first you got to put the matchstick here and then you want to crisscross your forks like this So, by doing this, it can counterbalance susi spelling by itself and we’re gonna balance It right here what that’s crazy, there’s, no way any normal person would have thought of that cool right, hey when gee, I’m gonna arrange these for matchsticks like this, and I bet you can’t move one matchstick to make a square yeah that one’s pretty difficult I’m gonna give it a shot Mmm, that’s a triangle The only way I can make it into a square to move two matches like this, give up it’s impossible Yeah I’ll show you I’m gonna move, one match see: they’re, just fat, hey, that’s kind of cheating Well, it’s a square! Isn’t it guess sohey when gee check out these glasses, so I’ve got three clear ones and three blue ones I bet that you can’t move one bluff and make this alternate in, like a blue, clear, blue, clear, blue, clear pen, okay, this is hard I give up give up all right All you need to do is take this one glass here, pour it into this glass and then put it back see I’ve only touched one glove and now they’re alternating Oh really, I look toohot here I would have never thought of that I got powerful with these Let me know if you guys do these and which is your favorite down below and today I’m super excited to be announcing The winner of the MacBook Air giveaway, the winner is drumroll Congratulations! Oh my notifications For every week you guys find out how to get a shout out yourself Don’t forget, check the description box to find out alright until next week I’m gonna miss you guys so much so I’ll see you guys, then bye

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