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Ten easy Winged Eyeliner Hacks!

30 Sep , 2019  

. Now, five years ago I was a complete noob when it came to, I liner Exhibit A yeah. So although I look like a complete dork there, now I’m showing you the hacks i’ve changed my eye game forever. Hack number one korea is Spencer on the shape of wind that you want. I actually ended up cutting quite a few shapes to find that perfect shape. Once cut place on to the eye and draw the outline, then fill the gaps hack number two to help set the line. I use a black matte, eyeshadow and Pat this onto the liner and lashes.
By doing this, you’re just going to help mattified that wing, making it darker as well as you’re, making your eyelashes look, fuller hack, number three one great way to get a straight wing is to draw the wing towards the eye instead of outwards start at the point. Where you want the wing to stop and then draw towards the eye, by doing this, you have a better control over what you’re doing the next two hats are moist product hats and using either itself hack number four. If you are new to the world eyeliner, you can always use eye shadow to practice, use a wet, angled brush and dab into some shadow and then apply to the eye a using eye shadow. It creates more softer effects than using eyeliner hack number five. Another great alternative, then using eyeliner is you Pescara. This can be used with a fineliner bottle on an angled brush, simply dip the brush in mascara and draw away hack number 6 This hack involves using tape to create a v-shape perform.
The wing apply the bottom piece below the outer corner towards the eyebrows and the next piece above the outer corner toward the eyebrow, making sure that the two ends connect Any eyeliner that goes out of shape would be caught onto the tape So once you peel away, it will create a nice sharp edge, the tape off my liner Are you climbing a bit crazy and ripped off? Please don’t do that Hack number seven includes using a spoon as a guide for your liner use The handle to create the straight line then use the round edge to draw the top of it Hack number eight use concealer to clean up the edges of your wing This can create a sharper line and point to your liner apply You can concealer brush and blend with your fingers Hack number nine This hack is similar to hack number six, but the tables only apply to the bottom of the wing By doing this hat, you have more control over what you’re doing with the wing This is the height that I used to follow myself before I was able to do it freehand once you have done your the taper way Slowly, like I have finally done with hack number 10, this hack involves all of the general rules You should follow when doing your liner do not rush it Do not go crazy and do not go overboard Take your time and start small So there you go Ten hats and help you win your minor my channel – and I shall see you soon – bye

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