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Ten people who look like cartoon characters

30 Sep , 2019  

These cartoon doppelgangers are so deceiving. They could actually pass for. The real thing here are 10 real-life cartoon characters number 10. Mr. burns. Mr. burns is an iconic character in the long-running TV series. The Simpsons as such the image of mr. burns is recognizable to most people, but this real-life man looks so much like the cartoon character that people have said he looks more like mr. burns than mr. burns himself. The similarity is astounding, from the long narrow face to the pronounced pointy nose to the bald head, with Tufts of surrounding hair to the white collar shirt, tie and jacket.
This man even has a glimmer of evil in his eye, making him one of the best real-life replicas of a cartoon character on the Internet. Number 9, Carl from up Disney Pixar’s movie up debuted in 2009 to huge success. The main character in the movie is a 78 year old man named Carl Fredricksen, and a picture of this man made the rounds of social media, because this man looks so much like the cartoon character that the resemblance is uncanny. The man in the picture sports, the same square, black rimmed glasses as Carl Fredricksen, but apart from his attire, the resemblance is really in his facial features. The man in the picture has the same chin, nose and hair style. All of these features combined make him a real-life spitting image of this beloved cartoon character. Number 8 Johnny. Bravo, it’s unclear as to whether or not this man is trying to look like the famous cartoon character, Johnny. Bravo, but whether or not it’s intentional. This man is a real-life version of the obnoxious Johnny. Bravo, a picture of this man holding a cell phone went viral. When people pointed out how much he looks like the cartoon character, the hair is similar and he’s wearing similar shades, but the real similarity is in his build. Like Bravo. This man has a broad chest: large muscular arms and a narrow waist. The fact that he’s even wearing a similar shirt and standing in a similar stance make him all the more cartoon like before we move on be sure to subscribe to daily top tens with notifications on.. Number seven scar from The Lion King Jason Momoa, is best known for his role as Khal Drogo on the hit show Game of Thrones.
But several pictures of the beloved TV star show that he also resembles a film star scar from Disney’s The Lion King. There have been several pictures taken of Mamo where he is compared side-by-side to scar and there’s something about the antagonistic look in his eyes and the curved eyebrows that make Momoa look just like the villainous lion. It could also be the dark coloring of Mama’s hair, as it does resemble the dark fur surrounding scars faints. In any case, there is definitely a resemblance between the two, as both fans of Momoa and fans of The Lion. King have been quick to point out number. Six linguini from ratatouille Joshua carpenter Jones doesn’t just look like a cartoon character. He actually has the same job as the cartoon character. He looks like Joshua carpenter Jones works in a kitchen just like theyoung chef linguini and the famous Pixar film ratatouille. When people started telling carpenter Jones that he looks just like the main character, he took a selfie of himself and posted it. On reddit, the picture went viral receiving 175,000 up votes, and the comments section was flooded with affirmations that yes, Joshua does in fact look just like the cartoon character, so much so that people have told Joshua that he should bring a little rat stuffy to work with Him, but even without the sidekick rat carpenter Jones is a cartoon replica right out of ratatouille number 5 Hiro Hamada from big hero. 6 Hiro Hamada from Disney’s 2014 feature film. Big hero 6 captured the imagination of moviegoers when he befriended the lovable personal-care robot baymax, and although some people that look like cartoon characters are caught candidly on camera, theyoung boy in this picture clearly is trying to look like hero. In any case, though, the resemblance is remarkable. The young boy in this picture looks so much like the cartoon character that the two could be interchangeable. The young boy obviously embraced his likeness to Hiro Hamada and enhanced it by replicating the cartoon characters: telltale clothing, the boy in the picture, sports, the same red shirt and same blue hoodie as Hiro, and he is even holding a toy baymax.
He has also styled his hair in a similar way, but even without the clothing and toy, the boy would still look like euro as his facial features are disturbingly similar number four grandma from Looney Tunes, more commonly known as the grandma from Looney Tunes the characters, real Name is actually Emma Webster and anyone familiar with the Looney tune. Franchise would recognize the frail little old lady in a heartbeat, which is why the picture of this little old lady went viral when it hit the Internet. This woman looks so much like Emma Webster that it’s hard to believe she wasn’t intentionally trying to replicate this classic cartoon character. The woman who is seen in profile has almost the exact same hairdo and her facial features are also very similar and she’s holding a yellow bag, which is very similar to theyellow, Tweety Bird that Emma Webster carries around with her. And although the resemblance is not intentional, this lady could easily be Webster’s doppelganger number three Eric Cartman from South Park. When the picture of this man first hit the Internet, it was unclear at first as to whether or not he knew that he looked just like Eric Cartman from South Park, he’s wearing almost the exact same clothes as the cartoon character. The picture was taken on the bus and then posted on reddit, where reddit users were blown away by this man’s resemblance to Eric Cartman. The red shirt and the blue hat are so uncanny that people were forced to wonder if the uncanny resemblance was purely coincidental turns out. The man who’s named Chris Cattell dresses like Eric Cartman on purpose, so his appearance is intentional, apparently kutol, originally dressed, like Eric Cartman. For Halloween as a joke, but people thought that he looked so much like Cartman that he decided to continue to dress like him. Coutelle claims that he dresses like Cartman because he likes to see people’s reactions number two Elsa from frozen when Anna faith discovered that she bore an uncanny resemblance to Elsa from Disney’s hit movie frozen She decided to make a career out of it.
Originally, she was simply standing beside an Elsa, cardboard cutout when her friend told her that she looked like Elsa, so faith posed beside the cutout and her friend snapped a pic The pic was posted and it quickly went viral faith nailed the expression on else’s face complete with the arched eyebrow When people began sharing the pic like wildfire, faith saw an opportunity and seized it, so she began purposely dressing like Elsa Then she set up an Instagram account where she raked in the followers Apparently, faith even went to her prom dressed as Elsa from their faith decided to make some money off her uncanny resemblance to the iconic cartoon character She began a side business where she made paid appearances as Elsa at children’s birthday parties She embraced the fact that she looks like a real-life cartoon character and it has served her well not only as she made money from her resemblance to Elsa She has also accrued over 700,000 followers and temporary internet stardom number One Shrek being told that you look like a cartoon Ocher would likely not be the comparison of choice for most, but Marie stole a never had that choice Marie stole a was a famous wrestler in the 1930s and 1940s He was nicknamed the French angel and he was known throughout the wrestling world for his unique facial features, but where people in the 1930s and 1940s recognized tulay as a wrestler people today recognized him as something else Marie still a has been dubbed the man that looks exactly like Shrek, the famous feature, film Shrek debuted in 2001 and fans alike, fell in love with the ogre that had a heart of gold But when people started posting side-by-side pictures of Shrek and Maurice on the Internet, the resemblance was so uncanny that people began to wonder If Maurice had been the inspiration for Shrek the fact that Maurice lived long before Shrek ever hit, the big screen proves that he didn’t intentionally try to look the part which makes his resemblance to the cartoon character All that more uncanny, in fact, Maurice too lays facial features

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