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Ten products of Ulta! | Affordable price, high-end!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys. So these products right here have been like staples in my collection. I’ve been using them non-stop, there’s a lot of new stuff in here that I am like so excited to talk to you guys about. As you guys see on my channel but like I said. If you guys are brand new to this channel hello welcome, my name is Madison feel free to hit that subscribe button. If you want to stick around, we have PR unboxings every Saturday showing what are the new launches for the week.
.. So if you have a baby or if you’re on mommy-to-be definitely check out that channel over there, it’s called life of Maddie. It is linked down below and there’s also a newsletter that will email you every single time. I upload because YouTube sucks at notifications, but anyways without further ado. Let’s go ahead and get into what are some of my favorite favorite products right now from bolta, okay. So, first off we’re gonna start with skincare, because I think skincare is so important is the base for your makeup and this product right here. I’ve been testing out ever since i unboxed it in one of my PR hauls. It is from Dermalogica it’s their fight own nature, firming serum, it’s in their H, smart line that they have and first off the packaging is so cool. I really love the packaging. It’s got a nice pump to it, which actually has two holes, because it has two different serums in it. So you do one to two pumps on your hand and you mix the serums together and then you put it on your face morning and nights. I feel like I have seen such a difference in my skin. Just even with no makeup on, I feel, like my skin, feels firmer. I feel like it feels more plump and that’s what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to combat the signs of aging and I truly feel like I’m seeing that you guys I just feel like my face, feels firmer. It doesn’t feel loose and I don’t know I’ve just been really really enjoying this. Has it broken me out or anything I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, I’m going to keep using it up until this baby is gone, but I know I recently talked about on my Instagram and I just had to talk about it over here, because It’s really good. I’ve been enjoying that, especially now that I’m 30. I really need to kick up that anti-aging skin care, because once you hit 30, you start to notice little lines a little bit more frequently and you’re, just like a aging fun stuff.
So hey, even if you’re in you’re, like young 20s, start thinking about good skincare right now, because this is those aren’t the preventative years. Now I’m trying to like fight everything that I wasn’t focusing on in my 20s, which I wish I was okay, so the other skincare product that I want to talk about is a moisturizer and this one. I’ve been really really loving. I’ve been using it ever since I got in my Ipsy glam bag. I have the full size of it, but I want to use this little one first to make sure that I liked it before I opened up the full size. So I got this little one in my Ipsy glam bag and that’s when I’ve been using it ever since, and that’s what I love about Dipsy. Is you get some really good products, they’re great sizes that you can test out, see how your skin is doing with it? And if you like it, you can purchase the full size which is great, and this is the Murad hydrodynamic ultimate moisture. So this is in their new hydro, dynamic line like their hydrating line and they came out. I also really love the cleanser and this one too, but the moisturizer has been taking the cake for me. I use this morning and night. It is so good. I also love my tattoo I’ll still, but this has been a must-have, especially before I go in with any makeup, because I tend to use mattifying foundations and I have drier skin. So I really have to make sure my skin is very hydrated before putting those on – and this is just a nice thicker moisturizer. I don’t know if you’re really gonna see a whole lot in there, but it’s actually almost gone. I’m gonna open up the full size here very soon. If you have dry or combination skin. I highly recommend this one. If you have combination you’re, noticing those oils and stuff, I feel like you. That means that you need to hydrate a little bit more to balance out the skin and when I do that, my oils go down dramatically because it’s not overcompensating more moisture the better. So that’s why I really really enjoy this moisturizer and it doesn’t feel like it. Sits on my skin, even though it’s a thicker cream, it goes on beautifully it sinks into the skin and it doesn’t make your foundation slide around, which I really like too. So I highly recommend that moisturizer, okay. So next up, I have a primer here, and this is the Catrice cosmetics, prime and fine poreless blur primer, goodbye pores. So basically it’s a blurring a primer to really help minimize those pores.
I have huge pores on my nose and right here right here and right here, like that area. Is so bad, it’s crazy that my pregnancy literally made them go away and then once I got done breastfeeding, they came right back, but this one seriously smooths everything out. I have not tried a pore filling primer better than this one, and this is Catrice it’s. This is gonna, be so inexpensive too. So I’m really really impressed with it. I’m wearing it today and I just feel like it blurred and smoothed everything out so beautifully and I’m just so impressed by it. So I highly recommend this. If you have big pores check this one out, it is awesome and then, when I get done with that, I always go in with my foundation, and you guys know about this foundation. I have to talk about it again because it seriously is one of my favorite foundations that I go to If I need a foundation, that’s gonna last all day not break up on me. This is what I go to this. Is the covergirl outlast all day? Stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, and it’s just so good. It has a lasting power of a primer coverage of a concealer and blend ability of a foundation in one and its shine free. I love it. I have dry skin, which is why I say I really make sure I moisturize my skin very well before putting it on, and I have to make sure I exfoliate really well too, because if I don’t exfoliate it will grab to those dry. I chose which I tend to get about right down here and right here, so I go in with my Dermalogica: what’s it called their pre scrub or is it their prescribed skin? No, it’s their skin prep scrub that scrub. Oh, I have been using it for years. It’s amazing check it out, but I make sure I go in with that about once or twice a week to really make sure I exfoliate my skin. Otherwise this will grab on to those areas. But if my skin is nice and hydrated and nice and exfoliated, it goes on beautifully, I’m wearing it today, the shade I wear, what I’m not self tan is ivory and it’s beautiful. I do wish they had a better shade range of this. I’m not gonna lie, but the formula of it is so good. I even will take this one and I’ll mix it and two others like I’ll mix it into the fenty, the hydrating one I’ll mix it into my coach and oh, I mix it into woo I’ll mix it into anything, because I just love it so much.
I wore this one to Disneyland when it was like 96 degrees carrying Riley on my chest in her carrier, and this thing did not budge it stayed put, it is awesome, definitely recommend it if you especially have skin that likes to eat up foundation like mine. Does this is the one foundation I have found that does not to get eaten up by my skin, so highly recommend that one? I also really want to try out their covergirl trublend. I think I think they might have sent it to me. Actually, I think I unboxed it recently, so I really did things in it. I got to go through my little box over here and see, but I really want to try out that foundation because I am actually very obsessed with the concealer from it. This is the covergirl trublend under cover concealer, and I’ve been using these non-stop you guys. This is like better than the shape tape. The shape tape I like, but it gets too dry for me, and this is actually a little bit more hydrating and then shaped tape. I feel like it’s the perfect middle ground from the Too Faced Born This Way, sculpting concealer, which you guys know the fatter one. This shaped a so it’s like the perfect. It’s not too hydrating, but not too matt has great coverage. It’s like a mix of them, and it’s so good, so I’ve been really really enjoying this. I was trying out a couple other concealers and they were just like a miss after Miss after miss. For me, like I, the milk makeup one, I tried out: oh that one was so drying um. The Maybelline wasn’t like it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite and then I tried this one out next and I was like oh my gosh. I found my new concealer. I love the flower Beauty, one that one’s great, but this one and by the way this is not sponsored by covergirl. I wish it would be awesome because I have another covergirl product right here, that I’ve been awesome really loving. You guys can just tell my excitement over these, so this is the covergirl trublend minerals loose mineral powder in translucent, so this actually has a really good coverage to it. I feel like this is a really good dupe for the Smashbox one photo finish fresh setting powder. Didn’t shades Eero one I feel like this is like a good dupe for this guy. It’s got a little bit more coverage to it, even though it’s translucent I feel like I definitely do get a little bit extra Ness with it.
So it’s really nice, especially if I’m like trying to cover up any blemishes or anything, but this was a really good loose setting powder at the drugstore. The other good one is one at Walmart, which is the airspun, but sometimes I can’t handle that fragrance. I understand a fan of the fragrance and I feel like this. I think I like even more than that one. So if you are looking for a good loose setting powder at the drugstore try this one out, I really really have been enjoying it. Alright, so for product number, seven that I recommend from Ulta, I almost said it’s a fill it up and know that it is a blush, and this is the Physicians Formula, butter blush and these are so good. I feel like people talk about these on it off. Like they’re, just a good staple, and this formula from Physicians Formula is so amazing, it’s so just buttery and minted and dis Clyde’s right on this is in the shade vintage Rouge right here. So you guys can take a look at it. You can know that this is like one of my favorite shades of a blush to wear. I love these color blushes and again these just glide beautifully onto the skin, and I just love that color i. This is like an everyday color for me and the smell. Oh, my god, it just smells like the beach. It smells so good, but I love these blushes. They glide right on. They don’t gets plucked you throughout the day. They don’t wear off quickly either, which I really love, and I really love the shade of this blush too. They have a couple of other shades that you can definitely check out. I will have a link down below, but that’s a really good. I went through my blushes and I’m just like now. I only have a couple, so it’s like I just don’t forget about them, which is just great. This room is a disaster, but now getting into an eyeshadow palette really quickly. This is one that I’ve been loving. This is the Catrice any Mon eyeshadow palette. She did a Iman, it did a collaboration with Catrice. I love him on she’s the sweetest. I know her personally, and I am so so proud of her. She did an amazing job of this palette. It comes with a mirror inside, and this is what the palette looks like. I feel like this palette is the perfect fall palette. It is gorgeous, it is affordable, it is so creamy and so buttery. This cream shade called a Fairfax right.
Here is one of the best cream shades I’ve ever tried. It is so opaque it glides on it’s, not drying, because you guys know a lot of like the cream shades and palettes have a tendency to be a little chalky and a little drying. This isn’t it’s very like just glides right on and it’s so pigmented like. I mean you kind of see it right there, but it’s just. She did a really really good job with these shadows and I’ve been really enjoying them. I also like sunset, which is like this warmer Brown right here, so that’s sunset and then her shimmers Malibu, because I love like a cooler Brown like a bronze shade. So that’s Malibu right there they’re just really pretty shadows, they’re affordable, and it’s like the perfect palette for the fall time. So, if you’re trying to find a good, affordable palette that is going to perform well that altar right now definitely check it out. She also came out with a blush palette and a highlighting palette too, which are beautiful all right. So last night at least, I have some lip products that I want to talk about. The first one is not a drugstore product, but it is probably one of the best nude lipsticks. I have found hands down like this thing. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing another one cuz. I know I’m gonna run out of it. This is the Becca cosmetics, sugar, lipstick right here. My goodness, you guys here. Let me like this is how much I’ve used of it already I’m getting down there. It is so good. Is the perfect nude look at that? It is a nice creamy lipstick. That is not too creamy, so it’s not going to glide around and like move around on you, it’s gonna be opaque on the lips and not leave those little lines. You know how those creamy lip sticks aren’t opaque enough and it doesn’t sit well. If you have those lines on your lips – and it’s just not that cute, this one doesn’t do that, which I really love. It’s a creamy lipstick that glides on beautifully doesn’t move around perfect nude, perfect formula. It is so good. I am definitely going to be picking up more of these. I want to check out their other shades, but sugar is like the perfect nude. I love this one. I wear it so much and whenever I wear this one, I always get so many DMS or comments asking what I am wearing on my lips and is this one? I actually pair this one with the Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk lip liner, but you can pair it with like any liner any like pinky, nude, lipliner or mob lipliner Even a light brown or medium brown, you can do so much with it and pop is on in the center make an ombre lip.
It’s just very versatile and it’s a beautiful, beautiful lipstick that I love it They killed it with this one Last but not least, I have a lip gloss for you guys and I would totally have my smiley for Riley in here If it was available at Ulta That was like the one bummer thing You can only get the collection, a tipsy or over Cosmetics, but I have another lip gloss as a foreign Bowl and just really really good I’ve been enjoying this one, a ton This is the Milani, keep it full nourishing lip plumper, and this is in 0-4 alumino So they have different shades of this It’s not uncomfortable on your lips, like the lip plumper of it is very toned down to where I don’t really feel the tingling is when I use it, which I actually really like it’s a little bit of a thicker applicator and it’s got a really pretty corely Pink tint to it, I love wearing this one by itself I would just throw this all in went on really quickly it plumps your lips, a little bit makes them look really luscious and just full I been really really enjoying this lip gloss So if you’ve been trying to find like a good, affordable, lip gloss, definitely check out the Milani ones they have again I think they have different shades, but this has been my favorite shade from the collection and it’s just beautiful on the lips Those are my top ten products at Ulta Pt right now I have been dying to talk to you guys about these products that I’ve been using, and I definitely want to do more of these Let me know in the comments down below I really want to do a target one and it’s a four Oh one like Sephora Yes, we have got to do a Sephora one, because I have so many that I have been testing on the side that I’m dying to also talk to you about that’s available at Sephora So again What are your top 10 favorite products of uLTA Beauty? I am dying to get your guys’s recommendations, because that also helps me out a ton, because I then I know okay, I got to focus on this because this girl is loving this I got a right now, so let me know in the comments down below

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