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Ten Tips for New Wigs

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, so we’re gonna go through every single tip with you. Yes, so the first thing I want to talk about is preparing your wig, so whether you just got your wig out of a box, a brand new shipment to you or it’s just been stored in a plastic bag. I want to talk about the first thing you want to do before you even put your wig on I’m just gonna take it out of the bag. So usually it’s gonna be folded inside out, I’m gonna unfold it, and so for some ways. You kind of just want to hold it by the bug and give it a little shake just kind of a good shake just to kind of fluff it up, and then the other thing I always like to do is take my wire brush and in very front Of the wig here, I’m gonna brush it back I’m kind of getting right into the front and brushing it back just kind of loosening up all those fibers.
Whether it’s been hair that traveled to you or it’s been sitting in a drawer just kind of waking. It back up and that way you give it some of that fullness back. So that’s what you want to do before you even put it on great Danielle, good job. I want to talk about preparing your hair, so, depending on do you have hair, or do you have short hair? If one of those are the case, then simply just slick, your hair back, if you have little pieces of your hair here, make sure it’s behind your ears and you might even use a wig grip band. But if you have hair longer like mine, shoulder length or longer, i slicked all my hair back and make a nice tight, bun notice how I’m letting the other hair hang and like on Danielle’s hair. This might hang long so just wrap it around. Put a bobby pin and this bun is going to keep the wig secure on your head, so you’d also want to say if your hair is shorter, you’ve known her, you might also use a nylon wig cap yeah as well, and a nylon wig cap looks like This kind of like knee hose and it would go up and around your ears and right on your hairline. So now that your hair is prepared, you may or may not want a little added security before you put the actual wig on. So there’s me. So our number one product for added security is called our wig grit bands. It’s this velcro band, a Velcro with velvet bands and it’s worn under the wig. It comes in all different colors, based on the color of wig you’re wearing. So, to put it on, I’m just going to show you quickly: here’s our logo, so logo is gonna face me. I’m gonna put it right at the center of my forehead and then there’s velcro in the back. I’m just gonna velcro it back here and then here, I’m gonna.
Take it I’m gonna slide. It back watch her get a little facelift where she doesn’t need one. It literally is pulling my might meet back. I’m gonna get just to your hairline until it’s really once your weight goes on, that it doesn’t move at all, even if someone’s pulling your wig, it’s not going anywhere right. So the oh there’s a couple other ways you could secure a wig as well. If you don’t want to use the wig grip bands, we have a double sided tape. To use. If you don’t have hair on are also a water-soluble glue. If you don’t have hair and if you do have hair, you could sew some metal clips into your wig. Also, once the wig is on, you could put a few bobby pins in your wig as well. But, like I said, the wig grip band is the number one way whether you have hair or not to keep your wig from moving around at all. And let me say if you are 50 or over and you want that little lift. You know, ladies, that little lift all the way around. This is a magic face, lift take it from me. It’s lar, solutely amazing, and you will watch the lines go away as you put it on. So I’m going to talk about putting your wig on when you’re, storing your wig or when it comes to you from Godiva’s secret. It’s always inside out, and it just keeps the wig cleaner and just much better. So I’m looking at my wig, I’m going to hold it upside down and you can tell it’s upside down you’re touching where the label is I’d like to give it one or two good shakes, and then the most important part is put your thumbs right on these Scisors these are the adjustment tabs to make your wig tighter or looser, put your thumbs there, and now I’m going to touch the top of the wig to my eyebrows. Okay, there’s a reason why I’m looking like this I’m turning around and I’m going to tuck in with my thumbs, my extra hair, and you want to do all of this slowly, because if you move it back too quick, you’re gonna have to do it again To keep your wig most secure so from here, I’m not touching the wig like this and pushing it back. I am using my thumbs, my fingers and slowly bringing it up to my hairline and stop when I get it there and then there’s little curvy tabs see the wig move, because I’m holding these tabs make sure the tabs are perfectly even on each side of your Temples and now my wig is on so I’m gonna put on my wig doing the same thing.
Rachelle did and you can keep calling me Mom a lot of you out there do yes, so I just put my wig on now. What do you do if your wig, you just put it on, and maybe it’s too full too long, it’s too something you’re like oh, this might not be the wig for me. So before you throw it off or send it back, there’s a few things you can do so first, if maybe the bangs are a little bit too long here or the lengths a little too long. It doesn’t quite fit your face. You can take it to a hairdresser, so most hairdressers will actually trim your wig like they would trim your hair. However caution them, this hair does not grow back so make sure they’re doing little cuts little things and you’re checking one at a time. The other thing is just play with it a little bit, so I may put this on and be like whoo. I just need to kind of brush my bang a little. Maybe I use a little hairspray on the bang. I’m gonna just kind of use. My fingers to brush it down a little bit, so I’m just gonna kind of play with it for just a minute and before I rip it off, just give it a minute play and see if it might be the right selfie, it just needs a little Bit of slight tweaking right and I’d like to just add a couple of things to what you said, because we’re really speaking to the new wig where’s, your confidence is not built. Yet this is new. This is scary. but we also want you to know that the majority of the bangs on our wigs come too long, and so, when you put the wiggle and you’re gonna say oh, these are just too long. It’s too much for me. We make them longer so that every way can be customized for your forehead. There are some real little foreheads and some bigger foreheads like mine, so you can do a little little tweaking or trimming or thinning, makes a huge difference on a wig, and many women will put a longer wig on and they’ll feel like there’s just too much, especially This Taylor wig is great on Danielle, okay, so pulling it back. Okay, great job, she’s gonna talk about it. So I’m gonna talk about styling, your wig. I haven’t done anything. I just put the wig on so whether you have a good itis secret. One of our teasing, brushes or a metal brush or your own brush make sure that the brush is clean and have a separate wig brush, not the same brush that you use on your own hair, because your hair has your oils and dirts and unless you’re washing Your brush, you know every other day.
Please just commit a brush to your wigs, okay, the other great suggestion. So for me, I don’t really use a brush. I might use it before. I put it on I like to use my fingernails and my fingers as a big tooth comb, but before I do that, I want to make sure that my fingers don’t have makeup or are greasy. So you want your hands really clean because she want to keep the wig clean as long as possible. So once I’ve washed my hands and I’m ready to go, I know my brush is great. I’m taking and I’m using my fingers like a big comb and I’m going to just try and do a little styling and see what I like. If I want a little holding like a lot of, you have hair that you love to use a hair spray. No matter what, but do not use your normal hair spray on these items, use our low-alcohol could dye the secret. Keep it there, hair spray? Okay. Okay, so I want to talk a little about just getting to know your wig getting comfortable with your wig. So you put it on you kind of did a little something, but you’ve never really played with it. It doesn’t feel like yours, yet maybe maybe it does so, for those of you who are just you know, haven’t really worn, wigs and want to get familiar. Take some time in front of the mirror and just start playing with your wig, maybe you’re just kind of brushing it this way, or maybe you usually part your hair one way, but the wig naturally wants to part a different way. Let that be okay, just kind of sit with that part for a little while and you may notice. Oh I like it. This way, you may say: there’s just too much hair coming forward. You may just try simply tucking. Some behind your ears is the easiest way to just pull some away from your face. The other thing you could do is just grab a little bit. I’m just gonna grab just part here and just do a low little half ponytail, just gonna grab a little claw clip, and I’m literally just clipping the hair here, and I just have a nice simple half point on see how that just took a lot Of hair away from my face now, I would probably have these bangs trim just a tiny bit, also because they’re a little long for me, the other thing is even doing just a low ponytail you’re gonna just play with it, get to know your wig. Maybe you want to see okay well what happen if I had these bangs trimmed and had a lot of thing, what, if I kind of spray it away and have a little thing, some wigs have a really long thing, so you may be playing and seeing what I want anything want to have a little bang trend.
Do I need it sittin up here, just kind of play just allow yourself the time to sit with it and let it kind of soak it. Maybe the color is a little different than your color. You know it may not be it’s not going to be exactly what you used to be: it’s, not your hair, but just sit with it and let it be your hair. You know just take that time and the truth is most people are too busy thinking about themselves how they look, what they’re wearing to really be thinking about your hair, your makeup, really, if you concentrate on that you’ll see most people don’t even know what you’re wearing Another thing I want to mention: if you got this wig something like this Taylor and you’re like me, you want some extra height, so it doesn’t mean this is the wrong wig and to return it or not, wear it. It means that you can tease it or you can pull these sides like Danielle did but pull it up higher and it gives you some height. If you have a smaller face, you’re gonna love just clipping it and you can make it as high or low. I’m just playing right now to give you an idea, but it will give you that height, that you love so making friends like Danielle said is so important, even parting. It different than you’re used to parting, your own hair, but look at the wig. And how does the wave look best on you not just what you’re used to right, so I just threw my Tiffany, on which I do love, and I want to talk for just a moment about building your confidence in wigs. you’ve never worn a wig. Maybe you don’t know anyone in your circle of wig of your circle of friends and family. So I really want to suggest look in your mirror. Look at the back! Look all the way around get to know your wig turn away from the mirror and put your wig on like this play with. It then turn and look at the mirror and see how you did that’s a great way to build your confidence when you’re going to step out into the scene and of your life. We suggest the gentlest way to do that is go out where nobody knows you in your wig for the first couple times right. Yes, so go to the market. Do your shopping go into a mall and you have our permission, looking as many mirrors as possible because magically your personality and your style is going to connect with the wig so great way to do it when we’re talking about building confidence, what we get from so Many clients that come into our stores is their concerns that their family or friends.
I don’t want to look crazy. Will they laugh at me and let me say when friends or family people you know see you for the first time in your wig many times they don’t know what to do. They get nervous, they don’t want to say the wrong thing, and so they will giggle. So make that okay giggling does not mean they don’t like it right, and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t look great on you, but you know we put everybody in a box and everybody expects us to look the same way same way. But wigs are a magic gift of freeing yourself and looking how you want. So, if you’re feeling that your family or friends are hassling, you or teasing you or you’re, not getting the support that you need what we found after 20 plus years of being in this business, is you take the initiative, sit that person down tell them you love Them they’re very important to you and that you are asking for them to support you in creating a new look for yourself, because you feel pretty in it and get that yes from them say. Will you support me in wearing this wig, so I can feel beautiful and get the yes and it really will help yes, so I want to talk a little about maintaining your wig, so you’ve had your wave you’ve, worn it 10 to 15 times now. You need to wash it so you want to make sure you wash your wig with shampoo Conditioner made for high quality synthetic hair. We have our Godiva secret, keep it clean shampoo and also a keep it sleek conditioner. And yes, you need conditioner, so the shampoos gonna get out the dirts the oils, the conditioners gonna help it keep feeling like hair. So it’s not getting the oils from your hair, so you need to help put those oils back in so we do it in a 8 ounce size and then we also do the mini travel sizes for shampoo, conditioner and the hairspray. you want to dry, hang it upside down to dry, so we have a wig hanger. So basically you hang this and then you clip your wig right on here. I’Ll show you so you grab from the back where the tag is you’re just gonna clip it right there and then hang it. You can hang it in your shower. Some people, hang it outside.
Just let it drip dry all by itself, do not brush it. When it’s wet do not play with it, just let it dry and the style will come right back, which is what’s so amazing about Godiva secret wigs. So a couple other tips, no heat, no no eat. So no blow-dryer, no curling iron, no flat iron, be careful when you’re opening a BBQ be careful when you’re opening an oven, be careful if you’re standing under a heat lamp, no intense heat so just be cautious and, like I said, no blow dryers, no curling iron. So you don’t need to style it. The only heat we recommend is our hot airbrush, which is specifically made so that it can be used on our wigs and it will not damage them but other than that hands off the heat. The other thing I want to talk about is just how to store it, so when you’re not wearing your wig, the easiest way to store it, I take my hook off it just fold it inside out just like this, like how you got it and keep it In that plastic bag that it came in so right in here – and you want to keep it in just a cool dry place, so you’d never want to keep your wig in a hot car. You don’t want to keep it in a bath wearing my boys from the shower, keep it maybe in a drawer in your closet, somewhere safe. So that’s the easiest way to store it. You can also do it on a Styrofoam head. Some people actually keep them on those wig hangers and hang them in their closet. So it’s another great way to do it. It’s really easy just to maintain store it like that. As well, okay and number ten, the last one is creating a wig and hairpiece wardrobe. So in your world or a community or the way it used to be in mine, one woman would buy one wig and she would have it for life. And those are the aunt Matilda’s that you see walking around in your communities with the cotton candy. Looking wigs right, it’s not that way anymore. Women are allowing themselves the freedom to look, how they want to be and honestly, the truth for Godiva secret wigs is that our clients on to 220 and more read more for new wigs and we try to keep the quality up and the price is very reasonable. So you can do that, so, let’s talk about different items or what might be in your wig wardrobe. So I love to have I love to have different styles and colors and for most women you can tweak your lipstick, your eyebrows, your makeup to actually work with that color So, besides wigs, if you’re not familiar with our bangs on a headband, I want to show you these aren’t things on the head.
Values are our Danielle bangs, I mean have to do know, and so I’m just putting it on it, doesn’t matter where it goes up here It matters where you want the bangs, so once that’s on, we also have a great selection of turbans and the way I put it on can you hold the front for me because I’m a little slippery, I’m just putting it my bun underneath to show you if You’Re, a woman, that’s going through a hair loss challenge or you’re on a trip you’re on a crew, it’s wet its moist Your bangs are gonna frizz Our Danielle bangs are amazing If you’re undergoing chemo, instead of just wearing the turban, it feels so much better to just have this little hint of hair and it’s just very natural They come in a great combination of colors So having this for travel or hair loss is a great idea We also have a selection of sleep caps and other items too The other item is pieces, so this is called a long top but and we do them in medium and short lengths as well Right, so I’m just going to show you what I do and so sometimes when my bangs are looking good like not right now, cuz, I just came in from the rain, I’m snapping it on and I just want to have a little extra height Maybe I don’t want to wear a wig on this day, so a long top just adds some fullness You see how here’s the piece – here’s my hair and sometimes just making your hair a little smooth around, where it’s gonna show will really connect the two pieces When I get the front where I like it, I snapped back so this piece is also great If your roots are growing out, this will allow you, instead of coloring your hair, every three to four weeks You could go every few months even and you look how cute that looks really good right So when my roots are growing out, I am putting a wig on right at the front or right at the front like right there Otherwise I’m loving a piece, and so many women have different colors, I’m much darker It wouldn’t match so great But you put a piece on the top and they’re just fantastic So that’s another idea to add to your to-220 wardrobe So those are our top 10 tips for new wig wares toll-free, number or email or do you know bye, bye, you

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