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Ten yuan tree shopping tips revealed! Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to do it on a dime with Katherine. I have been shopping at the Dollar Tree since 2011, so I’ve been at this game for a while. It’s asking Katherine. How are you finding what you’re finding what are the best secrets for shopping at Dollar Tree? What are your secrets so today I am dishing my ten best secrets for maximizing your time at the Dollar Tree. I’m actually a little bit scared to give these away cuz. What if my store, is sell out of all this stuff for my DIYs, but I’m forging onward? I can’t wait to share these with you guys, tip 1 is to understand the trucks for your local Dollar Tree.
The biggest key to success is knowing when deliveries happen. So just ask your store employee and not only when the trucks are delivered, but when does that merchandise go and hit the floor of the store? When is this stock put out from my store? It’s always on a Thursday, so I know I’m really likely to find great stuff. If I go on Thursdays, tip 2 is to understand the holiday schedule and when new products roll out for each of the major holidays, those items are going to hit the floor about one month before the holiday actually takes place. Christmas is a little bit earlier because real celebrating starts around December 1st, so you can expect November 1st those things are going to hit the floor. Things tend to sell out very very quickly, so it’s important to know that if you’re looking for something specific, so there’s gonna be two different ways for each season. It’s summertime right now, but the first wave of fall stuff has comes and then in the end of July, you’ll see the second wave of fall stuff because they want everything out before August. Find your store strength in some stores. Home decor is not going to sell. Very well so, when you go in there, the selection is going to be super limited. Remember that that community’s sales are driving what is actually delivered to that store. It also helps to know where the banner stores are that’s pretty much the biggest store in the area, because, whatever is that, that store is going to be at the surrounding stores.
So if there is a larger store – and those tend to be it – that’s another great place to shop, my next step is to know what to order online historically used to have to order a full case, but now you can actually order less for some items. You can order just six units and it ships to the store for free. You go into the store when it arrives, and you pick up your box and everything is all ready to go. This is great for things like dinnerware plate chargers. Maybe you have a DIY or you want to get some of those mirrors to create something really beautiful. Don’t waste your gas money in your time just order it online and pick it up in your store. The next step is to understand your stores. Policy Dollar Tree. Does not accept returns, only even exchanges, but you can use coupons and, what’s even better is you can use digital coupons, so you can save even more money. I mean I get that the stuff is already cheap, but if you’re standing in line and right there – and you can save a few extra bucks, why not do it? You can even save money without any work at Dollar Tree. I’m gonna put this app down below. If I just scan my receipt, I’m gonna get a free 25 cents just for buying anything. Next find your staple items. I have a principle I’ll link it down below, with all of the best items to buy at Dollar Tree that are actually a good deal, because not everything is, I also have photographs of all of the common organizers that they almost always have along with their dimensions. It makes it so easy, so if you’re newer to Dollar Tree download that list, so you can actually save money, I’m so excited. They now have gray, organizing bins, which they’ve never had before. This would be so beautiful, a nice neutral in a cabinet, I’m not gonna lie and kind of living For this now we’re going to talk about those super thighs when Dollar Tree gets these crazy name-brand items in the store that retail for 3, 5, 10, 15 and up in other stores, and these haulers are showing them and you’re like yes and you go to your Store and it’s not there, here’s what you have to understand those items are not made for the dollar store.
Those are basically going to be one-time five that you’re probably never going to see again, but here’s the other great thing You may never see it again, but then there’s another super sweet deal waiting around the corner from when you’re in the store you share Dollar Tree deals I share Dollar Tree deal That’s a deal right there This is the deal right there What next is to be so careful with the tchotchkes? I know it’s really easy to get sucked into like this excitement of like new products at the dollar store, but those things honestly become a waste of money and clutter in your home If you really don’t end up using them, so what I like to do is hold out for the DIYs that are gonna look really beautiful in my house and add value to my home, so don’t feel like just because somebody shared it in a YouTube Video Just because I show it in a YouTube That’s actually going to add value to your life There’s always another good deal somewhere, but your sanity is priceless That’s that’s a really good quote: dang good job, Katherine okay I share tons of applicable dollar store, DIYs, organizing projects that can work for anybody on any budget I hope you found something helpful and please leave comments down below because I legitimately learn from you guys all the time What are your tips for shopping at the Dollar Tree? I love you and I’ll see you soon bye do you guys think they have like? I wonder what they think Maybe they’re, like oh man, there’s that girl with all her coffee going in our store again, that’s what I would think Oh you guys know me I get excited the very first time Carson has ever had pop rocks I ready to try out here [ Applause, ]

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