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Test Buji cosmetics brand!! Spilled the tea… It’s new!? Sophora japonica

1 Nov , 2019  

Just as I finished growing out this nail, which broke, I just broke this one away. She has taken me three months to grow this now back out and I’ve had to have a fake nail and at that whole time, so I guess I’m just gonna have to do the same again. Yay hi guys welcome back to my channel.. This channel hit 700,000 subscribers, which is absolutely mental um. I’m not sure. When was the last time I hit a milestone. I don’t know when I hit 600 K, but it feels like so long ago and the fact that I now have 700,000 subscribers is a little bit insane.
So if you’re subscribed to this channel, thank you so so so so so much. bougie makeup brands and a load of really expensive makeup. I know you guys really like it when i review a lot of drugstore products might also love that as well, but i’ve had quite a lot of stuff in recently, which is a little bit more on the pricey side, and i thought i would give you guys That honest truth about what i think of these products, whether i think they’re actually worth the extra money – let’s just get into it, so i feel, like it’s gonna, be quite long. I’m so sad about this now.. This is the torture or toucher the silk cream, weightless and anti-aging moisture rich, silk extract. This is a face cream. This is 90 pounds. 90 pounds you better get about 200, mil nope. Okay, it’s 50 mil. I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t heard of this before, but this actually came in Lela Rose if you guys are subscribed to her channel if you’re not head over. There she’s gorgeous she’s just come out with a collaboration box with a brand called cosmic tips or cosmetics, and this is one of the products in there for her entire box, which includes an eyeshadow palette. It’s got a benefit brow product. In there it’s got a laura geller highlighter, it’s got this, which is ninety pounds in itself. It’s got some eye masks, it’s gone well, it’s all over on my Instagram what you actually get in the box, but the her kind of collaboration box in itself is 90 pounds or $89.99, and the value of this mask is ninety pounds. So you kind of get a load of extra products for free, pretty much okay. This is the Buddhist face cream. I’ve ever seen want to waste and you’ve this product. How much you need I’m guessing! That’s probably enough! Actually the smell is kind of disappointing. It just kind of smells like your average face cream. It smells like one of the body shop face, masks, okay, so my face does feel really soft and smooth, and it definitely feels really hydrated it kind of feels.
Like I don’t know, I feels like a lot of moisture has just sunk into my skin um. However, would I pay ninety pounds for that? No and then for my primer, I’m using the bare minerals complexion rescue defense. This has got SPF 30. It’s a radiant, tint, protective moisturizer. This is called soft radiance. I think it’s kind of like a tinted moisturizer, but I’m gonna use it as a primer just because I don’t have anything else to. Prime with oh, oh there’s a bit: that’s like solidified! I have a feeling this is gonna, be glowy. It pretty much just feels like a SPF, which I don’t mind. I do like a good SPF, it does say it has SPF 30 and I like using SPF. So under my makeup, it just kind of feels like your standard SPF, though I mean it’s giving my face a bit of a glow, but I feel like most SPS do because they’re quite shiny moving on to foundation this one is gonna, be a little bit Controversial okay, where I’m gonna have to use all of my strength, they’re almost too heavy. I can’t actually pick this up. This is really really heavy um, because there’s two layers of glass bottles of foundations. But oh, like I read, half gone beauty blender launched their foundation ages ago in America. It only came out like well. She probably came out quite a while ago in the UK now as well but yeah. There was this huge package which has just got two layers of all of their foundation shades. I think, I’m pretty sure and then just a crap ton of beauty blunders and like the different colors. I am gonna give this a go. I know that they had a lot of issues regarding their shade range, there’s a lot of lighter shades in here and then like for dark shades, but I’m gonna try the foundation and see what it’s actually like. I think I’m gonna for this one, which is one thirty one point ten is neutral, 1.20 is cool and then 1.30 is warm and the way that this is designed to work is called the bounce foundation and there’s this little switch here, which means that you Can press down the packaging? Oh there’s a sticker on it great and then there’s this beauty, blender shaped kind of tray here and you’re supposed to just dip your Beauty Blender straight into this, which I never normally do.
I normally like put my foundation on my face and then go in with a Beauty Blender though that’s gonna get so messy. Okay, this is definitely gonna beat you dog for me, okay, that is very yellow. I think I’m definitely more on the neutral side, but 110 looks really really really light. Okay to be fair, when I’m blending this out, it doesn’t look so bad in comparison to my neck. Okay, so I’m half of my face, I mean it looks pretty nice. I did use quite a lot, though I feel like it was kind of like one full pump and only did half my face. Okay. So it’s quite nice like it’s got quite a nice finish. It’s not matte, but it’s not super dewy, but it’s got a bit of glow to it. It looks quite nice on my skin, but it’s definitely not full coverage and you can sue sue, my blemish poking through and so on, the redness around my nose and stuff. I think that shade is kind of okay. For me, it’s a tiny bit too yellow, I think, maybe um, but it’s not too bad on camera. It looks alright, I feel like. I would definitely need to test it if you guys want to see like a full day of me testing this foundation. Let me know, but if you don’t, then I don’t have to, but just let me know what you want to see. I’m just gonna go in with the Kniffin fab concealer. I haven’t actually used this before, but I don’t have a high-end one, so I’m just quickly gonna add some of this. Well are the applicator? Hmm! I quite like this. Then again, I’m just quickly sitting. My face cuz, I don’t have a high end powder, I’m sorry this spot, just one like for my bronzer. I have this little face palette by Mac, which is the shiny. Pretty things face compact in fair. This is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know if you guys follow me on Instagram, but recently I was so lucky enough to be invited on a trip to Iceland with Mark, which is insane it wasn’t in exchange for any kind of like product features or anything like that. It wasn’t sponsored. but this one here in this palette is so gorgeous and just the whole palette in general is beautiful, and so I’m gonna use The bronzer from this I don’t have an actual contour, but I’m gonna use this as contour as well. It’s just a really gorgeous warm bronzer shade. I just love this palette in general. I would use the blush, but I’ve got another one to test which is even more expensive. I think this problem might be 29 pounds, I’m not entirely sure it’ll be linked down below. I have this blush here, which is by brand, could secede.
Oh, I don’t know why I got a scent this stuff. One of the items was actually broken, which is this eye shadow palette, which has got four shades in it. It’s got a black and navy blue, a grey and a silver. These makeup products are so expensive. It also came with this brush, which is like a little domed brush with a little squishy bit on the end. I don’t know what you would use that for, but this brush is like 50 pounds or something ridiculous, and all of these products are so expensive. I’m pretty sure this blush was like 32 or 34 pounds or something for just one shade, so I thought I would test it. This is called alpenglow 0/6. It seems like my perfect kind of blush shade it’s just like a really nice peachy pink. So, let’s give this a go. Oh my god! That’s really pigmented! Okay! So it’s deafening pigmented! I look like a clown. No, I mean it’s a really nice color, but it’s just is it doing anything extra for me, then five pound blush would do. I don’t think so. Okay for my highlighter, I have this Becca shimmering skin Perfector in moonstone. I’ve got. I have Becca pearl, that’s what I’m thinking of this one is in moonstone, which looks like it’s actually gonna be a really nice color. For me, this looks beautiful, but again this highlighter is like 32 pounds or something I don’t know. Why, like? I would pay more money for a lighter, but I wouldn’t pay that much for a blush. I guess, because I’m not much of a blush person, Becca highlighters are so raved about. I have not tried this shade before, and so I just thought I would give it a go. There’s that she came in jamie Genevieve’s collaboration box with cult beauty, it’s a similar sort of thing where Jamie’s picked a little four favorite products and put it into a box for less money. It’s very kind of finely milled. It’s actually a little bit more natural than I thought it was gonna, be it’s not so metallic. It kind of blends into your skin a bit nicer and just looks a bit more jewy rather than like full-on metallic. If that makes sense, but it’s nice, it’s just not what I was expecting. I don’t know I was expecting it to be a bit more like in-your-face I like here, but I don’t think I would pay 32 pounds for the best. Becca highlighter is opal because Emma uses that all the time and it’s absolutely sickeningly gorgeous, but it’s just too dark for me.
Moving on to brows, I was sent a really really nice PR package from NARS, which is a brand that I haven’t really tried too much of before in the box, that there were some brow, pencils which I’ve never seen before. These look very similar to the sort of like skinny brow, pencils that you get from like Anastasio, like all those kind of brands, and but these ones are actually oval-shaped, rather than just being like a cylinder of pencil. I guess we are gonna go for cool blonde okay. Normally I would go for something a little bit darker than this. In my brows, it’s a pretty good match for my natural brow, hair color. Okay, I mean to be fair. It’s a nice pencil but yeah. I mean the color. I think I would go for something a bit darker and again I don’t know I have a lot of drugstore brow, pencils that I really like. Like the Lottie London, one is very kind of similar. Just like this sort of skinny brow, pencil type thing, the Knicks one is really nice. Let me know what products do you guys splurge on, because I think for me it’s like highlighters eyeshadow, palettes, lipsticks like liquid lipsticks. I think okay for eyeshadow I’ve got quite a lot of different things which I want to test. I have the naked cherry palette umm, which looks like this. My one criticism about this palette. Ok, these are what the shades look like, so they’re over a kind of pinky burgundy shades, which I think are really nice for autumn. My one criticism about this is the packaging is quite bulky and it’s quite heavy. I kind of preferred their like cardboard packaging of the first Naked palette. Was that cardboard you know like their velvety one, but then at the same time, I guess this one is more robust, so it’s probably not gonna get damaged as easily and it comes with a brush too, which is actually a pretty decent brush. It’s got a really small kind of smoky end and then it’s got a fluffier end. Then I also have quite a few eyeshadows from NARS there’s a couple of quads, the first one which is called maje. I’m really not feeling this. The shades are all so light, but then the other one which is in mojo this one looks so much nicer and, oh, my god, this shade right here is stunning: it’s like a wet kind of shimmery taupe II, sort of eyeshadow. That one is beautiful and then there’s a matte dark brown there’s this shimmery kind of gold color and then a shimmery kind of inner corner highlight and to be fair, like the texture of these eyeshadows.
Do four, really nice and kind of creamy and smooth first thing: I’m gonna do is prime my eyes with one of these Naz eyeprimer’s, it’s a tinted, smudge proof or a shadow base. I don’t normally use an eye primer. I normally just use concealer and set my eyelids. This might not work as well, because I have already set my eyelids, but whatever we’ll give it a try watch it feels really smooth on my eyelid. Actually quite like that, I mean to be fair. It definitely feels like it would give something for my eyeshadow to stick to, but it didn’t mess up my foundation underneath. So I kind of really appreciate that. Well here my eyelid first map, but also like a tiny bit tacky. I actually quite like the feeling of this eyeshadow base. I’m gonna set my eyelids with the shade hotspot, which is this like pale one down here. I’m just gonna put that all over see that one I’m quite bright. Maybe that was because of the primer cuz, it’s like really sticking to it. You guys see that and then going in with feels, which is this kind of muted movie, pink, shade and mmm. That’s pretty pigmented! I’m gonna put this in my crease okay. So, to be fair, that shade is like pretty nicely pigmented. It’s just a very basic matte light pink color. Let’s go for the shade, which is called devilish and I’m taking the other side of the brush, which is the more smoky side. Our she’d outside is really really dense, but I’m just gonna pack this on my outer corners and then I’m just gonna use the other side to kind of blend this. Oh actually, I’m just gonna pick up a tiny bit more on the actual blending brush, because a lot of that color kind of blended away – let’s go in with this flat brush on a window, say cliched privacy, which is the darkest color and I’m gonna. Put this on my outer corners again and just kind of like make this even darker, I’m impressed that didn’t go more patchy because dark burgundy kind of purple colors are notorious for not being very blendable. I mean this one’s not doing a bad job like it is blending into the other shades. I think, with these colors they definitely do lose a little bit of their kind of pigment when you blend them out, but then in a way is kind of nice because they do seem to be blending into each other.
But you just have to build them up. A little bit more, I’m just dipping into Bing, which is this color. Here, it’s like a purple and I’m just gonna like go over everything. I mean it definitely looks very soft and kind of sultry, I’m just wearing some of that shade along my lower lash line as well. Let me test one of the shimmers. I’m gonna go for this one, which is called turn on. Oh, she looks pretty damn nice. No, this brush does not like it at all. Okay, there we go. I mean I feel like. I would just definitely work better with my finger. Let’s give it a go. Yeah, I mean okay, that definitely works better with your finger or maybe, if you’re, using a brush, you might want to use a bit of setting spray or something on it. The shimmer next to it called ambitious, also looks really really pretty like this swatch beautifully. Actually, I’m gonna take some of that shade ambitious on my brush yeah, I don’t know. I just think these eyeshadows go on better with your finger or use a bit of like all nighter setting spray beforehand. You know what, over the top of that, let’s go in with this shade from the NARS palette, which is the Mojo of a palette, my job, a play. It’s gonna take some of this on my finger. Okay, then, on my inner corners, I’m using this, which is the origin, is a dough which is for face eyes and lips ahh. Oh my god, when i swatched this the other day, I was lying. It kind of almost feels like a gel huh. It’s lit. She just straight up glitter. Okay, my hand is so disgustingly dirty. Oh my gosh, it’s just got the most amazing Sparkle. It’s so pretty out of this should say do things I tried. This is probably my favorite. I then have the Shiseido arch liner Inc. Oh, my god, that is the tiniest little eyeliner. I’ve ever seen almost too small that I’m struggling to make it that can meet needs have a really steady hand. I mean it’s very black, but I just don’t like how it’s kind of angled, and also I don’t like how small it is cuz. It makes it kind of tricky. This is the Imperial lash mascara Inc. All the packaging is like metal. Look at my dirty hands. Oh, the brush looks nice. It seems to be very separating, I mean, there’s literally zero clumps in this mascara. So if you like that, then you might like it, but I’m also getting not a lot of volume It’s giving a decent mount of length, but the volume is just not.
I have this set of the Naz um liquid lipsticks velvet lip glide Oh that sounds really nice I’m gonna try this one, which is called swing Oh this more really good! Oh Oh feels so nice, okay, they actually feel like butter At the moment it looks like a gloss It almost feels like a lip oil like it’s so so smooth, but it’s not sticky in the slightest like to be fair That does feel really nice While I’m sticking on my lashes, we’ll see if it like dries down for my lashes, I’m using the Lily lashes in faux mink Mykonos isolate the Mykonos lashes are so raved about I think these are about 20 pounds, so they’re pretty up there in terms of eye lashes, but you can reuse them quite a lot of times They look like some big eyelashes, so I’m gonna go stick these on off-camera But, oh my god I don’t really know I’m gonna think of these Oh, they feel really lightweight Actually they’re gonna need some trimming These lashes are so big that I actually feel like they’re restricting my vision, the crazy thing Okay right, these are really making my eyes water The crazy thing is these lashes in the star Mykonos are so raved about by so many youtubers instagramers whatever, but on me they look ridiculous to be fair They do actually feel like the actual band of them is very flexible and very lightweight, so they are comfortable but they’re, just so big that they feel, like I don’t know if I like they’re just in the way – and I feel like I keep having to blink like look at these I’ve actually got animals attached to my eyes like to be fair A lot of this stuff was quite nice, but then a lot of it I feel like, was just really overpriced and stuff that um I can kind of get similar stuff at the drugstore um So yeah I mean I feel kind of bad like these Browns sent me the products, but you know what like just may completely roll with you guys So I really hope you guys that we’re doing really well again Thank you so much for 700,000 subscribers, I’m gonna go now and take off these lashes Well, they did not last long

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