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Test strange cleaning equipment from wish!! How much is it worth? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone welcome back. We are sitting on my floor yet again. I start by sitting on the ground and today we’re gonna be testing on some weird wish products that I got off. The website wish calm and these are all around cleaning, so these are all cleaning gadgets and cleaning products, and I want to see because typically they are very inexpensive or just really unusual. I want to see if they actually work. Some of them do I’ve tested out some witch products before and they work really well.
I think, and I keep using them, so I just keep going back and buying more. let’s get to some vlog And actually the first product. I have right here and it’s good timing, because I do need to clean these and that’s one of those little like wish brush cleaning things that, like whiz, the brushes are out puff lives works, but we are going to test it out. We’Re going to see what it’s like, and I have a whole bunch of makeup, brushes that need cleaning anyway, alright, so now we’re on the floor in my bathroom. This isn’t weird at all. Okay, see the time No okay cool and I chose the floor to test out this particular contraption, because I do have another product. I need to test out to clean the floors whose works out well for everyone. This is apparently going to clean and dry your brushes. It says here you can clean 90% of the makeup brushes, so I am assuming there are some types that just aren’t going to work with this particular machine. You pour water and whatever cleaning with what you’re going to use into the little irrigation Wow. That’s fancy! Fancy it says down here at the bottom: it’s very bold letters, don’t use it for more than five seconds at a time. This is very important. Alright, let’s open up this guy here. Is this more instruction? Oh visual, okay. So this right here is actually very helpful and showing me how to use the product correctly, how to make sure that I’m actually going to clean the brushes correctly and making sure that I have all the pieces that need to get this done. So we have the handle check Bowl, think we got this oops some stuff in the middle. These are all they’re a little like silicone rubber cases. I’ve seen nuts to hold the brushes. Maybe I don’t know so it seems that if I’m understanding this correctly, you take this. This actually has that little spot for batteries, and it has a little button here. So I have to take this and somehow I have to figure that that somehow I have to get this in here and then it goes in and you were it for five seconds and it’s going to clean the brushes and you put all the water in there Got it, but I’m not understanding, is this? What, if one of these, what do these do? No there’s, no way, I’m totally 100% missing a piece.
Maybe I fell out when I was like sorting things. Aha, I found it well. so I have my little container and has some water in it a little bit of soap, and I have this, which does that or even it now we’re ready to go and one of the Things that I’m going to be doing is, I want to test out after I’ve actually done. This is if polish, that is it there we go if there is any product residues still on the brush after I’ve washed it in this thing, also soap. That was another thing that I realized I was like waiting. Are we gonna get a lot of soap on this okay? So, first of all, I need to make sure that everything is like nice and firmly pressed in looks like like a wand right. This is a lot longer than I thought it was gonna be whoops. Let’s do this five seconds total with clicking the button. That’s it one. Two, three, four: five. It’s still stained, I was like a top products still on it. There’s like a ton of like residue and stuff like did it touch the water feel like it did and I’m not pushing down at the bottom either and now has a bunch of soap on it, which isn’t great. So let me like spin that off okay, now, it’s fun off still have some soap on it. Wow, I’m really glad I didn’t use one of my really expensive brushes all right. Let’s try one more like a bigger one and see if that makes a difference. All right we got this guy and he has foundation on him, which I find is such a pain to take off. So I’m hoping that this one will work zoom out a little bit. Yes, can see full whole experience. Wait! What’s this base floor, did I miss the thing where’s this supposed to go? Oh, it goes over wait. No, it doesn’t go over top, it does have a hole in it. I’m confused! Oh no! I don’t know what this is. I have no idea what this is for all right: let’s do it brush number twowhoa whoa whoa whoa hold on it’s moving all over the place. Let’s try and like wedge that in a bit more, that’s as far as it’s going, I can’t get it in any further five, not a inch a lot of my friends. This is not touching the foundation on here at all.
It is mostly dry, but it’s also kind of frayed it now. Oh well, everyone what an incredible waste of money so that one definitely did not work for me, I did not have a good experience from it. My brushes are now afraid. I look so sad and it didn’t even really touch any of the foundation that was on my brushes. So this is a bust. Don’t do it. There are some really good like cleaning pads, though that I really like have. If you want to clean your makeup. Brushes properly get one of these things, they stick to the base of your sink, and then you just use that to kind of massage a lot of the product office like for me. I deal with that with foundation is like my big struggle, so I find that this really gets it like deep into the fibers of the brush. It doesn’t bend them or break them or they don’t flake off or anything like that, and it just works really. Well. So yeah go get one of these things he’s great okay. Now, let’s wash my floor and to clean my floors, we are going to be using this little. It’s like a robot bob of Eric said about this exact. You. I’ve tried the robot vacuums before the ones that clean to dry and they’re fine. They do have their ups and downs. I prefer honestly, like my little like standing a little Dyson guy, but this one is wet, so I thought that become neat to try out and see if it does a good job, because no one likes mopping floors, I’m just gonna say it vacuuming. That’s kind of fun because you can like to see what you’re doing, but mopping just can’t get into it. So I came with this. It has a little like little mopping ring thing which I guess I’ll put on. Oh a lot more difficult get on, then I thought it would be. Oh she’s feisty there haha got it. Okay, Matt this, and it has little instructions right here. So, let’s investigate here so it says the component that has a charging interface charging interface. Is that like the under here? Oh here, we go here. We go charging interface little little guy right there. Oh, this isn’t gonna be good, though, because it has a little like adapter thing which does not have okay hold on I’m just gonna check the pack chick nope, there’s no thing in the packaging either. So that’s great already. This is basically useless because I can’t even charge it did. I get everything else though. Fixer was a fixer. Fixer is on the bottom. Apparently it’s just part of the contraption, and then it just has the cloth. No, it has to cloth. Oh, it could be used for dry mopping tears in case you were interested interested in the product that can be turned on, so it actually came with.
This is that this is the dry mop and it came with or supposed to come with, a wet mop and it’s saying here and there instructions do not use the fluffy one for wet floors. So that’s great, so I bought up her using wet and it didn’t even some of the components to use it with. So this was just a waste of money. Awesome, that’s over too much Oh for to look guys actually got to work on the hardwood floors until at least it runs out of battery. It’s just spinning away find something changes course I get, it is working. I just didn’t get the pieces that I needed for it. Let’s see if it gets any like dust and stuff. I would just totally miss that corner Wow. Well, at least I get it for 24 minutes before it runs out of battery. Oh four disappears under my couch. Don’t worry everyone. I know you were worried that I wouldn’t clean my floors but Tory I got you with yet another product, and this is the funny that I firstly wanted to try for a while. So I’m really excited about it and there are these little like dusting socks. Oh my gosh, I love them. Look how pretty they are so we’re gonna put them on we’re gonna dust, my floors and we’re gonna see. If I pick a bunch of stuff up, if it just kind of moves it around, if they fit they stay on, you know the important things and fun fact. I have ginormous feet. So, let’s see these even fit, who they do? Oh noise, hey! Maybe I ordered a big thighs cuz. I feel like this would be enormous for most you I feel like I’m skating, this is kind of fun, but a little bit exhausting as well. In that I feel like I have to like keep dancing into the corner. You know that was really fun. I don’t feel like I’m cleaning any floors. I am having fun, so I just attempted to dust I’ll also dance, a dance dust and I was moving around any of the big pieces that were on the floor. Like I have kids, they have like crumbs that fall on the floor. Constantly didn’t really pick up any of those. You can see the bottom there. They still look pretty clean, so I think they’re, just like they’re cute, but they’re. Not super functional, didn’t really work that well as a cleaning product. Although my son did enjoy like zooming around the house in them – and I’m sure he like picked up some dust – and it also comes watch me for like 20 minutes – so that’s a win all right, we’re back upstairs and this time we’re gonna be testing out A wrinkle release like dryer ball and I’ve never tried one of these things before and I thought it looked really interesting.
So I have it up on my left screen right here and basically, you can see you fill it up with water. It has like some foam in the middle and then it shoots steam. Although it looks like it’s glowing like some sort of crazy asteroid – and you put it in with your clothes in the dryer and it’s supposed to keep everything really soft and not have any wrinkles – and I like that, so I put on some laundry a little bit Earlier and it is done now so I’m gonna go and stick it in the dryer and let’s fill this guy up with a little water, doesn’t say: how much can you see the little foam guy boop boop, I don’t know it feels soaked now. Cuz lots of the foam seems to have a lot of water in it, which i think is part of the the whole process and how this thing works. It is a lot heavier now, alright, so I’m going to stick it in. On top of all of my children’s clothes and we’ll see if this keeps some wrinkle free, I also have a couple of shirts in here that tend to wrinkle of mine, so we’re gonna see about that and see what happens. Bye closed super loud in there. I can hear it like smacking around. I could not use this and do my laundry at night because I feel like it was just a wake up the kids all right. I didn’t notice any sort of immediate difference when they came out of the dryer. I wanted to see if they, I don’t know, felt fluffier or softer, or something like that actually ended up washing my sons, pillow and that actually really helped with keeping it kind of fluffy, because it’s like a harder ball thing. So what I’m gonna do is I’ve stuck it into the dryer with my towels, so we’ll try that and also I’m gonna take this this shirt, which is super wrinkled and I’m gonna try and stick it in with the ball thing to see. If it releases wrinkles question Matt, okay towels, how are we feeling whoo, we’ll see me just kind of make sense? I guess, since that little ball thing is releasing steam into my towels. Like my towels feel the same, they don’t feel any different. They feel hot in terms of like wrinkles These still have minor wrinkles, and it was honestly just gonna throw in this shirt with the little ball thing.
But honestly, I feel like just throwing in a wrinkled shirt with like a just a wet towel or a wet washcloth, or something will do exactly the same thing I do like it for like fluffing up pillows, though that was like a nice thing that I wasn’t expecting yeah, but other than that honestly just use a washcloth or just get a little handheld steamer Those things are great There’s a next product right here is for cleaning the out, so you can see of the pots and pan and it’s supposed to make them all shiny and new, which I’m excited about what it’s free, oh man, pretty sure I paid for mine So I have a pan right here, which is pretty disgusting on the bottom of it So I thought we would try using one of these and seeing if we can make this look nice and neat again So first things first is: I actually have to take off a part of the little blue, like the plastic outline around, if it’s sort of keeping all the fibers together, I think anyway, and then we’re gonna wet it and then we’re gonna clean This thing like trying to get all the blue stuff off the outside here and it’s not coming off the easiest I’m gonna have to get some says I can’t get this okay just put some water on it It’s like little like fibers or something I don’t understand, but like I guess, let’s do this Am I missing and anything here It is getting up a little bit but, like I don’t know, I was expecting magic use Some washing powder will be more better okay This is not abrasive at all This is just like a very soft little fibers I mean like some of its coming up, but, like I’m sure, I could also do this with like a cloth and get the same result Okay, you can see it is coming up, which is impressive, but let’s see if I can get the same thing with soap and like the scrubbyend of a sponge Okay, you can see it is coming up and I’m applying the same amount of pressure and I’m washing it the exact same way So I mean not really understanding the benefit of this little brush thing like I figured This is some sort of weird miracle brush That was gonna, be abrasive enough to like get stuff up or have something on it That’s like a cleaning solution, but like I’m genuinely not seeing much if any different from like me just using a sponge and going at this, actually In case you have missed any subscribe You all luck

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