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Test strange products from wish the same day service! Success or disaster!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone, so it is Sunday today and I’ve just been on my phone to go on the wish app and I found out the wish now have free same-day collection. So I’m gonna go ahead and order some stuff from wish and hopefully pick it up today and I thought I’d take you along on this journey, see what it’s like, which can take anywhere from like two weeks to a month or even sometimes longer than a month to deliver products. So normally, when I order stuff by the time he gets delivered, I’ve nearly always forgotten what I’ve ordered, which in some ways is good, because it’s like a mini Christmas present and you don’t know what you’re getting.
But at the same time, if you order something – and you really want it – you’ve got to wait a month. However, as I said, they now have a same-day collection. What it will say is the stuff they have on same direction is limited, but we’re gonna see what we can grab. I’m gonna order, some stuff and I’m gonna go figured up today and take you along for the journey okay. So there isn’t too much on offer to choose from this looks kind of cool, and these sunglasses will try some your wish sunglasses item added to cart available now and it’s open until 12:30. So, okay, that’s good! So I’ve added the item to my cart and it says you can just pick it up now for free choose a pickup location and when I go on there it shows me a pizza place. So I think I might just go to that pizza place now and see if what they have see if they have like a range of things for me to choose from or whether I actually need to use the app. This is a bit weird, innit. Okay, this idea, which just collect so which said I’ve got I’ve, got some gear right, it’s in the back of a pizza shop. Okay, this is weird we’re gonna walk into this pizza shop and go. Could we see some of your which products and I’m gonna go what go into a pizza shop, which is just a little bit strange? I honest, don’t know why that’s a thing I don’t know what’s happening. It does seem a little bit seedy. So it’s a little bit odd, but we’re gonna see what happens. I will say: I’ve put in a couple of different postcodes and there were areas where it said.
This wasn’t a thing yet so I guess they’re rolling out slowly. We we found so much park and when we drove back past the pizza place actually has a little wish sign on the door, so I’ll try and film that for you. So it’s definitely the right place. I’m very excited, I’m just hoping that we can go in and have a look around. I’m scared to have the camera, because I don’t think people will like it around here. Okay, so we were in there for about 10 minutes waiting. You have to order on the app I’ll explain when we get home, but this what happened was we went into the pizza place and I basically just said to lady. You do wish pickup here, which was obvious because it had a wish sign on the door and she was like yeah we do, and then I asked if I could just look through the stuff which she said no to that we had to have a code. So I basically just sat down quickly on the app and went through. It was a little bit annoying on the app when you go to buy stuff. It’Ll just say it’s available for pickup. Do you want to buy it? You put it into your car and it’s not until then that you can see where it’s available to pick up from. So I had up everything that was near me and I was putting lots of stuff in my cart and then when I got to the cart to check out, it said: where do you want to pick up from and the pizza place wasn’t available as an option? So then, I had to cancel out lots of stuff that I chosen. So that was one thing wish. If anyone from wish she was watching, it would be nice if you could see where the available pick up was before you added it to your cart. So I basically just swiped to pay it instantly took payment. It said we’re just confirming your order and then I got an email saying your orders confirmed here’s a QR code scan it at your pickup point. So basically just went to the counter the lady scanned it and then she walked off and I think she was gone about 10 minutes, though, for five to ten minutes I’d say she was out the back, so I’d assume she was picking out each of the product Code numbers – and then she came back through and jasmine, has a bag of my goodies okay, so I am home.
I have my little bag of goodies to go through with you quickly. I mean I know what’s in there and I haven’t had a chance to forget. What’s in there, this is gonna be very different for me. Normally I’ve completely forgotten what I’ve ordered. Everything is a surprise. I literally ordered this an hour ago and got it within 10 minutes. So I know what’s in the bag, but I thought I’d quickly. Do a little wish haul because it’s my first time doing a one day wish order and I’m pretty sure everything. Oh I’m pretty sure everything in here was a pound. One item was h2p and I think this item was two pounds, but everything else is a pound. So this DeLonge is, I believe, a little cherry toilet brush, which is really really weird for me to have ordered um. I kind of got this just as an item just to show you, because it doesn’t really go with my bathroom decor, but it is kind of cute. I mean you’ve got to admit it’s a little cherry toilet brush, don’t know if I’m going to use it. Maybe just use it to like clean things with other than toilets, not too sure we’ll keep you updated next item. We have is this, so this is mum and Nessie, and this is a colander for like scooping up stuff from stews or veggies that have been on boil or whatever. We actually need a colander, and this one is kind of cute, because look, it’s got a little. Would you say it’s a giraffe I’d say it was a very long necked, something like a tortoise or a turtle as opposed to oh mama Nessie, it’s the Loch Ness monster got it so it’s a little Loch Ness monster and you can scoop up your food or There’s even a little picture of Nessie just sat in a pot of soup, so that has mum and Nessie good quality little colander right there. She was one pound ordered within 10 minutes, not bad at all. Happy with her. The next item we got is a little at Beauty Blender. I believe this was the 82 10th item. This is the size of it and I’m gonna go, make it wet and we’ll see how much bigger it gets. I think it looks a little bit bigger. I’m just dripping with water everywhere in a little bit bigger. What it will say is that, while it doesn’t feel like an official Beautyblender and while it doesn’t feel like the Real Techniques, Beauty Blender, it actually does feel a little bit softer than the Primark beauty blenders.
So, there’s that just a little bit of Darwin hope I didn’t ruin my makeup, then I got myself this, which I believe is a little in car phone holder thing. This is our little in car holder thing and basically it’s got this little thing on the back and it came with one of these. So I’d assume you peel off either side of this and stick one to the car and one to this, but we’re just gonna stick this on here. Oh no! Oh goodness! Oh, oh, yes, look at you go that’s great! Stuck on there. The double-sided tape sticker thing so once I get in the car I’d assume, I can just peel off this here. Just I can just peel this off and then stick that I don’t really know what I’m gonna stick this to I’m just imagining my car and the only bit that is vertical, has my radio on it or the steering wheel or the glove compartment. So I don’t know what I’m going to stick this to. I could just put it. You know what better idea for this rather than the car.. Let you know. Okay, sorry, my camera died and then the SD card ran out so here on my new deck of playing cards, I’m actually over the moon. With this purchase. I love the concept of plastic playing cards that way they’re harder to bend. I just seen their waterproofs they’re not going to ruin if he still drinks on them. In fact, I think is there any water left in this beauty? Blender? Oh a little bit of water, there colored water, which isn’t good, given that this is a new beauty. Blender! That’s kind of gross, isn’t it great, but I’d assume I can just wipe the water off and the card is absolutely fine, waterproof playing cards, brilliant idea, especially if you’re off to university and you wanna play drinking games amazing. The only thing I will say is that they are black, so it’s kind of hard to differentiate which card is which, at a glance, if you actually look at the card, then you can huh. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing Look at the way the light reflects off.
That’s so cool anyway Obviously you can see what that card is, but at a glance, if I just went all find the Jack, it’s not that easy, so it might make it a little bit more difficult if you’re playing a game where you need to be fast Like snap, this would make snap very very hard and on to the final purchase, and this one I couldn’t be more excited for this, and also I’m a gross you out with this item So this is a little pack of three man ooh little man friend and basically I believe you put this down the plughole of your bath or shower, and then you pull it back up and all of the hairs are stuck on the spikes I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have a kind of long hair Now, when I am in the shower – and I do shampoo and condition I do try and like as I run my fingers through my hair, I catch the hair on my hands and I put it on the shower wall This is so gross and then, when I get out, I put it in the bin, but obviously I can’t catch every single hair So I’m assuming there will be some hair down our drain and I’m gonna go ahead and test this out and see if it works Welcome to the marked up – oh my god Oh it’s stuck! Oh my gosh Nicki’s disgusting I can’t find it in Nicky’s, a Bible Nick off camera come and smell this Oh, my god, it smells like eggs Show me your hair How do you clean this thing? I’m gonna throw up Thanks Would you clean your back thighs a lot that works? You’Re! Welcome for that, that’s vile! I’m sorry that you had to see that I will say you’re lucky that we don’t have smell-o-vision, because it actually is so bad It’s making my eyes water, make me gasps um, but at least I now have a clean drain So that is it for my little wish one day: collection, haul let me know it may need me driving further afield to places that sell other items and have those in stock, which may mean some drive with me Let me know what you want to see down below in the comment give a thumbs up if you did enjoy – and I will see you guys hopefully when this is sorted – love ya, bye,

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