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Test the delicious buzzfeed recipe coffee dessert… Are they worth it? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my kitchen. I just finished my coffee and I want more coffee. So, let’s bake some stuff with coffee in it. Today we are going to be testing out some super popular coffee s, recipes from tasty and just see what they’re like how good they are, how coffee e they are, how easy they are to prepare and obviously how good they taste I’ve done.. I’ve done party food, snack foods. I even did a full like dinner of very very viral recipes, so make sure you check those out and subscribe.
every single Saturday and without further ado. Let’s get into this, so the first recipe we are going to test out is one of the first ones that I saw from them, and I saw it and I was like I need to eat that like immediately, I don’t even will make it. I just want to eat it, and that is a pumpkin spice. Latte cinnamon rolls so it’s got coffee. It’s got cinnamon roll, it’s combining two great things and making them one, and I love it. I feel think cinnamon rolls are such a classic. At least for me. I love watching them being made. I don’t know how I feel about making them yet stay tuned. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna move this board out of the way, because I can’t roll out dough on it. So just dust this sugar, I accidentally spilled on my countertop onto my floor. Fine, I will have to clean afterwards anyway. So the first step in this process is making the dough. Now you can make this from scratch. You can buy it frozen from a store. You could make it in the bread maker, whatever works for you, so I decided to make mine in the bread maker. So I made it in advance because it does take some time to like rise and go through its dough stuff. Don’t need time, and you know what it’s worth it how’s – that over here all ready to go mmm, so I’ve washed my hands. I have the dough here. I’m gonna grab some flour and we’re gonna start rolling it up. That looks like the first step. I don’t know if I can make it that rectangular man that must have taken them some time he’s really got it rolling dough, get myself a rolling pin. Here. I, like cleaned out my drawers in in an Amazon rated testing, and I move rolling, pin haha babbit, it’s the first thing. You’Re going to do is I’m gonna take a quarter cup of flour and I’m just gonna dust a little bit onto the surface in front of me also onto my pants, apparently good job Rachel.
Well, though, that’s just making it better black pants, not great. For flowers, so let’s take this dough out, look good! That looks I wish you guys could smell. It smells amazing yeah pop that down we’re gonna sprinkle, some more on top we’re gonna dust it all around or start rolling it out, get it into that nice rectangular shape that they did. I can’t do this in set. You can either see me or you can see part of the dough and I feel, like the dough, is way more important doing my best to make this as rectangular as possible, so that in the rolling process it kind of all rolls up in like one line When you, you know make it didn’t, do cinnamon rolls, they said, fix the corners, so they are sharp and even you didn’t show how to do that. Buzzbee. Do I need to chalk off the corners? I’ve got some wasteful. What do they do? It looks like it was pulled in the corners like it was just looking at the picture, so I’m gonna pull it in the corners. I don’t know about sharp, and even though what do you think I mean that feels pretty good right. It’s pretty right triangle! Wow, I don’t know my shapes get for me now. We’Re gonna make the filling of the cinnamon roll, and this is where the pumpkin spice kind of plays. So we have 3/4 cup of a brown sugar, 3/4 cup of butter that has been softened, get in there get in there and then 2 tablespoons of pumpkin spice mix. Now, obviously, you could make this from scratch and just combine together all the ingredients or you can just buy it pre-assembled, which is what I did and now we’re just going to mix together. All that smells really good smells like fall, though I’m sort of consumed on. My body’s all confused – I don’t normally smell pumpkin spice in the middle of spring, there’s mashing up the butter mixing it in follow the brown sugar until we have like a nice paste going on. This is very hard to perfect all right now we’re fully mixed. So there’s one brown sugar, that’s! Ok, though I mean no one’s gonna be mad about biting it brown sugar. So now I’m going to take, it looks like they have a spatula, so we have one here and we ran spread this deliciousness. That’s too much just spread it. On top of this dough, I’m very excited about this. Okay, so I’ve spread it all out, and I just wanted to note that I wanted to make sure that I got all of the filling right he had on this side and this side cuz, I’m gonna be rolling it this way.
So I wanted to get a nice smooth, even layer across, because otherwise this is just dough. So now that the filling is all smoothed out, I want to start rolling it, so I’m gonna roll it sort of towards you. I guess I wish I was giving you the cinnamon roll that’d be great, I’m just gonna take it and it looks like they’re like tightly. You know rolling it in getting all that goodness never rolled cinnamon rolls before this is exciting all right, so it says to roll it so that the scene is facing down which we have already and now we chop now I have a big cast-iron skillet, so we’re Gon na use that and we’re going to generously butter it generously butter, it Oh where’s, I live by. Alright, that’s pretty generous! So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna chop it in half and then from there. It says to chop each of the halves into like about seven cinnamon rolls or like one and a half inch thick. So I’m gonna try and keep as closely as possible to that measurement, because obviously I want to be cinnamon rolls to bake the correct way. I know I’m like swinging a knife around, I’m probably making all of you really nervous can see a little bit of it. Peeking out. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that looks so good, so they want them pretty thick. I guess it’s a good thing. I do like a good thick cinnamon roll. I don’t know why. I thought it was gonna be thinner than that. Oh, my gosh, you guys they look so cute. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited okay. How did they place them into the pan? Do they start in the middle and work their way out? Does it matter, I don’t know, love tasty, music, okay, they certain the middle and it worked the way up there. My little baby cinnamon rolls, Oh mine, are smaller than theirs. Okay, or maybe I have a much bigger pan, I don’t know – maybe there needs to be two in the center. I don’t know. Maybe I need to start at the outside and work. My rare, maybe I’m overthinking this there we go perfect. So now I’m gonna cover it with plastic, wrap, I’m gonna, stick it over in a warm spot, and I’m going to let it rest for thirty minutes, because it has been through a lot. It’s been through a hard day and you know what okay, you saw. Okay, these have been relaxing just doing that thing for about thirty minutes now, so I’m gonna stick them in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, and then we will see the result.
Oh and then we get to put a delicious glaze on it. Oh my gosh, the glaze though so all we’re doing, is I’ve brewed some coffee here. So I’m going to do a quarter cup of that get that coffee in there. Oh, it smell so good. A cup of powdered sugar and a one tablespoon of whole, apparently my cinnamon rolls are done. Thank you and one tablespoon of whole milk, and then we mix and then apparently pour on top of these delicious cinnamon rolls. So I’ve been mixing this together and it looks really runny, I’m gonna add a little bit more icing sugar to it. I like I like a runny glaze with this little too runny, just pull these out of the oven and look at you. They are. Oh, my gosh tasty does not mess around with cinnamon rolls. I think I’m in love, so we’re gonna let these cool and then we will put the glaze on so these have cooled slightly slightly, and this is an icing. This is like a glaze. It’s gonna melt into it anyway, I’m gonna take the glaze. You can see that something’s like a lot thicker, which I like personally and we’re just gonna spoon. Some all over. You have to make sure to get all the edges, because those always get neglected, I’m adding a lot of glaze. That’s just like hold off on that. Okay. Now we need to dry something. Am i gonna grab a piece right out of the pan? I think I am mmm, it tastes like a cinnamon roll. I don’t know how much! Oh, actually you know what I do get this at the pumpkin spice. It took me a second. How much of the glaze can I get mmm really good. The glaze has a nice coffee flavor to it, which is really nice and it mixes really well with the pumpkin spice of the filling that I was really good. Oh man, I’m gonna be making this so much in the fall. You know we’ll eat all this. Now but it feels more of like a fall coffee dessert, but oh man guys these are really really good, as I continue to eat them right out of the pan. No regrets next time we’re gonna try one of their caffeinated smoothies. So I mean I like drinking coffee. Drinking coffee is great but like let’s kick it up a notch and not spend $12. I’m just saying, and this is what they call their Java chip caffeinated smoothie, which makes it sound a lot healthier than it is so.
Last night I brewed a bunch of coffee. I stuck them into ice cube trays so that I have like nice ice cube coffee. Now, that is about one and a half cups of coffee. To this I’m gonna add 1/2 a cup of half-and-half. Oh careful! Careful! Don’t spill don’t spill, it spill that almost never happens, two tablespoons of sugar 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips. What else do I need in this thing? Oh yeah and six coffee beans. Just 6 7 is too much. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 done. Okay. Now we’re gonna go and blend this. This was amazing. I know this is a smoothie, but it is very, very thick. My nutribullet is struggling with this, so I checked to make sure I use the right amount of frozen ice. Cubes that I did like. I blended everything up correctly, but if this doesn’t smooth out, I might add a little bit more half-and-half or milk to it. Just to make this a little bit more drinkable, okay, we finally have it. So I did add about I’m gonna say about 1/4 cup of milk, and it just made it blend so much better and a little bit for a second and it just became a lot more smooth. So I feel, like it’ll be a little easier to drink. So, let’s, let’s put this together whoa, it’s very liquidy! Well, why am I like this? I try and be all cute and I’m not just not a girl, so everyone don’t do what I did slash and continuing to do, because I don’t learn. Ok, we clean that up split half of it with Christopher in case you’re wondering why it looked like I just drank half of it. Let’s give it a little taste test. I need to stir it. It separates really quickly. Is that normal for smoothies? I don’t drink a lot of smoothies. Well, that’s good! Oh I like that, has the Java. It has a chocolate, very strong chocolate, flavor, it’s very sweet, but if you like the taste of frappes like those nice frozen summery $25 drinks, I keep harping on the fact that those so expensive but seriously. But if you like the whole like frozen coffee, frappe type of vibe, then I think you’ll really like it’s really good. Next up, we are going to make another delicious breakfast recipe because coffee I mean it’s very synonymous with breakfast time, although I just enjoy it all. All day long, but this time we were making a mocha french toast baked, and this combines all of my love’s chocolate, coffee and bread.
It does not get any better than this, so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take two tubes of flaky biscuit dough and I’m going to cut them into quarters and put them into a big bowl. I could do that. That’s pretty straightforward! I really dislike these um these containers, though every single time when they pop always scare me, I know they shouldn’t and yet they do yeah. I don’t know why. That’s so scary, and every single time I jump we’re gonna cut this up into quarters, and now those are all cut up. We’Re gonna go on to the batter of the french toast. So in a separate bowl, I’m going to mix together, we have three eggs, one two three and to that, I’m adding a half a cup of milk, two tablespoons of instant coffee and a teaspoon of vanilla love the addition of the coffee to it all. I think that’s gonna taste so good and we’re just going to whisk it together. Oh my gosh, it smells so good guys, the coffee and the vanilla. I love it now. I’m gonna take the liquid and I’m gonna, pour it over all of the biscuits and we’re gonna mix it all together, I’m honestly so pumped to eat this guy’s. It’s just getting better and better. All right feel like that is covered. So now is gonna get real, interesting. We’Re gonna take this dish and we’re gonna up at another knotch. So first I’m gonna spoon, half of the biscuit and liquid into this container hello looks like about half and now to added the chocolate, we’re taking literal chocolate bars and we’re just plopping them on top and since they didn’t specify which chocolate bars that they used. I thought it’d be kind of interesting to do half with dark chocolate and half with milk chocolate and just see if one tastes better than the other. I don’t know. Sometimes I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, especially in such a sweet dish. It just sort of cuts it, but I mean milk. Chocolate is a classic you’re, adding chocolate to french toast. You really can’t go wrong. The fact that we, as North Americans, consider this to be a breakfast dish is crazy. Chocolate cupcakes, no, no, but a bread dish with chocolate in it. Absolutely! Oh, my chocolate bars breaking whatever so good Jessica. There we go so we got the milk chocolate on the one side, dude dark chocolate on the other side. I just have to remember which side is which I don’t know how to do that yet, but I’ll figure it out Oh, I know I’m gonna put a piece of chocolate of the dark chocolate on top and that way I know which sides which I’m so wise and brilliant there we go boom.
Look at how decadent this is How is this breakfast, I’m gonna? Take the remainder of the biscuits and mixture and we’re just gonna put that right on top of the chocolate I’m gonna plop a piece of chocolate right on so I know which side is which and if I don’t remember dark – is on the left Everyone, don’t let me forget, and now I’m gonna go and put this in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes I am excited all right taste test time now they did top theirs with whipping cream and chocolate syrup But honestly that feels like overkill So I’m gonna try the dark chocolate one first, which does look a lot more chocolaty than the milk chocolate one It looks it for presentation purposes I do like the stark contrast better Oh hi, oh hi Definitely a super strong chocolate taste there It tastes good though okay, milk, chocolate mmm I think I would go classic I think personally, I would do the milk chocolate it’s just a little bit more complementary to the flavors within the french toast without overpowering the french toast, and this way with the milk chocolate I can actually taste the coffee, which is really what I want I want to taste coffee in a coffee dessert That’s just me personally, I mean you can mix them Should we try that? I think we should do like a stripe of milk chocolate, strength of dark chocolate and just like tiger stripe, it mmm Oh, do that yeah! No, that’s, definitely the play Then you get a little bit of the strong chocolate flavor, but it’s mellowed like this is really good I don’t know about like breakfast, so this is so much This is so over the top, but as more of like a brunchy dessert like special occasion, type thing, I would absolutely make this again bow This is real good It’s a real good! I’m gonna eat it all before my kids come home What do you guys think? Would you try any of these recipes? Have you are there any like coffee recipes out there? Then I need to try I will link it for you guys, so you can see all of the different BuzzFeed tasty tested recipes that I have tried you all

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