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Test the new red and tilted tiger vortex Soap 4 in the “secret soap series 2019” Royal soap

1 Nov , 2019  

Whoa, you guys are gonna love, this soap, Hello. All my name is Katie Carson.. If you haven’t seen the other ones, you should definitely go. Do that You can go back to number one, I will leave that link up in the right hand corner of the screen. That will also explain to you a little bit about the Secret Soap Series and how it works. Today’s soap rocks my socks boss and I used a colorant. I never used before I used the red set from Mad Micas.. It is three different colors that you mix together into one color and it’s supposed to make the perfect red on the color wheel.
So you guys will see if that works. If I liked it. Does anyone else eat popcorn, seeds, Okay, so, like just short detour, I’ve got a bowl of popcorn seeds sitting here. probably because I may or may not be filming all of my intros and outros at one time, But every time I look down at it, I’m like I just need to chew on that., I’m like a hamster. Anyway. Let’s make the fourth soap in the Secret Soap Series Right now like: let’s go, do it right now Today we do a technique. I’ve never done before., But we must start the soap the way we always start the soap, because there’s no other way to start the soap. You’ve got to add your lye water solution to the oils. My recipe is down in the description box, below. Soap making and some water. Sounds pretty good. Sounds good. Doesn’t it We need to get a second one for a byanaro.? And now, with our cheeky pink stick blender, we will stick blend (soft music). I am pouring off about 10 ounces of soap batter and the rest of the batch we’re going to split into these buckets equally.. So, let’s add our colorants.. The first one, I’m going to add is Green Vibrance Mica from Nurture Soap.. The next one is Lettuce. Entertain you by Mad Micas. And finally, we have some Enchanted Forest Mica from Mad Micas., So into this little container right here, we’re putting a new red. Now Mad Micas claims that this red mix won’t bleed in your soap and if that’s true, this will be the First colorant set for a red that hasn’t done that on me I will say that it looks kind of pink, but it shifts between looking pink and looking red., It’s a little bi memorizing.. So I’m gonna blend the colors first. Whoa. I love green colors.. Look, this is like the perfect color of wasabi. That is shaped like a frog.. What It’s shaped like a frog, A frog that went splat.. No, it has little frog legs in the back.. Oh now, I’ve never used Enchanted Forest before, but the pictures were really stunning.. This isn’t necessarily the moment of truth on the red color, but it will give us a little bit more of a accurate repre.
— Look Kenneth, It’s actually turning red, I’m shook, But it looked so pink before I don’t understand. It really is like fire engine red. That’s really bizarre. And now for blendin’ time With everything blended nicely. It is time to start pouring into our two brembleberry molds after this quick, commercial, break.. Okay, so for this design, I’m gonna use the side of the mold to break the fall, and I’m putting quite a bit on here. You can do this pretty thin or pretty thick. It doesn’t matter it’ll just create kind of a different look depending on how you do that.. It’s basically gonna be a tilted tiger stripe. So you can see it’s displacing that first green.. I really only want maybe two passes.. I want this to be pretty thick. I want the lines to be pretty thick for this particular design. For some designs, it’s actually kinda cool to have it thin., (, soft music). Now, if you’re thinking to yourself Katie, was that exactly the design you wanted to do, The answer is no. I stopped talking because it thickened up on me and I had to start moving quicker.. Let’s try that design in again in the future, with a more liquidy fragrance.. Also there’s a couple of things that can make that happen.. If this happens to you and you’re like no, this fragrance oil always slows things down Could have to do with your temperature that you’re working with. I find that too cold or too hot sometimes does this and the room is pretty chilly right now.. So that’s probably why it was thickening up for me not the fragrance oil.. Oh well, (, laughs, ), It’s not a big deal.! So let’s go now and mix up the soap frosting to put on top (soft music), I’m just pipin’. Now because the piping is actually being relatively good, but I have a lot of inbeds to put on. Kenny. I have something very interesting to tell you. Well, I’m listening.. Royalty Soaps will have had her eight year anniversary. Eight years, Eight years, That means I’ve been making soap for nine years.. That is a long term hobby. It is, They all thought. I’D, quit. Wow, that’s fun. Soap, making huh You’ll be bored of that in one year. Little did they know. Surprise? I was committed.. You know what I almost said. This is so dumb. I’ll tell ya what I almost said.. I was like 10 eight uh nine years nine years of making soap that’s longer than some people have been alive. What would that have even meant? I was tryin’ to come up with somethin’, like that, where I was like nine years. You’ve only had a cat for nine years, but I couldn’t think of anything good.
You’ve been since Obama was president (Katie laughing) Before Uh. I don’t remember when he got inaugurated.: Let’s not talk about politics. (Katie laughing). Even if it’s just counting what year did you start making soap 2010, so it makes it very very easy to count how many years I’ve been making soap.. I am feeling so sick to my stomach. Like I’m serious, I don’t think I can do it.. You might have to finish piping for me.. Oh, it hurts so bad., Okay, Kenny here actually Katie is not feeling well all of a sudden. Her stomach is hurting. So I’ve got to finish this piping before it gets too hard. I’ll tell ya what she is very lucky to have another soap maker on hand, because I have been caught by myself, sometimes in the studio and I’m like. Oh, my stomach hurts or oh, I have to go to the bathroom or oh, I’m so thirsty, but you can’t stop Because the soap will just harden you just can’t wait, especially not for piping. Piping is such a sensitive process that we don’t even put fragrance oils In it so that we can actually pipe at the right consistency, So the first inbed that we’re gonna add to this soap. Are these lovely woodland acorns. Now Katie didn’t exactly explain to me how she wanted these on here, but she did draw up a design like she usually does. So I’m just stickin’ these in where the little acorn shell is poking. Up.. Oh good you’re, back., Well crisis averted, (, laughs, ). I just felt really really sick. I went and I took some medicine too. And no I’m not pregnant.. Every time I say. Oh, I felt a little sick people are like pregnant. I have a four month old, So 2010 is Toy Story: Three Yeah, Inception., Okay. I love inception. How To Train Your Dragon, which seems older., Tangled. Man. That’s a great year for movies. Despicable, Me. Dang. You were soaping before minions, even existed.. Those are that’s just like tons of good movies.. Now I’m going to do some beautiful flowers. We’ve got like a peach. A pink and lavendar. Yeah sounds like 2010 was a good year for the entertainment industry.. What a little whipper snapper I was. I can’t believe. Sometimes I just can’t believe it as an older adult now., Not an old old one, but just older. – That’s pretty ambitious to be like 17 and like small business. Ah I can do it. I think, as an adult, knowing more now than I did, then I would probably be more intimidated. When your confidence shrinks instead of grows ( laughs, ). I think it’s also just now. I’m totally aware of how much effort it takes. I didn’t know what hard work it was gonna be back then.
The next thing I’m putting on are these leaves. They’re gonna go on the other side of this flower. And finally, we have pearls.. Now these have been coated in the best coating possible if you’re going for a pear, lescent finish that I have personally found. It’s called Here Comes The Bride by Mad Micas and it’s super fine, but it’s also really really sparkly.. Now, Kenneth, you know the theme and you know what this is based: on., Tease, tease, tease tease.. Do you think it accurately depicts the theme In a word yes.? It is definitely giving me Secret Soap. Vibes.. A couple of these soaps are gonna. Have an extra pearl because I have extra room. Now using some Sparkle Plenty from Mad Micas. I am gonn spritz, the top, not a whole bunch, just a little bit and with the final spritz on the end pieces. That’s it We’re done So. His is what the soap looks like up close and I’m really glad I didn’t put any other glitter on top, because I feel that would probably detract from the beauty of those inbeds. So we’re gonna. Let this sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we’ll come back and we’ll chop it up. Take a look at that! Wonky inside after this quick commercial break., Oh boy, you guys we’re back to cut this soap, Look at all the little bits and bobs and that green turned out so nicely.. Okay, I lined everybody up so now I am going to press down with my cutter. Evangaline Kermit is over in the big studio and Evangaline is now in the filming studio. So that’s why I’m using her. Alrighty. So let me pull one out of the middle, and this is what it looks like on the inside.. Now it was very important for me to only have one red stripe in the middle just like so., And even though my fragrance did start to thicken. I didn’t get perfectly diagonal lines.. What I wanted to accomplish definitely was regardless of that and in the future, whenever I have a really runny batter. And it does appear that the red line make it into every single one of the bars.. So really no complaints.. This fragrance oil blend is really really beautiful. I’m so pleased with it, and I love the colors. They’re, not too bright, but they’re, also not too muted.. The question of the day is: do you prefer to walk through nature by yourself or with a friend I’ll even put a third option up? It depends on the day, (, laughs ), Because that’s how I feel about it. I love going on long walks by myself whenever there is an opportunity to do so, it actually has been quite a while, since I’ve had that luxury.
Oh, I love the thinness of this line, But I love getting to do that when I have the opportunity But I also really love to be joined by a friend or a family member, so that you can enjoy nature together and have a lively discussion, while also getting some exercise So to vote on the question of the day All you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand, corner of the screen What’d You guys think Do you like it I needed to use more of the red I don’t think I added enough into the amount of soap that I had I definitely didn’t use the recommendation that they had I kinda weaked out on it next time I’m gonna use the full recommended serving because if I do that is gonna be literally like the perfect red, it does match the red on like a color wheel It’s insane: Why did it take me so many years to try it I’ll leave you guys a link to that set down below? If you guys are like soap makers or yeah, I think it works for melt and pour and cold process So if you are a melt and pour or cold process soap maker, you should try that Actually it was recommended to me I should go ahead and just like full disclosure that has been recommended to me so many times, and I saw someone one Twitter tell me that the other day and was like you gotta, try it And I was like fine, fine I’ll go, try it and I bought it that day because that person recommended it So actually it’s because of y’all that I got to try it, Be sure you do something fun for yourself today, whether that is trying out a Mica that you’ve never tried before Just because everyone said that you should, and you stopped being stubborn Or adding some oil to the things in your garage that need it Your car, your lawn mower, your weed, wacker, whatever I’m not telling y’all, where I’m sitting right now, because it’s absolutely embarrassing But I saw this and thought: oh, I need to change the oil in my car, So that would definitely be something you do for yourself today, because if not your engine will die Either way do something that makes you happy Whether that is maintenance related or not, And I will see you all soon so until next time have an absolutely royal day and I’ll see, you then bye for now I forgot to do the neom What am I doing? I’m just like (, laughs, ), Neom, (, light music, )

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