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Testing delicious buzzfeed recipes… Instagram collection! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh, my gosh, look how much hair you have versus me when I curl it. It makes a really big difference and when I grade it it looks a lot smaller. So I think yes, that’s why I don’t think the thought, hello, everyone I am here today and I have a special guest hi, I’m a balloon. so you need to go and check it out. It’s when we ordered whatever the person in front of you ordered Canadian Canadian version. Okay, you go. We are going to be making food that you guys had chosen.
We are making because we are chefs on insta stories. I asked you guys: do you want sweet or savory? Do you want frozen or baked like things like that hold on? I have the result. All on my phone. Of course I wasn’t prepared. I don’t we savory. Everyone wanted sweet, yeah, fantastic, okay. What was rustic food? Just like not like frilly food frozen or baked, hey everyone, I thought people would pick frozen, though, because it’s summer that’s what I thought, but it’s a tea. What does it say: 83% bake yeah. Oh my gosh, so many okay by size, their family size. You pick family size which, okay, I love that yeah leftovers. That’s fine! So we decided that, based on all those results that we were gonna make today what is deemed by tasty to be the best gooey salted caramel brownies.. We do a lot of tasty tested recipes on this channel, so go and check them out. If you are interested and without further ado, let’s get into this guess, we need to look at the ingredients. Let’s look at the ingredients ingredients list, we have nonstick cooking spray, then we have 12 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1 cup of granulated sugar. We also need some brown sugar, because it’s a good, it’s a good mix to have it some white sugar, as well as brown, sugar, half a cup, not one, not two, that’s three large eggs. It was really hoping that I got the number right. Neela extract. Oh Costco size one and a half cups of all-purpose flour. We need a quarter cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, although don’t worry, that’s not all the chocolate one tablespoon of salt half a cup of chocolate chips, they’re. So good, not one, not two, but three cups of stopped caramel candy. Look at all! This is three cups. Do you see this? This is crazy. Three cups. I feel like that’s too many, but like that’s what they said so like here, we go so now that we have all the ingredients laid out all prepared, we’re gonna go in to actually mixing everything together.
I kind of feel bad that we had instagram pick out everything and they don’t even get to taste it. Well, let you know: if it’s any good right, cuz, then it’s good, then you should definitely make it yeah. If it’s not, then we just saved you like. However much the ingredients cost and time yeah so much time, so preheat the oven to 350. Okay, do that right here! Whoa! Look at that done! Okay, so we need to whisk together melted butter. So we have our butter right here, melted next up, granulated sugar! Here she goes in boom brown sugar. Can I put it in this? Is so fun yeah? Do it dump it brown sugar, but I have so much. I know the gradient. It really is like um applesauce right now. Oh it does. It does not smell like applesauce, though no just a bunch of sugar and butter and mixed eggs and vanilla extract one rotten egg. I feel like the count three vanilla extract, how much how much of the extract? Oh 3/4 teaspoon go to first recorder, one quarter teaspoon! So we need three idea: why no ghost? Oh look at that way! That’s perfect love! This haven’t done any work so far, really feel it in my arms. Didn’t sift in the flour. Okay, so I’ll put in the flour, the cocoa powder, yeah quarter cup and then looks like this – is that oh it’s snowing. It looks like a little bronzer. You know the elf bronzers have been a little. Oh, my gosh too much Meghan, okay, getting my arm workout in again ooh. This is so satisfying. This smells so good. It smells like when you go into a bakery. That’s exactly it! I feel like we’re doing a good job. They think so. Yeah me too. Just a little bit a little oh, we need to. We need to mix in the chips. Okay, I’m passing you the stirring job men table. Oh here’s, the basics! I made all those brownies ourselves. Oh, my gosh, that’s gonna be so chocolaty, I’m ending the caramel on top. I forgot about the caramel always the best day ever that looks so good Wow. Oh my gosh look at this oh she’s in Italy. Now we’ve poured half of this batter in here. Okay and spread it out. so aesthetically pleasing bread – oh they use a knife. Is that what they did? Oh yeah, the knife, okay yeah, they made it look like all flat arranged caramel candies in a single layer over the batter pour the rest of the batter over the caramel candies and spread to cover.
Did you know that Adeline – and I you wouldn’t know this on this channel because she’s never been on this era? Yeah we’ve done collabs, basically like every single year. Every year, every we hit each other up, you’re like it’s that time of year. Again, although usually it’s oh okay, we’re eating that one, oh my god, I gotta mostly clean, mostly feel, like I put too much better on this side and I have to spread it across. You know you gotta. You gonna make any better 35 minutes on the clock. Okay, what is next? Okay, the topping is. We need to go extra if we’re gonna do the best salted caramel brownies one and a half cups of soft caramel, candy quarter cup of heavy cream and then flaky sea salt for sprinkling very extra okay, I’ll get all of you been here. One cut this one in half cups. It’s good, I feel like this is good right, like that’s that’s one cup, and this is for sure yeah. Oh that’s creepy! When I was gravy 30-second intervals stirring between until it’s thick and bell City, ooh velvety – that’s a great descriptor for caramel sauce. Should I make this now or should I wait until it’s done they’re making it, but then they’re just immediately drizzling it I’ll take ten minutes to make so we’ll take a 20-minute break. Yeah! Oh, my gosh, that’s so satisfying the caramel is in the heavy cream and now we’re going to microwave this, so it turns into a velvety sauce. So these brownies, what I tried to do is I tried to take them out the thing too early. It was still hot Wow, and so I took it out realize my mistake and tried to put it back in. Don’t do that now we have brownies that look like this, which I mean to be fair. This is very rustic. It’s nothing really fancy looking bus gonna be good all about the learning and the rest of this and the rustic nests so much rustic never going to be a Jew easily the caramel all over the brownie satisfying montage intern. Now now I understand, like obviously as soon as I pour this caramel on top it’s going to seep and I’m not gonna get that beautiful, glaze, I’m a little bit sad about it, but it’s still gonna be really tasty yeah. Please forgive me for my mistakes. It won’t affect the taste. It’Ll just affect the last day yeah. I don’t know why my timer is still, but I don’t even care cuz caramel Now we have to let this rest and harden okay.
So it’s been 10 minutes It’s like it feels good yeah, that’s good! We ready everyone that still looks yummy Oh, oh, that’s how you know it’s a good brownie! Oh, that’s a good one right! There yeah you ready, yeah, okay! Oh my gosh! It’s so messy! That’s how you know it’s good, though That’s how you know it’s crispy on the outside Oh okay, ready break Cheers! Oh my god Wow It takes me a minute to get to the brownie Hmm, that’s like so much caramel Are you guys they it’s perfect in every single way, shape in form? Oh really good, okay, put sauce on top of the honestly, oh yeah, I really like on top no whoa, that’s a special sauce satisfying perfect Now I’m gonna taste it with the salt I can lift it up Oh my gosh, oh look at this is crazy How do you feel like with the salt mm-hmm, I’m not getting it all over it? All I mean maybe cuz I got an end piece, so there’s less caramel That’s why what it is you wanna feel like I’m gonna get all over myself? I do agree, I think less caramel mm-hmm would be spot-on, but still with the caramel It’s really good and I know they’re probably trying to go like open above and beyond Mm-Hmm but I feel like I’m missing more brownie, you know because the brownies really good and I feel like the caramels like overpowering, I’m gonna finish eating this I already finished mine was good Thank you So much for watching make sure you head over to Ali’s channel to watch us, go and eat more food and get more drinks The food collab, the food Give it a thumbs up Every Saturday and that’s everything and know it: oh yeah, oh just um, came out with a new pollo, it’s a pixie and if you’re in the seats go get at Target and that’s her on the back is so weird It’s still weird to see you guys seeing garden and like actually letting it up in here No, but that’s not easy! That’s all my fresh! It’s a deluxe pilot! Look at it! Look at it! Oh my gosh! You get a boat and get them both We got a target, you go, get the reach of those pilot When you get one set, you go, get the out of the warm up gorgeous or just tell it I have the shades on my hats today They’Re beautiful super super blendable check them out, but yeah, of course, supporting girls

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