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Testing Silica Gel Beauty Mixer and Beauty Mixer!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone said today. and I actually don’t know why I haven’t, because this trend has kind of came and went from YouTube. a trend has came and wind and I’m still doing it. So that’s what we’re doing today. Basically, what we’re gonna be testing is a normal Beauty Blender. This is my old. Well, it’s not super old. It just looks dirty because, like I’ve used it a normal Beauty, blender versus a silicone Beauty, Blender silicone Beauty blenders are fairly new, but they claim to be different in.
Is they don’t absorb all the product, whereas beauty blenders will take probably like 20% of the foundation you’re, putting on your hand to your face, it will absorb it, whereas silicone it would just bounce off of it. So it’s supposed to save you product, but I don’t know I’m a do-or-die Beauty, Blender person. So if this can beat that out, it’s gotta be good. Okay, so here it is. I got a pink one. Thank you like a weird noise. If I had a mic, you guys could hear this no matter what, whenever I’m using a Beauty Blender, I always wet it. So I’m gonna go wet this quickly and then we’ll be back and we’re gonna do half of our face with each one. Also one thing about this is: it is kind of hard like it feels like it’s gonna, be like literally beating my face. Yeah, like hmm, okay, let’s go wet the Beauty Blender. Oh also. I think I forgot to mention this. This is gonna, be an Instagram made us to try it in this case just me, but I have seen this all over Instagram, it’s actually, where I first saw. I know I haven’t done one of those in a very long time, but I have a lot of products, so I’m gonna be doing a lot more of those coming up. Okay without further ado, let’s get started so the first thing I’m gonna use is the Too Faced hangover primer. I have this in the box, but I have tried it already. I think it might be breaking me out. Literally one single tear just fell down, I’m so sad. I was so excited about it and now I’ve just broken out. You can probably see it’s a bit light.
This breakout right here here here, yeah anyways, but I’m going to be using it again because I haven’t given up on it yet so let’s go ahead and a quiet with the beauty blender. For starters. Ok, I’m sorry! This is another kind of off topic, but I’m using a new lens. I just got this lens: it’s an 18 to 55 millimeter STM lens, so it auto focuses at any distance, and hopefully it’s good quality comment down below. If you guys liked it, if you don’t, let me know, because I only have 15 days to return this. Let me know: ok that applied like it always does. That’s not new, but my first time using at the silicone blender. So the first thing I’m gonna say, is it kind of feels like I’m, using like a bouncy ball on my face like it feels like. I would almost do this just like oh wow. What is happening kind of feels like I am literally beating my face. Like that term is used very real here, I have to be more gentle. I can ID tell look. Ok, I’ve tried this but like I like putting it back in the box because it just feels so pretty and nice. Oh such as me foundation. I think I’m gonna use, just because I know this foundation really well, and I know how it should sit on my face – is going to be the Clinique acne solution. I’m also using this because I have a couple patches of acne wooden minute. My phone. This looks kind of it looks as though the primers more just sitting on top of my face over here, whereas this one it feels like it has like went into the pores. Okay, I’m gonna keep an open mind, I’m in the shade of fresh alabaster. I don’t know how much half of my face will take. I just love beauty bloggers when I talk to someone who has never used a beauty blender before I’m just like what like never in your life, that was pretty quick. That’s another thing I like about the Beauty Blender that hopefully the silicone blender will be able to do. Is it kind of like moves? Quick okay, see already I put around the same amount of product on the silicone blender, but already on my face, it looks like it’s more like did the Beauty Blender literally used that much product? That’s kind of annoying like look at that? That’s covering way more surface area, oh, but it kind of hurts it’s going on really really weird! Okay! Oh, do you guys see that? Can you see how that’s like it’s like getting duck? I don’t know if I just have like a sensitive face, or if this is just like kind of painful.
I gotta turn this down, so you guys can see what’s happening, see how the foundation is sitting. Oh, my goodness, that is the Patchi estate. Can you see that I hope you guys can see this also like? Why does it look like more orange on? Do you see this like big chunk? What the heck disperse looks like it’s kind of like crumbling, like my foundations, becoming a powder which is not something this foundation does, but it’s almost like the silicone texture is reacting with the foundation and it’s like making it crumble here is the silicone blender side and The Beauty Blender the crust this it’s very off-putting anyway, it’s moving on to cream contour, I’m gonna use this little contour stick. First, we’ll use the beauty blender like that, took like a second I’ll just try and blend out. Like half of this, that’s even possible. Now silly Blender come on silly blender. You can do this, okay, not bad! It’s like kind of painful, and it’s like come on feather that out. Am I supposed to kind of brush with this? No because then it just grabs my whole skin. This one takes a bit more time. Oh my gosh, I can’t even believe it. I did not think that, like it was gonna, be this like noticeable of a difference. Can we guess what side burned it out better? Next, I’m actually a little letdown so far, but I’m going to try not to judge too harshly yet concealer time, all right once again, we’ll start with Beauty Blender now the silly blender am I supposed to like spray this, like I don’t think so.
Boo that really hurts under my eyes are like super sensitive I know everybody’s usually are but like mine It feels like actually like painful like it’s bruising Do you see like right in there? Oh, it’s like kind of bunching, a piece of foundation Just flaked off my eye, I was weird on camera It probably looks like almost the same, but I’m telling you in real life So far the silicone side is so patchy I literally wouldn’t leave my house like this We’Re just gonna take some powder because I love it using the Beauty Blender under my eye, a little bit of powder in the Beauty Blender just under the eyes, and silicone blender picks up the powder Okay, not bad just brush this off with a brush, so that is the finished half-and-half silicone Beauty, Blender actual Beauty Blender What do you guys think I’m gonna do a couple close-ups, so you guys can see what I’m seeing already like the camera, usually smooths Everything out, but hopefully I can get across like what each side looks like So let me quickly take some close-ups, my nose So here is the Beauty Blender side I have quite big pores by the way, but it doesn’t really show But like look at this side, it’s like rubbed it off in there I would way rather waste a bit of product and not look like this side, but anyways yeah I say no to this Yes to the Beauty Blender There are a lot of like imitation Beauty blenders that are just as good as Beauty blenders just comment down below and here are my social media handles if you guys have had better luck with the silicone Beauty Blender Please comment down below If I did anything wrong, I just applied my makeup How I usually would, but maybe there’s something special you have to do with this one in particular, or maybe reacted with my foundation and this and concealer all three of my items Wouldn’t that be ironic, I will see you guys in my next

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