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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it’s Asia. I hope everybody’s having a wonderful day so far. it’s gonna, be all about drugstore makeup. What’s new here I went to Walmart and also few things from Ulta and I wanted to do just a poopface. Try, not new drugstore makeup, because I already know how much I love my drugstore off portable makeup. So if you guys like a lot of stuff.. Let’s go ahead, grab our makeup brushes and our makeup and let’s get started okay, so I went ahead and, of course, from the camera, and so you guys can see me a lot better by the way this clips are from old huh.
I’ve been loving wearing hair clips on my hair, I feel like it’s super cute and also I like how it keeps my hair out of my face. So, like always we’re gonna go ahead, you guys and get started by priming our eyes it’s gonna. Be you seen my Mac Paint Pot in the shade soft ochre, so today’s makeup palette we’re gonna be using it this new covergirl revolution, eyeshadow palette. I don’t know if this is a collab with makeup revolution or something because I mean make a revolution. It is the name of the brand, so I’m not sure if it’s just a name for the palette or if it’s a collab, but this is the packaging. It’s super cute, really pretty. It also has a large mirror and it used to get your eyeshadow shades right. There so I’m honestly super in love with the whole concept, and I believe this palette was $15, which is it’s a little bit expensive. But if the color is good, then the quality is good. So I’m gonna go ahead and grab my JH 30 brush. Just one of my favorite brushes to put eyeshadow all over my crease, because it’s just so large, so I’m gonna go in with the shade brace in. I do like how it has two names in the bottom of the palette, and it’s just right here. I’m just gonna go ahead and grab that the eyeshadows are kind of hard to grab and they are a little bit powdery. So, let’s see I’ll be I okay, so the eyeshadow it’s going on pretty nice, you guys, what do you guys think it’s HUS pigment to it? The only thing I don’t like that much! It’s the like how much fallout there is in the Archos packaging, but we’ll see I’m gonna go in when we just clean. This see, there’s like a lot of powder. I’m gonna go in with the shade and get it, which is this one right here and I’m just gonna grab a smaller blender brush and for that I’m just gonna be using the morphe m 505 brush and I’m just gonna go in on This one again, there is follow to it. There’s a lot of it too, and I’m just gonna apply this right here in the outer corner of my eye blending it into that first shade.
We apply it and then I’m just grabbing the same brush that we use at the beginning. Then I’m gonna start blending everything out just so everything that looks really like one eyeshadow with dimension to it. This eyeshadow right here is screaming spring to me. I really like howeverything is blending out so far speaking out all spring guys, my semester, it’s almost over, I haven’t been uploading that much, which honestly is still freakin annoying, because I love uploading. You know so that’s why I haven’t been filming and that much… I have a lot of clothes that I made buying. You know here and there to do a spring haul and even summer, because bitch summer is almost here. It is starting to get pretty warm outside. So start appreciating my straight hair right now, because once the summer hits I am telling you it’s almost impossible for me to keep my hair straight, because after that, my hair becomes a complete mess like nothing can keep it straight, especially when it’s super hot. With this light, my room gets to like hundred degrees. Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and move on and I think I’m gonna go in with the shade ruthless, and what I have noticed is that everything has like its own little category. So you can create a lot of looks just using this one, and then they give you the styles that you need to create a more darker look, so I think what they did is divided it. So here you have your first palette and then second palette, but I do like mixing in. Hopefully I made sense so I’m gonna go in with ruthless right here and I’m going in with a more feet in three two one and I’m just gonna go ahead and again start packing in the darker colors were here a key in the outer corners. So we start giving our eyes more dimension. This one doesn’t have that much pigment. If I’m being honest like I’m, not seeing that much of a difference, I think I’m gonna go in with the shade. Dare this one have some sparkle to it like some pink green gold sparkles? So that’s what it looks like over here in the palette and please ignore my hands. If you guys see really dry piece of skin, I have really extreme like dry dry dry hands, and sometimes they do that, like every like three months, my skin does that I have no idea. Why just ignore you guys, I think it’s eczema for the fans. I don’t know I cry every lotion in nothing works but anyways you guys with that same m32, one brush, I’m just gonna, go ahead and start darken up this outer corner right here see the darker colors are just not that pigmented.
Look I’ll show you guys with my freakin crusty s, hands, that’s what it looks like right. There there’s just not that pigmented and you can definitely tell that when you’re trying to apply it, so the darker shades are not the best. Just keeping it honest. It’s still a cute palette, but for $15 and the darker shades are not that pigmented. I don’t think this palette is really that worth it. I’m just gonna go ahead and cut the crease now because I’m not really liking. This look – and I know if I cut the crease, I’m just gonna make this look a lot prettier, so I’m gonna go in with my al-ahmad brush this one. I got from my boxycharm and it’s gonna be using the tarp shake concealer. You need to use this just use any lighter concealer that you have around, but I do recommend this brush for cutting your crease. I like it, but now that we have that done. I’m just gonna go ahead and grab a flat brush. This one is from the Sigma x, Beauty bird palette, but if you guys are wondering it’s the e58 brush and I am gonna use, the shade in Commission Commission can socket. But this one looks like right here. So I’m gonna use of this shade kind of crumbling once I’m grabbing it with a brush. This is what oh wow. This is actually really pretty and my brush, it’s not wet at all and it looks really wet and pretty I’m still gonna be extra and spray it with my morphe setting spray just to see what happens. Why not? You know ten times better. That’s any shimmer though, but I’m just gonna move on to eyeliner. I bought this one. It’s not new. It’s from L’Oreal, it’s called a luminous liner and I just need it a new lighter. So I was like why not try this one. So let me open this up. Just gonna go ahead and align my eyes. So it’s last time I’m gonna, be you seen my Coco lashes in the style Queen B, I fell in love with this lashes again I used to wear this lashes a long time ago and then you know they go bad. I never repurchase them, but now I love them they’re only seven dollars as well. So let me see which cycles on which sometimes I get confused right here. I just love how they make my eye. Look, I feel like they fit my eye. Pretty nice too, not too long, not too dramatic, at least for me. Remember, I’m used to wearing pretty big lashes so now that our lashes are on we’re gonna move on to the face. Let me just make sure I have no hairs in my face right now, so I do not have any new foundation to try out.
Let me know in the comments little if there’s any new foundations out there, because I haven’t seen any recently so especially from a drugstore. So I’m going to go ahead and just use my favorite drugstore foundation – and this is the makeup revolution, conceal and define. I use the shape at a 10 10.5. a drugstore foundations, and I have my shade range there. I went ahead and try them all on on camera. So please go show some support and you guys are my foundation twins.. All I’m doing is you’ve seen at the elf plus mat oil control lotion. A lot of people always ask me what my favorite primer is and, honestly you guys I do not know if I do have like a must, must must have primary. Sometimes I feel like primers work. Sometimes I feel like primers do not work. It’s just like a love and hate relationship, but this one from ELF really does make you more matte. So that’s the reason I used it and let me just go ahead and apply my foundation quickly, since this is nothing new and I even have a wear test on this foundation, but something that is new. You guys is this new sponge. It reminds me a lot of the spicy shock sponges that I used to use a long time ago now, a long time ago, probably some months ago. I don’t you guys remember, but it reminds me just like it, and this one is from flower. Beauty is called a precision blending sponge, so it says it has this flat edge for buffing and setting and then the detailing tip for the eyes and nose and I’m guessing and this a rounder part would be to blend out my foundation. So let’s try this out. So far, it is really soft. Nothing too hard. I don’t like my Beauty blenders to be hard. I feel like that. Just doesn’t really blend out my makeup that much, I think I’m gonna go ahead and change my sponge that one is taking a little bit too long to blend out my foundation. I don’t know if my face is just big, so I’m gonna grab this japonesque on. I got this one from Marshalls recently and I’ve been loving it. It was only thirty nine. Ninety two, so if you guys are looking for new beauty blenders – and you don’t want to spend that much money check out Marshalls and try out the new japonesque sponges, I’m going to move on to concealer this one right here is new. This is from Pacifica. It’s called the liquid cover full coverage, blasting concealer, so I picked up the shade in 14 n/m.
This claims to be a full coverage concealer and I have never tried anything from Pacifica. So I’m excited to try this out. The applicator is very small, which I don’t really like. It’s like the traditional applicator announcement, so many companies have other ones I prefer those. So let’s see you guys, I feel like my face is just big. I don’t know I feel like this is kind of dewy. Is it or is just my imagination? Okay, I thought my camera wasn’t recording. I always get scared done it before. I don’t think that is full coverage, but at the same time I don’t have dark circles really to tell you guys if something is like extremely full coverage. But I do have a little bit of darkness underneath there and I can tell you from past experiences what a concealer is full coverage this one I feel like it’s a medium to full, maybe we’ll go ahead and see who? What if it’s a sponge, that’s what I just thought about you guys it could be a sponge, that’s taking the coverage out. Let me try it out with my japonesque one. This is nice, it’s kind of do we, if you guys can see. I do not expect too much coverage when it comes to Pacifica because they are a more natural brand and I know more natural bronze want more of that natural type of beauty. So this concealer it’s is nice. If you’re looking for something like that, I do recommend it. I still like my color pop concealer a little bit better, so I’m gonna be using another Pacifica product this one right here again: 100% vegan cruelty free. This is called the sherry Velvet Matte setting powder. That’s what it looks like right here, really beautiful packaging. Hopefully it works. I am ooh. This is a nice packaging, that’s what it looks like in and then you just open it. That looks really white. I’m kind of scared I like that. I never seen this coming from the drugstore, which I appreciate so I’m gonna. Be you seen. This is a really nice packaging. It also has like the net material, like the huda beauty. Does I’m just gonna apply some underneath my eyes they’re supposed to keep you not, and it’s definitely like mattifying this one’s like cereal? That’s what the smell reminds me of it’s time to bronze up the skin and give me life again. So I picked up this new flower bronzers they’re called the heatwave, luminous bronzer in the shade sun-swept and one and also sunrise l1. So this is what they look like right here. I really do not or haven’t tried that much flower beauty products. So I’m excited to see how this bronzers work out – and I mentioned this brushes to you guys onto my Instagram page they’re from Target and they’re freaking amazing.
So this is the set that they come with and that’s what it looks like right here if you guys are looking to hide the double chin area. You guys are gonna like this brushes, so this are from Sonia Kashuk they’re $30 for three brushes, but you can feel the quality, so I’m gonna be using the wide contouring brush looks like this and we’re gonna be using this to contour the Face I don’t know how much product I need to grab on the brush so make sure to exes. I’m just contour the skin and see how this brush just does everything for you go back and forth to really contour my skin okay and then I’m just gonna grab a stippling brush like this. This is the luxe II 5:16. A brush I’m gonna go ahead and grab your more warmer tone and warm up our skin. They do have some luminous finish we’re, but I like it because it kind of makes me look more natural and my skin more realistic. So I really like this bronzer. So far you guys, can you see how luminous my skin looks? I haven’t really been wearing highlighter anymore. I stopped doing that because I did notice. It was just making my texture look horrible and this bronzer right here doesn’t make my texture. Look that at all. Okay. So we’re gonna move on to applying some blush. I picked up this palette from BH Cosmetics. I was gonna say it’s new, but it’s not new. It’s just new to me. This is the nude blush. 10 color blush palette. I’ve been loving this one of the blushing in Bali. This is such a beautiful palette. I definitely 100% recommend it if you guys are arguing it. So I picked up this one and I’ve been using it ever since I picked it up. It’s been already a week and I been using it so I’m just gonna use a lip brush from that target set. This is called on a small highlighting brush and I’m just gonna go ahead and pick up this two shades right here. There’s been my favorite lately, top X’s and a5 right here on my cheeks just gives you a really natural, nude type of effect. So let me finish off my eyes: I’m just gonna go in with the shade brace in and get it with a smaller brush. This one is the morphe III 6 brush and I’m just applying this under my eyes and then after I’m done with that, I’m gonna go in with a ruthless and showdown. This is just gonna darken up my eyes, okay, and then we cannot forget that inner corner highlight there’s not really that many light shades and then this light shade right here in there at all.
It is just a matte shade, so it doesn’t really do much for me, so I think I’m just gonna go in with day one, which is that gold color, let’s see if it’s not too dark, maybe if I mixed it in way that did absolutely nothing. Lem me just use my regular highlighter from the blush in Bali palette: hey, let’s bring my brush so much better, alright and then last but not least, all we have to do is our lips, so I’m grabbing the morphe sweet tee’ lip liner and I’m just gon Na go ahead and line the lips, and then I picked up this wet a wild liquid cat suit in the shade nudists peach, I’ve been done, a more bright lip color, so I’m just gonna go in with this one, okay guys. So I would I’m here to fix my hair and gather all my opinions, and I am here to give up to you guys as always, so, let’s get started by show you guys this horrible picture. I wanted to see if the powder, what splashback approve or a plastic tested. However, you say it um, it looks horrible under my eyes you can definitely see the powder there. It’s just just and look cute, you guys. This is just a big note for me. I knew something fell off about my face. I look a little bit too white ever since I opened it, I knew it was just gonna be too white for my skin and it just doesn’t look nice the packaging, though I am obsessed with it. I feel like this is such a high-end packaging for a drugstore, but I really hope I start seeing this more often from the drugstore. It’s just a lot better and less messy, hopefully in the maybelline fit me powder, justice and I’ll be so happy. So this powder, if you’re not going to be taking any pictures in it, you might like it, but if you’re gonna be taking pictures, do not do this to yourself, trust me and then, when it comes to my concealer, I feel like there’s just so many Good concealers out there that I do not even need to be too nice to this one, because elf has one that it’s amazing for only $5 there’s color powders, Maybelline, there’s L’Oreal. So this one is just not that good. I don’t think it’s full coverage to be there at all. I also don’t like the packaging I feel like the applicator is just not the best and if you’re spending $15 for a concealer, I think it should be a lot better um. What else did I try this flower Beauty? Bronzers are actually super nice. They gave me a healthy bronze It looks like a with Ian Kyle bronze.
So, if you’re, looking for a good lumen, this bronzers you’re really gonna, like this ones, they’re nice quality, they are $10 each, and I do not know what you like to recommend I feel like you could never go wrong with a really nice warm toned Bronzer, it still doesn’t beat my favorite a BH Cosmetics bronzers So this one is just if you’re a natural type of person You want that luminous effect you’re gonna like this one, and then let’s see this eyeshadow palette I was expecting so much better from this eyeshadow palette It’s just not that good The pigmentation is not there for all of them when it comes to the lighter shades and the shimmers Is there they’re beautiful and they apply amazing, but when it comes to the darker shades, there just are not in this palette So if you’re looking for a good, balanced palette, this is just not gonna be for you But if you like, what you see you like how they blended in my eye, you might want to give it a try Let me go ahead and swatch this blue right here It’s calling my name see the shimmers are nice I don’t know how to show you guys without showing you my nasty fingers, but that’s what it looks like The showers are really nice and beautiful, but there’s just not darker shades enough to make a look Look balanced So that’s just my opinion on this pallid love The mirror love everything they do have four other colors This is just my opinion on this one Let me know you guys have tried the other ones but yeah it’s just up to you If you guys want to try it so yeah guys Hopefully, you guys, like the change of my lip color I’ve been wanting to play with more color now this spring and summer is here or spring, is here and summer we’re waiting for you but yeah I really like this color when a while liquid lipsticks are just amazing and they’re only like four dollars, so I really do like this color Well, yeah guys I really hope you guys enjoyed this one I love feel me I love seeing what’s good What’s not so you guys can save your money and you know be smart with it as well, so yeah I really appreciate you guys taking time as always, I will see you very soon on the next one, bye guys

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