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Testing the light from the dark of desire

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys so today, I’m gonna be testing out some glow-in-the-dark poly gel, from which one of you sent this to me and if I can find it you’re DM, I will pop it right here. Thank you to whoever did it send me this, because this is so cool. I have my package here. It actually came pretty quick, maybe not like super quick, maybe like a couple weeks. I think there were like six shades and they were like a buck or two. Each so I decided to get all of them total.
I think I spent about thirty dollars because of the shipping and everything like that, so I’m going to pull all of these out alright. So here we are Hung’s excess packaging. So, first off we have bright burning, which is an orange to either clear or white, and I know we have a lighter orange or a yellow. Then a green yellow, a Bluegreen, although it looks like it would go. Maybe I don’t know a purple one and then also a blue, so because I do just have all of these, I figured I will just test all of them before I actually put them on my nails. So I’m gonna grab out some little test tips to a try all of them on before, so we can see every single color since I’m already right here, I might as well show you guys how I’m gonna do this. So I just have these like really long tips. This is how I usually will try a design or a test out a color if I’m wanting to see beforehand. Okay, so really the quickest way to do. This is literally just grab. Some gel put a drop on, and since it doesn’t dry you don’t have to rush, then I just lay the sticks in these are like the little disposable cuticle pushing stick and then just cure. It really quick! Well, alright! So now that we have our testing sticks, they might not be like you know completely straight: it’s fine, I’m just going to grab one by one, and we will just try these this first one is bright burning and it looks like it is a white to an Orange and I’m just using a regular slip solution in it, while working really easily it’s spreading really nicely. I’m not gonna probably cover the entire thing and just cuz you don’t need to. I just want to get a feel for the color. You know what I mean okay, so I have some on this one, I’m gonna pop it in the lamp and see if it changes color, because, while a lot of the time it glows in the dark it like really glows in the LED light.
So, let’s see alright, that’s probably enough. Okay, so no glowing with the LED light a lot of times they will glow under an LED or UV or like something like that. So, let’s see, let’s try different color. That’s not just like a white to color. I think, and you can’t we have a yeah. We have like a green, a light green. So let’s try this one okay. So this one does look like a pretty traditional glow-in-the-dark color that, like really light almost like weirdly milky, green, really quick. I actually really like how easily this poly gel is sliding around. Sometimes you know poly gel can be really sticky, especially, I feel like if it has other stuff aside from just I don’t know, poly jaw, I’m pretty sure it’s a poly gel, just like a mix of acrylic and gel anyway, a lot of times. If there’s like a lot of color in it, I feel like sometimes you can get really sticky, but this one is just you know sliding around: I’m not gonna. Do too too much with these swatches. Just I’m not gonna spend a bunch of time on these. So let’s put this in see if anything happens, so this is what I was talking about. This one does seem to be glowing a little bit in the LED. Well, it’s curing and I think it’ll probably glow when we pull it out as well. So, let’s see, ah you can sort of see. You can definitely see it inside the light and then like almost a little bit on the outside on my phone anyway. So, there’s that one next we’ll try the light orange and this one basically looks like it’s just another white okay. So this one it doesn’t really look like it’s a glowing either. Those are those three. It seems to be like the same thing over and over where it just doesn’t really glow that much. So I’m just going to do these swatches really quick. That way, I don’t just keep showing you the same thing over and over again. Okay, so I have all of these dots: I’m not gonna keep them lined up for witches witch, because I think I’ll be able to guess. I’m gonna grab all of them like this and we’re gonna give them a really quick cure. That way, we can make sure we can see if it is going to work or not because to have things glow.
You have to add light and then we’re going to take this probably into my bathroom cuz. I don’t there’s literally nowhere else in my house that doesn’t have like a bunch of light all right, so let’s go see if these glow woo they do glow already, even just out of like my super bright light Wow. How pretty here we go here is really what we want to see, so they all look really good, except this one on the left like, I don’t even know what that one’s doing with these blue ones, and this purple is beautiful. Okay, so they do indeed glow. So that is exciting. Okay and I’m back so now I’m going to put these on my actual nails. I’m only gonna do one hand as usual, but as you can see, I already have a base down and I’m going to file this base down a bit more cuz. I had another set on, but I like the shape and these are pretty structurally actually a decent. So I want to keep this like base on, so I’m gonna file these down s’more and then we’re going to just you sort of like a fill or like a overlay kind of the poly gel. So let me apply all these down some more okay. So since I’m also going to be like doing like a minor fill with this, I’m going to also push back my cuticles and also just take off some of this little excess like really thin pieces here, since I didn’t file that down a bit anything that’s like Just slightly a lifting there, you can see ya there. This actually does need a little bit of a fill which it’s a surprise. I think I’ve only had these nails on for about a week, maybe a week and a half all right, so cuticles are all pushed back there. Now I’m going to just use one of these little round bits because I feel like these always work really well with like rounding out your cuticles and not like nipping them or anything like that, but it’s still strong enough to take off like any little thin product. That’s like right there, okay, so I went ahead and put a dehydrator and a primer on my natural nails and like a little bit, you know what touches and now I’m putting the base coat on. This still is a tiny bit of a thicker base, but that’s okay, if I just put on a tip like I have on these nails or, like the other hand, and built up the nail using just this poly gel, I would go through it’s so quick easily.
Like one bottle a hand, so I’m just putting the base coat over the entire thing, my natural nail and the base. I have one right now: okay, so now I’m just going to cure those and let’s get started with the actual polygem. How? I think that, of course, I’m gonna basically do like one on each hand. I think the only one I’m not gonna really do was one of these orange ones, because I don’t know I forget which one didn’t go low as well. I think I’m not gonna do this a yellow one, just because, like it’s like the lightest color there, so I’m gonna do here here: yeah yeah cool! It’s all figured out, I’m just using a slip solution from one of the random kits that I’ve had. So, let’s start here is the orange one, and I’m just going to squeeze about like this brush, also from just a random kit. This is a model one brush. Now we’re just going to push this around with this one. It seems like a lot of the slip. Solution is good. It makes it really really workable with poly gel. I try not to fuss too too too much about getting it into position, because, while it doesn’t just like dry, it’s also super easy to file. I’m gonna cure this really quick and then I will put a tiny bit more on mmm. Keep it cured up. Okay, well so just put a tiny bit more down here anywhere else that I feel like needs it more and we’ll be done with the smell okay. So here’s this final nail it’ll look a lot better. Once I file it, I promise so I’m just gonna cure that all right, so now, let’s move on to this green one, this one does have a tiny bit of color to it. If I saw this color, I would think it’s glow-in-the-dark. I wouldn’t with the other ones, just cuz they’re, just white may have got him just a tad too much for this one. Okay done with this one into the cure. Next. Is this blue one? I really like this color. I think the Blues are my favorite. Honestly. Okay, they’re bulky now but it’ll be better. I promise because all of these are basically the same color white, I’m just going to just breathe through the last two, because it’s literally the same exact thing until you know you’re under a light. So I’m just going to get through.
That is this way. So here are the nails. They don’t look like much right now. They kinda all just look like a weird like off-white sort of color. I’m gonna stick my hand and the light here and let these soak up some of it and then I will show you guys how cool these look in the dark. I got a glimpse when I went to go wash my hands. I’m gonna get all the dust off they look so cool. Aren’t they cool look at how much light they’re getting off. I love these. This one isn’t showing up quite as much. It might because it’s a little bit thinner, but I do think this one is just more atom than the rest. I think the cool tones are show up better but wow, isn’t it so cool, so let’s go and decorate these. Finally, so I think I want to do is do these just with some rhinestones and then I might keep them matte, I’m not totally sure yet. But I do have these like bigger rhinestones here, as well as some of these little small ones. These small ones and the gel I’m going to be using are the McCart ones. I say we just kind of like bedazzled them up and then I may put a like glossy top coat and I may put a matte top coat, I’m not totally sure, but let’s just kind of get on with it. I probably should have some sort of plan. Maybe I really have been liking using just this rhinestone gel. It has been working really well and actually like a little bit better than just my gold ooh does, especially since I’ve been at leading a set song for a little bit longer. I feel like I never talk whenever I do write them, because I get so into it. Okay, here’s the Rhinestone on that one. So I’m gonna put this in look, you’re, really, quick and wallah. I probably actually will keep these Matt. Maybe I think they look kinda cool Matt, so let’s just do the rest of these. I think I am going to stick to like a similar sort of layout for every single nail. It should be able to change a tiny bit of a notch that one I’m going to cure in between each one because I’ll probably mess it up or you don’t. Okay, so here are the nails now, so I am going to just keep them Matt So I’m going to put this a pray, Matt gel top coat on so there’s a bush in my yard, and it’s like really close to like the middle point, it’s my neighbor and for some reason he trims it even though it’s ours, so the hedge Walker noise.
It’s just gonna be there Apparently, I am just trying to be careful not to get this on any of the gems, because you don’t want to mattify the gems Here we go There’s this one, I’m just going to stick it in the light now and voila for some reason in this nail I don’t know what was up with this one I don’t know if you guys saw, but this one, like almost didn’t – cure 100% That happens sometimes when poly gel has like a lot of pigment in it It like does like the top layer I think that’s kind of like what happened, so I did just like file it down and I keep curing it So it could like keep trying to get the layers, and this, like a weird little like a white streak, happened nothing I can really do about it Yeah Looking at these like putting on at this Co, I definitely think Matt is the way to go like they look, okay, shiny, but I do think they just look a little bit better Matt, okay, so time to do the final cure, and then I will take you Guys and show you the final result, but like in dim lighting so get the full effect all right I’m gonna pull some cuticle oil there before anyway I don’t get filled up I’m pretty sure that this oil is like fake yeah I will cuz I think it came in like one of the wish kits that I call it, but I mean, like I’m pretty sure it’s fine just well before we go in and do the final reveal here are the nails, I’m actually really happy with them I think the thumb was kind of a dud, but the rest of them are really pretty okay in here for a minute, and then we will go and do the final result Here’s like in dim lighting, let’s go into like some dark dark here, isn’t like pure dark I love them Thank you so much for watching I’m so happy that this product actually worked because it’s really cool I love how the nails turned out, so that is all I have for you today If you enjoyed it, I really appreciate it and I will hopefully see you next time Bye,

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