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Testing weird beauty products… Object management organization

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to this week’s oMG Tuesday. We are doing it again where I am NOT just testing one product, but I have a bunch of them and they’re all really kind of strange, so I’m going to test them out on the spot. It’s kind of like an OMG haul of weird products and the first thing that we felt, oh god, I don’t even know. I have like a colored hairspray thing – that I got from Sephora. A foam dry shampoo, some lip things! Actually, you know what let’s start with lips.
I was at the fora and I saw this I was like. Ah do I need it. Do I not do I need it and I’m like I’ll test it out. Weird products. He’Ll be great. This is actually pretty gosh. Darn expensive, this is $39, but it was in the front of Sephora and whenever you walk in Sephora – and you see like the big huge display, it kind of just calls to me like whenever I feel like the new products. I cannot help myself. So I did pick this up and let’s take a look at what’s inside the box, the top says that you should love your lip, how adorable? Oh my god, I have to say the last time I opened a glam glow package on my channel and said hello. Sexy there was actually a comment from someone saying that that was sexist and that a woman doesn’t need to hear that she’s sexy opening a package, but you know what I like it. I think it’s cute, I think extra touches everywhere in the experience of your product is really fun. So why not? So in here this actually looks like a needle kind of a thing like they put what you see on a syringe. So the whole theme is like you got lip injections, that’s the whole thing, so this is dual-chamber, meaning that it has two different products in here that you are going to squeeze it up. That’s not how you do it. I’m fired! I fire myself. You have to switch it, it will say a.m. right here, which is what you are going to use to plump and crime, and then yes, flip it over to the other chamber that says p.m. and that is going to be your evening. Serum that you use with your skincare, that’s really kind of cool actually and the daytime one is a matte lip perfecting serum. Let’s try that I’m just going to wipe off my lipstick, even though I loved it. So, let’s see what this does. I’m going to push upward on the 8th, that’s kind of what everywhere you do. It’s like a play-doh thing I need today it’s like coming up like that. So, weird, all right: let’s see if this burns the crap out of my lips or if it feels comfy cozy. Hmm, don’t do that tastes like poison, which is probably cuz. It has a lot, come cold. Hmm! I don’t know about this. Guy’s wait. What I don’t know it feels a little slippery and weird.
I think this is going to be one of these, that I have to try overtime, who’s a little minty. It feels like a minty piece of gum is in my mouth or like an Altoid like that kind of cooling sensation, not uncomfortable and actually feels like it’s doing something to plump my lip so which is really weirding me out. I can actually feel something happening. Am I losing my mind or did my lips just get bigger? This is really strange. Okay, I’m going to see what the PM 1 feels, like. I kind of want to. Oh, that smells even more minty kind of smells. Very medicinal, as it’s like on the tip of my tongue, smells like icy hot. That’s what it smells like like you know the muffle rubber smells like icy hot. Oh that’s, really strange! Ok, so I would have to play around more with this. It is supposed to smooth lines over time, create a more clumpy looking list, and I think this is going to be more of a skincare add-on than it is like a gloss that you would put on on the go and make your lips look plumper. This is more of a treatment I’m going to have to use over and over and over, to see if I get a good result so be on the lookout for this in an upcoming, favorites or I’ll. Let you know if I don’t like it, but I definitely I’m going to put this in my routine and try it out for a few weeks. Let’s continue with the lips, because I have another cool thing. I actually can’t wait to try this on. This is from touching soul.. I got every single color at Sephora, i swatched them all. but I thought they had them for the lip and we all know like the metallic lip is a huge, huge trend right now. Sometimes you can do it right. Sometimes you really can do it wrong. So we’re about to see how this one goes down. It’s a two-step system, so there’s a little work involved, but I think this color is really pretty. I also got the shade penny that I will swatch for you guys, but I want to put this one on going down we’re just doing this, so I think this is this step. One is the actual like liquid lipstick step. One apply liquid first, allow it to set for one minute step: two apply: hydrating glitter gloss to lips, I’m going to blot off the excess of the 3d lip plumper. Just in case. I don’t want anything to interrupt the potential results on this product right here. James already put tape back on this. Are you kidding me Wow, alright, so we’re going in cuz? I just need. Is it that not seeing that dark? I really thought it would be. A lot of dirt is enough, but see to me this is patchy. Trying to make this work alright, now I’m supposed to wait a full minute, I’m already bored, I really understand – will purpose the base if the gloss is all like very opaque anyway.
So what you guys want to talk about, should I cut my hair like this? I keep thinking about it, so it’s really sticky and really try to switch it up from drinking coffee to like iced tea, and it has no sweeter in it, and it did this courses hey the could have barn smells like is what green tea tastes like to Me does anybody else feel that he recommends me in the comments. I shouldn’t please. What is a good iced tea that I should brew at home to kind of be a little healthier and not do coffee in the afternoon and that’s what I’m trying to do? I just tastes gross okay, going in with a gloss. Oh yes, see that cool. I kind of see what I have you do the two steps now this is not super opaque when you spread it out. Okay, this is a twenty five dollar product and it’s totally wowing me. I don’t like that. You have to do two steps for really what you could do in one swipe. So this is a little bit disappointing. It’s 25 bucks! It’s a pretty color slightly patchy. It’s not overly metallic, it’s more of a micro, fine, glitter that is in here. That makes it super super shiny, so kind of bad. It’s a little patchy we’re going to keep it on, though so. Moving on now this, I have no idea what the deal is with this. This is called the perfection mist nude glow, so I have not tried this. Obviously, this is in the shade Universal, so that is telling us that it’s going to be great for everyone. This is something that is going to give you a radiant image, it’s great for all skin types for best results Brits over skin as the last step, if your makeup routine, with no blending required, let’s find out what the big is about this I’m going to give It a good shake. Quite am I so scared to do this? Do you want to live in my eyelashes? Ah, this is just supposed to be a last step in your makeup routine. To enhance the way your skin looks three two one, oh shoot. It’s like super dusty. I look like I just left a spin class or hot yoga that just actually made me look sweaty, that’s not cute smells like spa product. It actually has almost a waxy feel to it. It doesn’t have any like glitter or anything. It’s just. I guess is going to add like a dewy doing it. Oh my god, I feel like I need to go wash my face. That was actually awful. I really wish. I had not done that. Oh I’m gonna get some powder man, I’m kind of like striking out here. You guys seriously that guy from Sephora is twenty bucks. It has a sheer coverage, it’s clear, so I don’t really know what that means and it’s good for all skin types, and it has pearls added into it kind of like a pearl sheen, but I didn’t really detect that on my skin.
Okay. Moving on to more weird spray things, so I saw this and I was like I have got to try this on on-camera. I know someone out. There is going to really appreciate this. This is from igk. This is the ombre color spray. Now they have a blond. One, but I was looking at purple, is my favorite color we’re going to like go out on the edge. I was just talking to you guys about how I had neon blue highlights once upon a time I was like this could be kind of fun to like spray in the hair, and it’s not just a Halloween formulation. It’s like something sold at Sephora, this night haircare line, and maybe it’s really good. It won’t be overly crunchy and gross. I kind of feel like I can’t breathe in here right now, so, let’s break out another aerosol. Does this an expensive item? It’s 29 bucks. It does say that it strengthens the hair and it does good things for it, so it’s not just a fun product. It’s actually like a nice hair care line that carries both qualities. Could’ve been doing anything that was cool, as you know, hell things really showing up on my dark hair. You know who would love this. My mom, who actually has purple, highlights in her hair right now, but whenever they say she gets very upset, and this would be like the in-between perfect item for her. I am going to tell her about that lens lens stuff. I’m going to mail it to my mom and I know how to take a picture of it on her blonde hair with her purple highlights, because this is kind of cool smells really good. The pigment obviously is there. I do feel like it does make your hair very like it feels very crunchy right now: it’s not cute okay, so we have one more product to try out, but it’s super cool that I have seen online. I haven’t waiting to trial. I’ve been really excited about this. You guys know. I love a good dry shampoo. I’m still hooked on my drugstore dry shampoo from Pantene. That one is so good, but this is from way haircare. This is the dry shampoo foam and it is a foam like it’s a waterless foam. So this is supposed to clean your hair, it’s not a powder, but it’s not a water and it’s supposed to just remove the oils refresh and clean your hair. Now this is a $28 product. Oh oh, my gosh, where are my channel, comes out really like a phone? Let’s just see what happens? No, so good! Oh my god, yes or no, yes! Well! The scent alone is really really good. You know who didn’t wash his hair today, James. Let’s call him hey baby doll, hello, you didn’t wash your hair today my little guinea pig, oh okay, soon, a minute honey.
I need your dirty hair I’Ll have dirty hair Here we tell everyone How often do you wash your hair, I’m jealous by the way like every three or four days? Ah, I have to watch my hair, almost everything less than I liked in that workout kind of mad workout You gotta wash your hair, yes true, so this is a dry shampoo foam I’m going to see if you can try it So what are you doing? Okay, so you use on dry, dirty hair shaken up work, a palm full of products in it Is there working in your hands and go like this and you’re just going to put it in your hair? Okay, I actually think you’re going to love this I’m just going to give you a lot of really really good running Is it like mousse kind of, but we must lock it in your scalp? Okay, it’s like cool whip right, yeah, hey, oh! No! Oh! No! This is gonna, be so bad So one thing you have to do is wash your hairs: do it ah, do it rub-a-dub-dub you’re, not in the tub wow, the things I make you do on my channel I really love you for it So much my audience was before it too big thumbs up for James making an appearance all right and I’ve got my 80 there You know if you like it, it actually give you like a nice grid It kind of looks cleaner yeah I don’t do this I thought it’s going to flip me back okay, because when you use too much mousse and you put it in your hair – looks like completely wet and it stick in its cystic, it’s stiff and it sticks that way all day my hair is still drunk okay You look cute, I’m blown away, you’re blown away, yeah, look how it wears, though okay okay, James, is going to Let us know what this it is on my mouth right now, what a change your answer, nope! So out of all of these crazy products, the dry shampoos, foam and something I am actually really excited to try out, because I could feel in his hair It gave such a nice texture, but it did also take away a little bit of the oil and it smells really really good So I think this is awesome At least we have one winner out of the bus The rest of these are little I’m actually super curious to keep going with this one Reidy lip plump it’s from dr Brandt, but again, not one that we can immediately see results with so I’ll Keep you posted and done is done if you guys are enjoying these OMGs with weird products that are like a handful at a time I read them all and I do hope that you had fun with me, always a good time filming me Alright

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