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The $124 grocery store’s monthly budget is $400, a family of 4.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey friends. I have not been shopping in basically two weeks, so it’s a big one. We spent one hundred and twenty-five dollars at Walmart using Walmart grocery pickup if you’re new to the channel.. Please consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell, because YouTube is always changing things. You never hear me say that get that belt also consider heading over to the Instagram page and following us over there for more fun and shenanigans. Today’s grocery haul is rather large.
It’s one of the bigger ones that I’ve done recently, because, if you’re not aware, if you’re just here for the grocery hauls, I we traveled a lot er in June, once we finally got home and settled, I was sick, which turned into a severe dehydration and GI Infection which landed me in the ER and hospitalized for two nights, so I haven’t done any shopping basically in the last two weeks, so this is a bigger one. It’s a restock plus the meal plan. We do a little bit of meal plan here at the house like stuff that I’m cooking at home and we also get every plate which I modify. Some of the recipes to like I used to just follow each recipe. Lately, I’ve been taking bits and pieces of the recipes and like mixing and matching and getting more creative with it. So that’s why you won’t see a ton of actual like dinner stuff here. I also need to make a trip to Costco for some stuff, but I did not want to go today so that might be in a separate haul if it’s worthy enough, it probably won’t be a lot of items in college, so this is on the fridge and I never noticed it until it’s too late. Sorry, my arms going numb. Let’s see what I got, oh I wanna go should pick up. I did that because I’ve been adding to my grocery list and now on ibotta, some of you. Let me know you can get $3 back when you go through the ibotta app to do. Walmart grocery pick up just search it in like the store line and the store search box. So I got $3 back for that. I also got $10 for referral credit, so that saved us $13 off this or well technically, 10 and then I’ll get $3 back, and I thought oh, it’s whatever she’s not try grocery pickup, it’s a lifesaver look. The fridge is empty. Alice is searching for food. We’ve got nothing, I bought more just yet in a second, yes eat it nope hi, oh my hands, shaking I’m just going numb yeah pulling my arm up.
She just keeps going she’s a chatterbox say something if you mat try Walmart brush pick up yours link below you’ll save $10. I get $10. We all win, love you, here’s the groceries, all right! Here’s the grocery haul starts over here. Usually my hauls end about there. Sometimes they go to about there, but this one goes all the way or two there and you’ll see there’s some like health and beauty type stuff, but I’ll get to that. Obviously, at the end, first of all, kudos to my husband because he’s about to do the prices on these for me and it’s gonna be a long one. So, let’s give him a round of applause. We’ve got half a gallon of unsweetened almond milk, as well as a half gallon of vanilla, almond milk, the kids really liked the strawberry Eggo waffles. Last time I got them and we went through them like in a matter of days, so I got two boxes. This time, Jaxon usually eats two at a time. Alice eats one to two, so they don’t last long also got another bag of the mini pancakes. These are our favorite, someone did comment and say I could make them myself. Obviously – and I know that – and I’ve tried that they prefer these verses fro like bulk, making them and freezing them. They prefer these. I ordered one pound of grapes. This feel is definitely heavier than one pound and looks heavier than one pound, but they only charge me for one pound. So that’s good some bananas, which will have to be eaten quickly because they’re already starting to yellow, pretty decent. I like to get them in there. Rather green, some onion bagels cubed, Colby, Monterey Jack cheese, this fYI yeah say goodbye to the bricks of cheese. This is the same price and it’s already pre-cut up and it’s like for the same amount onces. So it it just. It’s a time-saver also got some of the string and Colby jack cheese. Like sticks, thin sliced, oven, roasted turkey breasts, we’ve been really liking. The turkey breast lately last time they substituted with the honey roasted. I didn’t care for that as much, but I’m not huge on honey, roasted meat, so that might just be me: small bag of sugar, snap peas, some chive and onion cream cheese spread.
This is one of our favorites. It goes really well with these onion bagels as well as we’ve got some regular, like plain original bagels on hand as well, also as well too, if I’m just gonna keep throwing in modifiers for roma tomatoes for wraps salads. I had another reason: I got these not more what it was they’re good, oh we’re having chicken sandwiches this week like I’ll show you in a second very sad. I ordered what I thought was our beloved bonbon cherry tomatoes, and it wasn’t. It was these Lipman’s. So I hope they’re good they’re, imposters, two boxes of sweet and salty bars. We got a box of the almond and a box of the cashew. As you can see, we love great value brand, one great value, cheese pizza. We have a DiGiorno, stuffed crust pizza on hand and this one so cooking them both will be good for pizza night, for the family of four will can eat like an entire pizza, goes on wild blueberry, muffin mix. Someone commented, I don’t remember who it is. I never take notes, I just like add things to my shopping list, but they said these are really good that come with the little can of wild blueberries. So I thought that would be a fun breakfast option for during the week make them and have them on hand. Brussels sprouts Jackson actually asked for these. I think these will be good. I’ve roasted them in the oven. I’m gonna try them in the airfryer like trim. The stems cut in half a little bit of olive oil seasoning. So I’m excited because I love roasted Brussels sprouts as well. The Tyson chicken patty is this is what I’m going to be using for chicken sandwiches. I also have chicken parmesan, like a quick version that I got from the former mrs. Jones many eons ago. We just cook these add some shredded or sliced. Like provolone white cheese. I think I had mozzarella on hand, so it’s technically not our weight, but I have anyway add cheese. Add sauce. It’s delicious, some original Triscuits for lunch boxes. This week by lunch boxes, I mean my husband’s lunch because the kids are on summer break. These are delicious. There, it makes me feel better because you know oven-baked 50% less fat right, give me some credit, bacon-flavored Ritz, actually tastes like bacon, they’re, delicious, try them they’re light and airy, and I haven’t mentioned they’re, also delicious Jackson’s: favorite pop-tart, the brown sugar cinnamon.
For some reason they didn’t have great value brand down there, which struck me as odd. They had other flavors, but not this, and I could have sworn that they sell this in the great value. So I just got a regular like name-brand one pack of romaine hearts for salads, some of our favorite wraps. I get I mention these all the time.. I have a lot of people comment and say that they’ve tried them. They love them. They’Re super soft they’re high in fiber, low calorie, a really good option for wraps not necessary. You can use them for tacos too. I used to when I was on a lower carb diet, but these are just like wonderful for sandwich wraps because they’re just soft and pliable, but they don’t break super easily. Like some flour, tortillas jar of baby dill pickles can of medium black olives Jackson requested those to put on his salads since he’s not huge on tomatoes. He wanted something other than cucumbers for salads and he asked for these four cans of corn for the pantry. I have no immediate use for them. One of them will probably be used for the night. We have chicken parm and we’ll go from there. Two cans of sliced pears paralysis, request. We had a can the other day with lunch and she wanted more and they were gone. So I grew up too for the pantry. Also a little Miss Alice’s little unhealthy indulgences, uh Beefaroni, if you’ve been around a while. You know that this is kind of her thing when she doesn’t want to eat what we’re eating, which is often because she’s going through a weird phase right now. I still try to make her try stuff, but I have backups on hand because I know she’ll eat this, not that it’s the healthiest I’m aware, but but this is life Jackson asked for a cantaloupe, so we got a cantaloupe hard salami. Everyone in the family likes this Jackson was also asking you can tell we have like no groceries. He was asking for this. We were out. I bought some more two English cucumbers, which, in my opinion, are super high and price like a dollar 50 apiece. But I love them. They are my favorite. I should probably check some otherstores and see if they’re on sale, they’re on sale at Kroger last week, but I was too sick to go, and so I asked big five-pound bag of Idaho potatoes.
Let me see: I’ve been making Ranch potatoes in the airfryer lemonade. Mom go check out her channel she’s awesome has been posting like on Instagram and stuff, and it looks good you just dice them up spray with some olive oil and some ranch packet like they’re, a seasoning packet and cook them for like anywhere from depending on how Many you have in there 7 to 15 minutes. In my experience, if you add more, it’s probably gonna take like 20 minutes, but anyway, that’s what those are for huge seedless watermelon for just over $2. I could not resist. I hope it’s a good one. Cuz the last watermelon got was not. I see eight pack of the Powerade zero mixed berry. I’ve been really like. What’s the word, I’m looking for not scared, like hyper vigilant about my electrolytes since being dehydrated, so I’ve been drinking the low sugar, Powerade and Gatorade just to make sure that mixing it like I’ll drink water now, just Powerade just to make sure my electrolytes are okay, Because that’s part of why I ended up in the hospital – and here we are four of the Yoplait like fancy. Yogurts Jackson picked out Boston, cream, donut and apple fritter Alice picked out two French vanilla latte. We also got a four pack of peach projections request. These great value ones are an excellent deal and a four pack of orange paralysis request. So we are stocked up on yogurt again, bag of broccoli for salads snacking and our pet hamster Ted will be very happy. We’ve been out of fresh produce for, like oh, we made yawning at new spinach. You didn’t tell me you wanted spinach. I asked what do you want? You have yogurt mouth you’re, adorable bag of shredded lettuce. This was for, I think, chicken sandwiches that I make like like a mock, MacDonald’s McChicken. The kids tried those for the first time recently and they both like them and they use shredded And yes, I could just use like that, but I like like iceberg and my those sandwiches and I like romaine and my salads, because I’m high maintenance, a big bag of great value pizza, rolls Jackson loves those and in the back, which I need to get in The freezer, a ten count budget saver, banana twin pops, which the kids love and they’re a great price with it being summer and like a thousand degrees popsicles, are fun for health and beauty stuff.
I got two bags I actually ordered like a large eight pound bag, but they subbed it for two four pounds for the same price of Epsom salt, four baths, and whatever else some of this stuff is for an upcoming trip that we might be having to Michigan Michigan so also got A travel moisture contact solution, Michigan, I’m trying some new makeup I don’t know I thought I would need this color I’m gonna have to see how this looks it’s buff, because I’m translucent, basically I’m very pale So I’m hoping this will be okay, as well as this Maybelline fit me matte and poreless This I did get translucent powder, silac, translucent powder, but colored foundation, and I do use both someone recommended a site I was on that this, like lasts in the heat, so I’m hoping that that will give me some sort of coverage that doesn’t melt off my face when we go a banana boat Sunscreen lip balm, Alice needed more glue, sticks for her art caddy Hers were all dried out and it’s back-to-school time, so they were only 50 cents and we actually need to get into the store and actually do how many times can I say actually in one sentence, do they were back-to-school shopping, some moleskin, moleskin moleskin padding for blisters In case we do a lot of walking in our upcoming trip to Michigan and then some basically off-brand neosporin, because Jackson had a boo-boo the other day, and I realize I didn’t have any so Oh ten minutes, sorry babe ten minute haul yep He knows I’m putting them to work This is our grocery haul So that’s what you got all that all that things and that stuff and those whatever all that things all that I got a bag of Ritz chips boom Don’t I need to go to Costco and actually get chips, Michael small bags for lunches and snacks and travel stuff? I need to go to Costco – maybe I’ll do that later today, so maybe you’ll get a bonus like I said, thank you so to wrap what watching I’m done! Thank you Till next time see you later bye,

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