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The barber transformed a traveler from a New Zealand style to

1 Nov , 2019  

Come on in tom, is it Tom or Tommy Tommy Tommy welcome. Thank you. You’ve come all the way over from New Zealand and I have yeah. Okay. Are you travelling around Europe? Yeah I’ve got um 2-year visas from New Zealand. This is my second year here and yeah. I’m really excited to be here. There’s pretty cool place cool, so tell us what we’re gonna do. Well, I’m looking to cut this locks a bit short, so maybe kind of the same estar, but just kind of quite a bit shorter yeah, so maybe, like short on the sides, a little bit longer on the top, but nothing nothing too major.
Okay, yeah! You want to see the ears or not yeah, yes, see this, I think so we can cut it, maybe cut it short up and over the ear taper in the back, but still keeping some softness and length through the top yeah some curl through there yeah. So if it’s sort of came in like that yeah would that be too short yeah. No, that looks fun. So you want quite quite a lot off then really yeah, yeah yeah wait. We can go, we can go, we go full. Well it I’m going money. I’m growing mine about yeah. Yes, yes perfectly! What about the beard? Even anything, was a bit I’ve ain’t, just a tidy up like maybe along the neat car, yeah clean it up, clean it, yeah freshen it up, make it look a bit sharper. You got a good pistach coming in on there, so yeah, so I’m think I might keep that would look cool. I think. Maybe we could take her the beard in a little bit more and then accentuate the moustache a little bit. That would be cool, yeah. Really man: let’s do that, I’m not gonna. We do you’re not going to use clippers on it. It doesn’t need clippers. It’s gonna look a bit. I need it to look a bit. Softer said what would do is with damp it down. First Tommy and then we’ll get started so tell me about all your adventures: well, we’ve been traveling around. Did you go around the Europe or do you just come straight to the UK when it came straight to the UK and we found some work on the Isles of Scilly just off corner yeah I’ll just sit here, yeah working at a hotel there, which was yeah It was pretty interesting experience. I worked there for about seven months and then, with the money we saved up, we travelled around um like Germany and Prague, and although for a little bit Christmas markets, yeah checking those out, it was pretty sweet eh and then you came back here for Christmas and This year, with the money we saved up we’re just kind of doing a bunch of um work ways.
Are they here in England or around Europe? Yeah yeah bought ourselves a Chiron’s yeah, that’s kind of traveling around nice yeah. So you’ve looked. Are you vlogging this or plug in this, or not bothering kind of doing like a photo of the day, yeah, what Instagram it or yeah Instagram Facebook kind of both yeah, but we’re kind of doing it um one we kind of switch days to like I do. One day she’ll do the next day and then so on and so on, no cool, that’s her team. Have you got you got a good following or family, not you’re, not trying to sort of make like a living out of it or anything like that, or now it’s more fun just more fun here, okay, so I’m gonna we’re gonna start the back Tommy And in between chatting to you, I’m gonna sort of talk about what I’m doing for the purpose of Carlos being here, we’ve got a we’ve, got to try and make it look like there’s a point to him being here, your point to his existence. The initial cut that we’re going to do with the scissors it’s going to determine how short we go with this haircut as you can see it gives me an it, gives me the graduation that I’m looking for when I cut in at this angle, so picking it Up, I can see my last section, I’m just gonna come down and then I’ll leave all this soft here, because I don’t want Tommy’s hair to look literally like he’s just stepped out of a a barber shop. I went to look a little bit soft and a little bit grown out still looking because that sort of like his vibe am i right, Tommy yeah, that’s one he’s got like that grown out vibe at the moment, we’re just removing the bulk getting rid of a Little bit over length and just creating some shape now so just working our way through the haircut feel we’re not the shape. You can see automatically that get that softness and get that bit of texture to it. So what do you miss about New Zealand? And so would you miss about New Zealand and what’s the best thing you’ve so far about the UK or ways the roads, yeah yeah? My brother says that when he comes over here he says the driving over here is just like terrible, but then every people that from America have been able here. You know that I speaking to they all say that the same like they find it really difficult driving. In the UK you know and what so what’s the best thing you found about the UK, then what’s what’s the thing that you’ve liked you’ve got a guy, I’m really gonna miss this. When we leave the UK, nothing we go to another country. That’s that’s! Pretty awesome like so the fact that, with the fact that we’re in Europe brilliant breaks it well, does I sell all this country isn’t so much like history and stuff? That’s another’s really really cool yeah.
I think as well yeah. I suppose it’s one of those things that you sort of make that connections with other people, and then you know that it’s gonna be hard to come back and get a visa to come back again. It once you’ve done your two-year visa. It’s it’s quite difficult. Isn’t it to get back again yeah but you’re here in the barber shop, getting a good haircut and you can you can take that well he’s getting that a haircut are. Do you not drive a manual you didn’t before? Oh well, you don’t know, but you know how see don’t you yeah, but you haven’t driven one for a long time, but Carlos is it because he’s lazy? Why you take it off your crutch on your crutch? I have to move it to change on your other gear. Stick yeah. He could put it somewhere yeah, rather his crutch, the micro suppose. That’s why that’s why I sit in the back now he saw it just. Does that way, driving trying to get his hand behind like stop it get off for some reason he puts me in a child, see as well, weird and yeah. So should we take the hair right around the ear, then? So it’s a little. So it’s completely off the air and short or in the sides: yeah yeah, okay, cool, so it’s building up some shape. You start to see that you’ve got all that nice graduation and that nice texture through there, I’m gonna come round and we’ll tidy all this up at the very end. But for now I’m leaving it just because I’m just letting myself give give myself the option to see how it sits. How long has it been since he’s had short hair like this Wow? Was it so you basically just been traveling and not spending any money on hair? Okay, so I’m going to go around the ear, creating that little bit of shape in there and then again, leaving it a little bit softer, because if witness isn’t being a scissor cut, you don’t want it to look too harsh. Otherwise, I might as well just go anything just clip it all the sides off, so there right, Tommy, okay, so we’re going to keep the hair coming forward with a bit of direction. Oh he’s watching his pirate always back back spar and any any trouble with Alex sparring is that he comes to work next day. Moaning moaning moaning that his arms and his back hurts Tommy, I’m going to do the same on this side because it makes it look better.
So it looks even should do something different this side get some padding gone, so just take the weight from behind the ear and we’re gonna cut with some direction going forward. Do you have Tim Tams in New Zealand? What we do? Ah, that’s what I miss when I went to Australia. I fell in love with Tim, Tams, yeah and sherry ripes. Do you have cherry roach? Oh man? I love a cherry right. Look we’re just doing about cherry ripe sin! Tim Tams! Oh no, they’re! Not! Oh! I love a cherry person. Love me who likes Tara, rocks to me. Ah really yeah. Oh boxer mix chocolate stereotypes and sit those aside, yeah yeah, post them out to me quiet we’re trying to film here he’s attacking you attack attack attack, that’s it that is ferocious he’ll try and bite you. He hasn’t. Esic Lee hasn’t been given his contract by Eric. Yet there Erica, as I said in the contract over yet yeah, keep giving Greg too much money. If you can’t afford to take him on that’s what it is. Okay, so we’re gonna go through the top now and have a little look and we’re gonna blend it in, but we’re gonna leave a little bit of length for Tommy through the top Tommy you’re gonna wear it over to sort of one side. So I’ll push it across one side like that, a little bit, maybe yeah yeah, I kind of like either way yeah. So you swing both ways: okay, cool okay, we’re gonna go a little bit shorter on the crown and work the way through to the front. Just that little bit longer, so we start at the crown now bring it back, I’m just going to take that weight off the crown area. I’m a bit like Marmite on the channel. I think yeah I get. I give you a yeast infection, that’s what those yeah they have. They have Marmite a Vegemite, so they have both. They need yeah. So I’m Johnny in the blue Marmite at the moment. That’s reduce salt, so I’m just reducing my salt levels. I like, like. I don’t think I’ll stop eating Marmite jeepers. Do you put Marmite in your baked beans as well? Oh that’s great! So, oh yeah, if you have a Marmite on toast and then put baked beans on it or just put a little dollop of Marmite in we’re baked beans. People call me people call me a revolutionary, but I think it’s a bit string, but that’s what people call me they call me they could be the Jamie Oliver of my time seeming that were the same age. I probably he’s the Jamie Oliver of his time.
Probably I’m probably just not that! Well, I’m not talking about the haircut mate, it’s boring okay, so we’re gonna raise. So what I’m doing now. So I’m razor cutting the rest of the haircut out. So we can create all this soft edge. So he’s got a curly hair and if I use filling scissors or texturizing scissors, they leave a straight edge running through a curly hair. So what I’m doing is I’m using a cutthroat, razor or Athenian razor slicing through the hair and, as you can see, it just gives you that softness so you’ve got the initial haircut, that’s taking the length away, and now I’m just going through I’m just picking up Sections of hair and doing it visual, you know just moving the hair around seeing how it’s it’s if it’s bit, so I don’t quite quite like I take them away looking for shape, I’m looking for weight looking for too much waiting in an area. So when we go through the back through here, for example, there’s a bit too much weight through here and when that dries, it will look a bit bulky. So take a bit of that weight out there. It’s just a little bit lighter. It makes it feel nice and light as well makes it a nice and light haircut. It leaves a lot of texture through the haircut, which is great, I’m just following the haircut and then using the razor to go back over the haircut. I’ve already done, and that will just give that soft edge to it and I’ve left all this length through the middle at the moment. So we can have a little blur to have a little play, see what we want to do with it see if Tommy likes it. If you want it really disconnected, we can have it like disconnected and long and keep it all long like that. So you can wear it over to one side and push it to one side. You could stick it back a little bit or we can go a bit short or with a length through the front. What do you want to do? Man, maybe a little bit off the front. Yes, so it’s not in your eyes so much in the air yeah. So what we do is with curly hair, so here’s a little tip for people that cut in curly hair, so curly hair. Obviously, when we cut hair, we pull it tight, we’re looking for tension as we let go, we’ve cut it, but obviously, with curly hair. It’s going to bounce up. We want to dry this. So as soon as you dry, this it’s gonna go see how that comes up to here and I’m gonna pull it out. It’s down past his nose. So that’s going to go from there to there without that without me, even cutting any.
So I have to think about how much I’m gonna cut and where I’m gonna cut it from because, as soon as I start cutting this, it’s gonna bounce up and anything to end up with a fringe wrap here. And it’s not going to look right so happy really mindful about this, so I’m going to come in and cut an angle, so you can see straight away it just bounces straight up as soon as I let go of it bouncing pinging up. So I have to be really mindful about this, so also. The other thing I have to do is well. I’m cutting is just keep pushing it back up, keep moving it around that looking better, so you’ve still got softness in there and you can wear it over this side. You can push it over that side. You know, I think, if I go too much short or with it, you’re going to end up with it, just bouncing right up and you’re, going to end up with no hair through the front and gonna have like a weird, a weird fringe, just sitting in There and it’s gonna going to lose that shape, so you notice I’ve just sort of gone around the edges and then just taken away a little bit of weight. That was what apparent there and you and you, and you can see basically that I’m just leaving that it just looks like it’s grown out. It’s got that real soft edge to it. You know I wouldn’t pick tup all these techniques over the last 26 years. Kind of hair – but you know this – this is a head. This is this is hairdressing, which is not a barbering technique really as such. Okay, so we’re gonna just draw out naturally and just see how it drives it then we’re gonna over look at the bit the beard there’s a little bit of neck hair under here. We can clean that up under there just allow that to sit over the top okay and then we’re gonna just clean up the facial hair. So just given that a clean line helps to make it look a little bit more contoured. Okay, I’m going to clean up this neckline! You were saying to me that was a bit of this a little bit as I go baking you a little bit of that, so we’re gonna clean that up. It changes the shape of your face straight away as well. It’s like just marking out the neckline, I’m just going to give you a little bit of shape here with a moustache. Okay, I’m going to taper this in with the Clippers and we’re gonna have a little look see how shapes forming out. I might just keep a little bit of this link through the front here. If that’s, okay with you, yeah cool, okay, I’m gonna go in with two yeah, it’s quite a lot of light Well, I like to call like well-being, festivals.
Now, right, you know all around the well all around the world, but they’ve really come into their own A lot more haven’t they You know, I mean no, I’m working I’m working at three this year, so working at one called the Sun and Moon Festival and that’s in sort like sorry and there’s One called the big big retreat, that’s in Pembrokeshire and wells and then I’m doing men fest So it’s a men’s festival They do women fest first and then, and then they do men fest afterwards and that’s down in Froome down in Somerset So it’s like the first ones connecting obviously we’ve got s in within and a way yeah and then divine mastery and after that, if that’s your that’s your thing, okay, so I’m gonna go in with them one and just give that little little bit more shape You still want to keep, I don’t you want to keep the beard and you want to keep it pretty long ish, but just about giving you a little bit of seat all right Tommy So I think I’m gonna put some sea salt spray in here and just they’re just dry and naturally sour don’t make it look too big and Buffon is that okay yeah what’d, we say no, no, I mean she hey That means she hates it me I mean don’t mean she hates it What she’s saying is I don’t like it? So if you like it, that’s great, been some citrus Python, it’s citrusy and spicy That’s why they call it that I haven’t tasted it No, it’s not something I regularly do know that I don’t do that Carlos no, I windows inside of Windows You know that’s Windows, yeah, sunshine, coach, okay, brother What we saying say, Michael I say okay, so I left it a little bit soft around the back swim in so you know it looks like you’ve had a good haircut, but it doesn’t look like you’ve Just had a haircut, you know what I mean So you know you got that soft edges rather than hard edges, lots of loads and loads of texture loads of layers in there She should feel lighter, but you got some direction and movement to your haircut Yeah yeah! That’s it thanks for watching this Video beardbrand has launched a private community called the alliance, its foreign men, who are looking to invest in themselves and who are looking to keep on growing click the link over there and come join us or stick around and watch some more awesome Videos

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