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The Beginning of My Home Decoration

30 Sep , 2019  

It’s turning to the gloomiest de servir, coffee, candle and waffletime. Not only the coffee, candle, pancake, waffle, leftover fall gloomy daytime. but if you’re on a familiar with them or you’ve always wanted to try them and haven’t you just go to the website, take a five-minute quiz and They recommend the vitamins suitable for your dietary restrictions or lifestyle, so I’m vegan hold on you’d have a little more coffee before I start going spots on your ass, so I took their quiz and it was delivered right to my doorstep.
I also took a leap in order: their plant-based protein powder, it’s chocolate. Let’s take a look at what my five-minute quiz less than that we’re like two minutes on Kara, I’m gonna burn my waffles yeah, I’m admittedly very bad at taking the right vitamins for my diet, but when it’s all ready to go all in one, it just Makes it easier for me, I think that’s one of the perks that I like about them. Let me get back to the heart of the matter made for Haley. I was recommended veggie Omega iron, cranberry probiotic blend and I got their plant protein you’re. On top of the dispenser, but I will show you it’s quite cute and I think also one of the reasons it reminds me to take vitamins every day. Every pact has a fact, a pact fact, there’s peace of mind for me and knowing that I can just take a moment on my day to get all the nutrients. I need suitable for my lifestyle. It was this one cranberry uh-huh what this one! That D Omega! All right veggie will make it down the hatch. Another veggie will make it down the hatch probiotic blend Granberry. The sounds don’t match airman, no, that ah so, if you’re interested in trying care of you can click the link in my description use my code and get 25% off your first order of vitamins or protein. They have other cool products. I think they have vanilla as well and I’m pretty sure, there’s plant protein is P based. Well, I’m gonna compost, my vitamin packet good way to start off the day. I think so makesure you check the link in the description. If you two are interested in continuing your journey of nutrition mmm, you know. Excuse me, while I go have 12 more cups of coffee, I’ve just received a package quite a large package, Tufts of sorts, that’s not a euphemism, just a general observation.
Can you tell I just watched so many jeff goldblum interviews? I think it is for my bathroom. I ordered some new shelves to go where that is so we’ll have another. I could just install another shelf. I better decided to buy thing in a unit of its own and will I regret it. It might be bad, but I might be bad, might just crack this little lady open and do just a couple strokes on the wall, where I don’t need to worry about tape. For I’m having a bit of a weird day. I mean I’m wearing different glasses. So I should have been a sure enough sign that today is off. I just need light until they bring me back down just therapeutically. Oh baby. This is what they call Greek villa white. I truly can’t stop talking like Jeff. Both a bit of a toil toil toiled tile boy, something in boil toil, toil Wow Wow. I can’t remember what it is well toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble a little bit of a witch’s brew perfect, for these fall feelings. Okay, oh my god looks so creamy mommy mommy, mommy, mommy mommy. That’s all I wanted to do. I actually might go a little bit. I might like maybe deal the majority of this wall and now I’m gonna get it. I’m probably gonna get a comment from someone be like. No, you can’t paint before you’re gonna paint the wholething it ruins the whole. The electromagnetic complex of the paint sticking to the wall with the second coat going on, or something like that. Just someone really coming in with those paint facts, and I could not care less about the proper me to paint when she says she’s, just gonna do a little part on the wall when she says she’s. Just gonna do like a little part. Just like a part like when she just says like she’s, just gonna do like a little just like a tester on the wall, just like a tester yeah when she says that oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my god, if it’s so perfectly under its not to Be so good, so nice, and I’m done with my bathroom makeover – definitely gonna need a couple more coats before we really see that Greek villa really that texture of the Greek villa just really resonates in the room right now. It’s feeling a little bit restrained a little bit more mmm Italians All right thought I might try, maybe two, but I might maybe try just thought about maybe trying.
Oh my god, no there’s no way I don’t think unless No, no, there’s more directions Tell me there’s more directions that the picture of what it looks like wool – oh my goood, how large hey I owe in like that, then Co, good buddy! I know what I’m gonna need a drone right yeah another day, all right, I realize I look interesting Um couldn’t get anything any aspect of my physical appearance to work today, I’m just about to head out and go meet up with Lindsey and Allie, and we’re gonna listen to some babe corner mixes, because the EP is dropping momentarily If you don’t know, I’m in another band called a porn and I play bass very mediocre Lee I gotta do something I gotta do something about this we’re gonna Never, oh, I didn’t turn off my straightener for like two hours Uh saves me time I don’t know what, if I just because my hair needs to be the way it is right now I don’t think anyone I hate it while I hate it so much Why am I having a career crisis before I go to the cafe? Why I’m having a hair crisis before the cafe? No well? If I, what if I did beg like what, if I just had been cuz, I have hair down, maybe just hair down you Oh, my god – and this is the first time I’ve ever been insecure on the Internet – no just here behind ears at all times That’s all so chemistry, okay, buh-bye turns out I didn’t really need to worry about my hair haha What what he did, what he said What did they did? Who wait? What happened who’s they’re doing? Thumbnails? Oh here, oh of course, why didn’t we think about this? Oh, a quick vote Just like I said a quick vote You should be taking deep three peoplethere, one person shooting I nominate myself Okay, I found a good hair, even though I’m covering it with a hood and in a calmer disposition I owe you big-time I owe ya bud etc, 25% off If you use the codes Haley black handle bug, remover, also check out gay corner and get yourself some merch We just got these black hoodies made and I’m obsessed with them, I think, there’s a limited amount so run Don’t walk, we’re coming out with an EP soon So alright, okay, okay, see in the next one

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