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1 Nov , 2019  

Food has always played a hugely important part of my family’s life for not eating. It then we’re talking about it, and that goes for my extended family of friends too, but then food always has to be more than just fuel top brings us brings our memories together and family food is comfort food and we all have certain things that you know When you eat them, you feel instantly better. In common with lots of us is the food that my mother cooked were nice a child, and this is my desert island dish.
If I could choose the last meal, I need on earth her beef with sauce bearnaise. Oh and afterwards I would have tohave my granny’s pears bell, Ln, which is poached pears with vanilla ice cream and the most dark luscious chocolate, sauce mm-hmm, but now I’m just gonna, like the griddle. This should take about five minutes toheat up, which is about the right time to do the sauce 3 egg yolks. If you were to look up sauce bearnaise in the Lewes gastronomique, you would be told to start with a reduction of shallots white wine, charvel tarragon. Various other things now I don’t do it that way, not out of any disrespect just because I do it the way my mother did, which tastes great to me, which is really a question of just mixing egg yolks, with some dried tarragon bit of tarragon vinegar. Just a bit and salt and whisk away over this pan at simmering water, but the bass shouldn’t touch the water, and nor will it and just whisk away adding butter until it thickens a bit like just think of it as hot mayonnaise with herbs in it. When I, as a child, one of us used tohave the job of chopping, the butter into cubes and the other would be stood on a chair propped up right near the stove and whisking and actually is this is the best way to learn. That’s why I had to make this by watching like like you’re watching now you could you can’t learn to cook in a better way, that’s business, one of the reasons why I’m so fond of this, and why I now I’m a great believer in child labor and Make my children stand on stools, stirring hot sauces? They learn not to burn themselves. To I know, a lot of people are quite anxious about sources like this with egg yolks and butter because they can split or curdles, but that’s why I dredged on my pan.
Full of cold water, because if it does get overheated, if the source looks like it’s curdling, what am I gonna do? Is I slipped up this pan plunge it there? So the temperature immediately drops whisk like crazy and then it should see off any problems and I’m not saying that will happen or that you should worry, but I really think in life. If you prepare for the worst, then it may not happen. It pays to be patient because you just wanted to add another cube as one melts as if you go slowly. The sauce will thicken wonderfully just like when you make mayonnaise, you have the oil slowly and if you’re doing one huge heap, it’ll just find it difficult to keep the heat up spit more butter. And, as you get a good solid lump of sauce, then you can start adding more butter ins at one time. Well, my father’s absorbed just time for a lovely bit of lemon just sharpen it up just do it by eye and then by taste. Well, that’s that done! For now. All I’m gonna do at the end is add some freshly chopped our can just to spruce it up, but for now I’ll leave it and get them with a beef. This is a cut. I really like what it is. It’s an inch thick along the whole of the top rump and you cook it like a steak, but then afterwards slice it really thinly on a diagonal like that which makes it taste so succulent and actually makes it go a lot further. That’s great one of the rules about griddling is oil, the meat and not the griddle, because if you I look with a little just smoke like hell, not saying it won’t, but here goes, I like might be freely under dawn. So I’m only gonna give this about two minutes aside action know if you have a grizzle, do not worry, you can use the domestic grill. If it’s hot enough, you can use a frying pan. You can use the oven. Just remembering cook this as a steak. I look at it from its thickness, don’t weigh it. I think it’s gonna be ready to turn now. Well, it’s wonderful all tiger stripes yum-yum! Then another few minutes that’ll be perfect. That’s it really not too much work for the most fantastic meal bill. This looks ready for me, so I’m just gonna, let it rest for, while on my board, I’ve salt, which should be salty now. The reason why you leave meat to rest is that when it’s hot and on a pan, all its juices near the outside. So if you just cut through it, the juice will just run out and all the flavor with it. Whereas if you don’t sit just for a few minutes, the juices go all the way through the center, making the whole cut really succulent and delicious.
So I’ve got to add some tarragon to my sauce. That’s a teeny-weeny bit of fresh tarragon does to spruce it up, and just because that gives you a lovely sort of herbal hit at the end. For not too much your failure in the middle of some new-mown hay, that’s enough! Yum, yum yum! So that’s it! I’m just gonna leave it there don’t worry about it cooling down, because it should be at room temperature for beef. I wanted to show you. One thing is that I, like might be freely underdone, and you can tell how well beef is cooked without stabbing it simply because if you press it and it feels really soft and and to be yielding, that means it’s underdone. If it’s a teeny bit bouncy, it means it’s medium and you don’t need to tell me if it’s hard. It’s like it’s it’s well-done, so this feels lovely, it’s soft and buttery and I’m gonna start slicing into it. Diagonally across I am the world’s worst carver, which is probably one of the reasons why I like this cut. I can’t resist this just like this now, hang on, mmm traditionally should have chips which i think is making things quite stressful, and i love it to us with a green salad, and I bet so. You can dip the baguette into all the slobbery buttery sauce and into those wonderful red juices. My mummy will be proud of me. My cred is pears, Bella leg, pokes, pears, vanilla, ice cream and hot sit, dog Pez, just peeled carved and court, and there does poached in a vanilla syrup, and that is really just water, sugar and a vanilla pod, not scary. This is the easiest chocolate sauce. You could imagine just a couple of boss, choclate half a cup of sugar, I like to use instant espresso powder because you can just pour on the water. Then sprinkle over the powder don’t even have to reconstitute it but of course use any instant coffee or indeed real coffee that you like, and then you just pour in the cream stir again. That’s it. This source is so good tohave in your repertoire. You can use it to serves up any type of water, ice cream and right at the end, if you sprinkle over some finely chopped pistachios, it adds color and wonderful crunch, Oh sweetheart.
This is Marmite and possibly together. This is how I make my my sandwiches sounds mad to be suggesting a shortcut when it’s not exactly procedure when you’ve got lots of children, you do want to make them very very quickly. One on one goes one spreading only and they do make the best from it sound distant world. I know it’s like peanut butter, not all the influences on the food. I cook come from my family. Some of them come from what I think of as my acquired family, which is my library, and I am a complete fool put junkie. I mean every single book in this room and there are plenty on the floor, a food books. I mean some of them. I’ve just picked up out of it as obsessiveness, but some of them have played an enormous part of my life from in this book. You can see this from the cracks in the spine. How much it’s been read and manna del Conte who’s written, it is I’d, say, sort of the greatest maternal influence on my life in the kitchen. You know, after my mother and another woman tohas played that sort of role that I feel very moved and influenced by her writing and that’s Claudia Roden, and this book has a recipe in it, which I cook so often it’s for Talia tele with chicken. It’s from Venice and I’ve cooked it so often and a few years since this book came out that I now feel you know what I actually either to my childhood. No, I surely I couldn’t just have been eating it for the last few years. Oh couldn’t be simpler either this roast chicken is to go with Talia tele and I’m gonna make a sauce out of the lovely juices, but I’m just going to do its. What the Fabrice Lee prong this beast and get rid of it for a while to get a bit cooler. I’ve trained myself to use oven gloves because I’ve covered in Burns pour these wonderful brown juices from the chicken which is really the spit of olive oil and add some toasted pine nuts, not that many stab it a wonderful gold on gold, some sort honors, which I’ve Soaked in water and some rosemary not too much because it is very aromatic – you just want a subtle taste of it, rather than a credibly soapy hit one of the reasons why I’m really fond of this recipe. Well, obviously, apart from the way it tastes which is wonderful, is that it comes from Venice and that’s why I got married so now, chicken time for a bit of dismembering in surgery, nothing.
I like more. I’ve got a hands like house bestest, but you can use a knife and fork if you want or just leave it to get a bit cooler. I like pulling it apart with my bare hands. I’m doing this like this, because I want nice rough chunks, nothing neat and elegantly sliced. I’m gonna have to be patient with me. This is gonna take some time. I want a whole of this chicken, including the skin connote dust, wipe my hands cuz. This gets very messy, so I have to say I rather like, but now Elliot any it’s much better to let the chicken sit about and never the pasta is it on babies. This will take about four minutes. No more so I does heat my source up and get rid of the chicken. I want to keep burns for stock and I’m not gonna wash this up, because it’s got all the lovely chickeny bits and when the chicken was sitting in there. Well, that’s about the size of it. Telly telly have to cook sauce has to get warm. That is so wonderful, I’m just gonna taste the pasta I like to test it about a minute before it says just in case all right. Just as well is it’s perfect, so now I’m gonna throw cold water over it. There’s focused on the temperature straightaway and their delicate pasta like this won’t get overcooked great and I’m gonna move fast before this goes craggy mmm pour half these lovely juices over. Just the Italians never use as much sauce as we do just a bit. What patient? As you sit through coming over my meat, it’s a family food at its best and now the last half of the chicken juices, and that’s it. I’m gonna freeze this chicken carcass and even though you can’t make any stop just with one carcass, I like to presume as I go along and build up a supply till I caught up and to that end moment friend’s house we’re having roast chicken for lunch. I just awesome: I can hit the carcass back home with me and I flash it in my deep freeze at home and then I’m a bit nearer tohaving it up the stock. I love cooking with my children and one of their favorite things to make a clean cakes, a mix of broccoli, peas and corn, potatoes all mashed up and bound with an egg. Oh, that’s the Rhine, so we just want you to put this bitch dip them in matzo meal or breadcrumbs and fry them to the loving crispy.
It’s a great way I found to get children to eat vegetables, not what I’m promising anything I’m sometimes extravagant, but I am never wasteful can’t throw anything away. I couldn’t even throw away an egg white, but why would you want to? I stashed them in my deep freeze and then when I want to, I can make meringues or better still pavlova, but we make this pavlova so often at home. I can’t work out whether in years to come, my children will either absolutely be passionate about it or never be able to face one again, but whatever they will need if they’re gonna make it four egg. Whites mine are defrosted in batches of two because that’s how they were in the deep freeze and if you’ve got a mangy old lemon knocking about like I always seem to my fridge, then it’s really helpful. If you just wipe it round the inside of your bowl, because that will get rid of any grease and means that the egg whites bark up beautifully and a bit faster, the egg whites to in second now I get to use my favorite toy just that, on A whim and I could just watch it, do anything for my nails. This should take us about a couple of minutes. I’m not going to beat them to past, but maybe I am I get so impatient and then living it. What I’m looking for, but then equates to be holding firm, peeps, not stiffly, whipped just that smooth firm each stage which looks about now right so now to the sugar, just whisking very gently to fold it in for each egg white. You need four tablespoons of sugar. Tablespoonful is a precise measurement in cooking, it’s 15 mils or if it helps think of 50 mils as three teaspoons treat couple spoons, that’s one, and now I’m gonna turn this meringue into pavlova watch one teaspoon of wine vinegar. I know it sounds odd and it is or but it works, and two teaspoons of corn flour. These two ingredients keep the belly of the meringue wonderfully chewy in marshmallowy, which is what a pavlova should be few drops of real vanilla, I’m going to fold these in rather than using the whisk, because I want a little there and I want to do it gently Just spoon under and over so as not to lose any air, but don’t worry about incorporating everything within a centimeter, its life and then pile it onto the tin You don’t have to do this, but if you just got a any old sandwich tin it’s about 20 centimeters in diameter and then fill in here or just if, but that’s pilot here, without making any such a measurement.
It’s not crucial, but I want this to be thick and gooey in the middle It’s not a shallow disc, don’t get toohung up, though, about doing the perfect circle This is just ordinary home cooking It’s not meant to be perfection anyway It’s what it tastes like that matters I think I’m just gonna get a spatula to make the sides smooth and that’s it to the oven hotter often than you might think, from around 180 gas mark 4 There’s a reason I want them ready to get in the heat and so crisp up on the outside, but then I’m turning it down to 150 gas mark 2 so that the inside cooks more slowly and stay soft and marshmallowy the perfect path This is not only ready but completely cold, because I find, if you let him around cool in the oven gradually at the oven itself, Liz’s temperature, it stays chewy now for the unveiling This is a tier pallet from Stephanie Alexander Lee, Australian food writer It’s her family way of doing it You invert it and put it on your serving dish with the soft bit That’s been next to the paper on top, so the cream, that’s piled all over this melt All this marshmallow a bit of meringue and the bottom and sides a crisp perfect I’ve used the same toy to whisk the cream, just pile it over Nothing Neat neatness is something beyond me That’s it another fruit, I’m a real single fruit person when it comes to pavlova I don’t like a fruit salad on top of it, and I think it works really well using passion, fruit, just scooping them out with a teaspoon, because the sourness, the aromatic sourness or the passion print works so well against The sugary sweetness of the meringue red currants and blackberries are good I don’t really like strawberries for the reason that they aren’t sour enough Although having said that the last ones I bought really worsen any when you use what you want This is all personal taste and that’s so important as always Is that I’m not telling you what taste you should have I’m just telling you what I think hmm here it is

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