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The Challenge of Using Wet Brush in Full Face Makeup

30 Sep , 2019  

. We thought you were gonna. Let me do with brushes, but if you have subscribe. This challenge has been going around the internet for a hot minute and I really been. I am a little late on the trend, but I’m a little late on everything yeah. I have a cup of water and basically in this challenge, you give your whole ey6 alone, and then you put your makeup on and basically we’re gonna see how this makeup turns out. I am very nervous with this challenge. I have a dinner to go to a 7 o’clock.
I’m gonna look like a hot freaking mess and uh. Well, what else is new, so it was 7. Why is it 6:30 now? I feel like I’m being playing yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and put my hand a ponytail because girl we know she’s about to get messy. Would you guys do this glass was full with mac fix+ PD on the inside just kidding. It is water, it is tap water, it should be Dasani, but it’s not we’re at least a Fiji. For God’s sakes, this is going a lot, I’m here to entertain you and I hope you enjoy it, and I tag you if you’re a born now homey, you want to try found your board at home and you want to try it fun. Makeup challenge. Go get you a cup of water and just have fun. This will make us 4. Actually, I’m gonna recommend this to you, because a lot of powder products I’m gonna, be using today and what is it like, destroys my powder products and I’m just like. Oh, let’s see what happens to me and then I’ll decide if you guys should do it at home without further ado. A little crazy make sure it subscribe to a channel unique, so we’re gonna skip primer today, exciton really know how to add primer with a wet brush. Oh my gosh, so with foundation today, I’m gonna be using the milk makeup golden sand. Matte foundation. I don’t think it’s gonna be very mad after I wet it. I was gonna use a dewy foundation, but then I was like I really thought a dewy foundation would end up. Looking the same, I was wondering if the water would skew a matte foundation. So I picked a matte one baby. I’m gonna use this little krill a beauty like thing to like pour the foundation out on, so I can dip my wet brush in it. Alright, we have my y6 Rushmore PDUs coat lauralee for a discount of 10% off. Look at that look at you. We’Re gonna give her a good douse dripping, so I feel like I should give it a little tap or Izzy. Oh girl, it’s like really wet. I squeezed you’d a little bit because that’s just gonna be nasty.
Alright, I have my little thing here. I’m just gonna switch over look it’s like suctioning to it, because the brush is so wet. Wow. Look at that! Oh man, I feel like some weirdness going on. You can feel the texture like you see how it’s just to moisturize and it’s like it’s weird. It’s like it’s sticking to my face, but it’s like it doesn’t want to I’m getting really descriptive uh. It looks so nasty okay, like honestly, my foundation feels about a million times heavier than this foundation normally feels, I don’t think it’s messing up the coverage, but it’s making me really difficult to blend out. Also, this is like dripping water all over me. I don’t know how supposed to get the brush this wet, but I took the challenge pretty serious, so it feels really gross on my skin. Also for those of you who don’t know, I just had a ruler creation to some makeup. So if you’re seeing some like texture right there, this has gone better, but you can still see a little bit. It is residual from my catastrophe. Next up, I have the NARS concealer in custard and I’m gonna dip a little concealer brush in here. Oh yeah. It little squeegee off, you know, there’s like water down in here now. Okay, here I go. Actually this is not looking. I have a feeling it’s gonna crease like I can just tell, but I got that song in my head for like the past six years, and I just I can’t get the song out of my head. What is your favorite song right now? I need new music. You guys have no idea like how about. I need new music. I’m gonna throw my phone out the window. If I hear the same song sits on my playlist again like I’m going to lose it all sanity. So please comment down below. Let me know some songs that you’re loving right now. I would really appreciate it and, please don’t add the song, the middle okay, cuz, it’s been in my head for a week, not hating the concealer. I just feel like. It definitely performs better when the brush isn’t wet. It makes it really difficult and look at this creasing. Can you guys see that this concealer doesn’t do that to adding it really wet? This is like a flippity-flop or bronzer. I don’t really see the point in adding a setting powder. It’s gonna turn to cake we’re gonna. Add a powder bronzer, though this one’s my makeup forever.
Have my r14 bronzer brush, let’s go ahead and dip on in oh okay. May the gods be with you because honey you’re about to go through it. Here we go girl, it just turned it to mud. I don’t know why. I didn’t expect that, but I kind of did not expect that, like I’m shook and no one else is: oh, my god, I literally like turn it into a cream contour, but can we be mad at that absolutely not now? The thing is, I think I got too much because now it seems like a little bit of this product is go a really long way. Whenever I wet it so hey, maybe you get more usage out of your product than you think you would. Whenever you wet your brushes, we may be on to something people we’re just gonna blend for three years I’ll be back whenever I’m 82 and we’ll be done blending this out 2,000 years later. Okay, here’s the gag yeah, it’s too much bronzer, I don’t live, but I feel like if I known what was gonna happen, I would have went in with less Roger and I think this would have been really pretty. I was gonna say the powder product. It ain’t as bad check it. I mean it is a little aggressive but come on guys. This does not look that bad. My brush was soaking wet. Here’s the part where I sink in my get ugly, I’m gonna go ahead and do a polish. I was gonna pick a cream blush, but I kind of looks like it’s not cheating, because the products already kind of wet. So I chose to do fearless from Tarte, I’m gonna take my e4 angled blush brush and I’m gonna dip it right into the water. Oh here I go. I’ve never used this blush color before Oh, like so much came off. I need to go in with a lighter hand because of the bronzer experience, but the blush is pretty on my face. You know I ain’t playing you next. I think this parts gonna be really fun. I’m gonna go in with this color pop highlighter. It doesn’t have a name on the back of it, so this is just our mystery. Highlighter, I’m going to dip a little bit out in the lid and we’re gonna wet this highlighter brush. This is my favorite Heather brush. It is an art, 36 yeah, I’m gonna give her swoozie, okay tapping it right in whoo. She said that country tapping it. Oh who’s, gonna see the new Jurassic world movie, I’m so invest in those movies. Ever since I was a young little lad, I girl those movies are my living breathing treasure. I think they should build something in Hawaii, where we can run around those little clear balls and experience some goodness.
Oh no, my little ball will get trapped somewhere. A roll off a cliff so far with this challenge, let me just do a little recap. I find it’s a little bit more difficult to blend the product out and get it to apply beautifully. This makeup is gonna last all of three minutes because I’m not setting it with powder, but this, when I do is just gonna turn to hell on earth. I do like the way it’s looking. I think it did make it mine, she’s, really gonna play like she’s, that dark, oh and let’s move on to eyes, shall we so for my brows I always use a brow pencil, but I can’t really, I guess, like dip a brow pencil in there’s confusion. There so I figured I would dip an angled brow brush and use my dip brow and medium brown. I have this little angled brush dipping her in tapping her off and now we’re gonna dip into you, the dip brow. I know this is about to make my life a turd. There’s gonna be a turd, see it’s like hard to get the waxy product on the brush, because it’s like rejecting the wax go ahead and spoolie these brows. Okay, I mean, I feel like the product. Is so watery it’s like if you barely touch anything like a massive amount, comes off been like 10 years since I’m used to dip brow pomade like I have not done this in so long Brown looks snatched though I mean I gotta clean it up. A little bit before the most part, she snatched I’m going to now wet this tiny angled brush and dip it in a bit of concealer Harpe out my eyebrows. This concealers already filled with water and it’s like extra creamy in the pot. So I have to wonder if I ruined my concealer, all right eyebrows are laid, and I thought for using a cream eyeshadow. Some really cool products to use would be these little color pop eyeshadows they’re, always great. You know like cuz, they’re kind of cream, not technically a web product, but they just have like a really nice creaminess to them. Could the wetness ruin them absolutely, but we won’t know until we find out. That makes no sense. We won’t know until we try it. So first I’m gonna go in with drift. I also have a little bit of cute ologist. Oh, I kind of want to try some metallicy. Oh yeah, that’s pretty not a warm tone! Lara Lee and I warned home. That is just unheard of here. We go our 39 brush swizzle de round, and those of you asking yourself at home is was the word well, I just made it a word.
So I’m going to rub my brush in this color. It seems to be picking up a good bit here. Oh by the way, this is hunks of lash glue on my eye. Now that is a Laura Lee signature. If there’s not lash glue on her eye, did she really do her makeup Wow, it’s performing it’s like if you can see a bit patchy because of the water. Obviously, like really hard to get like that soft blend, I’m gonna go in with a little bit more and I feel like whenever it’s not way. You definitely get a lot more pigment from these, but it’s like hard to get the pigment to stick to your eyelid and not the brush. This, my friend, is a real challenge. You see how it’s already like detaching for my crease. This is slowly but surely a hot mess. I may have not picked the best eyeshadows for this challenge, but I really thought it. She really tried it y’all. You guys tell her. My brush just went to hell and back next I want to tap into a little bit of drift. I’m reading the brush just tapped in some more water. Alright, here we go now. This color seems to be not giving me as hard at a time which gives me some relief lid color. I don’t really think we’re gonna have an issue because I wet my lip colors all the time and actually back in the day, I used to lick my brushes to wet them because I did not have mac fix+. However, I could have used water, but that’s besides the point I wanted to use my own body parts in order to make my makeup little bling in using m41 brush our waters like this disgusting film along the edge but girl, I’m gonna, go in with Heine. Now this was part of my collaboration in order to donate back to the animal shelters. This was a really cool collaboration, so this is hiney. I’m going to now add it on to the lid, to give it a really pretty pretty pretty Sparkle, just gorgeous darling. Now hiney is a really cool color, it’s so pretty. I just want to go back to the bronzer, really quick, I’m feeling the bronzer and it’s just fine, and it’s already dried. So it seems like the water didn’t mess up the bronzer. Let’s have a look at that blush: look the blush honey, she’s, rocking and rolling that did not slow her down at all Okay, so it looks like the water really isn’t messing up the powder makeup, which I did not expect.
I’m gonna take a I’m gonna Take a 410 brush little tapper I feel like I’m about to do music, like I’m going to go in with the drift, which is our cranberry shimmer shade, and now I have to smoke this girl hi I am i under eyes like look at this creasing That is a flaw right There, girl under eye is like so impossible to blend out It just looks like chunkiness Am i under I hate it Thanks, I’m going to take my roller lash and yeah I’m gonna do it I’m gonna dip, the one in the cup of watchit ahh whoo she’s only getting one dip honey I ain’t getting crazy Here I go yeah The roller lash is just pitiful and this is a bomb mascara, but so now we know if you dip it in water, it sucks Alright, I have this tart liquid, lipstick I really like this color It’s called festival, I’m going to dip it in water You know it’s already like looks pretty good, just like beating the water off like trying to reject the water it made it really goopy like and really feelings, not living living living for it What wow? It really likes cute the formula, a good bit, alright girl alright guys This is the final look I had at a lash, but let me talk about what I don’t like D’Andra is a hot mess, partly because we don’t have concealer and partly because I had a lot of water to my concealer I think I said we don’t have concealer, I’m going to say, because we don’t have setting powder on my face, and that is just a Holy Grail product when you’re doing your makeup and eyes all got it all today So the under eye blend is rough and the under eye Mascara and lashes are also very rough I love the eyebrows I love the eye shadow I love the lashes I now actually, actually the foundation looks kind of dewy and it’s a matte foundation So I feel the adding water to it Actually, it’s like a little trick in the tray I hope you guys enjoyed watching it If you did well then honey, what are you waiting for? Give it? A thumbs up, if you haven’t already and be sure and subscribe I love you guys so much Ok, I’m going to eat some chicken bag; ok, grilled, chicken, grilled chicken I have a summer vacation, it’s grilled chicken from here on out Oh that’s! So creepy I hate it I hate it here We’Re done!

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