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The cheerleader fell down! (accident)

30 Sep , 2019  

You know how Don’s been really lonely He’s got a dog what’s up guys, what’s up dirty dog he’s really relaxed, oh yeah, so because we split have another bull, this movie Now the food is really good here Would you have sex with him? This is day you may remember him from being surprised with Kylie Jenner he’s back, I’m back in business I’Ll, be honest When I listen to you talk, sometimes it feels like you’re just making up words shut the fuck up Let me store this bird I got a little contact, I for sure you’re like out of it, I’m so out of it Are you not? No, I am fuckin fucks with it can’t believe you have an assistant Now What are you signing contracts? My fiction notice being audited hurry up, I’m in the car to push back all my meetings No Bob cannot live That’s my friend Carly and it’s her birthday today and she really really really loves chick-fil-a So right now we’re at chick-fil-a we’re gonna get Carly a year-long supply of free chick-fil-a and then one more thing: Guddu a gift card If yeah 3000 yeah, let’s do it showing the cat we’re gonna go pick up Todd amazeen because they’re drunk I’m kidding real quick surprise for Carly Oh two things: we got you tickets to go, see: Christy Leah in Vegas, oh shut up, yeah yeah We got your hotel and your phones obviously paid for because that would be lame If we didn’t do that, shut the fuck up, yeah and I figured you’d be hungry, so I got you free chick-fil-a for a year shut The fuck Are you kidding wait? This is real yeah, it’s chick-fil-a for a year yeah What do you mean? I can order? Whatever I want yeah sure, oh thank you, I’m sorry, I don’t like getting surprised gonna get like flustered just put like a million dollars on I guess there’s three thousand dollars on it deep breath Relax for me! Think of your happy place Budgets!

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