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The decoration of my new diamond lamp reveals Mike Dadi’s angel Merino.

30 Sep , 2019  

Welcome back to my channel, if this is your first time tuning in my name is Anja Marino, but you can call me Mac daddy now.. I’m not gonna be doing a makeup tutorial. if you guys remember last holiday season, we had a little holiday collection for my Brand called disco tour and we created a product which was art diamond lights, finisher in the shade spotlight glitz. Now, when we were developing that product, it kind of took us a while, because I was really specific about the formula how I wanted it to adhere.
How I wanted it to perform and you guys loved it so much we’re so so blown away by your guys’s response by you guys his feedback like it got so much love. I was completely like shook taken back, so I knew that we had to create more. So immediately once we realized that you guys loved it so much, we said hey, we need to create some more shades and that’s exactly what we did. We created a for more shades of my diamond lights finisher, as well as bringing back the original diva spotlight glitz and I’m here to show them all to you guys. You guys are ordering online or shopping in stores. They’Re gonna look like this super classic artist. Couture packaging, you guys know our swag is the black and the gold. So this unit carton is a nice satin black with our gold logo. In the front, it says diamond lights, finisher and you get 3.5 grams worth of product in every single one and then at the top you’ll also see the name of the color, I’m gonna start off with a spotlight glitz. Just to remind you guys, this is the class of diva. This is the og diva. This is the first one that we ever created you’re gonna open her up. She looks like this. She fits super snug super comfy in here and she’s going to look like this. She is a beautiful square component, a nice clear base, shiny black top gold logo. I just to keep it sleek and sexy in classic. You guys know that I love things to feel and look timeless, something that you can put on your vanity next to all of your other makeup, and it just looks really beautiful, really pretty really classic. So when you guys open it, you twist it like that and you’re gonna notice that at the top there’s gonna be like a safety seal, just gonna prevent any product spilling while it’s in transit or anything like that, and it’s also just to secure That it’s brand-new and it’s been untouched, so I’m gonna go ahead and lightly peel off the tab.
You guys will notice there’s like a little part on top. That’s a little bit taller. You literally just grab that piece and you pull it back before we dive into swatching. I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit more about the way that this was made in the formulation, so you guys know that I love anything that is just like in your face packs a big punch, something that’s like super over the top, like my Highlighters obviously, really wanted something that was like super reflective, super shimmery super sparkly, but something that looked literally wet. I’ve been obsessed with like using shimmers and sparkles on my eyes since, like the beginning of time, I literally every time people ask me with my favorite colors. I always say it’s glitter and that’s that’s a story for another day we’ll get into that later. The way this is made is really really unique, because a the pearls are really really fine, they’re, really really finely milled they’re so reflective, so sparkly and they’re actually wrapped in a silicone oil. So I know that might sound a little crazy might sound a little like what so look on what, but what that does? It really allows the pearls to literally melt into the skin. It allows the finished product once you have it on to literally look wet. I get asked all the time: what’s the best way to apply this product, do I use a sponge? Do I use a brush? Do I use a silicone tip, applicator and honestly, the best way to apply these is with your fingers and I think, a lot of the times. I forget that our fingers can sometimes be our best makeup tool. So when you pick this product up, whether you are rubbing it in between your fingers, the back of your hand on your wrist, whatever you do, you want to warm it up, because your body heat will activate that silicon oil, even more and it’ll literally allow it To melt into the skin it’ll just glide on like butter and it’ll just look still reflective, beautiful, sparkly and just sweat, and you are just gonna be that girl, so we’re gonna start off with a spotlight glitz. This is the one that we launched over the last holiday, so a lot of you guys actually got to experience this, but if you haven’t don’t fret, because she is back, she is here to stay.
This one in particular, is really beautiful, because it is infused with beautiful, pink and silver pearls. So when you apply it onto your eyes or your skin or your body depending on, like the lighting and when you’re looking at it from sometimes she looks a little bit more pink. Sometimes she looks a little bit more silver in gold she’s, a really unique shade. She’s, a very universal shade. She looks amazing on all complexions, whether you’re, fair light, medium, dark, deep, she’s, gonna look amazing on you. You can use it on your eyes. You can use it on your lips. You can use out of your face. You can use it on your body, basically anywhere that you want to be like extra like Beaman highlight poppins sparkly just go ahead and put it on there girl, because she is definitely gonna make you stand out. The next shade is diamond bronze. Now this one does have a little bit more of a base than spotlight glitz, spotlight glitz. When you blend her out she’s a little bit more sheer this one does have a little bit more pigment to the base. It is a little bit more bronze II and it has beautiful silver and gold pearls when you think of like the ultimate bronze sexy goddess. I like this is what you need in your life. It literally will complement any complexion. It looks the most amazing on the eyes. In my opinion, you can pair it with warm Browns in your crease or just wear it by yourself, and it literally will give you the most beautiful bronze eye if you’re more on, like the medium to deep complexion. If you share it out and use it really lightly, it also looks really beautiful on the face and the body, but this does have a little bit more pigment this one. I wanted to have a little bit more of a base because I really wanted to create a beautiful bronze shade that would just look perfect, but like I’m out on the town or if you’re an extra like me, you just throw it on. Go to Target. Go to Starbucks and yeah you’re set. This next shade is called icy girl. Now I know how many people absolutely love – love, love, cocoa, bling and glow powder. I feel like that was one of the shades that I created that I thought people were gonna like and then people literally loved it. So with creating an extension of my diamond lights. Finishers, I thought to myself: if cocoa playing had a cousin, what would be her name and what would she look like and we got? I see girl and this one is a true light, silver color, but it’s really unique because it actually has a beautiful, almost like a lilac pearl in the mix.
So when you apply it, when you wear it, when you swatch, it will see beautiful silver. Pearls you’ll see that beautiful pop of lilac that just peeks through which is like a nice little surprise. It just makes this super super unique. This looks amazing on the face and body if you’re more of a fair to medium complexion. This looks amazing on the eyes like it looks so stunning literally looks wet. I really love to create like a smoky eye with this and just pop it like right in the center so that it just gives it like a nice little like wow factor or you can just wear it on its own, and it is just as beautiful this Next chain is one of my favorites: this is a nebula. This one is super unique, because this is more of a duochrome. It also has a little bit more of a base, just like that diamond bronze, but this one kind of gives you like an intergalactic feeling on it, so that that’s all I can say to describe the shade. It’s super unique. It just makes me think of like NASA and like the planets and like the stars and just that’s why I needed nebula. I don’t know my mind, I don’t I can’t explain its it. It’s just. It just happened that way, but this is a beautiful shade. It has a nice jewel chrome finish. It has a shift from like a teal to like a lavender purple, sometimes depending on like what other shades you pair it with. If you’re using it on your eyes, it can pull more teal or it can pull more purple. Just depends on what using it with, and your complexion looks amazing on the eyes and, if you’re more of a medium to a deeper complexion, it can also work on your face over a highlight as a topper or use it on your body. If you want to give the ultimate intergalactic fantasy and the last shade is a golden hour, I absolutely had to create something that was more of a gold tone. Obviously you guys know how much I love gold. This one is super special to me, because this is the one that I really took my time in creating because I really wanted to create like the perfect shade of gold I have an obsession with gold, but I’m very specific about the type of gold that it is.
I didn’t want anything that was too like coppery gold to oranjee gold, to yellow gold, to brass Eagle, to olive gold To me, this is like the most perfect beautiful gold You will ever find This literally looks amazing on everyone very light, medium dark, deep It looks amazing on your eyes, your face, your body The base to this is a little bit more sheer You can definitely share it out It’s not as deep as like a diamond bronze or a nebula It looks stunning on the eyes alone, like you, don’t even need to wear any other eye makeup, every single time that I’ve worn this I literally have gotten so many compliments everyone’s always asking What’s on my eyes, what’s on my eyes, and it literally takes like two seconds to apply – I really love the way that this looks on my eyes The best it looks amazing on your cheeks as a topper over your highlight This would look amazing over like a gold diggers diamond glow powder like an Illuminati diamond glow powder This does have a light gold base, but it is infused with beautiful gold and silver pearls that look so multi-dimensional They look so wet, and I named this Golden Hour because in my mind, when I’m sitting on my balcony at approximately 5:35 pm and that Sun is setting – and I think of the true essence of a golden hour – this is the color that comes to my mind And this is the color that I want to be wearing I love this one so much and I hope you guys did too before you guys leave don’t be Shady, be a lady make sure you guys subscribe to my youtube channel and turn on that notification bill So that you don’t miss a beat, I’m gonna be uploading Some more tutorials, showing you guys exactly how to use these babies, giving you guys a little bit of inspiration on how to use them where to use them, what to use them with and all that jazz leave me some comments Let me know if there’s any specific looks you want me to create, there’s any shades You really really want to see I hope you guys love these just as much as I do These will be available on artists, feature calm and Sephora calm and in supported stores on June 6, and they will retail for $25 Thank you guys so much for watching, guys

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