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The first day of high school grwm in 2019! (make up, hair style, clothing)

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here hello, hi welcome, my name is Nikki, I know Cole or whatever you want to call Bubba that’d just mean pick between Nick you, Nicole, because there’s nothing else. You can call me. I just like to say that, because there’s a nice ring to it and first of all I want to say please ignore the background. Our movers just came yesterday to deliver all of our stuff. So literally, everything is a mess and I kind of asked like a pop of color over there and then I kept the closet open seeking to pick the bright stuff in the closet and then that’s like all the bedsheets that we were using before our bed cam.
So it’s a mess. So I’m gonna show you guys a hair option, a makeup option, a clothing option and I’m just gonna talk about school in general, but first and foremost, no matter what in school it is. I need to wash my face in the morning. So that is what we’re going to do right now. Also, I’m just sorry that there’s so many like crickets or whatever late but I’ll say. First, things first have to wash the face because school gives stress, just gives pimples and we don’t want pimples. So, at least, if we can’t control the stress, we can at least control our face. Our faces cleanliness, but you can have a control chance to in a way because I’m gonna, let you guys now all you need to know about high school or at least what I’ve learned so far, but first things. First, let’s go wash I’m just waiting for fun. I still have a lot of presence skin left, so I’m going to use that today to do my holes getting here and prep for a little bit of make that, because you all know why you don’t do too much makeup. you guys know to get what they have and I’m also going to use the nail polish remover to take off this can’t get except I’m A male cause I want to put on some press on I’ve been really liking, press-on nails, so I’ll show you guys what that is, and now back to the room, as you can see the behind the scenes, my sister’s actually right next to me, because I moved The mirror – oh, oh, the cameras, but I move the mirror so that I can be able to look at my face. While I’m doing all of this, let me fix the cameras like this tab. Okay, I’ve no idea! I just took off my hair like what I would say take off my hair, but like took off my ponytail, you know: okay, here’s market 2.0. Don’t know I took it down, but first things. First, I want to do my press-on nails that I was talking about, but this is also the myths that I always use, but I think you can use it before makeup as well, so I want to put some on well I’m waiting to do my makeup.
I love it, and also I want to put on some chapstick well letting my skin be prepped, so this chapstick is from blistex and I’ve been using it mainly because it has SPF in it um, you guys all know. I am queen of getting blisters if you’ve been subscribed to my channel, I probably had I’ve, know countless blisters and I’ll. Let you guys know when I get them. So what I’m trying to do is take precautions now, because a lot of times, my blisters are probably from the bacteria like when traveling on planes and all that type of stuff and my lips hit super chopped and then they’re so easily, like infected. The pharmacy said that it could also be a stress thing like when I travel. The stress is a big thing, but I don’t feel that much just when I travel. So I think it’s more about, like the bacteria and my lips getting easily chopped. So he said that chapstick with SPF is super important and I’ve never had an SPF chapstick. So if your lips are getting super chap, I would definitely recommend getting something with SPF to protect them or if you get cold sores like me, and you know, yours is because of a sign or something like that. That’s really good attract and there’s no harm in putting it on before you like, put on some other lipstick or lip gloss, or something just to have that protective barrier. Okay. So these are thing else that I got from beautycon they’re from dashing diva and I’m actually obsessed, and even if you’d like to send me some nails a lot above but yeah. So I want to put them on first day of school, we feelin cute one. You feeling clean, and I feel like nails, just give you that feeling. So I’m gonna quickly put these on and I’ll show you how they look. Okay, so nails are done. I actually am so obsessed with stick on you as well, like I don’t see myself getting acrylic unless it’s for some type of serious event where, like I’m asked to or like I have to look up now, unless I’m seriously needs to get acrylics. I’m obsessed with be stick on nails like they look so good, at least to me they do a long prayer and honestly.
Why not do this and like save your nails instead of doing acrylics and then damaging them? Some, yes and then we can go to school. Can cute kind of pencil now on to hair um, simple hair, so now we’re gonna do today, first day of school, we’re not trying to do too much, but we’re trying to do too much okay. So what I’m gonna go for today is a slick high, but you’re. Just gonna need a spray bottle, a brush, a hairband one hairband and some gel of your favorite choice. You don’t have to use gel but trying to be a little anxious. So school is all about fooling people: okay, we’re trying to make people think that we tried when we really did it. So that’s why we’re spraying the water like crazy to make it look like our hair is not dry when it is, and I think a bun is really not doing too much and honestly, I would not bother doing a slick, fun 24/7 because you will start to Get headaches guys, like that’s just the truth, but it’s the first day, so you want to show up, show out cute slick bun, not too much not too little, I’m using the wet land exchange, oh by the way, and don’t come in the convoy saying that your Hair is not that slick, your hair, not that slick, I don’t care, I’m not trying to have the worst headache. Also, the pits are not that cute. So these are me alone. I know the pits I never kew. Okay Alice. I remember it’s cute unless I’m like going out and I really want to be like hey then, oh then I remember the only stuff that really needs to be gels is your roots just to make it look sleek and then I just take my brush and I Don’t actually like fully brush my hair, all the way out, cuz, I’m not trying to my hair, I just kind of let the comb go over everything or the brush. I mean okay, I am not liking. How far back this 22 is. I look like. I have an 8 head instead of a forehead okay, so we’re gonna do that again at this point, this is the point where I’ve been running late for school and my mom will be yelling. Okay. Now we can try this again, so just got a cute. Okay, so now your hair is like in this high pop situation, and you just start wrapping until you get the form of a bun. This definitely works more for curly hair, because when you have thick curly hair, it kind of just stays. I have so much like lint pieces in my hair so now for edges, I’m ugly! I’m cannot use a comb for my edges. I’m Noah use a toothbrush dedicated strictly to edit, but today we recycle two combs and this one’s just fine, I’m if you can see but there’s like a tiny side.
So this is what I’ll use it’s. What I use for my sister’s edges at beautycon when we had nothing so I’m going to use my edge fixer from kiss cosmetics. Well, it’s actually kiss colors and care, but it’s under the kiss cosmetics brand yeah. So when I use this for my edges, I just feel like it’s healthier. So that’s what I’m doing and it’s supposed to have like conditioning benefits or something. So I just keep it strictly to my edges and try to make sure it’s not going on the rest of my face, because what’s good for your hair doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your skin and I’ll know, if you guys can see, but the coma is Working just fine okay, so I just fixed that side of it. But now I’m just gonna go get my scarf yeah her sister’s gonna get okay, so edges are sitting. I’m smell, wash my hands one more time before we get into the makeup. Okay. So I’m back, I wash my hands and I’m just gonna put some sunscreen on my face. You guys so I already used my Kylie skin moisturizer and I use some of my face mist, but I want a little extra protection because I always move out when I put makeup and sunscreen is good anyways. We don’t want okay, so first school. I definitely do not recommend wearing a lot of makeup. I just feel like you’re walking around you’re meeting people you’re in people’s faces all the time and like you’re sweating, it’s hot and makeup and sometimes just feel uncomfortable. But if you want to wear makeup, obviously wearing it, because you know no one’s stopping you like you can’t they can’t tell you not to wear makeup, but so I was saying that don’t wear makeup. If you don’t feel like you don’t want to. I don’t and wear makeup if you feel like you want to, I’m definitely not to make a person, but I guess I could think of this as something I do for some type of advance at school on. So I wouldn’t probably do it, I’m personally, not a person that likes to wear makeup to school. I just feel like people are looking at my face too much. I don’t know why anybody guess what I’m saying like I feel like teachers just stare at you too much and I’m like okay, look away now and the only reason I know this is because you guys have seen I did a whole bunch of child just to School wearing different, colored, eyeshadow and percent feel like I don’t need it.
I don’t like it on an everyday basis. So, yes, I’m stop talking and let’s get onto the makeup for school. Okay. So I just test. I just tested little bits on my hand and I’m right. Nothing might just be the best as my foundation, so I’m just gonna use. My foundation, though I was like a concealer just to conceal all the little like discoloration on my cheeks from fast info, so yeah, I’m just gonna take a little bit. On the back of my hand, this is my wet and wild foundation that I’ve had for 50 years, but it’s good, so I just think that it’s not doing the best for my acne or maybe I’m not protecting my skin. Well, let me know what is do. I can sew to listen and I’m just using this Sigma small duo-fiber at 55 brush that I got in LA from an event. Also. I dunno this is not a foundation brush, but I don’t feel like washing any of my actual foundation brushes and I’m not using that much. So I think it’s mine and I’m not adding any more foundation, I’m just kind of like going around with. What’s like leftover on my brush and a little, that’s on my hand like nothing but okay, so that is all the foundation that I’m going to do again. I just want to look natural, but like it kind of just like blurred the acne spots a bit like you can still kind of see it, so it still looks like skin. You know – and I think I like this, but I merely focus the foundation here and I’ve had like a little football there. So I put a bit more on the sides but and then I just use let’s kind of buff everything out. But if you don’t wanna use foundation, which normally I wouldn’t either, I would just use some little highlight and it makes you feel on cloud 9, but we will get to the highlighting and the rest of that question. Ok! So now, I’m just gonna take this little palette from zoo, zoo, a book. It’s the caramel Milan shade and I’m going to just bronze up my eyes a bit. This is such a warm palette like it’s so cute and bronzy. If you know me I’d like to put a lot of bronzer shades on my eyes, I just feel like it looks good like for the longest. I use my bronzer shade as my eye shadow. So I’m just gonna use the star soft, just to add warmth and I’m not putting too much. I just want it more to be on the outer corner, so everything goes out. Okay, and just like that, my eyes look so warm and Keele, and I’m gonna be a little extra and take some loose setting powder and put that just a bit under my eyes to make my eyes look so bright, and I waited so after my eye Shadow to do this, so, if anything fell, this would kind of clean it up.
I’m not like doing some intense baking like all under my eyes, down to my cheek or something and jawline, because then it kind of gives the illusion that you’re wearing makeup like and it’s like more obviously, okay and I don’t really want to bake. So I’m just gonna let that sit for only like a minute. Okay and my brush is still a bit wet. So hopefully this will still kind of like be okay. Okay, I’m sure use my browser brush since I also clean that, but it’s ready dry and I’m just gonna use that what um, so what some advice I have for school first day, definitely don’t be too nervous, like I know it’s kind of hard to like Not be nervous, like everybody feels that no matter what just always keep my mind like everybody now says this cuz, like the truth that everybody is nervous on the first day, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself for being nervous, just fake it you like it. I think that you’re a bad beat and then you will feel like you’re a bad beat and then it just kind of works because once you’re faking it you start to believe it and once you’re believing it you’re, fine, not cocky, headed or something but just feel Confident in you and shellac sit back, do your work and friends will come if that’s what, if you’re like thinking so much about friends, forget about that people just come to you and you will attract people like you, um the popular people that you think you’re gon Na be friends with or like, oh, you have to be friends with them and nobody really cares. I mean, like you kind of know, who’s popular, but you start to realize you don’t even care, so don’t even worry about popularity, all type of stuff, get that out of your head as much as possible and really just do you finesse. The game. Get your good grades, peace, be friends with your teachers. If you’re friends with your teachers, you are you’re in luck, because if you don’t you get on something, the teacher will feel like they’ll want to help you as much as they can, rather than if you’re a bad student, and they don’t know you as a person And they’re like okay, but like fail, you feel, like you know, you have a higher chance of doing better in the class because you’re, you feel more comfortable to talk to your teacher and ask questions so always be friends with your teachers.
That is the best thing to do. Okay, so now for some highlight I’m just gonna take these Glo drops from dermablend and I’m gonna use my foundation brush to blend it out see. Normally, this is what I would do. I would not do a foundation like I would just do a little bit of highlight and I would but honestly on a regular day. I don’t do anything sometimes not even highlights oh wow. That is a lot okay, my camera died but a little bit of blending and we weren’t good. So let me just do this side. What’s you guys, I think blending it with the foundation brush made. It look better. Okay. I think this looks good. I’m not gonna put bronze or anything just because I feel like this shows more of my natural face juncture and if I put bronzer it would be a bit unrealistic and I don’t know my eyebrow brushes. This is the same brush I used for my edges, but I don’t really care okay, so my eyebrows look as good as they kind of look, and now I’m gonna do a little bit of mascara, because if I have i shadow on, I always feel like Outside mascara – or it doesn’t look right, this is the Maybelline, the Kohl’s, Oh Eddie. I didn’t know Spanish colossal, I’m just anyways yeah. I like this mascara cuz, it’s not so dark on my lashes and it doesn’t make them super clumpy, because I don’t like my lash to be clumpy. I, like individually long lashes, will fix that later. I don’t want to smudge it right now. Okay, so the musket is done um can you guys see – and I think it looks really good and natural? I hope the camera is not making it look too dark and yeah. The last thing I’m going to do is some gloss and then obviously I’ll put on the outfit because and done. This just looks like my glossy and, like you just came to say, hey, what’s up hello, I’m here for the first day showing up showing out and then don’t. But I want to look extra glossy. So I’m going to spray my face again, get on to mascara to run, show this ok! So now, when I put on the outfit and show you guys that I’m complete look with my hair, ok, so this is where I decided on I thought this is something I would definitely wear if you’re gonna wear a skirt to school any day, no matter, first, a lactate whatever please wear shorts under, because you will just feel so much better because when you go to school in a skirt or a Dress or something you always just feel, oh, but when you put on shorts, you just feel so much better.
So like like your shorts, you definitely need those can all never leave all wash or it’s like your shorts Whatever those are necessary, we have so um I know I’m gonna be nervous on the first day and I want you sweat inside, where I left some Tecla short sleeve, no sleeve whatever, but do not be fooled I will say this: every single year always bring a jacket Ok, because every single class II have a bit cold I know this jacket doesn’t match that Well, because it’s like off-white but nobody’s gonna really be caring when you’re writing stuff down in class and like you’re sitting like whatever you know, and I want it in the street to give me like: hey it’s the first day so always bring a jacket I don’t care how cute group it is without the jacket always being the jacket Ok, you will think we’ve come back to the comments when you come to the car, the most freezing class, and I see it because I told you to bring a jacket Ok, why? Your mother told you because but yeah, so this isn’t that I decided on and I would definitely probably wear one of my airport ones, because I love them, monitor your creations and yeah That’s the stitch My hair is out of the scarf So this is how everything came together I hope you guys, don’t forget, subscribe and follow me on us If you need it, they’re always description I have everything Basically, so, whatever you have a feedback – and I never see this but turn on the bell, because I post honestly whatever so that way, Silicon to always be looking out for me to post on my story and stuff like that, you get the notification right away So click the belts, I’m gonna start setting my now click rebound and be notified So yes, that is all I have to say Don’t let to like comment subscribe I do something again, but I’m Nikki

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