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The first impression of super luxury $275 foundation and $130 foundation!!!!!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens are welcome to my channel. This was two hundred and seventy five dollars. I picked it up from David Jones yesterday. That’s how much it is in Australia anyway, I’m pretty sure it’d be a little bit cheaper in America like two hundred dollars, but three hundred and seventy five dollars. I’ve never come across a foundation that expensive. So I thought why not try it out and see if it’s actually worth that much money, I mean, how could a foundation be worth how much money like to be honest and I’m also going to be using the Lipari electrons loosen powder? This one was one hundred and thirty dollars this one’s called the cellulite treatment loose powder and I have a shade translucent one, because I wanna do some baking under there.
So I just grab my laptop and did a little bit of research on this foundation to see what exactly it is supposed to do for your skin. So before we get into it, I am in the shade and the beige. Hopefully it’s aren’t shown for me. Oh, my god I was stressful, but on the website it says everything you need full flawless skin in one bottle. One part luxury foundation, one part professional level concealer, so the concealers on the top. You just lift the lid up like. So I really don’t like how the concealer doesn’t look much lighter than the foundation. I like, I really highlighted under eye, but what can you do? The foundation has SPF 15 in it. It is a luxurious cream that gives a naturally flawless complexion and keeps the skin hydrated with a Joey finish, so I’m hoping that it is kind of full coverage at least medium coverage, it’s as natural influence. I mean who would pay like that much morning for like a natural foundation, they thinking various formulas support affirming with legendary caviar extracts. You guys know caviar is fish eggs, I’m guessing! That’s why this brand is so expensive. It has a lot of like weird in it. My first impression with the packaging. I think it is a really luxurious, a great quality. I mean it should be right. It’s like 200 sony vaio hands, okay, so I’m just going to unscrew the lid and it has a little spatula, which I love and one side. I’m gonna use a Beauty Blender the other side, I’m going to use a kabuki brush just to see how it will work on my skin, but I do think a Beautyblender would be better because it kind of does look like a not a runny consistency, because, Obviously, it’s not dripping off the spatula, but I just feel like a big lender would work better, so I’ve really moisturize my face now.
I’m just going to put this on my skin. Oh my god that color match is incredible. For my fake tan, I just applied a really light layer of fake time yesterday and that’s great that’s really lucky because those how many shades I mean it wasn’t like so many, but I mean so many shades that could have matched me potentially, but I didn’t see Any really dark shades or like a really light shades, which is a disappointment, but maybe they do have them available, just not install anymore okay. So I’ve just put a few little dots on my face, I’m just going to blend it in with my Beauty Blender. This is so far, oh, my gosh. I don’t really know what to expect. It smells really nice, but it definitely has a fragrance and that just blended out so well Wow. I feel a little bit uncomfortable putting caviar on my face, though, like I know it doesn’t give me a good feeling, so my first impression with the first layer, I would have to say it feels really nice in my skin. I can’t feel it at all. The coverage, I would say, is kind of like a medium like a light. Medium covered right now, but I am going to build it up. You can definitely see like freckles through that still, but the formula was incredible: it just blends on so beautifully. I love this color, it’s a perfect, neutral color. Well, how does a lot? Oh wow, so I give those expensive, actually I’m just going to blend this all in with a Beauty Blender, because it’s like very thin, you blend it out, so it just works perfectly. Just rubbing this everywhere well, the smell is very strong. I don’t really like when foundations have SPF in it just because I don’t want to flash back when taking photos like. If I write at nighttime, I don’t need sunscreen in my foundation at nighttime and that’s when I wear my makeup a lot of the time. So if I do want sunscreen, I just put on myself, but I guess some people like it or how can you do to Michael head? I feel like it’s just working like any normal. Like high-end foundation, I mean obviously what else is it going to do? Make my skin look completely change until, like nikkietutorials skin, probably not wear the looks of my skin right now.
It looks like I’m just wearing any normal foundation, so I’m hoping there is something that like really stands out about this foundation, but so far it does look beautiful on the skin. I’m just like questioning like. Is it worth that much money? So I’m going to put another layer on and see if it builds up through a full coverage right now. I would probably just keep the coverage at this because I like how it looks nice and natural and healthy, like just in case. You know we went to a clubbing or something we got to see if it’s going to work so put some more on my face and see if it like, is that’s Rin, alright. Well, it’s definitely building up nicely just added a little bit of extra coverage. Also, you can see my arm feels like a little girls now, it’s time to see if the concealer is any good, I’m really excited this one. So, as you can see you just pop this lid open and the concealer is down here. So this kind of looks like a color correcting concealer, it’s not going to brighten under there. I don’t think I would say. Maybe it is the show later, I’m not sure, I’m her Peters but um. Hopefully, it’s just going to cover like all the darkness like dark purple in here. I don’t really have that much but we’ll see. Oh, it is a very pigmented. I literally just put my brush in there once and it is it’s thick definitely fixed. So I’m just going to paint this on my face. Yes, it is later alright, let’s stick this oh wow that did blend out really quickly and nicely, as you can see it. So I covered my bags completely look how different that looks. Mmm because the concealer is pretty sick, I mean I have to go in and set it really quickly before it creases. Let’s crease the tiny bit. That’s right anyway, start I’m just going to use the translucent powder. So this one does come with the travel size, which i think is pretty cool, so you’re getting three for the price of one. I guess I’m just going to pour this powder into the lid when I got it on the waist. Any is what we have so far. I’ve just put some on the back of my Beauty, Blender. Now I’m just going to dab this under my eyes to fake a little bit. Oh, it feels very stiff. You literally just like a melted into the skin.
Like could you see at the start? I look like this and then, like five seconds later, I just like completely dissolved into the skin. That is so cool. I like weird, I’m going to use whatever is left in here to take the rest of my face because that’s what it’s actually for. I don’t think it’s designed to bake at all, but what powder is designed to bake? Usually it’s going to set the face. Okay, so my first impression with this powder, it is grabing, collect the wet parts of my foundation and making it look a little blotchy. What look see if it goes away when I blend it in well, that was a lot of pollution. I’ve done it. My face. Isn’t really are she from this color? Definitely very, very matte. It is set my face really well now that my face is overly matte and overly ashy from this powder. I’m going to go. Do the rest of my makeup to see how it goes on top, but I would have to say my first impression with this: is I love how it made it under my eyes? Look like it is an incredible job at baking under there. It is look so soft. The rest of the face does looks very airbrushed as well from the foundation and the powder. I really do like the foundation so far. I would just have to say: I’d only use it for baking instead of setting the whole face, or maybe I just use too much of the powder and I went a she, but I definitely do think this kind of like makes it look a tiny bit ashy. My fault I put too much on but yeah, I’m not going to do this for the face again. So I just finished my makeup and everything that blended on perfectly on top of the foundation and powder, I’m really happy with how it looks. I honestly think it looks so soft and airbrushed, and just so beautiful, but the thing is right: you can get a foundation, that’s like $12 $20 and I feel like it’ll look nearly just as good, if not just as Brutus’s. So I guess we’ll just see how well this foundation holds up to see if it actually is less it but anyways. I will see you guys in a few hours right now. It is nine o’clock in the morning, so I’m going to get my hair done and then separately take five hours and I’m going to come back and we’ll see how it looks. Okay, so I’m back now it has been six hours exactly so it is three o’clock I really looked at my face yeah.
I just want you guys to see my first reaction to like for my foundation looks like up close, but I did go to the hairdresser’s and around here obviously came off That’s normal and I did get a little bit of conditioner on my cheek, so that’s like the only thing that I’ve done so The first thing that I have to say is the mascara is transferring all under my eye Obviously, it’s something to do with the concealer foundation or powder that I’m using and it’s just clinging to under my eyes as black all under there It never usually happens with products that I use at a cheaper So that’s a bit disappointing because I noticed all day just kept happening and happening I’m like oh, my god This is so freaking frustrating but anyways Let’s see what the foundation looks like you guys have to see bindi shoes for the haircut hi Do you want to hang no to every what she looks like sure, you’re right? This is what he thought The first thing that I can really tell is under my chin right here It’s separated completely and it looks really cakey right here That usually doesn’t happen to me So that’s a really weird My laugh lines are showing really bad but happens with every single foundation So I was expecting that to happen Usually I just take a brush and blend over it and it kind of just like fades away, but on the rest of my face, the foundation is holding up really Well, I don’t know what’s happening under my eyes is like the concealer looks really like gross Maybe it’s because all that mascara has smudged under there, but I don’t know I just feel like it looks a little bit like dirty The foundation has come off my nose as well So I guess that I really need to leave it on for any longer, because it’s already done what I thought it might be like separating all of that, so I guess right now I can say that I definitely don’t think that this foundation or this powder is Worth the money, I definitely am going to keep using it and I do like the foundation I do like the powder as well for the eyes, but for the price I definitely don’t think it’s worth it, because it honestly helped me out so much000 It likes That would be amazing you

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