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1 Nov , 2019  

I’m just going to be playing around with some new makeup and you’re catching up with you guys, because it’s been so long since I’ve uploaded well, it’s only been a week, but still, I feel Like we have a lot of things to catch up on because I’ve been doing so much this week and I thought it would be fun to share it with you. So let’s go ahead and jump into this makeup. Look, I have like a million new products just right down here to play with, so let’s do this.
So, let’s start with the eye shadow, I’m going to go in with this new poet from the balm and I’m going to pick up this shade right here on my little fluffy brush. So where do I even start? What have I been doing so? My friend Michael came down for I think like a week or was it like two weeks or something? So that’s why I didn’t feel on when other people are here. I feel so bad. but we went to Justin Beiber. It was amazing, like here’s, that hot, are you serious? I was getting so frustrated because he was like so far away. I was like why do far away Jo, like come down here. Please venom, I’d love to meet him would be so cool, but how funny is it the whole like thing that’s happening, would like the paparazzi and stuff and he’s like slack off. Like honestly me period. That’s what I would do if I was getting followed around so much and harassed by people like what do you mean? So what can you do? First, impressions of these eyeshadows they’re amazing they’re blending up so nicely they’re very pigmented, and I literally can’t believe that these are considered a drugstore brand. You can get them at Target, you serious, okay, so the next shade that I’m going to take is this middle brown right here and I’m just going to put this in the crease to deepen it up. I really want to do a kind of daytime look today. Just because I’m going to look at a new place because our lease is nearly up mine and Jonathan, so we are going to move into a bigger place. So obviously I need to look presentable for that and I haven’t done like a daytime look in a while. I’m honestly so sick of living in this apartment, so small, if you guys lived here, you’d, probably be like get me out of here. It’s like being locked up in a little shoebox. If I open the door, you can hear all of the like building of apartments and so loud. So I have to keep the doors closed when I’m filming and like when I’m just chillin. If I want quiet so yeah, that’s why we don’t want to extend a lease, because that, obviously I need to stop swearing. That’s what happens when I don’t film for a while just get into a habit. I got a bunch of new elf products and this is the eyeshadow palette that I got school-to-prison I shadow palette and the colors are so pretty they’re like rosy gold, shades and they’re all shimmery.
So what should we do in the lid to Jamie? I might take this one right here and I’m just going to pack this all over my lids. I just put some fix+ on my brush, because this needs to be smaller, pigmented, let’s go in hunch. I might just Chuck’s know that dark brown on my outer corner here, just sir Luke – is still pretty. Let’s move on to the face, so I’m going to go in with this Tarte America’s oil I’ve seen so many people put oil on their face before foundation, and it looks so pretty. It just makes your skin look really soft and hydrated. So I’m just going to put a few drops on my face. Usually I put this on before bed to really like make my skin hydrated, because I do have dry skin. So if you do have oily skin, I’m not sure if this is going to work like dry to normal and then for Roma or better shake it up so watery, I’m just gonna put a little bit on the Back of my hand, oh, it looks very still attorney it kind of smells a bit funky, but it does feel really nice going onto the skin. It’s nice and hydrating easy to blend and anything that keeps the makeup on longer and I just picked up the Giorgio Armani, a power fabric, high coverage foundation and I’m super excited to try it out, because I’ve heard some good things about it. I love the original Giorgio Armani foundation, its Kim Ewing red. I know if you guys can see about whatever that primer and my skin just like flamed up a little bit, so I got a shade 6.5. This is a different color range to the original, Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. So I’m hoping this line that matches my skin whoo very runny, just applying that with a Beauty Blender. Oh I love putting foundation on. Oh, the color is really nice. So far so good. It does not feel heavy on my face at all and it’s looking very natural but absolutely stunning. At the same time. The first thing that I’m noticing is, you can definitely see what’s happening under the skin still, so it’s not like a full coverage. It’s a higher cover foundation, but I’d say it’s like a medium. The next product that I’m going to try out is this concealer from wet and wild. It is called cover all and it is in the shade 811 on the glow. I’m scared to try this because it was so so cheap. So I could ruin my whole book and makeup. Let’s do this! Alright, let’s blend it in with my PD blender. If it wants to blend no, it doesn’t want to blend cool. Oh my god, honestly. I’D rather put foundation under my eyes and then put that under there ever again, like ever.
Oh, my god, I can’t I’m just going to put a little bit of the top shape tape under there, because that’s just not happening honestly, oh that one’s so much better. Alright, let’s move on to setting underneath the eyes I’m going to take the chichi real minerals finishing powder, so this is a translucent powder and I’m just going to use this to make underneath my eyes if this has flash back you’ll hear about it. Trust me going in wish me luck. I didn’t realize how many new products that I have, but the next thing that I have is from the balm. It is a powder foundation and I’m in a shade medium. So I’m just going to go ahead and pack this on my face. Let’s see if it adds a bit of extra coverage, if I don’t see it adding any coverage, but it definitely feels like it’s setting in it. Ah, oh my god, all of that foundation that was on my nerves, just like left the building like it’s gone, it’s a subsea by I’m just going to brush away all this translucent powder onto my eyes and so far I really liked it was it a good Job I was in a white class: it’s not taking away any foundation now for the lower lash line, I’m just going to take this pink color and take it from the quantity in a corner. Okay, maybe there is a little bit of a weight class in my eyes: shut up, okay, so first, a pink color undertaking a big blending brush, because I want to be nice and blown out and, lastly, just putting that chocolate brown on the outer third of my Level Maureen, while we’re on the ID still. I am going to take this shade right here from that elf palette and just highlight my inner corners. I love a little bit of a glow on the inner corners Gorge. Now it’s time to mascara I’m taking this mascara from a 5th Avenue. I saw this that came out. I think it was and I was like – never had a spread, but the wand does look really good because it’s like that plastic benefit looking one. So I’m just going to coat my lashes. Well, it’s working really well like it’s got a lot of product coming out onto the lashes which I love. Oh, my god, the mascara just went all over my skin under my eyes because it’s really wet so it is transferred. So if you are going to use it, be really careful when you’re doing a lower lashes and like not look down because it’s going to transfer so anyways, let’s move on to falsies, I’m going to use these lines from ardell. These are the natural whiskies, yep yeah. It’s demi wispies, look at these gorgeous lashes, perfect for daytime because they’re tipple ight, but they still are nice langston volume.
I finally fixed this whole situation on my face of the mascara. Now I’m just going to pop on some lashes. All this is so little. It honestly so easy to put on let’s contour the face, so I’m going to use this a wet and wild contouring palette, and I’m just going to take this a dark shade. I’ve heard that this is like a really pigmented, so I’m just going to pick up literally the smallest bit and then tap it off, so I’m just going to contour a little bit. Oh, that’s a really nice color! Now to bronze up my skin. I’m going to take this Inglot bronzing powder in the shade 74. I have never tried any products from Inglot except for that pigment. So, let’s see how this goes. I’m just going to take this brush from Real Techniques as a blush brush. It’s so good for bronzer! Oh, oh, that’s through pigmented, I love the color. It’s like the perfect sunkissed. Look. I love it. I love it a limit and take this on the motorway and get rid of that double chin, see our touch on the flipside hon and also around my forehead as well for a bit of color up there with that same wet and wild palette. I’m just going to pick up that really light shade and just clean up under here a tiny bit cuz. You know me. I always like to go overboard now, it’s time to blush, so I’m going to take this and mix. What is this baked blush illuminator and bronzer ashore hum that literally just looks like a blush pink hmm. It is very shimmery, though, so it’s going to add mashed into cheeps. I’m hoping I don’t know if I’ve used this, I don’t think I have whoo all the next flashes that I’ve used are very pigmented, considering how many cheap they are feels like six dollars or something or six dollars in America, but like twelve dollars in Australia, typical Racism, you could never let me down. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this next part. You guys ready sorry, I’m going to use the Anastasio, no collagen railroad, pallet guerrero, store Emma that I think I’m going to use glue again up because it’s like a really nice goal and I don’t really have many cold Helena’s, I’m going to use a fan brush Cause I honestly haven’t used one in so long. So, let’s see what this looks like oh ma girl that is so pigmented I was gonna, do a bit more, some extra spark. Oh my god, that’s beautiful! I have swatch seeds on my arm before and they were like that pigmented that I’m like. I don’t even think I can use a brush. That’s like really dense, because it’s going to be way too much, but with the fan brush, it looks really nice If you like, a subtle, highlight literally don’t go anywhere near this palette.
It is the most intense highlight I’ve honestly ever ever used in my life The next product that I’m going to take is this elf product I don’t know it’s cool because they never have like the name on it, but it is in the shade Blushing Rose, I’m assuming it’s like a a velvet lip or some sort of lip stick in a cretin pool there I mean, because this is a daytime look I want to do like something nice in neutral Oh, look at them Nice flow This is like a really nice purpley love everyday color I like it I am literally obsessed with this lip color It drives like really mad, it’s so comfortable to wear and I’m so shocked right now It’s that good! Oh I’m just going to go over my eyebrows with this tinted brow gel by Melo cosmetics I always like to brush my brows straight up, so they look fuller This looks really good I love this I mean well so far It was like get ahead of myself There’s definitely a lot of hits and messes with elf, but like this lip product is so good I know I’ve used a lot of alpha new to the area and like the balm, but they just sent me a package, so I so animate well so I can switch out the products that I use and stuff so Lastly, I’m just going to take this elf and makeup and mist set I bought this on myself the other day So, let’s see how this goes, I’m going to make sure I’m spraying it from my cooler back here Oh so that we have the finished makeup Look I hope you guys like it I actually love how it turned out I feel like it’s perfect for a daytime Look, although I would wait it at nighttime as well, mmm can’t get over this all of the eyeshadows, because all of the eyeshadows were amazing, I’m so impressed with the balm and also like how people in Tibet elf product was like the bronzer is going to be One of my favorites – I can already tell because that really nice orange color I love orange – takes the highlight of hood I’m going to use that all the time, if you guys don’t have that in a cold, jhiera pellet, I’m guerreiro, I’m so bad at pronouncing names I would definitely recommend getting it What else do we have going on? The demi whispies are amazing, I’m just so happy with how this book turned out please give it a thumbs up Oh my god Wait! Please don’t get that under eye If you enjoyed it, I love you so much I know a few people are going to be like honey girl should turn off Yes, hon I’m going to go Do that right now and start or you have to look at aha, okay

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