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The Five Most Popular Drugstore Eyelashes + Best Eyelash Gel 2017 Juicy Jas

30 Sep , 2019  

. So if you guys watch me, you already know I love falsies. I usually pretty much use them in almost all my makeup tutorials. I know that can be kind of annoying, but I truly believe that falsies complete the look and they just emphasize everything plus I don’t have amazing lashes to begin with so like I feel like. I always need a little bit of extra, like ohm with my eyes, because lashes truly like make any look or complete whether it’s neutral or really dramatic, especially that’s why I love falsies.
So these are like my all-time favorite lashes from the drugstore, and I always want to try out new lashes, but I always just keep repurchasing these, because I love them that much so I have some really natural ones, and then I have a really dramatic ones as Well, to show you – and I also am going to show you them on my eye, so you can kind of see how they look and in all the clips that I’m going to show you of the lashes, I don’t have any makeup on. I just have my brows done and then just the lashes, so you can really see how they look without eyeliner and just like they’re on the eyes.. And if you want to see my top favorite lashes, then it’s just people out saying so: first, I’m going to start with the most natural and then I’ll get into the more bold lashes as we go so first I have you kiss number 11 lashes. I have raved about these so much on my channel. I truly believe these are like the back rashes for an everyday makeup, look or if you’re a beginner, because the lash band is so thin that it’s so easy to apply the lash. If you guys are very lost on how to apply lashes. You want to check that out and I go into depth on how to actually apply the falsies but yeah. I think these are basically like your lashes look better like they are just a little bit wispy and they’re, not too long, and they almost look like very natural eyelash extensions, in my opinion, like they just look so beautiful. I always like to go to these. On a daily basis, because they’re not super dramatic and you look like your lashes go better, so you can get this big pack at Walmart, it’s like nine dollars and you get sold mini lashes and you can really reuse your lashes a couple times that you can Always review them.
If you like clean them with like alcohol and pick off the eyelash glue, you can get a couple you that of them. It really depends on the eyelash. For the most part, I do reuse my lashes quite a bit next, if I have the salon perfect, six ones for lashes again, this is another brand that is sold at Walmart and I love these. I talked about these in my one of my use: mothers, drugstore halls. I said that these salon perfect lashes or my knee of the demi wispies kind of like hotter, older sister, because they are lisa, demi, wispies but they’re way more wispy and longer than those but they’re still wearable for every single day. They are definitely super super long. So like, if you’re wearing glasses, like they’re, going to hit your glasses, you know what I mean: that’s how long they are just to give you a reference, but I am obsessed with you guys they are so beautiful. They really give your eyes like a doll like appearance which I’m all about. Also the band is very soon just like the kiss ones, which makes it super easy to apply hey getting into a little bit more of a dramatic lash, but not really. These are the Ardell double up denne with these, if you guys have not tried the double up line from ours, L, I highly recommend it. They have beautiful lashes with these are one of my favorites because I feel like you can totally wear them on their own. Like with no eye liner, no shadow – and they look really beautiful or you can also add them up a little bit and wear them with a more dramatic look – I just wore these in my Valentine’s Day, makeup tutorial and I live for them they’re, so beautiful they’re, Wispy are full, but they’re, not really dramatic, but, like I said, if you want to make them more dramatic, you can always add a little bit of mascara and kind of fluff them up a little bit or you can just tone them down for an everyday basis And they’re really pretty now.
The bands on these are is a little bit thicker. So I do recommend that if you do apply these with no eyeliner just make sure that you’re really getting very close to your lashes. That way, they look as natural as possible and they don’t look like super crazy and harsh on your eyes, but these are gorgeous next up. I have the aisle or baroque lashes, and these are the mink effect lashes. So these are like a newer version of I Laura. I just saw these about less two months ago at Ulta. These are a little bit more pricey than a traditional pack of lashes that you can get like a Target or Walmart, but I truly love. These are absolutely beautiful, they’re, very luxurious, looking and they’re, so lightweight on the eyes. I really like these because they’re very wispy and full but they’re not super black, so they just give you a very flirty like what I want to say what I’m looking for, like a flirty kind of whisper whisper 2x. They give your eyes kind of like a wispy effect like they just, I think, are perfect for, like a date night or just a very soft, elegant glamorous looks because they’re not going to weigh your eyes down and be super stick in black. They are just like the perfect, I think, lash, for any type of look again. You can wear these on their own or like what is your matted look and I think that they are so beautiful. So these are, I think, $10, a pack, but you can reuse lashes with a thicker band more often than the ones with the thinner band. If that makes sense, so you get more uses out of these verses like thinner, lashes and, alas, not leave. I have the aisle or number 126 I’m actually wearing these. Today. I enjoy these glasses, you guys. These are like the first I wore lashes that I ever bought and they are stunning. These are my favorite to wear basically with any type of look, but my favorite is definitely with a dramatic look like the one that I’m wearing today like with winged liner and shadow They are just so beautiful they’re, not super super long to be quite honest, but they are so full and thick and black so luxurious, and they don’t weigh my eyes down.
So if you do have like bigger eyes, you don’t have to cut these or anything which is great if your smaller eyes just takes like really tiny, like eyebrows and just cut the edges of them and you’ll still be able to rock them, but I had to throw in here one extra bonus pair I have the I wore luxe and gilded lashes These are kind of like the number 126, but these are definitely way more thick and dramatically easier to the next level These are my favorite lashes to wear Definitely when I’m Zoomer is a bold, dark, smokey eye I don’t personally like to wear these without any winged liner, because I don’t feel like they look great on my eyes, like they look best, in my opinion, with a dramatic makeup Look because these are definitely the most dramatic eyelash that I have showed you that’s far, but I am just obsessed with these, so so beautiful and what’s the I Laura lashes, you do have to kind of play around with them, so I recommend applying them with tweezers Because you really want to make sure that they’re getting very close to your lash band, so you do have to kind of adjust them a bit, but once you do, they literally make your eyes look stunning, like lovely my favorite eyelash glue Also I wanted to throw it in here is the kiss eyelash glue I have raved about it It is the best one that I have ever tried ever like to date It is amazing, so, as you guys are struggling to find a really amazing eyelash glue, I’m telling you go out and purchase that one It is a game-changer for my lashes, it’s so good It’s like gorilla glue for your eyes and life all right guys I really hope you enjoyed it and let me know down below of your favorite eyelashes I always want to go out online and purchase like a ton of lashes, but I love you so much that I just literally keep repurchasing this in ones, but please let me talk to your favorites down below Thank you guys so much for watching

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