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The latest aquarium nail – New technology! —————————————————————————————————————————————— – ——

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone – I am here to make another aquarium nail, I’m going to be using a european square tip here, and this is a number three cut off the number set that aside for right now made to crease this here and that’s so that I can make the Bottom of the nail platform that we’re gonna make straight nail tip just sit on top of the form we want it to be flush with the edge of the smile line. Make sure that your smile line is about the same size as the smile line on this tip and the reason we use IBD intense seal is so that there’s no sticky layer going to use IBD intense seal to build our platform.
And then you want to put a little bit around the edge of the smile line. To will build this up later with some strong builder gel, but to get this tip stuck in place, we have to use the IBD intense seal. I have to cure this with holding it just like that when I go around and check and make sure that there isn’t any gaps there and if there is, then you just fill it in with some more. I have a D intense seal gel. Don’t worry at this point if it’s strong enough, because we’re going to reinforce everything with builder gel use a smaller brush. For this part, this will help to seal up this tank here cure this. That’s going to be our tank to fill down in here with gel to close that up and fix up the sides here, just put another layer of the IBD gel in in the back just to reinforce it just a little bit go ahead and cure that again For another minute applied another form and the reason I did that is because I want to fill in these little bits here that I missed just gonna put some gel in there and I’m gonna quickly flash cure that I’m gonna do the same thing. Over on this side, you see that there you need to reinforce this whole nail here on the top, because the only thing that’s holding this tank on is this little bit of IBD intense seal that we applied there. I quickly flash cure that apply a little bit more gel on top and then I’ll give that a good cure of 90 seconds. I reinforced the back here that I didn’t clean the nail first and then we’ll file off this end. You see the opening up top here, there’s also an opening like that in the bottom, and we have to fill this going to make ourselves a little plug I’m gonna use a little bit of IBD intense seal and I’m just gonna make a Halfmoon shape, or this for about thirty seconds.
Before I put that little piece in there, I want to kind of put some IBD intense seal like right around that part There anything you get on the skin will cure and then you can just peel it off We have our little piece here, I’m just gonna stick it in there It’s gonna add a little bit more of the IBD intense, so the needle tool push it up and hold it under the light like that till it cures see it’s hanging out there a little bit and we’ll have to file that off under the nail here And fill IBD intent seal to get that sealed There’s a little ledge there So I’m gonna have to take my drill and just be careful and file that down so everything’s been filed and the bottom is sealed and I think I’m going to go ahead and just coat everything again very thinly before we fill this cure The bottom coat a top now again, all right, I’m gonna cure that all the time to fill the tank with what you want, we have to make a plug with a little hole in it for our top of our nail The circle of this IBD gel time to plug up the top and I’m using IBD intense seal, to do that I put this on top here and I’m gonna go ahead and cure that I’m going to need to seal around the edges with more IBD intense seal Now I take a little piece of tape: tape up that hole or to file I now I tape up the hole so that i’ll get dust in it, that’s time to fill it with oil, I’m just going to plug up that hole right there with some thick builder gel and if you prefer, you can use a clear blue, gel polish and Just paint the back of the tank and when you turn it around you’ll see the blue cure this for 30 Second and now, you’ll have to talk coat the back and top coat the front This is the end of the tutorial I do have two other techniques to show you how to make aquarium nails so be on the lookout for those you can always make it shorter, and you can always decorate the outside of your tank in any way that you please, with 3d rhinestones jewels whatever you Want to put on it let’s go out and see if we can get some action on this aquarium now Thank you all so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next one bye You

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