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The only challenge of using children’s make-up in full face (Puro pink!! Ha ha.

1 Nov , 2019  

There are guys Huang, tena koe mimic a parody. Oh my god. Okay, this is it hi. Everyone welcome back to my channel goodbye here. Bah, okay, we plump. Oh wait. pero, Kenya, Caillou eggs, Yolo, paneer, Appetit, know when I request Kodama makeup tutorial Alan just gonna, but anyway guys ain’t gonna um. Today yeah going koi, it’s not some up in hard a request. Jana makeup challenge, which is full face using kids, make up only we’re gonna do a long, challenging shot singer very, very, very limited, I’m a makeup, no mama batta.
Actually, I love you guys, but I love Atlanta away my setup with the length I, oh ah, what a fine Makita my makeup, nama Bottomly erase your. I hope I got a giant eye makeup number, but that Ivana, but I tried my best – I kind of peleg. Aha main and mommy’s Optima bata, but I’m in a when coming behind up Ashley. You know like the banana new mom, Russia’s gonna. You might need my husband Pro yeah. Normally it okay, my cute yeah ready, but kids. But if I don’t already know my kids. Okay, see pocket upon an immunogen in yo, quani wanna be Rico Cerritos illa, bima eyeshadow me mama, okay, meet me on my glitter and loving choices. Ha ha ha ha shadow, my glitter when Papa nail polish hahaha a box is puzzle. Anybody not anger. Some boxes preparing for my eyeshadow a lit powder ha ha. My lip balm lip gloss man shot at the man that saw everybody see if she’s, okay, let’s start first with the Hillman high Napa home Paran lip balm, but this is a lip balm as a lip. Conditioner and shy guy is skinny, richer, Anya, yeah CP, and I gave one and I’m maja. So that’s the guy that I’m going go a little above my hand up the foundation for kids and then now. So this is the Caroline oil oil control liquid makeup, washing Pantene’s kissimmee, my cupcakes with my flowers through pi, the shop for kids. Again, it’s lightweight and it has vitamin E, so it didn’t commit in that then for the foundation. So since it’s super duper as in Metro, moppet, ishizaki maja want it, I mean again that it was that in Mashhad, don’t bother so again consider the guys in suppose, you’d add Aggie Colossus.
Ah, my area and absolutely highlight in a la pinata and me and Franco, conceal good natasha blend blend blend a devotee of outfit co-ed, but get some against Veria, no Andrea, brilliant desk enough and guys so pug and hope a coffee damaged in Plainville on the Conte. You wanna Nene anemia, magnet Anila k you my king powder foundation, so Marin having the height up map out the etosha, guys King bees, I’m data, coupon, potato or a little odd or panning teens, but one dementia. I know Mahina mention Punk kids Casey, you young and then yeah come behind fairness, young shape, Nia and your color news forum, fun, kids, so much eternal gasps ooh. I don’t like a meeting a typical day today, guys voila, I’m pamoja Vanya Sabino son, Franco, salvinia, Cindy canonical momentum and on a baby powder in your engine, coolant challenge you, the Padma can obtain a founder Bambaataa. So now it’s time for the eyebrows cinema by the Pope, Air America City, tow final pencil. It wasn’t even a block and shot. So I’m sorry, Dido is kiss-kiss. Eyebrow quitting and I didn’t kiss kiss eyebrow, I’m Lisa Manitoba Hyneman become a to shoot-’em-up alma mater. I thought I have a pigment sha Omega Daniela Tim, I’m a kinky limit, o Muhammad SAW Brad nominated sake like Erina. It impediment Oh Mahalo shahe in fairness with gizmo and oh my gosh, when he repeat control gazenga it. Even the skooma harlot pasha committing guys you foundation, canina Barnum and correctly I’m not anymore edges, okay, guys, so the person up for Yuki Lena did Alan Cohen. In Japan thing I own pero dead, mana hi, my gosh, I do not put. I also got a meeting at in your mama. You light eyeshadow’no Bambaataa, so it’s all new, my glitters so burnished angry that was foggy, conga, no Papa heeta, Yamaha, eyeshadow, Chihuahua Nardo, an animal sha, a butterfly with pink in the Sahara, bad boy, um, and back back and back, I don’t know, hito guys, um Parrish, Um um white pencil, the pom-pom beta, so the ninja meter Anya in an economy, Touhou Cassie, you Machado, Namib, embody minima, show Machado pigmented at least Mennonite, and about me did I keep a new eyeshadow? She blended, not even my young purple eyeshadow, not iike Nina.
I Wow in fairness, McCool I subpoenaed Shama Shama, con ella ella has lahat know in London, sir. I shall do pilot it off be like sama Salmonella eat, oh yeah good night, giving a venya banana. What am I forgetting? Cool? Eh? Hmm cute paramo. I know para new mana. I shall do none. I know nah nah, bro sure the mana pontipines guys champion Deepavali affable outside the Mexican alumni hot latin colors. So my blue Naja, my pink Nigel, my fur full dodging in fairness – I do not oh ha ha ha ha, no ha, but um pigmented, but an animal yeah that I see miniato Bambaataa then taken and engaged on continent. I don’t want in blue, can save up in a halo 1 pinch, I’m blue giver Pasha. I know my holiday Diana, I’m glittered. Oh, I love it. Ricotta I use with Brundle and a demon and on catalpa glitter. Don’t color pink, see lana mieko long shaggy toes on my inner part on eyelid weekend i didn4t purple just one thing’s for sure after it is Mohan brats again, vinegar, no ha! No metallic lahat, jaan bhai Lehna see Batman, boomer, licked IOD to supper a new eyeliner canina and Alain Delon Akane ma honey, lamb, nama and ku mana island. Already no con tu upper lashline. I say Murano home false eyelashes together, mitad para, damn me and owe me dick attend dementia height Conti. I’m here up grab Antigua cian maies. You must acknowledge a along with the end, pero es and mozzarella Minahan up come in the lash, curler, panna, cotta and coupla. So mini eyelash, curler Shah Baba Yaga be beep. Oh wait. Wait love, wait la barba! I you die. You compute guys look check again inertia. Oh my god. Bah Internet’s half forgets the shower. I hacker little occasional ashes This little Caligula had okay.
So my you know man guys like a coat Oh um, false eyelashes than a hand up them in c’mon You hit on your paddle harder, swollen, ah so pretty piece supernatural, um yeah So, okay, guys, the Posada is acting eye makeup Now retouch you powder, go bazinga from I know from Nova Lanisha Mary come in The v-league is a barren blush on earth under battle na ito from Lu willand en shaa So in the conical blush on it often turn brownish tone, Shinya, so C guru pueden and I think I need in Falcon toid about that I’m juicy I inaudible on Condor gotcha Varinia time a one-shot bow, bundling cutting with a new nose area Okay, so far the blush bear below I know: fabulously pink shimmer powder from Barbie at sovereign bond when you’re making wish As in I put a picture guys, you gotta wanna Guinea Tanya, but it’s cool a pink I wait all over DiPaola cook Elisha, guys Megaton bomb Agra, happy Samara, Polanco, let opal bonito there you go! Oh now Finally, lips marry you at the top and lip gloss Lip gloss paper lip gloss, kasha at Ambala, Nia, pero de l’homme ET voila, detail on shot lives, lost and Barbie; well Apple tea, while I disabled applause, David Nicole, upon chemical, I’m Nina meaty legend So I guess it would allow the me Tina, Tina, quanta foundation, Kadena, suppose he night and nothing on contingents, not in Arabic, nude Tasha has an iPad on you, I mean gloves Litter saw and along set, their brain belongs to me Central Park games so um It’s an apple guys, Yomega way that then from the kids, make up a tornado I’ll go to knocking hi Endicott level ooh boost on yo you make up, but I tried my very best: Saturn extra├▒o, so guys Camaros behind my makeup challenge that was tuna Kippa go ahead: Sabine yella, yella, Gunilla sub comment box down below Panama, Busta ho and, of course Thank you guys for watching see you on the next makeup challenge: bye, guys, mwah,

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