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The palest shadow – New York can’t stop commenting on John McLean

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so today’s film is going to be a brand and product focus Philip. Today’s film is also going to be a continuation of the palest shade series, which is a series for which that I’ve produced here on the platform WW, where we trial out test it and examine the credentials of a foundation or a concealer that is suited for The very first of skin tones – and today we are going to be looking at a product by recently released by NYX professional makeup, and it is there can’t stop, won’t stop full coverage foundation.
I have two of the shades right here. This one is the shape pale and this one is the shade alabaster. I believe that these are the two very palest shades within the can’t. Stop won’t stop range. I purchased two of the shades of pale and alabaster just by seeing alabaster in its bottle. I think it will be slightly too dark for me, so I’m not going to be trying that two a night today, but I can definitely say it is very suitable for some of the very first of skin tones. If you were a little darker than me, it probably will work quite well on you, so I’m going to be trying out the shape pale today. What testifies a shade suitable for the palest shade series? It has to be lighter than mac cosmetics, Studio Fix foundation in the shade nw15, so anything that is lighter than that we examine. That is where I begin the threshold, and I also use that as a comparison guide. Nyx is certainly more geared towards being a more affordable brand. As this cost me a total of fifteen pounds accompanying the shades pale and alabaster, there are also 43 other shades, so the total can’t stop won’t. Stop range has in total 45 shades within the range, which i think is quite a many shades. I believe that they were aiming to capacitors all skin tones within this lunch, and we shall certainly see today whether or not the shade pale shall be applicable for the very fairest of skin tones. I purchased both of these foundation shades from waugh book that has to be torn that connects the branding on the front as well as the brand on the cap together and, of course that allows you to open the cap when you receive it, and it is A square-shaped bottle, you receive 30 mils of product, and this is the back. It has the applicable information as well as if you are to peel this little thing yeah. It has the ingredients listed right here, and this is the little box which that I received both foundations and from Debenhams a simple debenhams box with Debenhams branding and a little bit of bubble, wrap there’s a visible difference between alabaster and pale.
I would say that alabaster is much darker. I would compare alabaster to being a slightly darker version of Kat Von D’s light 42. I possibly consider quite similar an undertone, maybe a little bit darker than the Fanta beauty of pro filter foundation in the shade of 100, and I would most certainly consider it to being very similar. Maybe a little bit lighter than mac cosmetics, Studio Fix foundation in the shade NW 10. Now I shall be going in with NYX professional makeup. Can’t stop won’t stop full coverage foundation in the shade pale. It may be slightly unworthy of me to confess, but I am slightly amused that they named the palest shade within their range pale. I mean who would have thought of that, but I’m definitely very excited to be China at this finish now, as it is visibly very pale before I go in and apply the foundation, you will be able to see that I have already applied eyebrows. I’ve also prepped and primed the skin, using some of embryo Lee’s la creme, concentrate a classic favorite of mine for eyebrows. I sketched a nun stenciled in a shape using some of krylon derma color cream concealer in the shade d40, and then I set all of that through using some of mac cosmetics powder eye shadow in the shade. So now it stays upon the bottle to shake. Well, no, I should be taking three pumps of the product today, as I do not know how it shall perform. It does proclaim to be a full coverage foundation, so I may not need this amount, but I just want to have enough just in case. I need to go in and apply a little bit more. I began a planet using a Space NK foundation brush. No, I do not know how this foundation shall perform. It might go quite dry quite quickly, so I’m slightly dubious about applying it with if datian rush, but I’m going to apply it and stipple it in with a buffing brush as quickly as I possibly can other do not want it to set too quickly. As I’m unaware, whether or not it shall set by itself or whether or not it shall require a powder to set it now, as you will be able to see, this foundation is definitely light enough for my skin.
As you can see, it is blending marvelously into my neck, and I would describe the shield has been quite neutral. It’s slightly more than the yellow aside, which is quite convenient, because I do have quite a bit of redness within my skin, certainly in the jaw area, which can be quite irritated by shaving. At this point, I am unable to determine whether or not the foundation shall oxidize, but we shall definitely have to wait and see and to cover my forehead. My forehead is rather large. It could be mistaken for a small country, in fact, just the other day, I discovered an embassy there, so that is the foundation on everything is covered. Now I’m going to go in and correct the texture by buffing and stippling all of the foundation into place using is about 102 silk finish brush, I’m just stippling all of that into place. Now that is simply one coat of the foundation applied. I definitely will have to go in and apply another layer, because I definitely do find that the technique of buffing and stippling can, of course, shear out of foundation, and I would definitely say that this condition sets by itself. This is still slightly a bit tacky in some places, but I would definitely say that it is a slightly more drier formula, although I’m saying that the temperature within my studio is very high, my studio is more superbly insulated than the average embryo and I’m quite curious To see whether or not it shall oxidize but so far, I actually like the way it’s made my skin look. I shall definitely have to go in with some concealer into areas that require certainly around the eyebrows and the under eyes and on the sides of the nose, but I definitely think this foundation can be sheared down, even not as marketed as a full coverage foundation. I definitely think that it can be sheared down to something more natural and something more flattering for day to day use as it just evens at the skin and it a matte finish. I’m going to go back in and apply a second coat of that. So that is our second coat now applied. I would certainly say that its coverage is quite buildable and I would also state that it is probably best applied with either a sponge or a beauty, blender or a buffing brush. It’s probably going to be best applied in a stippling like motion, as I offend this foundation to be quite dry. It definitely dries by itself and subtly in my dry stereo, which is my forehead.
I wouldn’t say that this would require any form of powder around the cheeks. It is slightly tacky and on the neck it is a little tacky, but so far in terms of the shade, it is definitely a match to my natural skin tone, but, as you can see, it is slightly messy. Looking around to my eyebrows, of course, I’m going to have to go in and cut around the eyebrows anyway and underneath my eyes looks slightly dry. I think most people don’t really apply foundation right up underneath the eyes. I think most people go in with a stronger concealer or color corrector anyway, but that’s definitely something to bear in mind. The shade pale is definitely more on the yellow side of things. It’s definitely got a yellow undertone. Now, I’m hoping that it would oxidize. I will be quite sad if it does oxidize, so we shall wait and see, but I definitely think that if you want a foundation that you can apply to a full coverage, I actually think this is a fantastic foundation for just putting on in the morning or, If you have meetings or if you have work because it dries matte by itself, so it would require setting with a lot of powder, you can build it up to quite a full coverage. It gives relatively good coverage with just one quite sheer coat. I quite like the way it’s looking. That is why I would be quite disappointed that will oxidize is because I think this would be a fantastic foundation just for everyday use. When I need to go out – and I don’t want to have any fool face of makeup on – and I don’t tend to wear a full face of makeup on a day-to-day basis – I like to wear product that just cleans up my own appearance quite well. I also think it is a sort of Finnish nut applies best with just one coat. I have found it slightly coming off when I went in with a second coat, so I definitely think it’ll be best applied when stippled on with either a brush or a Beauty. Blender and just after a couple I can definitely feel the rest of it setting into place. So it is definitely a matte finish now. I can definitely notice slight color changes. I can see it actually darkening, so I’m slightly suspicious that it may oxidize, but I’m not going to wait all day for to do so and I don’t think you can either so we’re going to the rest of the makeup and see how well it performs with Other products to color, correct, neaten, up the eyebrows and correct any other little areas of blemishes.
I shall indeed be taking some of mac cosmetics, full coverage foundation in the shade w10. I’m applying that, first of all to the under eye area. On a Charles Fox, eight one, four, six, four zero five brush, sometimes by going in with a yellow, based foundation, then going in with a foundation or a concealer. That’s slightly more pink, based just to the areas that require a little bit of color correction can really brighten those areas, as I am applying this cream foundation. On top of it, I’m finding it quite difficult to drag the product across it as it is very matte. So it is absorbing some of its moisture and I’m just going in and stippling the edges of the concealer with an elf flawless concealer brush, remembering to be particular careful around the eyebrow area. Whilst blending that in I can visibly see that it has began to oxidize solely in the neck area, not so much on the face, yet my turn slightly to the side, you can actually see in the neck area that it is darkening. It has become darker than my own natural skin tone. No, I am slightly more on the drier side of things, and I definitely would say that this finish actually reminds me of the makeup forever matte velvet foundation, which I found to be quite matte in the past. Now on me, it doesn’t need powder at all. I am going to go in and set my concealer in just a moment, but if you are somebody with more slightly oily skin, I think this foundation would be fantastic for you if you’re somebody with a more drier skin. I would definitely recommend that you use a moisturizer that is quite humectant and is fairly moisturizing, embarking on with the rest of the look where I went in and applied concealer underneath the eyes around the eyebrows and to areas that require a little bit more coverage. I’m going to be going in with a classic favorite of mine, kryolan’s, loose translucent powder in the shade pl3 until the underneath of the eyes, i’m applying with a zovut 2 to 8 brush still lighter Mendez to make sure that everything’s set into place and I’m sitting The rest of it with an autograph, blusher, brush no she’ll definitely say on me. I personally would not powder this NYX can’t stop, wouldn’t stop phone dition. It doesn’t really required, as my skin, there’s more on the drier side of things. If you are somebody with a slightly more oily epidermis, I just usually use powders accordingly and I’ve just gone back in and corrected the eyebrow shape feathering the eyebrows.
Before I go in and apply any additional makeup, I’m going to go in with some of Bayeux dramas. Makeup, removing solution just to remove any of the foundation and powder that ended up on the lips and just to put a little bit of moisture back into the lips. I’m going to be taking some of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Now shall be applying a little bit of that to the lips. It shall also prep the lips for whatever lip product I intend to go in with next to contour, I’m going to be going in with a classic favorite of mine, which is English powder eyeshadow in the sheet 3 for 9, and I’m stippling it on. First of all, using a Charles Fox, 8, 1, 4, 6, 0, 4, 3 brush remem stippling it on, because I didn’t want to buff it on or brush it on in fear. I may disturb the formation of the foundation for which that we have applied today. Although I do believe that this finishing might be okay to swap product on, because it is a matte finish and it sort of clings to the skin right away, I think that you can get away with applying product. On top of it and a slightly more vigorous motion and on closer inspection, I am gazing at my cheek via my magnified mirror, and it doesn’t look as if, though, I have disturbed the foundation that much by brushing it over where the contour shade now applied are Now going to be going in with a classic favorite of mine, which is mac, cosmetics, powder blusher in the shade blush baby, and I am applying it with a graduate Daler and Rowney oval wash brush. I don’t want to apply too much of it. I’m just sort of dusting it on and I’m just taking it down slowly into the corner and up onto the highest point of the cheekbone. Just so that everything is seamless for highlighter, I’m going to be going in with another NYX product, and this is the NYX professional makeup. Gieux chromatic, illuminating powder in the shade, Twilight, tint and I’d actually purchased this product. Not all that long ago. It’s absolutely gorgeous on the cheeks. I also have lavender steel, which is another absolutely beautiful, color. This one is more pinky purple duochrome. When is the Twilight tint. Is this absolutely beautiful, frosty blue color and I’m going to be a planet on an England for SS brush and I’m just taking a little bit of it into the brow slight amount of it on the forehead a little bit of it for the bridge of the Nose tiny bit of it in between your eyebrows, a tiny bit of it on the chin.
Nyx also do these absolutely beautiful cream highlighters! This one is a more purpley, jewel chrome shade, and this one is a slightly more blue, duochrome shade. I like to wear these as a cheek highlighter when I’m wearing hardly any makeup, as they had the most ethereal glow to the skin. I also like to apply a little bit of it to the depth of touch I’m going to play a tiny bit of this to the neck today, just so that you can see how lovely it is those like to fly quite a lot to that hollow there And quite a lot on collarbones and, as you can see, just cuz this skin, the most beautiful sheen. Now I just went into a different room which has different lighting to that of this one, and this foundation is definitely holding up to being a pale formulation, because we have makeup applied in other areas and certainly a full face of foundation and concealer. It can make the eyes look quite bold, so I’m going to go in and apply some of mac cosmetics, powder eyeshadow in the shade and I’m applying it to the eye on a Mac 239 brush and I’m just going to apply this color singularly and I’m just Going to apply this color all the way up to the socket and slightly higher and elongate it out slightly and blend it thoroughly. So I only want to wear one color with this look and I have began blending and swooping the color, just ever so slightly with a Mac to 1/7 and now going in with a kissters, n31 tapered blender brush and just softening all those edges just to ensure Seamlessness and then I’m going in with a clean Mac to 1:7 and just buffing over everything, then I’m going to apply a little of that color on a kid stars: n33 micro, pencil brush. I don’t want to create that much definition on the underneath of the eye. I want to kind of keep it all on the top of the eye, but this just connects the two together. So I’m keeping most of a color more towards the outer corner of the eye to add a slight twinkle of light and a highlight to the inner corner. I shall be going in with some of Becca’s shimmering skin perfecter pressed in the shape pearl and I’m just applying a little bit of that to the inner corners of the eyes using a kiss toss. N30 small tapered blending brush it just brightens that area up ever so slightly with the eyeshadow now applied.
I’m now going to go in and curl my eyelashes using some of England’s eyelash curlers for mascara, I’m going to be using a classic favorite of mine, the Barnes. What’s your type with the mascara applied, I then went and uh applied some corner eyelashes, just to add a little bit more depth to the eye. Then I’m going to go back in and just take a little bit of our Hawkes colored just a little bit further along and then blend it just ever so slightly to finalize, I’m now going to go in and apply some of Charlotte Tilbury slip sheet in the Shade pillow-talk, I’m not going to apply too much of this, because I’m not really feeling like wearing a lot of lipstick today, but I’m just going to simply correct the asymmetry within the lips. I applied the pillow top lip liner and I filled in the lips. Just ever so slightly with a pillow top lip liner now applied to the lips, I’m now going to go back in with some of our Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and just apply a little bit of this to the lips. An adjustment Phillips feel a little bit less like concrete. I have never really liked concrete. As a matter of fact, I’ve always considered it to be slightly like discount stone so that more or less summarizes my brand and product focus hilum. Examining NY X’s can’t stop. Won’t stop full coverage foundation. Before I speak about the foundation, I can definitely confirm both of these shades pale and alabaster to be suitable for the very fairest of skin tones. Now, with this foundation, as you will be able to see, it has oxidized because it has such a strong yellow base to it. I definitely find with foundations that are more yellow under told when applied to the very first of skin tones when they oxidize they don’t look so obvious or stark on the skin in comparison to a foundation that might be the same shade, but is resolved Pinker undertone Eyes and offended the more pinky undertone foundations when they oxidize they look incredibly dark on the skin and on examination I would definitely say that it is a matte foundation. I don’t think I can emphasize that any more than I have it Just might have been a very matte finish and it hasn’t actually exaggerated my own finer lines that much oh definitely says well with this foundation, I think it is probably best applied in a thin layer, even though it is marketed as a full coverage foundation.
I think it looks most flattering used as a light to medium foundation I do tend to find with foundations that set by themselves, particularly the ones that are in medium to full coverage, do tend to sort of separate themselves on my own skin Personally, that’s the problem that I have personally were those stars of foundations I definitely think it’s a fantastic foundation for its price and there are 45 shades in the range So I think that almost everyone will be able to find a shade within the range I definitely think the foundation looks best when stippled on, because it actually began to dry and set and go matte as soon as I put it onto the skin So I would definitely recommend stippling it into place and again, even though the sheer pail has oxidized on me I definitely think I could get away with it by adding a little bit of white into the mix or by applying a slight amount of white powder over the top of it just to enlighten the shade up ever so slightly I definitely think that there are ways to work with a product and I definitely think that there are different ways for a product to work and, of course, a foundation is such a subjective thing It can work for one person, it cannot work for another So that’s always something to bear in mind and of course, there are shades for the very face to skin tones as well as the very darkest of skin tones So there is definitely something there for everyone to try I’m very much like to see this as the opportunity to congratulate NYX and all of the company Well they’re very recently launched can’t stop, won’t stop full coverage foundation I think it is an absolutely fantastic foundation, certainly for its price point, and I wish them the best of luck with the brand product, development and future launches So now more or less summarizes my brand and product focused film I have had a lot of fun Creating this film for you today, I hope that you have found the tips, the techniques and the recommendations for CH that I have shared within this film to be added interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial Once again Thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye

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