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The red carpet of the queen of the rally before the rugby rally in England

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my name is baguette chips: MBA, queen of the battered sausage, lug trips I’ll go with anything and I’d love to be covered in daddy’s sauce It’s like the craziest thing in the whole world right so you’re, sitting like in your car, like in Northern Ireland, whatever like in this dusty town or and you’re, told that you’re gonna be sent to Disneyland all expenses paid But then you get there and Disneyland It’s like pink and everything is just pink, so I mean it’s like yeah, it’s been a whirlwind and I’m so grateful because it’s like who gets these opportunities You know actually dare fear that the UK version is funnier than the American version I think, because we’re more sarcastic we’re, I think, we’re not him We’Re not like embarrassed about Sean our vulnerability I there, I think, a big thing about Americans is, you know everything is quite over-the-top and they like to be like I am the best, whereas I think the UK Queen’s had been like Oh yeah, like I’m a little bit at sawing for I’m gonna, give it a go when she looks at you from that little podium Oh black beans, thinks the game being told off I was just not as it’s like Dragons Den for drag queens You come and show them what you can say when hopefully walk out on ceremony like I was just making funny pony names with my best friends at 4 o’clock in the morning So we came up with Cheryl Hall and it’s stuck and it just felt right because classic pop diva, but the fact that Cheryl’s a guest judge is phenomenal because I know she’s such a huge fan of drag race So I bet she was living her best life But you have to tune in to see if I make it to me: Cheryl meet Cheryl where I sing, I dance I’m a big impersonator So do everything from like Donald Trump took in Woodburn and Kim Bob burns kind of gone crazy since the cast released? That’s all I’ve been asked to do so: she’s a horrible little girl She starts trouble and you know what came in here You by god, you’re gonna get in spayed loads Well, I think it’s fantastic that he wants to put that out to the world and say: look please address me as how I’d like to because gender is such a big spectrum and there’s so many people that live fluidic like I live fluidly between the gender spectrums I enjoy embracing my feminine side through my drag, but I alsohave my boy persona and some people just feel like they don’t fit the boxes of male and females, so the pronouns they them just means I am Who I am just address me as that and just respect that I don’t abide by he or she

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