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The second part of nursery reform! |God, we’re going to have a baby

1 Nov , 2019  

That makes it sound like we go faster. What else? Oh look at went this way. Okay, we got some new anyone over here, can’t wait, there’s so much. We can make we’re having a baby from this guy. We didn’t wanted to join us for this episode. You would not leave us alone as you’re trying to set up so he’s here, guys um do you were having a baby, we’re back for another episode and we are so excited about this episodes like I have been having anxiety about starting our nursery, because this is Not oh my gosh.
Actually, we know right now his heads right there hey, thank you right here yeah, so he has not ceased his growing. So we know his arrival is just impending impending arrival. Guys really excited because loads of sponsoring today’s episode just perfect. We love Lowe’s. Obviously we love lo the jobs all the time and we need to shop for supplies anyways for this nursery makeover, so get ready guys. This is going to be a big day because we are going to totally change the look in there guys you’re, already creative weirdo or, if you’re not hit that subscribe button join the creative rate of family. Yes, we would really appreciate it. We are so excited to see our family growing and guys it’s such a cool community of supportive, creative weirdos out there so embrace your weirdness. It’s your uniqueness and join our fam, and also, if you want to take the relationship a step further and access our bonus content. We were doing the YouTube memberships things and that join button is on our channel and we do vlogs that are just special. We did like babymoon stuff a lot of behind the scenes. Talk to you guys for this episode. It isn’t stuff that we would otherwise put out on the channel. So don’t worry, you’re, not necessarily missing anything. It’s just like, if you want more so normally we added these episodes so that you see the whole transformation one episode we want to do this one a little bit differently. Take our time to really show you all the details. Also mister babies growing. So you know weeds have to take things a little easier, but we’re still getting stuff done. True. Well, I’m gonna be doing some manual labor today which exhaust me but doctor’s orders keep working out, keep active, and so I’m doing that but yeah taking my time. But yeah we also just want to be able to share with you guys the step-by-step process, because we want you guys to be able to take these tips and do them in your own homes, because obviously we’re all about the DIY stuff.
So last episode we showed in the design this episode we’re really diving into the wall, so you want to recap the design just like. Oh yes, I mean. Basically, the whole goal in that nursery is we’re trying to create a window into the wild okay. So we’ve decided like we were totally on board with whimsy and fun, but like enchantment a little bit right yeah, so that room is weird right. The doors are in weird places. The windows are in weird places, so you think, as we bring in architectural element up the wainscoting mm-hmm, it will be really more pulled together. Looking also, we can paint in a semi-gloss, so it’ll be super easy to clean because, like like going poop around the walls, probably poop barf whatever, but then look above the wainscoting. We do it’s like it’s a window. It’s like this is a ledge at a public park and then once in a while little animal makes an appearance and how fun. Because I love the idea of like interactive rooms for kids, because it just makes it that much more magical. So, like actually put like a little faux fur like on like the squirrels tail, so it’s like a tactile wall exactly, and so you pick him up and give him like a little tour of it, but it’s not down low so that it’ll get rapid. Okay! Let’s go chef sobbing claw Winston hold down the fort all right. I picked out this. What do you think about this dark gray? I like it and then this for the wainscoting, the weight cool, all right, I’m thinking we’re gonna. Do the Valspar simplicity. It’s Thorne’s euro, vo C line. Obviously Kate’s pregnant we’re having a baby come into the house. We want to have his little volatile as possible because he’s gonna be making his own volatile organic compounds. The trick is, is that this is your paint base that may have no VOCs, but you also have a colorant that you need to make sure it also has no VOCs. So you can ask the counter to use a novio C colorant. Let a store like Lowe’s has that our tent right, they call it colorant color thing that makes your paint color. Okay, so then obviously got to choose our scene yeah, okay, so we’re playing with two different colors in there we’ve got the dark grey! That’s gonna! Go as our background for the mural and then for the wainscotting. I want to do white, so it’s still like a molding look. Cuz, all of our doors and molding in our house is white anyway, so we want to stay consistent, but because the gray is gonna be the background for our mural.
I want that to be a flat finish so like this is basically like the most matte. You can go and then below where the molding is gonna, be where, like the little dirty baby, hands can get on it and stuff. Let’s do a semi-gloss which is actually the shiniest. You can go so we’re going an opposite ends of the spectrum here. Both color, wise and semi-gloss is good because you can clean it yeah, so we probably need like two gallons of the the white and I think one gallon of the darker color yeah. Let’s do that, let’s go get moldy, molding, Oh decorative. I think if we can go with a primed molding since we’re painting all that white, oh yeah, we’ll just make our lives easier. So let’s talk about weight. Can you help me dismount course live my life. Ah, thank you. Let’s talk about what type of molding style we want, because, obviously, the morning on, our tray ceiling is very minimal minimal, but slightly decorative. I like this for the trim. Oh, I like that too, and then we’ll just do like a top cap over it uh-huh and then, if we just use like other finger joint right here, oh just a little finger joint molding, so that will basically go on top of it. So that I’ll like seal the bulb, Oh cute, like a little latch yeah, let’s get a bunch of this stuff. Okay and then we just need like a simple thick piece for the top thick piece for the bottom and then the pieces to go vertically Roger that. Yes, okay, here’s a little bit you’re over here all right. So this is the pre-primed pine tree prime pine, so we need six inch pieces which are actually probably five and a half so like these guys. All that is, let me get it. Let me guess: okay, so Joey. We just need like Joey. We can’t fit these in our car. This is like a twice the length of our car there’s shorter ones. I can drive home with the trunk open. All right, let’s have to check out. Shall we turn in check out which way? Okay, okay, so we are going to? Are you so excited yeah? I am so excited and it’s like so weird cuz. I feel like there’s like a lot of pressure, but there isn’t no he’s gonna be a baby. What is he no he’s great he’s? Actually, our easiest client yet is the. Why am i stressing I’m gonna get the baseboard out? You need to decide how high we want the board and batten wainscotting to go. I mean we already talked about it being pretty high, because the mural is like a window like a ledge so like around like yay high and that’s gonna be covered with a piece of molding.
So it doesn’t even the color yeah, so it’ll be like art. Muskeg gray up here, the like super, dark, gray or night sky. If you will yeah and then down here, will be the du jour. The white yeah so got a nice contrast going on baby’s, like contrast, apparently so, obviously we’re taking off the baseboard, because the bottom of our what’s called a board and batten. Patter has a baseboard as part of it, because we’re making like a rectangle situation, we’re also trying to mimic a little bit more, like these shaker doors, see how it’s like a really simple line here on these doors, so we’re gonna have that as like our Chunky base and top and middle pieces and then just seal, the top of it was like, and then it looks a little more like that because we have the picture really. So this is basically where our dividing line is gonna be between the color of top and then the molding down below. So the 6-inch molding is gonna go over here. So we can kind of be sloppy with the line of demarcation because the molding is going to cover it up. The wall is going to be part of the actual board-and-batten wainscotting, so basically you’re just framing out very Miami down areas of the wall, because this is a smooth surface, we don’t have a textured wall, there’s really no reason to cover it. This is a way to save money. Get the same. Look just use your wall as the backing for your wings body. You know, what’s gonna be a protectant, the semi gloss paint down here, because that’s where little grubby baby hands are gonna be all over. It and it’s gonna be white, then we’re just gonna come along with a nice damp cloth and clean it up Joey. This is the first role in which will be our baby’s room. Let’s we can’t Cheers another two different colors, so we are in our backyard. I’m glad that we were able to do like a backyard project for the zoo yeah like we’re getting very hands-on in this nursery. You guys so we’re gonna be obviously having to custom cut the molding, which, even though we’re like making this a fairly easy project, we still need to make sure our measurements are all really perfect. Yes, okay! So basically like I’m thinking like. If this is our wall, we have that picture rail that runs along the top here right and then we have our tray ceiling. That kind of goes like a little curve. So then, if we have our Wayne Scott Ching Line kind of about yay along the horizontal, the room and then murals up here, we’ve got our trees and stuff that I’m gonna paint your mural mural side, piece, side, piece and then in between it’s.
What we have to figure out right, that’s my eyeball, spacing yeah and then just to explain. What’s happening, I’ve already pre-cut a bunch of like the pieces that I already know like the baseboards. It’s like that yeah once it’s on the wall. We just have this inch and a quarter piece of molding that’ll go there once we have all the mold on the wall will go around. It will apply this on top, and this is our top cap, which I love cuz yeah. Then you don’t see this space yeah, alright. So obviously, we’ve already cut a lot of the baseboard, but we gotta start getting the vertical pieces and the trim pieces cut yeah. Then maybe we can tack team this sure. So our vertical pieces are gonna be 40 and a quarter. So if these are our 4 inch pieces, which fun fact I don’t know when this started, but the measurements that they call wood are never actually what they are. So you know this is a 6 inch piece, it’s actually five and a half inches, and even though that’s a four inch piece, it’s actually three and a half inches all right. So we have our bottom molded pieces. Okay, there was a corner round on this molding before, instead of doing a quarter round, we’re just gonna do the same decorative molding that we are doing on our top yeah yeah, okay cool. So basically, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna level up our baseboards, because that’s the foundation for the rest of the molding and we need it to be level because we’re gonna be doing that horizontal line against the dark color. So it’s like the white needs, the blacks, it’s gonna be super obvious. If it is crooked at all. Oh, my gosh. Here’s too many mud puddles as a family family, get ready, love! You love you! Oh no! These aren’t here I’ll hold. How I hold you like a baby since it’s hard for me to get down a big rug, cuddle, Oh jelly! Well, the baby’s in the little ones like you anyway. So basically, like you, according to the ultrasound, he’s, got ear nose and I think he is your chin in my brain. No, he definitely has my brain. I was tracking ahead of schedule. I think you’re. Getting close, I need to get you in a swaddle chilly I mean look at it, calmed you down, you’re stopping another waffle.
Look I love how the Baldy looks I know I still have some touch-ups I think I need to do with the molding, but we’re getting there think you were saying: you’re swaddling your ears model No, I’m so excited to do the mural I think this background color is gonna, be perfect for, like the birch trees and little animals peeking out I just hope I can do it justice I see it in my brain I just make it happen Good job This is your rug here I can’t stomach This is how I have to read that oh okay, okay, oh my gosh little ever, I will rub cuddle with you forever Oh, my god, I can’t wait Til We have another edition for a rug cuddle, so cute he’s gonna be like actually tummy time like cuddling on that rug All the time like he might even like learn how to crawl on that rug and we broke it in with our rug, cuddle It’s so special you guys, I’m so glad we get to share this with you, like I’m so so amped to start getting into painting that mural So obviously our beautiful dark, dark, gray night sky is gonna, be the perfect background, so I’m gonna start now This next week, like sketching out the mural with pencil first and going over it and making the birch trees then making the animals and I’m gonna, be doing that like more leisurely, so that I can really take my time and make sure that it looks amazing But don’t worry I’ll be filming it and time lapsing, and all that, so you guys will see that in our nursery reveal episode I think that the the wainscotting turned out really cool such a simple, easy DIY that, like anyone, can do yeah completely transforms a room guys huge thanks to Lowe’s for sponsoring today’s episode Thank you check them out for anything under the Sun when it comes to home improvement evening, if you’re not already hit that subscribe Button join the creative, we’re gonna family Follow us on social medias Follow us on Instagram I post so much like just behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram and bump updates and stuff like that and follow Joey too cuz He looks pretty cool I love you, hello, guys Next time, you’ll see the nursery reveal so stay tuned For that, and thanks so much for hanging out with us stay green stay weird to you, because why not we love you bye! Here’s to many rub cuddles as a threesome Here’s to many rug cuddles with this robot trio as a trio Here’s to here’s to family

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