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The snowman in our yard.

30 Sep , 2019  

Okay, Betty: are you ready for our Tea Party you’re having a tea party with a Yeti named Betty? Well, of course, I wanted to invite my snowman in, but dad said he would just melt, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna melt anyway. There supposed to be a warm front coming in later you mean my snowman could melt. All snowmen melt eventually stay right here, Betty, Oh snowman. I wish you didn’t, have two mouths snowman snowman. Well, you have to go man, snowman snowman! I don’t even know man.
I made you out of snow, but soon you’ll have to go where you go to I don’t know snowman snowman. If you could hear me, please don’t melt the warm fronts here. Addie the one front, snowman! Oh no, he’s gone all the snow, melted yeah! It’s like an early spring, but my snowman’s gone geez. You sure got attached to that snowman. I guess I’ll just have to build another one, but there isn’t even any snow, sometimes there’s still some snow on that shady area. On the other side of the house, that’s perfect. Doesn’t that kid ever walk anywhere, there’s usually some snow around here. Let me check, I know it so melted Gillian Gillian, my stomach had to light he’s walking around the yard. Come on Gillian, it’s bright out there, your snowman, which melted, came to life and is walking around the yard yeah. He was right by the hot tub. Oh cuz, everyone knows that’s where snowmen hang out. Just take a look. I don’t get. He was right here. A second ago, maybe he jumped into the hot tub, that’s not funny Gillian. I really saw something out there. Well, I’m sure you saw something out there, but your snowman really well my snowman disappeared and now that things out there, I don’t think. That’s a coincidence. Adam look: how sunny it is your snowman melted and you probably just saw like a groundhog or something groundhogs – aren’t seven feet tall and covered in white fur: seven feet tall and covered in white fur. That sounds more like a Yeti, which also doesn’t exist. A Yeti you’re right, oh brother, are you gonna check the other window? I think someone put a little too much sugar in her tea this morning. That’s weird that doors never open Gillian. Did you leave the store open? No! Well! That’s weird because the door is open. I wonder how that happened Gillian, what now there’s a Yeti in our room. That’s what open the door! So, first, your snowman came to life and now there’s a Yeti in our room. What’s next, it’s true Gillian! I’m really scared! You need to come check it out.
Why can’t I have a normal little sister adhi, the door isn’t even open. The Yeti must have closed. It come on no Yeti. He was standing right where you’re standing now jelly and you put a furry hand on my shoulder. Adi there’s no such thing as a Yeti, except maybe your stuffed animal. Look Julian, there’s even some! First still on my shoulder from him yeah that looks like misko’s white fur to me: there’s a Yeti lurking somewhere in this house. You need to take this seriously until I see it with my own eyes – Adi, I’m just not gonna believe you hmm, I bet he’s just hiding around here somewhere now. Where would I go if I was a Yeti toy closet? He just blend right in with the other stuffed animals Yeti. I know you’re in there get out here, come on yet you’re. Only making it worse on yourself, Joanne is that you? No, then I think the yetis back. That’s nice Gillian cow! Here! You don’t want her to come. You’Re scared, too. Aren’t you don’t worry I’ll be your friend come on come on we’re gonna have a tea party. All right now hold your tea like this, Oh Yeti, I’m so glad I met you. I wrote a little song about you, Yeti Yeti. I think I, like you, already Yeti Yeti. I really hope you don’t Shetty. I made you out of the snow how it happened. I don’t know. I hope you never have to go Yeti, Oh Yeti. I’m so glad you came here, hey Adi, I heard you singing a song, it Julie, you’re, gonna scare, Adi, that’s a Yeti! That’s what I was trying to tell you. It looked like he was trying to crush you. We were just hugging he’s friendly. I don’t know Adi daddy’s coming or the Yeti go. I don’t know. I turned away for a second hey. What’s going on back here, you wouldn’t believe us. If we told you we’re just having a tea party with the Yeti, didn’t the Tea Parties had to be so noisy, hey, I told you not to use real water. You’Re gonna make a big mess. How did that get in there? I didn’t put it in there, don’t look at me, oh sure, no one did it as usual. Anyway. Please guys, keep it down. That was a close one. Good thing the Yeti hid well. Where is he now well he’s not under the table? I thought he was in the closet last time, but he just appeared right behind me. Well, I’m not gonna go looking for him in that closet and what’s up with this water in the teacup, I did not put it in there. Well, maybe your friend the Yeti did it. He might have something to do with it. He did come from snow You don’t know that.
I think it’s just a coincidence that he showed up when your snowman melted Maybe he can melt himself and that’s how he disappeared That’s pretty outrageous, Addie, oh and a Yeti in the house Isn’t that would explain how he’s been able to avoid detection all these years Yeti your back whoa how’d! He do that! Look join the cups empty Now I told you he can melt himself and unmelted, I’m so glad you’re back wait I think I hear daddy coming again He disappeared again and the water’s back in the teacup be careful with that addy You don’t want to spill any hey guys One more thing I forgot to tell you: what’s that daddy keep your eyes open on the news they said, there’s like a polar bear loose in the area polar bear There aren’t any polar bears around here, daddy Apparently someone saw one on this very street stay inside the house We should be okay What are they gonna do to the polar bear? Daddy well, they’ll probably try to catch it somehow and then they’ll probably take it in and study it It’s really unusual for a polar bear to be in this area, capture it and study it Why can’t they just leave it alone? It didn’t hurt Anyone, hey polar bears, are really dangerous animals You don’t want to mess with them Hey I thought I told you to get rid of that water Give me that daddy! No, I told you guys not to use real water You’Re gonna ruin the furniture What are you gonna do with that water? Daddy, I’m just gonna pour it down the drain He’s gonna throw out my Yeti Gillian Oh no, I’m pretty sure huh, your snowman kingdom groundhogs aren’t seven No, I think someone put a little too much tea tea and her sugar all right I think someone put a little much sugar and a little much sugar too much Jillian Did you leave this? You pull until I see it with my own at ease my daddy’s, okay, the toy closet He just blend right in with the other stuffed animals Julian Julian Julian yeah, Jillian Jillian good out here yeah That would explain my camel is long, but that’s pretty irate outrageous Wait I think your daddy coming again I told you guys not to use water in this Okay, let us know in the comments, if you’re not following baby teeth for on Instagram you’re missing out, we post new pictures It’s just like hanging out with Jillian and Maddy Thanks for watching bye,

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