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The truth of pattern beauty! Tracy Ellis Ross’s new product

1 Nov , 2019  

Hako friends, I’m Bianca Rene and watching biank Rene today and today I got my hands on the highly anticipated pattern: Beauty, hair product. Now, if you’ve been sleeping under a rock, let me catch you up pattern. Beauty is a new natural hair product line that is made by the one and only Tracee Ellis Ross. If you don’t know who tracey is once again, you should, but you might know her from blackish or mix ish she’s, also the legendary Diana Ross’s daughter.
You know talk about somebody with iconic big curly hair, it’s Diana Ross. So I love that, like even from her mom’s essence of excellence and natural hair, it has been passed down to her very talented daughter and she has created her very own life. So when I heard that the Tracee Ellis Ross was creating her own natural hair product line, I was already excited because I love Tracy, I think she’s just naturally hilarious she’s, just such a genuine real person that does not care about what anyone thinks she’s gonna Say what she wants to say: no filter unapologetically her, and I love that. So that was the main reason I wanted to try these products, but I also loved the messaging behind the line pattern. Deedee was created because Tracy saw a need that just wasn’t exactly being met in the natural hair community, which was you know, we don’t ever use a dime-sized conditioner like no, it’s just not a thing. I bought these products with my very own money, but sponsored or not. You guys know. I’m always gonna give you guys an honest review. So about being said, I’m gonna have to do this review like Tracy, meaning I got to keep it real with y’all. I could sit here just make a beautiful perfect. These are the best products in the world. Tracy, but I really care about the ingredients and products, and I care about your curls, and some of you guys have worked way too hard to be putting certain things in your hair. That aren’t going to be helpful. So I’m gonna have to break all that down today. Does that mean I’m possibly ruining my chances of ever getting a walk-on role on to mix dish or washing my cashmere sweaters or playing uno with Tracy, but I’m gonna? Do it because y’all need to know the truth, so, let’s get into it. So, let’s rewind back to launch day the day pattern, beauty, finally put up all their products on the website for us to kind of check out. You will see the Tracee Ellis Ross has created three different conditioners: one shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, two oils, a microfiber towel a brush and a $10 clip.
The three conditioners include a medium conditioner for curlies, then there’s a heavy conditioner for coils. Then there’s a intensive conditioner for tight textures. Now my loyal subscribers and girlfriends you’ll already know the first thing to do when looking at any new hair product, which is to turn that bottle over and read the labels to see which ingredients are inside. So, according to the pattern Beauty website and also on the back of their products, they claim to be paraben free, free of SLS and SLES color, safe free of cyclic, silicones, fellate, free and formaldehyde free. So, as a normal consumer, you might read that to be like cool that all sounds great, but what does it really mean so SLS and SLES are types of sulfate. It stands for sodium, lauryl, sulfate or SLDS with the sodium laureth sulfate. These are two really harsh. Sulfates, you really try to avoid in your hair products because it could dry out your curls, especially if you have color treated hair, so they’re gonna suck all that color right out. So it would have been nicer if they just would have put sulfate free. Because that’s just a more common term that we all would just understand and when a brand only mentions like oh we’re free of these two, it makes me kind of nervous like well. What about the other sulfates? Are you saying you don’t have very harsh sulfates, but you have mild sulfates of that already me nervous. The second red flag was cyclic silicones. What’s the cyclic silicon, let me answer this question for you. What are cyclic silicones? Let’s see a cyclic silicon refers to a structure of a compound that possesses a cyclic call structure rather than the chain structures of de methicillin ohms. What is all this mean? It’s a bunch of scientific e words that don’t don’t tell me anything. So I think what they’re trying to brag about is that they don’t have any bad silicones or silicones that are gonna, create a lot of product build-up. But here’s the deal – I don’t want any silicon in my product, whether it’s good bad, better water-soluble, Dudus, really isn’t a need for silicon, and I know that because I literally have a collection of over 300 curly hair products that don’t have any silicone and I think It’s safe to say that my curls are doing just fine without it. So when I saw that the conditioner had silicone, I was very, very disappointed. That’s okay! Let me let me check the shampoo, because usually I could at least try a brand shampoo, because a lot of brands are catching on the sulfate free thing, so that should work go to the website and there’s silicone in the shampoo.
Why whoa hey? Why so? There’s a Malloy domestic own on the shampoo granted. It is towards the very bottom, so that could mean that there’s a very small amount. You know it’s not the end of the ingredient list, but there is silicone in the medium and the heavy conditioner, but but but but surprisingly, the intensive conditioner for tight textures is silicone, free, something that I can buy. I know you’re trying to give you my money. It’s not in here I have read this label like 12 times, trying to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. The first ingredient is water, which is always what you want to see in your hair products. The second one is an alcohol, but it’s a good alcohol. Don’t worry, then, there’s like oils and shea butter. There is beeswax and sunflower seed wax. So if you guys don’t want to use waxes or you experience build up from waxes, that is against one of the CG rules. So it’s definitely not CG friendly. If you’re that strict on it, it’s also flour wax. So I mean there is three types of waxes in here and then towards the bottom of the ingredient list. There is isopropyl alcohol, which is considered one of the more drying alcohols. So I like to avoid products that are sold free, paraben, silicone free. Those are my three no no’s if you are a more extreme CG person, you’re, probably also avoiding waxes and you’re, also avoiding drying alcohols, which it does have those two. But there is no AMOLED and that’s a cone in this one. I don’t know why, but I’m happy that it’s not, and it kind of just proves the point that you don’t need it whose product is sulfate pyramid and silicone free. Now, let’s talk about it now, this size right here is actually the medium size. There’s a three ounce bottle. This is their 13 fluid ounce bottle. Then there’s one even bigger that is 29 fluid ounces. So if you want to just try it, you can get a three ounce bottle for nine dollars, which is kind of a lot for just a three ounce bottle. But for the 13 fluid ounce, one that I got, this was $25 and if you get the big one that comes in like a big pump jar, this one is $42. So it’s definitely not your average drugstore pricing. So I need you to be real good at all, I’m trying to say so.
The only items that I personally was interested in is the pattern Beauty intensive conditioner for tight textures, and I also got the pattern beauty brush. Many of you know that I prefer to just finger detangle with my fingers. I think it’s a very easy way to do it, but I want to try it out because why not so without further ado, let’s get in the shower, so I could show you exactly how these products work starting out. This conditioner is very, very thick and it has a very nice smell. I would say it’s a floral scent. It smells like a bouquet of flowers. The intensive conditioner is supposed to be their richest formula for heavy poorest hair, which means high porosity. I actually have low porosity hair so we’ll see how this goes. Denser. Texture is looking to replenish moisture, nourish, hair and restore curl patterns. It’s infused with a buttery blend of shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E, and it’s supposed to leave your hair and scalp ultra conditioned to combat breakage and dryness. Now, although I think the slip is good enough for me just to finger to tangle, let’s give this pattern beauty brush a try, so the bristles are very hard. There’s nine rows to this brush, it’s kind of similar to the Denman brush, just from the look of it, but let’s see if it’s better at detangling, so starting at the ends getting rid of any knots and tangles alright, not too bad yeah. I mean it’s getting the job done, I wouldn’t say it’s detangling, any more special than any other brush. I have the shower brush. Is seventeen dollars and recommended for all curl types, so I’m gonna keep detangling and once you get through all of it, you will see that does do a nice job at evenly distributing all the conditioner through every hair strand. So every strand gets some lovin and if you go down slowly, you also see that it will help create some curl definition. So now let’s go ahead and do the other side doing another generous squeeze of conditioner still very thick and creamy. But you want to start from the bottom and then smooth it all the way up. According to the pattern Beauty website, these three different conditioners are actually used for different curl types, so I should have used the medium one, which is for 3b and 3c type curls. The next one is they’re heavy for type 4a curls and then there’s the intensive one that I’m actually using right, which is really made for types 4b and 4c But as long as it’s you know getting through my tangles giving me some moisture and that’s all that matters, so here’s the shedding after doing both sides of my hair, not too bad, looking normal, so the brush worked out just fine.
My hair is now completely tangled free It feels extremely moisturized This is a heavier cream that can double as a deep conditioner, so I’m actually gonna Let it sit for a while I do the rest of my shower early activities You could leave it up for 20 minutes under a shower cap If you have the time, but today, I’m just going to leave it in for a little bit, see how my curls look and then rinse it out with cool water Even after rinsing out all the conditioner, my curls still feel moisturized They look very defined and shiny and overall I’m happy and voila This is me actually day, 2 after washing my hair yesterday with the intensive conditioner, but I can’t really give like a full brand review, because when we don’t have a styler, a leave-in conditioner is not a styler 11 is used for moisture, so Tracy donek We really need a styling cream or a gel, but I understand this is the first launch This is not gonna be the end of your product This is just a little step, one that we all appreciate so powder Beauty If you’re watching, I am more than willing to come into the office, have a little chat with you, so we could discuss the best ingredients to move forward with for the next launch for your stylers, for maybe a revamp of the conditioners I just want you guys to succeed, because I mean I love Tracy and she put her heart and soul into this, and I want this line to succeed and I know we’ll regardless, but for those of us that are really trying to avoid certain ingredients like I could show you my DMS: it’s all my subscribers are just anxious to give you their money, but I got to be able to give them the green light on more than one product So call me if you guys want more honest reviews on curly hair products Lucky for you Every week I have an entire curly hair playlist You guys could just binge watch instead of Netflix highly recommend so make sure you that subscribe button and the belts you’re notified you also can follow me on instagram @ ms biank Renae, sir, always the first to know what products I’ll be trying out Next I’ll see you guys next time, thanks for watching Bianca Rene today,

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