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The whole face is only used on acne prone skin using Concealer Briana Marie Fall Series 1 Slaybook 5

1 Nov , 2019  

Look it’s all about facials, so I did do my eyes in tutorial. It’s me girl, better eat and I back with another story. We also today, I’m looking real. I know pretty in pink this one is give it you so my fragrance that I have my right now, Ariana Grande, it’s called Thank You. Next, this fragrance is ready. It smells really good. I don’t know hash smell just hops meal. Just like this. Let me get into this face on this. Face is beat it’s beat. You know it came out so flawless technique that she used I’ll be doing it, and I actually kind of like doing my face friends fresh.
It’s from me doing my aspirations in my face, but yeah cuz everything like blend as far as the outer V part, but it will just everything blend with my nose. It’s like snatch and you’re, not well. What’s next nose, I see my outfit keep watching to the end, but if you want see how she does look then state, so my eyebrows hop in today to do now is I am about to achieve this. Look with no condition. One just use considers only anime. Actually been doing this method for a long time y’all, so you know I I learned from so many people, it’s just not just I learned on my own. It’s like I learned from people, so I definitely have to try. I gotta check this out because I want to really see if it works, because I have acne and I want to see if it’s going to work for me, just only work for clear skin or doesn’t really work for people like me, like acne prone skin, Make sure my skin is oil-free, I’m not putting makeup magnesia on today. I just wanna see that’s gonna last. It’s new buffs that come so you see see. This is clear enough but like when I get new bumps like right here right here and water and it removes makeup y’all. So any look, it’s a prime! So I’m not to do this, prime! I do have pores. So I do I love. I love this stuff. It supports no more. I need to get some more. This is a specific tone to take this. Only in the poor areas my face is kind of rims. I did shave it a little bit a lot of beat egg. My Smashbox, the original photo finish smooth and blur primary off and we’re going to put this all on the parameters on my face just before yesterday and I grabbed all of the shades at teleme, hey buddy. I got Sabu spiced rum and try or cheap whatever, and then mocha already has every was the darkest one. This is the contour shade. Rome is like my foundation shade. These are like multi-use sculpting concealers That means you can use foundation contour the silver cut off.
With my highlight first, my take spice wall, one of those long, contour, charts or airbrush detail brush, I think, is in 57 This is from Sephora come to concealer I can’t wait mommy Madrid What I did is basically put the highlight in the center and then contour all around what the consular needs to be in there, like you, have your medium shade, so it’s like, like medium, damn dark a too dark Take this Real Techniques Brush we’re using just goes too loose and indeed actually cover up my East, another kind of um I’m used to Pat McGrath lap powder You all today and I’m I’ll just get flashback, but I just hope it I actually wanna mix because I, like my under eye a little brighter I’m powder, which is my NW 50, the same brush right hand but pressing it into the areas Did I didn’t put powder okay scheme? I based on my five and I think three Oh, you need that much I’m not gonna do a little stop look dead Try a little bit up this chocolate brown right here and I’m just one to nestletype that on and then I’m patting on eyelid now Is this one? That’s add these two go Actually, it’s in my truck is Pat late It’s a straight one here, oh good morning and I’ll leave For now, I’m gonna take a bigger brush losing a little bit of black a winged liner when a while wait here – and I grab this so for our face Pro medium – I’m going to exchange it today, it’s not deep! So just how it’s looking So I think I’m gonna brush, I mean highlight with this one wrong and I think I’m gonna tribe to test this out to see if this, like a good bronzer, you a little bit of my spirit and one more last night, we’re going to be On the other one, so I’m going to take this clear lip gloss for Mac What I have on is the file another five look, you know, and this is compassion over It’s basically like a It was a blue, jean material This little looks like I don’t know what to say about this one: it’s not anybody’s, it’s a different kind of material It’s like suede basic, like a button-up dress with this, actually just take it off so much fun to answer in this tutorial I hope that you can enjoy don’t forget to comment and subscribe still building next to subscribe button, there’s only so that you can get another fact with any of those shower enjoying the fall series trying to give it My all lately, lady out, there really feeling it, but now things coming out actually really good

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