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The whole face uses a new specialty of beauti beauty filtration Moisturizing Foundation.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna be doing a full face of fancy about 94, 96 % of the products were Fenty. Anything I used was only because Finn’s he does not have it or I would have used it, but this is the look that I created. Just you know focus on the skin. You know that’s my thing, so if you want to see how to get this look and my thought on these products, then just keep watching alright guys. So, let’s just get started. I went to Sephora today and picked up everything else that I needed, which was the fountain steak, the primer, the foundation highlighter another powder and another concealer, so that was probably bad.
I have all my other stuff in front of me, I’m kind of nervous, because I really want this foundation to work, but I just know typically like a more luminous or hydrating foundation, doesn’t have the coverage that I like so right now, I’m just gonna live. Please work: please work, please work, but anyway, let’s just get right into it, so I don’t have anything on my face right now. I did my hair. You know a little way to kind of go with the theme I wish I had those like cute little clip. So I’m gonna order – some, if you guys know where I can get some drop that below, because this is low-key – a vibe live quit, but yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and moisturize, I’m still using my lil recipe, watermelon moisturizer, just whoops guys in my Face cuz: I have not put anything on literally all day this um. there’s like three or four products that won’t be fancy because they don’t make it so I’m just making everything work. So I eventually came out with two primers. They came out with well two new ones. They have the soft matte one, which is the original one, and they came out with a matte one, and then they came out with the soft silk, which is a more hydrating one. And I just want to check the hydrating one, because why not, even though, depends on your skin type. Ideally, if you have a hydrating foundation on you’re, probably gonna want to use a matte to just kind of counteract and to kind of make it more long-lasting. But you know, I don’t know we’re gonna see because I haven’t tried this yet so I’m not gonna talk too much, but this is the primer and I’m just gonna use.
You know it’s new, so if I’m gonna come out there we go. I’m just gonna do you pumped I’m sure I got to watch too many reviews on this until I got my hands on it. Today is the 15th, which is a day that everything came out. I went to the mall and stopped out. I didn’t want too many reviews, because I didn’t want my judgement. I guess you can say to be cloudy or for me to be like. Oh, it’s not working! Oh it’s! Nice! Oh, is this. I just really wanted to be surprised. So of course it looked amazing on them, but we’re gonna see how it works on scarred troubled traumatized skin, so I’m using the foundation the hydrating long wearing. I actually got shade for 30 and I wear shade for 20. They said that the foundation doesn’t oxidize what you guys know. The original one does oxidize, which they said it doesn’t oxidize. It just dries down oxidizes, but they said it doesn’t attack, so I feel like because this one doesn’t, if I get for 20 well, first of all, let me just rewind they didn’t have for 20, but I was just trying to convince myself that this was gon Na work, but realistically it makes more sense. I did get a sample of for 20 in case I feel like this is too dark for me, but we’re just gonna see how this works. I dohave my sample of for 20 and here’s for 30. I really think when i swatched for 30 before buying it. I really think for 30 is gonna be the better match, but we’re gonna see I’m starting off with two pumps and I didn’t buy the foundation brush or the sponge. I did it the first time, and I did it this time because I in it so I’m actually gonna, do one side with the brush and one side with the with the sponge to see which one has a better application. Only because I feel like when I first started using the original foundation, I used to always use a sponge for my foundation, but when I started using the pro matte or pro filter or whatever it Just’s, it just didn’t work it dried down too fast and it Absorb too much in the sponge, which made my application very splotchy, so I personally prefer to use the original foundation with the UM with a brush, but I do like the finish of this so far.
It is really like luminous and skin light. However, it’s not full coverage, I don’t know what the claims are. I really don’t think it’s full coverage. You can’t, I feel, like you, can’t make anything hydrating or luminous full coverage, because whatever properties aren’t and it breaks down the product, it makes it a little bit more sheer and you can’t make anything to full coverage. That’s gonna slide off of your face, so it just it just makes sense. So this is the first layer you guys can still see. Some of my blemishes, peeking through, is on the forehead, but that’s only one layer, we’re gonna see how the foundation layers. Personally when I use the original one, I do two layers anyways, so I’m just like whatever and now I’m using my sponge. For the other side, I actually like the spoon side a lot better yeah. The sponge side is definitely a lot better gives me a lot more coverage, so I might be team sponge. You guys this is still one layer of the foundation, but I’m just going over it with the sponge, so that the finish is Ian and, of course, this foundation is we’ve got room, I mean realistically, this foundation is gonna work. Once I have powder and highlight, and all that kind of stuff on camera, like a person, it’s it’s matching its matching, it’s a little orange, but it’s matching in the camera whoo. So now I’m just going to go in with a little bit of the 420 that sample that I have in apply it to the center of my face, see I’m using 420 in the center for my second layer and look at that. I’m gonna have so much better all right right, so the second layer is complete and I’m not mad at it like a little bit of my blemishes are showing through, but it’s not that bad and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. I really like the sponge. A lot better for this foundation – and I like the original one with this button I mean with the brush sohydrating sponge matte brush, and you guys see how the 420 just looks a little bit better. They did tone it down, so I’m definitely taking this back and exchanging it. The 420 definitely looks a lot better. So now, it’s time to don’t want to use a match. Stick, I don’t really care for them. So anyway, now I’m going to be using the concealer. This is the first concealer that I purchased from Finn T in the shade 490 um.
I didn’t feel like it was like brightening enough, so I’m just gonna kind of use this to conceal or like my first layer of concealer, because you guys know I always use two layers. So this is it. This one is definitely more on the warmer side. So it’s gonna do a little bit of corrector, but guys as I’m blending this out, my skin looks delicious, so that is the first layer of concealer. It’s just like. Alright, you know Sam, but now I’m gonna bring it up a notch. So I got the shade 370 – it’s very bright, but that’s what I like. I kept trying not to get anything brighter because I was like. Oh my gosh, like you know the foundation supposed to go with the concealer to break so me like that. Just shows how much of extra bitch I am, but it is what it is, so I’m using 470 under my eyes and on the bridge of my news, alright, so that is completely blended. I won’t yes me and I actually went and got a mini fancy powder in the shade honey, because I feel like number one. This is not a powder that you take this. This is not a pattern that you bake with at all. I just want to put that out there um. It might be bankable with this foundation, because it is a little bit more hydrating, because it is a little bit more hydrating so won’t cling to the magnet. But I do feel like with the phen see by itself. If I try to bake with it or something it just, it just washes me out way too much. So I got honey to lock me in and give me the brightening effect, then I’ll layer it with honey because, as you know, typically layer, my setting powders anyway. So I’m just gonna apply honey with my sponge and I’m just gonna press that instead everything and the thing is you guys. I freaking love this powder like when you put it on you, look so filtered. I just wish it wasn’t as dry, but with this foundation I feel like it’s gonna it’s just as dry as it needs to be, if that makes sense, cause look how much that mattified my face in that quick. Second, that’s crazy! So yeah! That is perfect. I’m living, do you guys see them slow? No, I we’ve said everything like you guys. My skin looks like ass. I’m gonna take a little bit of banana. This is original one that I purchased and you guys see it’s still full like you do not need a lot of this at all, and I’m just gonna focus that like right here to chisel my nose a little bit and bring him under and I’m a Lot of people use the fancy loose powders for all over, but again I wasn’t the biggest fan of the powders, especially not all over my face.
That’s not my thing, so I’m gonna be going you with my Sephora microsil the powder and I’m gonna apply that all over today, I’m gonna take a big old brush and I’m just gonna lightly press, my skin. Now it’s my favorite part bronzing. Oh, my gosh, you guys these brothers are amazing. I love them. I’ve said that since day one they are that girl. So now I’m going to be going in with Coco knotty, because I like to kind of map out my contour and give my face a little bit of depth and then I go in with mocha mami and now this is mocha mami. Then I’m just doing my thang with so now, I’m using honey to just carve out the bottom, and this is actually the first highlighter that I’ve ever purchased. Besides trophy wife, choking wife was a scam. I felt bamboozled it’s beautiful as an eyeshadow blip, but as a highlighter, it just looks good in pictures, so let’s get off photography but as far as like real life on my face talk about stress okay, so I used to always see these um these highlighters and Be like and they’re, okay, they’re, alright, but like this is so Bob I’m gonna use afternoon snack on my nose. If you guys know I feel about my nose highlight I would just prefer for it to be a little bit softer Wow. This is what I just want to keep adding it. You guys know I’ve been a little iffy about highlighters lately, but all right well she’s cute. I know this is not about this, but it is so now. I’m just gonna dust everything away, I’m just gonna go over everything again with my eye, my Christmas powder, just to make sure everything is nice and blended and seamless, and this little scar is still showing. But you guys know it’s not really bothering me that wouldn’t present my do it. Oh wow, you guys my face, looks so good Isn’t it or am I just feeling myself too much and I’m gonna go with my NYX see I use it a lot.
My NYX bear with me sprays and I’m gonna Do my brows off-camera this pen She doesn’t have any brow products, so I’m gonna do my brows on some lashes I’m gonna put some bronzer in my eyes You guys know That’s like my thing and I’ll be back, alright guys I am back sorry if there’s a slight lighting change You know I’m not the most tech-savvy person, sohere we are, but I’m about to do my lips I’m pretty much finished my face I just put some of that bronzer my crease I had some lashes got the highlight in my inner corner, that’s into our lips So typically I would just put the bed T gloss on, but I feel like we all know what the fence he lost looks like So I’m just doing a little thing, so I’m just lining my lips peruse now that that song I’m gonna go in With my be Taylor, Beauty lip gloss – this has been my go-to recently This is that I could have a little bit more color Oh, my god, my chest is so red you guys and I’m just going to apply fussy on top so that I have more like a glossy look movie Yes, do you guys? Why does my chest so red you guys might think I’m sick I actually really like this foundation Look at my skin like what is happening yeah I really like this foundation I was definitely recommend it I think the primers great as well I really like this primer because it’s like hydrating, but it also gives me this like smooth finish The foundation set nicely like it, doesn’t feel wet I feel like normally with like luminous or hydrating foundations I feel like immediately that they’re breaking apart, but this one I feel like I’m locked in and I feel like it – is truly a long wear foundation So Tasha gives it a thumbs up Don’t ask me if it’s for oily skin or dry skin, if you have oily skin, probably don’t want to get a hydrating foundation There’s another option for you, which is the pro max the matte foundation, so get that one like it’s just kind of like common sense If you want to try to go ahead and try it, maybe it will work for you, you never know, but um yeah don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe

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