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The worst high-end skincare products the worst products!!!

1 Nov , 2019  

. So if you guys follow me on snapchat, which is talky Westbrook nospace kind of strange, why did I set it up that way? I mean seriously slap myself in the forehead okay. So if you follow me on snap, you know that I did a huge decluttering of my skincare. I had like a giant hefty bag filled with things that had expired. That were partly empty, that I wasn’t using anymore. I did put together a nice giveaway, been a donations bin, an empty bin for an upcoming empties.
Video got a lot going on here, the skincare for the face and the body and the underarms too. So, let’s just start right here, nice little, you know segue into the land of deodorant. So this is a vegan deodorant from Tarte love. Tart, like the packaging, love the whole vibe of their new dry shampoo and they have some body products and tanning products, and I am so on board with so much of what they come out with, but nothing because you will smell and you will split. This does not keep you really safeguarded from anything it’s kind of just a waste of time. I was really counting on this to work, because I am trying to find a natural deodorant that actually does something for me. I am still on the hunt. You guys always leave me really crazy recommendations, like 50 different natural deodorants, to try – and I feel, like I’ve tried so many of them, but you guys I just need something to really really work. For me. I’ve been working out so hard, I’m way training. I am putting in the burn, and I need a good deodorant like back me up, make me feel comfortable and confident about myself. I was apologizing to my trainer. I was like I’m trying out natural deodorant. I think I really smell right now, which is like so awkward. Why would I even say that in the first place, this looks like a very full tube, because I used this three times and gave up right away. This was sent to me oops. I always feel so bad, like people send me stuff and I’m not always going to give like the most glowing review, because I just don’t believe in that. I believe that my opinion is not the end-all-be-all opinion, but I do believe that my channel is a place where I’m sharing. What worked for me and what didn’t so, keep that in mind if you have different skin, you know than me and my combo skin. This might be a different experience for you, but for me this did not work. This is the origins, a perfect world, antioxidant cleanser with white tea. Now this smells really well. It removes makeup pretty well the jelly cleansing ball that I just did a WTF on works.
So much better for removing makeup this, I will go in with a cotton pad or even like patting my face dry with a white towel, and there will still be a little bit of makeup on there, which I don’t like. So this a did not remove. All of my makeup, but be it dried my skin out, and this is supposed to be an antioxidant cleanser that I feel is for all skin types. It says it has rare silver tip white tea. I don’t get it. Why didn’t you not work for me? You know what I mean. I don’t even know like what to do with this, like when I’ve used product like this, I’m like, should I put in a donate pile, should I give it to a friend, I’m probably just gonna give this to a friend didn’t work for my finicky skin Right back to the body, this is from phyto mirror it’s really hard for me to say a bad thing about a brand where I love so much from them. But this is the body blur it’s very expensive. You shake this up and then you grab a few pumps and it kind of comes out a little milky and gel like it feels really oily, but also kind of like a dimethicone silicone skin primer, skin primer, our makeup primer. You know what I’m saying like a Smashbox photo focus that kind of a thing and you put on your body and the problem with this is not the texture, but the fact that it actually starts pilling up quite a bit feels good for a second, and then You will brush your skin and it will all like crumble off, like you have really gross dead skin everywhere. So after a few fun times of using this and rubbing my legs while wearing shorts, I was like yeah. I know I’m not using that again. This is actually really really bad and embarrassing. This smells like egg sour egg nasty public restroom facemask. That is not something that you want on your face right. This is a sulfur mask, so the name kind of says it all. It is a calming mask with aox technology. Skin Authority has some really incredible facial oils. They have a hand cream that I love. I tried this out because I got sent a lot of the line to try out and this one the problem with this: it’s not that it doesn’t work that smells so bad funny thing is you read the top sentence and it says an aromatic clarifying mask that Helps exfoliate clear, pores, drive blemishes and calm inflammation. You can use this all over or as a spot treatment. I’ve used it both ways because the first time I used it all over when I was having like a pretty decent hormonal breakout and I’m like my pores, really need to be cleared.
This is going to be great and my face smelled. So bad afterward, like James, was leaning and he’s like. Why does your face? Look like a fart, it’s the nastiest thing ever. Did I get a bad bottle? I don’t know it’s like straight sulfur. It’s like a bottle of straight sulfur. So then, after that whole horrific experience, I was like well I’m never wiping that all over my face again, but I know sulfur is great for getting rid of a breakout, so I’d use it as a spot treatment and it’s great it does reduce inflammation. So if you can brave the storm of the smell, then this does work, but oh my gosh, even as a spot treatment. It’s just like good. I’m sorry skin Authority, you stink, everybody loves this. So much I don’t understand this is the COPE re, coconut mini melt. Do you know what this is? It’s something you could find in your kitchen. You could buy a big tub of it from Trader Joe’s for a lot less money use this in your hair, your cuticles, your body. It is coconut oil, that’s all it is, but you’re going to pay a premium for it. Being this, like skincare esque type of a line yeah, I could bake with this totally. I got this when I was getting married. Actually I bought like a little set because I didn’t have any body products to make my body glisten and gleam: I’m Eddie –it. I have so much makeup and everything – and I forgot to pack things with me so at the hotel they had a gift shop and I bought a bunch of this stuff now. Some of this really good, you know the coconut mini melt. This will really moisturize your my issue with this is it is just raw coconut and you don’t have to pay so much money for it. That’s just my two cents and then this one right here, the cup re, coconut body glow. Again this is a great product. As far as ingredients go. It is paraben free, sulfate, free, silicone, free cruelty, free vegan, it’s non GMO. It’s so many amazing things, but you put this on and it’s just not the right kind of shimmer. You know what I’m saying it’s just like a greasy shimmer. It smells really beautiful. It smells like Hawaiian flower vacation, so I love the scent of this. But it’s just so freakin greasy, it does not dry in and then the little golden flecks are kind of a little bit too much like it’s not like a satin kind of JLo type of a glow situation. It’s kind of like look at me. I dumped some mica glitter on myself and rubbed it in with some oil. That’s just kind of what it looks like in my mind, beauty counter.
I used this one time and I was so freaked out by it smelling off that I didn’t use it again because it has nothing to stabilize the product in here. You know this is such a natural product, but whatever they put in here I mean it smells like Elmer’s glue, gone bad, that’s what this smells like and it doesn’t have a lot of grit to it. It’s a nourishing cream exfoliator. So this is supposed to exfoliate your skin, but it kind of just feels like a sticky gel with teeny tiny, really not doing much beads t-nut, I’m James, I need a freaking napkin in front of me is what I need. I am just. Why am i playing in all of this something that smells really good, but it’s totally not worth the money. Is this amazing hue grace of body mousse all right check it out and well. That’s why I don’t like you, okay, I’m going to put this up to my microphone, so you guys can hear this. I know you’re going to believe me when I tell you that I bought this because it’s like a pack of pop rocks – and I was like this – is fun to use. Yes, it is a cooling moisturizer, but then you kind of smell like a shot of vodka, which tells you that there’s a lot of alcohol in this product and it might be drying on your skin and then the third thing that happens because, eventually, once it dries Down and finishes crackling, it does smell like grace perfume from philosophy which is so yummy and so good, but this whiskey is sticky, I hate being sticky if I have like sticky feelings on my body, I’m just like. I want it off of me, but I’m wearing body makeup too, and I don’t want to wipe that off, but if it’s done so, the next thing we want to talk about is the bio effect volcanic exfoliator. This is a exfoliator with icelandic microcrystalline lava. I love lava when I’m on Maui, like that’s my favorite thing, I feel like it’s actually so healing and I just like I was like oh and lava x-play door for my face. Yes, but this is the post a weak exfoliator like you are wasting your time or like well, that was fun now. Can I actually get something to exfoliate my face? This is just not worth the money. This is a very expensive exfoliator hard pass. Getting rid of this guy, the magnetite age-defy er. Let me know in the comment section: do you remember when James and I tried this out – I liked it initially, because it’s so cool you know you remove it with a magnet, it’s really fun to use. I use it a few times after this, but it made me break out It’s actually like a very dewy balmy like the residue that it leaves and it just clogs my pores and I’m like um ya know.
I don’t want my mask to do that So this is a path as well I have a body butter that is from CBS This is the enlight flawless body skin, like buttah hydrating body butter and it’s fine, but it’s not great and it’s kind of expensive for CBS products I just wanted to share with you guys this does not come close to the body butters at the body shop or bath & Bodyworks, it’s just kind of, and when I was going through my skincare, I was just making like really hard passes, and this was one That I was like no I’m not keeping it This is one of those things that I was like I want to enjoy you I really do like Can we fall in love? Please because I want it to work out, but it’s just not going to this Is the foreveryoung with body butter with sea buckthorn? This is from super goop This has an SPF of 40 Now this is a moisturizing body, butter with SPF That sounds so good, but the problem with this is the scent is so overpowering of sunscreen But even if you put it on your arms in your legs, you swear to yourself, you can like taste it it’s like you’re like breathing it in and you’re, just like the chemical sunscreen, and it’s just not pleasant It’s not fun To use for that fact, and I just don’t like it – I know why I have this in here No one will even know what this brand is, but I bought this at Burke Williams after a massage because in my mind, buying this kind of a product After a massage makes total sense, so this is the rck red carpet Color says that it is going to get rid of the look of veins Cellulite stretch marks age spots This is not a reliable pump You pump this out, you’ll get it on your shirt You’Ll get it on your bathroom counter We try to do as a little safe pump for you You put this on and it’s kind of okay Once you get past the whole like issue of pumping it out, it looks really pretty on the skin, but this transfers everywhere I have white interior in my car, just ruined it we’re not friends This is, I’m upset still, oh, my gosh, maybe what not to buy I hope that you found this entertaining and useful and if you want me to zero in on certain categories of fails, let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this, and I love you guys so Much thank you for hanging out with me and I will see you all in my next

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