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The worst luxury Foundation

1 Nov , 2019  

. I went through all of my foundations and when I say all of my foundations, it’s actually ridiculous. Like two drawers filled to the brim, a real problem, actually, the makeup addiction is real. The amount that I hold onto is really unnecessary, but from time to time I do like to bring you guys. drugstore luxuries. But I was searching like on my own channel which, by the way, if you are ever curious about anything if you’re like, I wonder what talking thinks about blushes or browsers or a get ready with me, there is a Search tab when you go to my youtube Channel that you can type in anything – and I actually do that to reference if I’ve talked about products before, because I’ve been doing YouTube for a really long time.
So sometimes I forget, but something that I was really kind of wowed at is that I have never done a dedicated bad luxury foundations. So that’s what we’re doing today so I’ll get excited. I need a brush brush and then before we get started. Who was like a tutorial on this? Look, it’s actually really easy. I used my van stamp again and I really wish I had been filming the whole thing because it turned out so pretty I love this whole makeup. Look. I could do this every day of my life and be happy okay.. I have everything in front of me now. If these work for you, you guys know you do you skin, is going to be different on every single person. So some of these that didn’t work for me are going to be awesome on other skin types, I’m going to go through whether they’re full coverage. What the finish is, who they’re made for specifically and go over every ounce of information that I possibly can give you so we’re going to start with this one right here from Stila now this is these day all day foundation. This is one that, when I saw the pump, I was really intrigued. It has this very interesting, almost skincare style pump. I’ve never seen this on a foundation, and I have seen it on skincare items before where you actually go good. I have used this a long time, so I was like you’re bad you’re in the back of the door, but oh, I was like you’re bad you’re in the back of the drawer, but maybe I’ll hold on to you for a rainy day. What my deal is, I hang on to foundation. Do we see the problem? This part gets all its ride and funky and nasty and pumping it down actually kind of splashed everywhere. So you run the risk of getting it on your shirt or wherever you’re getting ready in front of you. I know I had that happen like I was sitting on a really nice white chair, like brand-new like a little stool, and I went to like pump a foundation, and it’s just like and Foundation, is so hard to get out of things.
So this is the hazard. I love me a good pump, but this kind of pump is like dangerous watch out. You have been warned so in here we have a long wear foundation. This is oil. Free fragrance free comes in nine shades, said two left all day long and initially it the formula feels really really nice. My problem with this is it: has that typical long, we’re kind of a breeze type of a feeling on the face that can gather in your fine lines. So it looked good on my cheeks, but it did exaggerate right here right here around my nose when, when I had my Levin’s, which I took care of, I still happen guys if you have baby spoons of skin and you don’t mind anything settling in lines on Your face, then, this truly is a nice long, wear formula. It says it’s full coverage. I’ve seen better. My Milani, conceal imperfect, is more full coverage than this. This is more a medium to full. It’s not going to completely cancel everything out. I don’t like that. I love to you look great. No, but this foundation just did not work out and it’s $40, so excess $40 for an Alex that is up there and priced when you compare it to like Milani, conceal and Perfect, it’s 10 bucks that works better. In my opinion, this is going to be hard. I’ve actually held onto this and I’m having a hard time saying anything bad about this brand, because I love them so much. I love what their company stands for. I love the people that I’ve met that work for the brand, but you know I just keep things very very authentic here in my channel. I really aim for that and I’m just going to go ahead and say I feel like this. I don’t like this. I wanted to, I tried it a few times and I’m going to be super freaking harsh about this. It is just like a waste of time. I don’t even know what this is: the water blend foundation from mega forever, and it’s for the face and body. I think I’ve held on to this because I was like well maybe I’ll use it on the body because they do have a really beautiful face and body product already and even Mac has a gorgeous face and body, and it does look gorgeous on the skin that The make hardest trick to do on set is to really use makeup on the body not just a face, so it’s like. Oh maybe this will be really really nice. It is like wiping water on your skin. It doesn’t give any coverage. It doesn’t really do anything. Super moisturizing, it has a watery feeling, but then it dries down to almost a very tacky, sticky texture and it’s just you’re kind of looking in the mirror like okay was that supposed to cover anything or even yell, because I’m super confused, you want it to do Something because you’re paying the big bucks for it.
I wanted like tip my hat, to make it forever for always having a wonderful range of shade. So, even when they brought this out, they did bring out twenty shades. It does as a dewy finish supposed to feel light supposed to improve elasticity. I just feel like. I would rather use skin care than this, and I’m just confused by it all together, love you make it forever, but this one is over and it’s $43. This one is not as expensive. I have $43, it’s 42, so this is from Natasha, Genoa and it just has an SPF of 15. Let me tell you some good things about it. It comes in a pump as well, and you guys know what I’m attracted to everything in a pump is a-okay by me on this one. My issue with it is hot and it’s pump is really unreliable. It is very thick foundation, but very luminous and dewy, and I just look like a greased out mess by the end of the day with this product. Now I have tried this one over and over and over because it’s one of these foundations, that’s highly rated, that a lot of people love – and this just goes to show you that not everything is going to work the same for everyone. I don’t like this. I think my mom might like it. I have a few girlfriends with really dry skin that wants full coverage and a dewy finish that might enjoy this. But for me it just felt really greasy and I just did not like the feeling of it and I didn’t like how it made me not a shiny, reflective mess so quickly. Even if I said it was powder, you know she does have a new foundation coming out that I am waiting impatiently for you guys know. I love Natasha de Nonna. I actually use her eyeshadows today. This palette is so good. I’m going to talk about this one. Last time on my channel and then I’m getting rid of it, I don’t know why I still held onto it. It’s a weird, weird thing that I do when I spend a lot of money on products I feel like. Well, maybe I didn’t like it I’ll just enjoy looking at the jar or maybe I’ll change my mind or maybe I’ll just open it from time to time and have memories of it not working out. I don’t know why I hold on to it. It’s so weird. Ok, so this is from Sicily, the 50 anti-aging lift foundation. Now I have tried out a bunch of Sicily products on WTF. I recently really loved their liner and I used it with advance stamp today and it worked out so freaking perfectly. I can’t even tell you is that tool and that liner, a plus match made in heaven. This foundation, however, is just a mess for me, and it’s not that it’s so super super bad, like very hydrating type of a product, and I hate that company charge – and we just talked about that.
So why do I want to post my fingers in there and get bacteria everywhere? This one is super. Hydrating is supposed to be a lifting foundation, as well as a satin finish. It’s not going to be full coverage. They only have eight shades. So there’s your like. You know roundabout information on this product, but wait for it. The reason this was a WTF item. It smells like it’s gone, bad, you need to go buy. This is $195 made for a fun. Video looked horrible on my face, did not give enough coverage, did not lift, did not firm did not do much. I mean. Maybe this again is one of those that over time is infused with tinker and would improve things, but I’m at the point where I’m like dude, I do enough skincare already. That is excellent, that when I put on my makeup, I just want it to look like good makeup. I don’t need it to like slip and slide around because it has all these botanical ingredients in it. I might change my mind down the line you know, but right now we’re in in my life. I don’t want they, I don’t care about the ingredients, but I am willing to put time into my skincare routine and then just have my foundation be foundation. Instead of paying a hundred ninety five dollars for a product like this, I have another interesting thing to share with you guys this one right here. This is like this was not on my list of products like I was going through my drawer of foundation, pulling everything else, touching playing, testing researching, and then this morning I was like. I haven’t tried this one in so long. This is from Giovanni. This is the tint cateura long-wearing fluid foundation. It’s illuminating and comfortable. It literally says it’s comfortable on the package and it is. This is a great foundation. I really really love this foundation. It is long wearing and I have been a fan of this for time. I just hadn’t used it in forever, a lot wait for it because recently – and this is just in like a back and forth thing I’ll do like one day on one day off, I have been hooked on this foundation right here from one mild $5.99. Okay, every time I use this, I’m incredibly amazed. I look in the mirror, it doesn’t settle in my lines. It evens me out, it doesn’t look too heavy, it is oxidized, get photographed. Well, it wears all day. The list goes on $5.99, and I used this today think you know kind of a suit they’re, like a similar consistency, similar feel similar coverage, and I’m not going to dog on this one and say that this is not a good foundation, because it is this One is really really good, but it’s so expensive.
because this one is a little bit better. Even oh, my god, I know, and this one is $5.99, so I just want to let you guys know if you are looking for kind of a medium, sheer, not overly dewy or radiant, but not matte like somewhere right in the middle in the middle. In the middle of your decision, I have not eaten lunch yet, and I cannot talk when I am hungry, like my words, they all go like if you’re looking at for a liquidy foundation that is sheer to media that feels great on the skin. That is going to be long wearing. You should totally try it and I’m a luxury addict. I love expensive makeup because when it’s so good, let’s talk about another super ridiculous, expensive product that I didn’t get rid of, and it also takes up way too much space. Why is it so big? Is this body butter or is it foundation? Okay? So this is the Armani. It has a descendent for the name seriously. This is the Armani supreme glow, reviving tinted cream. Oh I got it in one. Try! No! I did his clever editing. I bought the wrong shade, ASDs self tanners a lot more than I do now to be fair, but I look for the counter and this is the ones they’re like. Oh, this is what you should get now. You put it on the back of your hand and you’re like oh. This is Nations is crazy. Yes, it has anti-aging properties, but it’s $200. There are only seven shades, it’s a really hard match. This is the shade number 4 medium glow, and this is supposed to help anti age your skin and give you a little bit of light coverage. It gives you more coverage on stage and this one right here from makeup forever, but it just doesn’t do enough and again, it is feels like a moisturizer. That kind of you know sinks into the skin and then you’re left with that little bit of almost waxy shine, but as color in it. So it just leaves a weird texture on your face unless you’re extremely extremely dry. Now this one from tarte is their confidence. Creamy powder foundation, i have the shade medium tan honey. I was weighed R when I bought this last year. I think early summer time I bought this and it just makes you look like cake face powder face mess. I don’t like it. It’s too heavy It enhances everything that you don’t want to enhance if you don’t get rid of your Bella, pear girls, that hair on your cheek is going to be like showing loud product for everyone, because this wants to grab on any baby hairs at all.
It does cover like you, can get a nice amount of coverage out of it, but it just looks really heavy and thick So I don’t like it It does say that this one from chart has some anti-aging benefits in it, not exactly sure what that’s about in a powder I really know it is $35 crazy, expensive, but who wants cake face? Go for it here really really into a powder foundation that actually won’t look Cakey that looks creamy, Jane Iredale makes a beautiful mineral foundation You can buff it on the face with a kabuki brush spray low setting spray to take down the powder enos and your skin will be flawless It is a beautiful powder foundation, it will look creamy and not overly heavy and that’s what I was hoping this would do and it just it didn’t This is a twenty-two chosun god watching that I’m sure of it This comes in four shades, not a lot going on I picked this up at Sephora I believe when I got there bouncy eyeshadows I thought this was kind of cool too It was just like a texture thing I was like, oh my god, putty Foundation I’m a makeup addict I need to find out what that’s about putting it on It’s just like you’ve wiped concealer all over your face It is not cute There’s not a real good way to share this down either and it just crumbles, and it’s not good I wore it once and I was like Oh and I just broke this thing good for me I wore it one time only I could not wear it again because it literally was one of the worst makeup days I had ever had Ah, this one is $36 Oh my gosh horrible of foundations I love Lebanese brands, so I hope that they still love me because there are other products They make that I love them much, but I just wanted to tell you guys what didn’t work for me Why it didn’t work for me – and I know if you go to Sephora or Ulta or just any online store where you’re shopping for makeup and you type in foundation you just get page after page after page and it’s so overwhelming So I do hope that this was informative for you guys Let me know what you want to see next, I know I was going to do a primer, but a lot of us on snapchat You were sending me snacks you’re, like foundation foundation foundation So let me know if you enjoyed this, a worst awful of primers, because lord knows I got lots of those hiding in a drawer yeah That is it which is a crazy, bizarre beauty It’s going to be a lot of fun, so I hope to see you guys Alright hi guys,

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