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This is probably the most extreme transformation we have ever made.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys and welcome back to the star girls names Kelsey yeah, my name is Becky and today. Well, you guys know that we do makeovers. We love a good makeover, and today we have one that’s very close to the heart because we pride ourselves on being a business that loves aesthetics, but we found out that recently one of our employees was living with a subpar bathroom remodel. Oh Claire showed us pictures Claire our assistant, you know her showed us pictures of her bathroom.
This bathroom is in serious need of some help. So as soon as we saw we’re like Claire, let up please let us do a makeover on your face. Claire said – and I quote, I forgot – it was a room, it was just there. She uses it every day, but she forgot it existed because she blocks it from her memory. So today we’re gonna. Take you on the journey of us making over Claire’s bathroom before we get started with this makeover.. Insulating foam. Sealant stay tuned to see how we use it in the makeover. Let’s go okay over here at Claire’s place and we haven’t seen the bathroom IRL yet so we’re gonna go in and see what we’re getting ourselves into. Okay, okay, look onwards! Oh so, as you can see, it’s very green, so we’re gonna do something about it. Okay, so we know what we would do but like what do you want us to? Do you mean you want to change things? I would love to change things yeah. I like rays, I like light wood. It was actually a jungle theme, that’s kind of what’s going on here. I definitely want more storage, there’s no space for anything. I think just simplifying everything will be really good for just a lot going on so much to look at. Maybe before we head back to the office, we can get your help, clearing some stuff out yeah. I hate the good news, is you’ll be in Scotland for the next week, so you don’t worry about any of that literally I was checking a watch, I’m going to catch a fly with. Oh no, it’s done. Why is it on there like that? There are little bubbles by Claire when we see you next you’ll have a new bag. Okay, so this is kind of a really rough floorplan over his face know how much space we have back tub vanity toilet. That’s it everything else, she’s, like storage, that I think we want to get rid of I’m down for sir I’m just not down for that storage yeah. So it’s almost leaking like open, shelving a fun wall, yeah and then baskets and stuff terracotta baskets and I think, like mix decor with practical items. Okay see anything here.
Mm-Hmm theme is light. Grace light wood, I’m worried about doing stuff, that’s too white just because covering that green to be really difficult. Her tile is a very off-white and when you compare it to the white baseboards, it looks a little dirty, even though it’s not it’s just the color of the white. I know it’s alright, cuz that floor is like a pattern yeah, it’s kind of a cool pattern. So I want to work with it, not against it. Bitch is kind of like what do you do? I think you keep the baseboard like as if it’s meant to be white, but it’s just the right, color white, okay and then you do the walls baiji gray. Instead of a cool tone gray like a very warm tone gray, what even is that Gray’s anything, here’s a really good example of a great palette. So maybe you do the baseboards in like this color like a light inner light, and then you do the walls, I’m like one of the bees. Okay, I’m down for this and then what would our vanity, but it would be really. Nice is like an edge’less mirror. You know like the ones that are just glass that could be really pretty. Do we do real plants or fake plants? I don’t know she doesn’t have a lot of lighting there’s a one little window. Okay, I think we have a solid plan in action. Get that it’s a mini Claire. I don’t know what this is well, you mustn’t know ma’am. I don’t know why I’m hunter percent linen but like when things are like France, you heard of it sister feels better. So we wanted to get one real plinth for Claire’s bathroom, because she has that window. I think a plant could actually survive in. You know what to get her and then we saw this and it’s the perfect homage to her Ivy themed bathroom of the past, to get her some real ivy. I think her and her mom are gonna love. This so much Home Depot check. Tercer check probably going to get some home decor next, yes, how’s! That budget looking put it okay, so today’s plan is just keep shopping for Claire’s space. I am here at her house and I’m just gonna go in, and I brought our paint sample book to figure out what color paint we think we want to paint. Becky went to go, pick up, lumber and pick up a mirror that we found like second-hand posted online. I think it’s a really good deal and it’s gonna look so good in the space and I think those are stopping by to get some more home.
Decor gummi good, I’m gonna Robin it’s spring. First, Robin of the season Robin Robins nananananana. I brought this table coffee found that we’re gonna probably be using as a shower curtain. I just want to see how it looks for everything. Yeah I mean these tones are quite similar, so that’s absolutely perfect. I know that Claire wanted more Gray’s, but the floor is just so like warm tone and not great at all. I feel like her gray in here. It’s just gonna be like gray and then like warm toned, beige floors, so I’m like trying not to make it beige, but I think that that’s just gonna look the best in the room. I was looking at things like this khaki, but again you can kind of just tell it looks very gray, so I think we’re gonna go with something like rat tan here. So, like I don’t know like this, one looks more beige than this one. This one is maybe more grayish, hey guys. I am out shopping now for Claire’s bathroom and I’m running into a problem that we have an experience. I don’t know, however, but this is the first room that effectively trying to avoid buying white, for because her tile is so creamy that anything has a true white. It’s gonna make it look yellow, which we don’t want at all. We want it to look like a nice beige toned room instead of like a dirty white, so trying to find the right beige or the right cream is difficult. So I’m looking at towels, which this is nice or I could go this. This is a beige. It’s not a white. I also want to do some pops of color, but it’s got to be like a consistent blue. This is difficult. Kelsey’s got the paint swatches back at the office, so I think I’m gonna go with these two options for beiges and this blue and we’ll bring it back decide. We can return anything that we don’t end up using back from shopping and the mood for Claire’s new bathroom was coming together really well. This is the color we’re going with it’s called with tan, so it’s like a very creamy creamy, beige white. We have this one thing: that’s this really really really cute hanging fake air plants way in her bathroom and we thrifted another container for another plant. So I’m going to try and replicate this macrame effect, so we can have two similar looking hanging plants for her out there and after all of that, this is how my DIY version came out, and this was the original one that we’re trying to get a similar Vibe – and I think it’s pretty good – it’s pretty similar, so we’re gonna put our IV plant that we got in this one and then that’s gonna go in her bathroom as well.
When we get there tomorrow, although it’s probably not going up tomorrow, we got a lot of painting to do first for those green walls – oh my goodness, okay, so we’re back in her bathroom and I’m really excited to get. This makeover actually started in this space because I’m just excited for the changes were gonna make. So the first thing I would love to do is get to painting, because I want to get rid of this scream, but before we do any of that clear actually has this hole in her ceiling where a pipe exits, that’s not ideal. So our very first step actually is going to be to fill this hole that Claire has in our ceiling using great stuff insulating foam. Sealant not only is actually gonna fix this hole in the ceiling. It’s gonna keep out air and moisture which helps to keep her home insulated and ideally helps to lower her energy bills. Before I get started using great stuff, I’m actually going to wear protective eye glasses cover my seam with this sweater and put on gloves all right. So here’s how I’m gonna do this. My first step is going to be wiping down the area with my microfiber cloth, so my next step is gonna be shaking the can for at least 60 seconds. I’m making sure to do this with the lid still on. So next up I’m taking the smartdispenser and twisting it on. So this is a new smartdispenser. That’s super easy to use. It gives you greater control and less mess, and the smartdispenser is actually usable for up to 30 days before I go ahead and actually dispense any of the product, I’m making sure to do a dry one to test it out. Okay, now I’m ready to actually do this, so I’m gonna press i’ma trigger and move around to gap. If you find your product went outside the areas you inhibit it to go, don’t worry, you can wipe away any excess with a cloth and some acetone. Okay. Next up is waiting, so I’m gonna wait ten to 15 minutes for this to cure and be completely TAC free. If you find that it’s not tak free at this point, you can mist it with some water. After my 15 minutes are up, I can cut back any of the extra foam with a serrated knife, so the great thing about using this product is that the foam expanded to completely fill the gap that we had creating a long, lasting airtight water. Is this a seal that makes this good to go after you’re done? You can always make this look more finished by covering the sealant with a cap or painting over it, which is what we’re gonna do later so before we get painting this place as well.
We have to remove all the hardware like the plates, which covers and whatnot, and we need to talk about what’s going on here. These have been painted over so many times that I can barely even tell they’re screws in them, but I’m gonna have to get it out somehow it’s finally time to get rid of this beige beige. Are you ready, I’m ready? Oh yes, to be a big change. This may take a little while so maybe we’ll like catch up with you later. Okay. So while kelsey is painting that whole bathroom I’m coming back to the office to do a couple DIYs for Clara’s new bathroom, mainly, we want to reuse a lot of the wooden pieces that were already in her bathroom but, as you can tell, they have green on Them so they need to be sanded down and resealed, because why buy new thing is when sometimes the old things are in perfectly good shape? They just need a little bit of cleaning up cause, I’m going to do plus a couple other things from her space and then we’ll take those all back to the bathroom later. So at the thrift store we threw up to this amazing giant burnt orange. I think it’s a tablecloth, it’s really heavy linen and it’s beautiful, but we want to turn it into a shower curtain, since it’s like the best prettiest color. So all we need to do is I have little grommets along the top spaced out evenly like a normal shower curtain would be, and then we can hang it up with, like a plastic liner on the inside good to go just like a new space. It’s like a new space. I, like the color, it’s really bright and light. This place looks like twice the size it did when it was green. I know she’s got the lip, it looks clean. It looks fresh, I think, we’re ready to start moving stuff back in so we’re back, and hopefully this is our last day in this bathroom, because we cannot fit anywhere time working on this factor. So there’s so many things that we need to do. We need to like hang up everything that needs to be hung up. We got these shelves that I need to cut out some notches for so that they can go here with the pipes Our cover this whole decorate push our curtains, there’s a lot to do, but we’ll get it done.
I’m confident, I guess I’m gonna start off with these shelves and we’ll just we’ll get er done as I used to say in my high school base You’Re doing I went to a country school, so I finished up adding the rest of the grommets like Claire’s place, and now our new shower curtain is get to be hung Wow, so much better Okay, so there’s some art I want to hang on this wall This is cool because this is actually photography that Claire tuff and this little mirror is actually a nod to Nikki’s size elected room I came in here being like final touch time, but it’s kind of messy If I don’t clean up my final touches, I’m so excited Let’s do it It looks great in here she remember that time You asked if your pants we’re gonna clash over the tiny tools You had a green bathrooms in the 90 I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you sooner, I’m so sorry, hey Are you ready? Yeah? Okay, I’m not yeah Okay! Oh, do I just go to get one Just go: no, oh well, not a lot about the grade but like just like this wanted to be like warm tones because of the tile for sure Let’s start going in that direction, oh I love the orange so much, I’m actually so a torrent and move blues Oh in some of its from the bathroom, I know not the same I hear no, it’s just similar yeah It’s like wait It’s a real one boy teary-eyed and we were like, oh my god, my momma, I’m so happy the IV stayed her idea Hope you guys, like that makeover, I love how it turned out This is probably one of our most dramatic makeovers ever, which is really exciting Thank you, Claire and her mom for having a green bathroom so that whatever we did look way better Also Thank you, too great stuff, insulating foam sealant, for you know We have so many other room, makeovers too If you want to check out more of the stuff we do, we can link those glow and a playlist for you Yes If you liked it make sure that you give it a like, and if you loved it make sure you sub it, I only have one half of my heart help me out: stop it! Okay I want to share this DIY by Ruby and our end slate It looks so adorable I think it’s for a little baby’s nursery, it’s so cute and if you want to see your DIYs shared in our end, slate make sure use the hashtag So our go squad to be featured

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