Beauty today

This is the first day of my senior year.

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh you hello, so it’s the day before school, Anala, crazy ashtray. I got a haircut I’m trying to look for an outfit right now. It’s literally y’all can’t even see that face 11:16. Don’t how about fit? Can I just realize I need to shave my legs. Neither gonna sit before twelve, because my mom’s gonna take my phone, I’m kind of debating on this pink fit or this boot fit. Don’t let y’all know in the morning. I just want to give you a heads up good night. I can’t see no.
This is way too bright. Josh. I literally just look good better wash my face. Instead, it’s like 6 o’clock 5:50. We out here so I see I only have one cap because I lost the other one. First, I need to shave off any hair when last week my skin was looking so clear. Somebody just do this fast on the way I needed to swirl, like I just put brows stuff on my brows I’ll speed it up or something obviously, which I’m very scared to do camera, it’s very obvious, but I’m a senior so period. Okay, but I promise I’m not this. Absolutely. I promise okay, so I’m using this l’oreal infallible Pro matte foundation, so I low-key, like my fig or my maybe T like I have two in mind, but they’re always like really confident by wearing it. Now, I’m like. Oh absolutely one. This foundation is fast and it’s matte and it jars are really really really really fast, though I might literally breaking out boom. All of a sudden me and break out before school starts. That’s hilarious, jokes. I mean you know. I look scary big yeah too fast, because all my forehead, I have a face makeup phone about a Croma eyelashes and then put my mascara on. I’m basically done. I just made me my temporarily blind, so I’m using this better than mascara is low-key, like very out, but I still love it like. I need a new one. You don’t see that um yeah I’ll see that mmm okay. So now I’m just gonna put some lip gloss and that’s the look ladies and gent now, I’m sure in my hair cuz, I low-key gotta leave in like 20 minutes and I just realized. I don’t even have a panic. Yes, I don’t have a backpack. I’m gonna use it all on and my shoes are dirty. Do I care not really dad on the backpack, and I don’t know what I’m gonna put him in, so we shot by now. Lady might Schwartz short, and I kind of like it but they’re kind of with like a bud. I like when my natural hair is like out it’s like this high, because my hair’s really thick and the puffs out not cute, not cute.
It looks cute straight so I’m at 6:15 and it’s six thirty six, so I’m honestly doing pretty good! Then I was gonna go at 5:30. Then I was like why me we make it now right. It’s like really hard to straight in this hair, like if y’all want me to sing a song. Y’All could put some song requests, not gonna put some song requests in the description, and you know I’ve got you it’s like really really hard. I feel like make sure it looks flat because we’re trying to look crazy, we’re trying the door so hard. You get the back. Oh, oh, my god, it’s hot! Let’s hope the back of my hair straight. That’s all period! I’m dead! I don’t care where you must Mengele put on these: better silver family Jack, your son, okay, so I’m looking one wear this pink fit. I’m gonna go get the blue fit out the dryer. We shall see so yeah, it’s a really cute fish. I, like the pink, is doing too much. Don’t know: okay yeah! I just have to go to pay because I learned you have to go. Look at stress where’s, my other band love when I’m not prepared to just love it. Okay, so I’m gonna use this Oda has pink matte back. We’ve got a do, get my supplies like three notebooks by here. That’s about it. I think I’ll bring this any assignments I get. This is because yeah pins, I gotta, put lotion on my legs and then I’m about to be a lady. So I just pick up my best friend and we’re some seniors period. We’ve been going to the same school since third grade, except for like four or five great yeah, but we still see each other every day. Yeah, it’s really bright, go to school. We might be late, but all of us, but I didn’t know where my classes are, and the bill probably ring. Okay, I don’t know why people don’t know how to park in these parking lot. It is so high on this better. It feels like a song like it’s really are you stepped in here, but we need something to hide: we’re trying to just walk around school because we don’t know the first P, because we don’t want to walk in Lane. Everyone look at this 30-second food shell. These freakin stairs have to go through this every single day so y’all day. One is complete. I didn’t like that much because I don’t know anyone in my class is like that. I don’t feel comfortable blog think so self love everybody, never forget your worth period, okay, but um This is probably be really sure and I’m really sorry because I really thought I was gonna vlog.
So that’s why I didn’t like put that much footage of me getting ready, but now I’m thinking like I but we’re gonna pick up this and get her reaction for her first day of school So a microwave is shiny I’m really liking this right here Daddy Thank you I got him okay, I spent them this fit, though I know your man and then I’m at I look at me, I’m like all that with the pink like that’s really doing a lot for the first day school boobs Did you walk here mm-hmm? I was looking like nervous, but I’m so tired, like y’all, do not want to take a nap and my arms hurt I don’t know what I’m gonna ask me Why recap first day school so basically didn’t go to first period, because I didn’t want to walk in late and everyone stare at me second period I went and really cool I really really like that teacher Simon, keep that class It’s um my honours government class and I know I wanted to keep one honours and one NEPA drop The rest goes We ain’t trying to be stressed on my senior year period, so yeah drop that I mean I’m not dropping that third period What I have study hall, but I’m gon, na switch it to to free period The rest of my class is probably gonna drop physics dropping, probably because he trying to make us come up to the class and talking stuff and I’m not comfortable doing that period I don’t like talking to people, so I’m not doing that and that’s a P anyways didn’t really want it Probably gonna drop it I’m gonna keep my psychology I feed them, because I’m excited for that Cuz I’m interested in psychology – and I heard the AP test ain’t that hard, so yes, amar, Rosa kind of did that actually, I’m really like my short hair, but I can’t put it up for soccer, but y’all man or John man period We picked up the lead as Machado, how you feel about your first day school It was really looking this like Okay, everybody self forgot to record I don’t know why I did that, but I did it that’s what I know, but I just want to help I will be doing more vlogs Sorry, this, like was very short I was not comfortable vlogging in front of these people I do know so, and I forgot to take out my camera so yeah I will be doing like school vlog soon, maybe like a day in my life in high school type I’m out

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