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This umbrella makes you “wet” on purpose

1 Nov , 2019  

Welcome to the White Elephant Show where we gather gifts from Vat19 and beyond, and then we see what we like best.. Today’s theme is gifts that aren’t what they seem again. So make sure to give each gift a double. Take you guys know how this works. Nina’s gonna go first, choose a gift and then don’t get too attached because it might get stolen. Nina, you’re, up. Ah. Now remember it might not be what it seems.. You got an umbrella (all cheer), But it’s not.
. This, I believe, is our umbrella. Flask you sneak into an event with this. Clever., Just sneak your Hawaiian punch right into Coachella or whatever., And I also got a bonus. Gift. ( chimes all cheer). Okay, now, there’s two bonus gifts. Hidden in these presents that’s the first one. There’s another one in one of these, and those are gonna come into play at the very end of the game so hold onto that.. Next up is Kelsey. She can steal the umbrella flask or she can pick a new gift., And I think we know what she’s gonna do. Yeah. I’m gonna go with the other polka dot. (present rattles) Give it the old classic jiggle.. Oh I’ve seen these., Oh, so this is the camera lens mug, and this looks literally just like a Canon lens.. It almost says Canon, but it’s like Caniam or something on the side.. It’s got all the buttons and the switches too., It looks legit. I mean literally the lenses that are filming. but it’s not a real lens. It’s a mug.. I’ve been fooled by these before I have a friend who has it, and I have been fooled so many times. Right before we started rolling on this Adam – was over here and picked that up and dropped it on the ground and shouted, and we all had a Small heart attack but., So I can now choose something from the table if I wanna roll the dice, but I really want that I’m-a steal that gotta have it. Steal. That seems right up your alley. Jon.. This seems up my alley: yeah.. Okay, now Kelsey you’re up, you can either steal the umbrella flask or you can choose something from the table. We’re going. This blue one., Oh chocolates., I’m Good with this.. Okay. That looks exactly like a horseshoe like a regular backyard horseshoe, but it says “ Eat me. !” On the box. Looks pretty legit.. It looks like yeah. It’s got like a faded kind of like it’s been in an old barn on some dirt.. That’s how I like my food to look.. It’s chocolate I’ll still eat it., So we’re onto Sara. You can steal the horseshoe or the (clears throat, ) or the umbrella flask. Not this or you can take anything from the table and take your chances.. I do love chocolate, but I also love opening presents and this one’s my favorite color.
. Oh, it’s a Bev Buckle, which I am wildly unfamiliar with this product, so we’ll see what it is. Yeah ,’murica. You can flip that down and then just carry any beverage. You want you know., My La Croix, my lemonade. Absolutely. Or beer. You know maybe beer., But La Croix or whatever Hawaiian punch., Make it more American, whatever it is.. That’s true, that’s true.! All right, Ben’s turn.! You can steal anything or open something. New.. I have my eye on eating a horseshoe. (electronic zap, all cheer). I think that thing’s cool, I think it’s cool. How realistic it is. I think it’s gonna be fun to eat if I’m so lucky. Ben I’m not gonna eat it. Yet That looks even better, though, when it’s out of the– That is so realistic. Wow from here it looks like an old rusty metal, horseshoe. Ooh, I smell it. Oh it smells like chocolate.. So Ben has stolen the chocolate horseshoe, which means it’s now. Kelsey’s turn again. She’s gonna get the bonus gift again.. What are you gonna? Do I’m gonna go with the mermaid one.? Okay, okay, Uh oh.! Oh, are you kidding me ( chimes ) Kelsey always gets the bonus gift. Everyone steals her gift allowing her to get new ones.. It’s not my fault. If you wouldn’t have stolen, Oh gummy bear soap. Set. The gummy bear soaps, look exactly like gummy bears. Fun. Fact. We had one of those on set one day and Adam ate it ,’cause. He thought he was eating a gummy bear.. It could be a good prank for someone, you don’t like.. Okay, so Kelsey’s got the gummy, bear soaps and the bonus gift, which means it is Kara’s turn to steal or open something. New., There’s two left.. I can’t decide if I want to go for an unknown gift or this chocolate which I can smell beside me.. Do it Kara. I want this (electronic buzz. All cheer), Oh, we got steal. Ben you’ve been stolen from you’ve been robbed. How does it feel? What are you going to do? I feel sad Jon. I was stolen from I’m sorry. I was victimized. I’m gonna make myself feel happy through material goods and I’ma open this gift. Right in front of me. It wants me to open it. It’s probably something better, then the thing kira meanfully stole from me., Oh okay, this looks like a food item. It looks like lucky charms like an old school one, but it’s actually a puzzle. Wow. It’s a Hundred piece puzzlethat comes in a cereal box and the puzzle forms the front of the front of the box. Yeah. To be clear, the puzzle does not taste like delicious cereal.. Well to be fair, we don’t know that.
, That’s true, very true.. Everyone except Carrie, is holding something that means Carrie can either steal or open the last gift. There’s a lot on the table right now: good options., Technically there’s only one thing left on the table. Well, I mean around the table, which is opened at least I always steal, but I don’t wanna steal this time., So She’s going in I’m going to take that last gift Ooh. What is that? Oh, it looks like its a sands alive, glow kit Glow in the dark sand. I think it’s just like a pound of your sand and there’s like a little uv light that you can add on to there.. It feels amazing to it’s like really like its not course like sand its like really fluffy. Kinetic Sand Yeah. Once you dig your fingers into it, it’s like really hard to stop.. Oh yeahh. Can I get in on that? Oh yeah, So I guess its not really sand Looks like sand looks like white sand. And you can still like build like sandcastles out of it with like different molds and stuff., But then flip off the lights and boom Boom. All right now, it’s time for What I like to call the round of miracles. Where anything can happen. We’re going back to Nina, she can steal anything she wants or she can just choose stay with. What’s she’s got., It’s all in her hands.. I know I think I wanna swap one drink item for another and I kinda have my eye on the camera. Mug. (all say No), Okay, okay, all right! It’s all good! You know what I’ll gladly give that to you, because I think it’s a great gift., Oh gosh. What do I? You know what I’ma steal your puzzle.? What I got? Kids, you really like puzzles and I think they would really like this. Jon why’d. You do that to me Well well, well, Here we are again What kind of situation do we have here? I have actually had a change of Heart., A change of fart. I’ve had a change of fart.. He changed his fart. Every year. I have this big. Fourth of July party – and I was thinking if I were to be hosting a fourth of July party – I need the most American Thing of all time There it is., Which is – I don’t know what you’re talking about The America belt buckle, switch it up Sarah., All Right: Sarah, It’s fine! So Carrie, I’m gonna! Let you keep your chocolate from one woman to another., Though I do want it. I’m going to keep my umbrella Okay, because I like to stay hydrated and be sneaky.. I’m going to put this in my purse and nobody’ gonna question: it. Nice, Fantastic! All right! We’ve all got our gifts Now it’s time for things to get really exciting.
So the two bonus gifts in front of us are gonna be opened by the two bonus gift ticket holders and one of them is, you know unquestionably awesome the other one is interesting Mm sure Maybe bad Questionably awesome Questionably Awesome there you go, So you guys can choose amougst yourselves, who wants to open, which one and we’ll open at the same time Going in Nina What’d you get I have a gift card box for the mobile rub: private foot massage trailer, So this product is basically a decoy box So it looks like a really awkward gift card You would give someone and you can kinda watch the squirm when they receive it There is a real gift card in there That’s a real gift card Wait what Yeah? Oh okay, I’m fine with this gift (all laugh) When they open it, you can put a real gift card inside and, as we’ve just seen, they actually get happy I think this is awesome because it’s sort of awkward giving gift cards to people I think like sometimes it can seem like not as fun, but this like makes it kinda more fun Or weird Yeah Weird, is what I meant to say: yeah Kelsy what’d you get I got some chips, You got chips, I know It’s not chips, though It’s not chips, I know tricks So it’s not what it seems So it can’t just be some delicious chips Jon was talking about He wanted chips Yeah, you can open it I do love chips Open it that way, What’s gonna happen, when I Okay, What’s gonna happen, I’m turnt, I’m turnt (, all shout ohh) Wow I should’ve seen that coming That’s like a classic That is like literally one of the oldest jokes Snake in a can Did not know it was gonna happen all right Well, awesome You didn’t know, that’s what it was No, It’s a snake I see that now Clearly, not delicious chips Thanks guys Got’em for the snake, This is my one time regretting the bonus gift I have a horrible horrible phobia of snakes, real or fake Is that freaking you out just sitting there on the ground? I am not comfortable right now My heart is pounding Thanks again for watching and make sure to check out VAT19com to get all of these deceptive products and hundreds more gifts And We’ll see you in the next one And GO And go Whoa whoa whoa Everyone gets to do it Everyone clap Everybody, clap your board, VAT19COM

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