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Thrifty shopping in Japan! Yes, supremacy, grey, pape!

1 Nov , 2019  

Yep, okay, it’s two girls forget coming to oh, my gosh. That just happened that that’s just happened! That’s why you’re gonna be grabbing some breakfast now at this place called Graham it’s this, like specialty pancake place. I haven’t had breakfast here yet so hopefully it’s good! It is absolutely beautiful outside in-house yuka today, it’s like the perfect temperature super sunny the way the Sun hits your skin feels like you’re on vacation, like I just want to take a nap in a hammock right now.
That’s how how good it feels is a nice light, breeze too. So it’s not too hot and I feel like I could use some shaved ice later today, so Japanese shaved ice is gonna have to be a must. So the main point of today’s vlog will be thrift shopping in Japan or going to the recycle shops with all the high P street wear kindle Harajuku, which is right beside Atmos and we’re gonna see what they have there. That might have some heat. This is the same location. I ended up buying the Box. Logo camouflage the cream sweater, so maybe maybe the husband who didn’t shine was like last time. But since I bought that piece for about like 600 bucks, the prices have gone up to about nine hundred to a thousand dollars, which is crazy just for reference, because people always ask where these stores are at most. I refuse right here there’s a kindle sign on the third floor. All the way up there, we’re gonna walk a couple of steps, and it’s going to be to the left in here. I got a push elevator there in floor, so the second you step in the store. They got a bunch of Suprema box logo sweaters. Here we got some sneakers and plus blowing supreme, refers to some air max 90s Shawn, the Witherspoon’s, a bunch of Jordan ones. Here too, a lot of cool air maxes as well. Here’s a bunch of the Suprema shirts that they have. They got a few these bags as well – and this is 20,000 yen for this one. It’s very popular. I see a lot of people wearing this one, but the black colorway these days here in Japan. They also got this tan, one too, I’m looking for a bag, but I’m not trying to spend about $300 on it. I know there’s a Mikey went for 20 dollars. I’m after got some supreme air force, one myths, the the NBA collaboration. I think these are absolutely atrocious. I cannot do this all over print these. On the other hand, these are so much better. Eighty-Five thousand yen, though guys I’ve got some extra money to you know size size. Eight. These are clean, though these are really clean for a second-hand sneakers. You look at some of the uses that they got. They got. Some zebra uses cream whites who they got. The Oxford tans for wow that’s actually a pretty decent price.
65,000. The end I got these recently in Toronto. They got the Calabasas, they got some Atmos. These came out on my second or third trip to Japan, but the lineup was just way too long. This is my size. Let’s look at some of the prices for the logos. We got this great BOGO here going for 120,000 DM navy blue box logo. This one is going for a hundred twenty thousand yen. Also, we can get a used Louie Vuitton t-shirt for about three hundred US dollars. They also got some Sinclair all Paris. They have these really wild raps the same in the sneakers for 28 thousand yen isoprene. This crazy guys – and then this designer sneaker really reminded me of the super sky top the way it has the horizontal lines going across the tongue right there. This is a pretty good fun guys. We got these Air Jordan, 3 infrareds in pretty decent condition going for about 90 or 85 at US dollars. This is actually worthwhile if you’re looking for a pair of short in threes for the low. I love these. The juiced collaboration on the adidas nmd are ones. I bought these on sale in Canada daddy. How do you feel about these sneakers right here? Oh, I kind of like I don’t like them, yeah color, how about the black and gray color way good. These ones are a little worn. Hmm, I mean that’s. These look. Almost brand new look at the bottom. Look: how clean up that soul is guess the price of these right now, 150. She guessed a hundred and fifty dollars. These are in fact, $1,600. We got the supreme cabinet right here with everything supreme and they even had the supreme Alvie stuff here to check out the sweater going for about two thousand Canadian dollars without the red and white supremo t-shirt going for about $1,600 and oh my gosh singers. So yeah secrets I can afford that the stickers are only like ten dollars, no big deal. The whole supreme hoodie got some red ones here too, with the embroidery right there on the right side. At the gray motion supreme sweater, that was supreme, a bomber jacket and look at the inside details, there’s like a zebra print too alright, so we’re still looking through some of the stuff here and the employees here actually know me. One of them is a subscriber who see my stuff, and it was actually really happy to see me here told the manager about me and so that now we’re going through the Kemp stuff and looks like they have a pretty good selection of stuff here at the Undefeated and bathing ap collaboration going for 14 thousand yen and then, let’s get to the cat events, we have this year going for 6,000 yen a bit of an oversized for a medium.
It’s not too crazy about the design. This white cab, em sweater, is crazy. It’s like all, beat up and destroyed. I love this thing. How much is this going for 30 mm sized medium? This is from 2015 at the flag, heavy hoodie. It’s actually in really really good shape, almost almost brand-new. I want to say so. I have to grab this later on. This is surprising, the see they have some kit, it’s like peach logo cheap for 12,000 yen. This is the jaws movie collaboration. You guys gonna see an actual shark, not the the baby shark that were used to there’s. Also, the jaws of anything, a logo on the side here, and this is going for 32,000 yeah. This came out in 2016. I love that at Kindle. You can also see what the actual season or year this item was from, but says 2016 aw. So pretty useful knowledge if you want to actually hard for the pieces somewhere else. This looks familiar. I have this, but in the red colorway and this royal blue color was pretty dope. I know my friend Paul hunter Bella from California on YouTube, locusts and wild honey. He has this: they want 18,000 for this one, which is a little bit expensive cream its if upwards he going for about 16 thousand yen. I like the color of it, yellow black and whites. I might consider copying this. I don’t have anything in my wardrobe like this at all, so it would be a nice little switch up telling. What did you find beautiful clothes? Oh my gosh, so that was kindle hires. You do probably one of my favorite stores in all of hires you to highly recommend you guys check them out and also huge shout out to the friendly staff and employees at that location. Kittyland. Here we come, and this is the front of the store. Oh shin-chan del, like crazy. Let’s check it out when you find him what like Kermit bags. Oh, my gosh $100 for a Kermit bag that’d be crazy to give a better idea of where we are we’re in this very busy and popular Street for shopping, and the Luke’s lobster is right here, a popular lobster chain in Japan. Now, to give you an even better idea of where exactly we are, we also have the adidas Originals store right behind me. There’s also a Burton and then right in front of me. We have this store right here. A buy, sell, secondhand store, so we’re gonna go up there and then, after that, we’re also going to check out ragtag one of the most popular chains in Japan for recycle shopping. So the second you walk inside. You got a bunch of comme des Garcons shirts. These are just new releases as well, so people learnt from the pop up to here to resell.
It pull lots of shoes from some designer stuff. We’ve got y3 sneakers up here. Balenciaga they got the Balenciaga IKEA collaboration. You could say for a hundred and forty thousand yen, this corner of the store has a lot of Bape, so some jackets hoodies. They also have all the sneakers lined up here too. So a lot of you sneakers. I have these back at home. The adidas is that X, flux, slip-on some Air Force Ones got an off white t-shirt for 250 bucks. This babe jacket is actually pretty sick. It’s a beta bomber jacket going for 28 thousand yen. I mess with it and it’s my size I could grab it calmed. Eggar saw Air Force Ones for 50,000 yen. Here’s a look at more of the Nikes and Jordans that they got here’s a selection of supreme lots of hats. The condor gar saw Supreme Box logo, a nasty. We got some supreme Footwear. We got the Jordan fives, the Foamposites, the airforce twos, I’m not sure this might be the 15th anniversary, babe shirt right here, size, a medium for nine thousand yen. Pretty dope. Don’t see this too often this babe flannel, with like this camouflage print on the sleeves. I think it’s a little bit of we’ve got this heavily used supreme tee going for 4000 yen. It’s got the small supreme tag there on the the pocket. This is pretty funny. They have the og colorway of the eqt boost 93 17s in size, 9.5 or 25,000. Yen – and we saw this exact shoe in this exact size – in this exact condition at a different thrift store across the street for about nine thousand yen and I’m feeling someone just bought it and then brought it here to sell it. So that’s a comic right there. This is a pretty good price to the RAF Simmons Stan Smith, size 10 or 20 3,000 yen. So we just left the top floor of that store, but there’s also the first floor on the ground floor, which is right across from the Adidas store BMS brand. My star a buy and sell, and this is the window. I got some vape stuff, Balenciaga, some supreme. Of course you can go inside and this is the floor where you actually go and sell the stuff to the store and get some money from them. Anyways. Next up we’re gonna go to ragtag and see what they got inside here. First thing: you see when you get on to the men’s floor, is the array of supreme tees that they have lots and lots of white supreme tees that look basically brand new. We also have some Balenciaga triple s is, of course, a staple for all of these recycled shops. This is $1,700, with the triple black colorway looks basically brand-new, and then we also have a another colorway here going for about $1,400. It’s not the usual triple s, kind of look it’s a little bit different than than what I’m used to the Balenciaga on the side is what I’m used to seeing on this one.
However, it’s a small little green camouflage gear of God, hoodie for 270 US dollars or a fear of God bomber here for 340 US dollars. I tags a really big thrift store and it’s not as crowded or packed as some of the other thrift stores. You guys can see the layout, they carry a lot more designer brands here and vintage stuff. So if you’re looking for high peace kind of stuff, this is probably the last place you want to go. They do carry some supreme and some other stuff like that, but not at the same level as many of the other stories, because ragtag has sort of different clientele. As I was saying that I couldn’t help but stare at the supreme electric guitar, the baseball mask and whatever this is, is this like a bookend? I don’t even know who they even got: some Nike Easy’s right here for $2,200 with the og box size. 10. Oh, it’s my size so coming to Japan for this month, but the flight and the Airbnb has cost me $2,800, but those Easy’s were $2,200. I’D rather spend the extra 600 and come here for a month now we’re heading to the top floor where they have a lot of designer bags, and maybe they have something cheap here. They have a lot of Louis Vuitton like a lot a lot. A lot. A lot of, but Who am I kidding – I’m not gonna, find anything cheap designer in this store, unless it’s like completely beat up and destroyed. Here’s a quick look at the footwear that they have a ragtag. We got some Yeezy boost 750 s, some public-school sneakers shadow ones and yeah. Here’s a look at the other stuff, too. Here’s also a list of some of the brands that they do carry a ragtag, Rick Owens wellness, yeshivah Obama on Lanvin, st. Claire, all Paris, your home. The list goes on and on and on. This is a space to go for your designer clothing. I absolutely love this chiffon chic camouflage tee, but at six hundred and fifty dollars it’s gonna be a pass. It’s just some of their street wear offerings that they have nice little surprise of some event in the store. Six thousand seven hundred yen size medium. This is such a dope supreme, hoodie size, small. It looks like a medium potentially but yeah like the piping on this sweater. I have an adidas sweater similar to this, but this red and white, with a pop supreme on the logo. This is definitely a standout piece. That’s gonna break a lot of next I even have a camouflage box logo size large for nine hundred dollars.
but the one I bought was like a b-minus condition The one they have here is a B and this backpack, this backpack screams mukesh OG fire from toronto without a doubt shoutout to mukesh How was your shopping gave to David very nice? I got up my spic ups, even though I couldn’t understand much at the makeup store, so got a really nice like lipstick, like coral, lipstick Those are really popular in Asian countries So now that we have nati, we can grab some food we’re gonna grab Some lunch at this tire ester on I went to last time I was in Japan, alright, so we’re done lunch and basically every single bubble Tea place in Japan has a very long lineup We were here at this location, the other day for the tacos and it’s another velvety spot There’s a lineup there’s a smaller lineup, though the other lineups look like you have to line up for like an hour This lineups, maybe like 15 10 minutes and then there’s another bubble, tea spot ahead of me called Coco’s and there’s a pretty big lineup for it It’s at least like 3040 minutes bubble, tea, probably not gonna happen So I think I found a solution for this bubble Tea dessert dilemma and it involves not getting bubble tea, but instead one really cool thing about this McDonald’s is that you can get your food at the regular counter or you can go right to the ice-cream counter Behind me, so I ended up taking a nap after getting that McDonald’s ice cream I was so full and still tired from last night we’re going to get nanny’s haircut right now, she’s pretty excited so hopefully it turns out well and after that we’re going to an American restaurant in Japan called Hooters Hopefully it’s as good as it’s Texas, counterpart, hello, Barbara, gave us a complimentary, iced, coffee and cookies and check this out the reading material they have with this barbershop got some manga My hero, academia, is another dope mangas We even got some men’s fashion Magazines – oh hey! You just got your haircut How do you feel pretty good I needed to like come here for the longest time, so we’re on our way for dinner right now going to Hooters in Japan, with my girlfriend should be a good time That’s a rat hooters! Now at our table and the menu looks really really American and it looks really good so, hopefully the food that we got our table tastes just as good that he’s excited you’ve never had hooters before have you

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