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Tidy up my collection. IX.

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey it’s me I feel, like I always wear these like half and half shirts, yellow or gray they’re great for indecisive people. So right now, I’m on my couch, but not for long today is really about facing a problem in my life, something I need to deal with that you guys maybe don’t know about something that is happening behind the camera, that you probably can’t see the only way. You’D be able to see is if you’re spying on me, these are all of my bins of squishies, except for that, that’s an oven.
If you didn’t know this entire collection is used, broken squishies that people have sent to me to use in my Squishy makeover series. I have an entire playlist of me unboxing. Some of these. You may be thinking that the problem is the quantity. No, my problem is that they’re not organized, and I just think that they deserve better. I’m gonna bring all of them out and try to sort through them based on something I don’t know. I haven’t really figured this out yet this is my floor. The plan is to step one pull out all the bins step, two dump them all out. All this okay, okay, this is really germy. I think I could sleep like this. What am i doing? Oh that’s cute. What is this situation that I’m in right now, I’m insane Opie come on in the pile come on come here, Opie come into the pile? No! No cheating, no cheating jump. Come on. Oh my gosh, my face your fears. You can do it come on. You can do it for the love of food anyway.. So, my hair, let me tell you something about my hair care, routine. Okay, I like low maintenance. I don’t want a million different products. I don’t want a million different steps to get my hair healthy, so it’s important that I get a good, shampoo and conditioner, because that’s all the love that my hair is gonna get. This is by far the nicest shampoo that I’ve ever used in my life. This is by function of beauty, and it is a custom, shampoo and conditioner. That is mixed. Just for you, based on your responses to their hair quiz, it’s really easy. It takes two minutes to fill out. You can even pick out the color and the scent of your shampoo. It’s wonderful! I keep smelling it. I’ve used these for about two weeks and my hair. It is so much softer. I wish you could feel it kind of a lot of shampoos dry out. My hair, this stuff does a really good job of moisturizing it and it’s healthy, and I don’t have to do anything besides washing and it’s a hundred percent vegan cruelty free, so check out the link in the description for 20% off of your first purchase, and Thank you to function of beauty, okay back to the disaster, so we’re back.
Let’s start actually getting to our agenda here, which is to organize these. Oh squishy up my butt. We have a lot of animals. We have a lot of food and beverages cake, cake, cake, yeah, so, okay, I need to start kind of trying to separate these into categories. All right, I’m gonna start putting dessert squishies in this bin.. Oh I’ve already done this one. This system is working, wait a second. We have a conundrum. I’ve done this ice cream cone, but this is a smaller version of the ice cream cone, but it’s identical in shape so which bin does it go into? I’m lost. Half of these are shoved in bags because they’re in multiple pieces and I’m trying to keep them together problem solving 101. This bag is empty. Hey I’ve already done this one. Oh my gosh, there’s so much hair in that cake. Why is this one in a bag? There’s only one piece well kind of a dessert. You guys I’m gonna transfer that one you guys I’m gonna transfer this one. This one is gonna, be my very special bin, where I put squishies that I just really want to give a makeover really really badly. Sometimes I forget about them because they’re all mixed up with other ones, but I don’t want to forget about them. This one’s one of them, this one’s for animals, animal velvet, alert ahead. I think your body might be in this pile somewhere. I really need like a snow shovel right now. The heck is this. Who is that surprise? Oh the cat’s body making dreams come true. Oh so much poop everywhere poop, I don’t have a bin for poop. Yet I have so many of these. What that is ridiculous, a wing, a wing wing scold me like right. I’m just saying what are you doing, I’m sorting my Squishy is. What do you mean? Are they even sort of animals desserts, regular food, my pets, animal food, combinations, random, pretty cool huh, it okay, they’re all sorted. I think it’s time for a tour. I labeled each of my bins with some masking tape and terrible drawings. This is my dessert bin, which includes a ton of various ice cream. Cones cake rolls tarts, some of them naked, cakes, cakes and more cakes, cupcakes crusty, looking Donuts cinnamon rolls went up with you pies with faces brownies. They look so good and all of those guys whoever they are, then I have non desert foods, which is a lot of fruit, a whole tree full of oranges. That’s a pomegranate, a buttload of peaches, oh there’s, pizza, fries and more popcorn squishies than any reasonable person. Should have Everidge is thirsty anyone and a whole container of bready things in case you’re still hungry, which includes my entire collection of hamburgers, pretty sick I know a couple: hot dogs close to every one of these bare bread, things that has ever been made dirty croissants and more carbs.
Next, I have a bin of animals, several sets of costume, cuties, peeling alpacas, many soft and slow creatures with various ailments Some big boys over here a lot of cats and even more unicorns and one who can’t make up its mind what it is and all these folks, if you haven’t, had enough food and animals, here’s a been a squishies that are both my whole collection of tragic Smush emojis cats and cups, oh and one bear all of these all of those they look dirty, except that one, a couple that I can’t identify What even is that and a gang of creepy chocolate bars Actually, I don’t know why they’re in there they’re not really animals whatever I have two whole bins of squishies that I’ve used in squishy makeovers of the past So we see a lot of familiar faces here, a lot of faces in general, pile of narwhals I had no idea I had so many milk cartons squishies a creepy number of these unicorn things Then I have my box of favorite candidates for future makeovers Some of these are super adorable Many of them are just kind of strange or unique ones I just can’t wait to paint them a whole box of mini squishies, there’s just tons of them and they’re a real pain to clean up So please don’t make me dump all of them out This is where things get really sad My entire collection is used and broken, but these in particular, have seen some rough times they’re, basically just torn to shreds heads some totally unrecognizable Will these ever live again, it’s hard to say also a pile of loose body parts yeah, it’s kind of horrifying Finally, I have a bin of random squishies that don’t really fit into any of the other categories: cars stars, teeth, sports bras, not bras, balls and stuff Anyone recognize her plus a whole lot of poop and some toilet paper conveniently close by so yes, this is my entire collection and it’s been sorted now The reason why I decided to do this is because every time I want to do a squishy makeover, I was having to basically dump out at least like three or four bins, just to find the one that I’m looking for, which makes a lot of mess And takes a lot of time, and I knew this was gonna – be an extremely time-consuming thing to sort all these out, so I’ve been avoiding it for several months, but I’m very glad that I got this done Finally, I hope it was somewhat entertaining for you and I will see you guys next Friday bye, you

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